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Family & Divorce Lawyer Marketing: Top Strategies to Grow Your Family Law Practice

May 10, 2022
11 min

Family law focuses on issues related to family relationships along with financial and custody arrangements. Lawyers who practice divorce law and family law cases must keep a strong pipeline by marketing their services.

Many family law lawyers and family law firms can receive a substantial amount of referrals from former clients as well as through organic search engine marketing. Because people in need of family law services tend to extensively research their legal issues prior to hiring a lawyer, there is an opportunity to share information and resources through both onsite and offsite law firm content marketing. Lawyers who have referral-based practices must understand how to market to divorce attorneys in an engaging way.

Successful divorce and family law attorneys know how to market their legal services and generate cases - for many, this involves hiring a law firm digital marketing agency like Grow Law Firm which specializes in marketing for divorce family lawyers.

This article will explore family law marketing best practices along with the top strategies to improve your law firm digital marketing. We will share what we’ve learned and how we can help your family law firm generate unique leads and new client relationships.

Set SMART Goals for Your Family Law Practice

Any law firm marketing strategy should be goal-oriented, especially when you're targeting a specific target audience - the people that need family law and divorce lawyer services. However, just having goals isn’t sufficient for successful divorce lawyer marketing. If you are looking to grow your family law practice, we recommend you set SMART goals for your family law firm practice. Goals should be:

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Achievable
  • R: Relevant
  • T: Timely
SMART goals are a way to reach your longer-term goals by breaking down your marketing activities into realistic, incremental steps. Goals like “sign up more clients” are not SMART goals because they are vague, and do not have a specific end date.

Because your idea of success may differ widely from another law firm, it is important to define what that success is. Examples of SMART goals for a divorce lawyer SEO could be:

  • Increase monthly organic traffic by 25% by the end of the year
  • Acquire 15 backlinks (described below)  to your website by the end of the quarter
  • Increase search rankings for “Pensacola Family Law Attorney” from the second to the first page by the end of the year.

When you hire a digital marketing agency for your family law firm, your SMART goals become your SMART KPI - your key performance indicators.

SMART goals Family Law Firm

Analyze Your Family & Divorce Law Attorney Competitors

No matter what business you are in, it pays to know who your competitors are. If you know what your family law firm is up against, you can channel your efforts at being better. At Grow Law Firm, before we propose any targeted family law advertising, we spend time initially analyzing our clients’ competition. We will do this by looking at who is ranking for key search terms along with discussing with you who your competitors are. We want to understand:

  • What they are doing right
  • What our law firm clients (you) can do better
  • Where there are gaps in the market
  • What content is required to rank above the competition in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

When you, as a family law lawyer, work with an experienced digital marketing agency, it is not necessary to start from scratch to understand your competition and perform analyses like a content gap analysis. Your agency team can do much of the research and identify direct and indirect competitors that may be getting the leads you desire.

Family & Divorce Law Attorney Competitors

Go Digital With High-Performance Website

Your website is your public persona. Because all of your marketing efforts will funnel back to your website, your website needs to be professional and high-performing. Your website should not look or navigate like it is 20 years old.

At the minimum, your family law website should:

  • Be mobile-friendly: More than half of your website visitors are on their cell phones, so you cannot overlook the mobile visitor’s experience.
  • Be intuitive: Your organizational structure should make sense. For example, a page titled “Awards And Recognition” should be on a section called “About Us,” not “Practice Areas”.
  • Have a positive UX: User experience is the level of satisfaction website visitors (including your potential clients) have. If your website induces frustration due to slow loading, text that does not convert to the size of the screen, or buttons that simply do not work, your website visitors will leave and you will miss out on a possible conversion. Without giving it a second thought, your website visitors should understand where on the site they are, and how to find information on the website.
  • Be built for search engines: Your content is written for your human readers, but your website must be designed so that it will work with search engines.

Grow Law Firm has a quickly growing, extensive portfolio of law firm clients. We pride ourselves on our law firm's website design services.

A family law firm high-performance website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Divorce and Family Lawyers

SEO is what you do to optimize your website to rank higher in the SERPs. When doing research, potential clients type what they are looking for into the search engine of their choice.

A family law attorney in Washington may want to rank on the first page of Google for “Child Custody Attorney in Seattle.” A divorce lawyer in Tennessee may want to rank on the first page of DuckDuckGo for “Alimony Dispute Lawyer Memphis.” Ranking for key search terms can make a huge impact on both your website traffic as well as leads (people contacting your family law firm).

Divorce and Family Lawyers Search Engine Optimization

With strategic, goal-oriented SEO run by a digital marketing firm that knows what they are doing, you can get the game-changing results you want for your law firm, whether you are a large firm or a solo practitioner. Your potential clients will be on their cell phones, tablets, and computers, researching their legal issues and looking for knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. Your SEO efforts can help to ensure these potential clients wind up on your website, so that they can contact you for a consultation.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and your efforts to make your content visible should not just be a one-time endeavor. Grow Law Firm’s SEO services for divorce and family law firms incorporate numerous effective SEO strategies:

Expert SEO-Optimized Content

Content is information and media that you publish on the web - and your content is critical to your SEO efforts (and your visitor’s UX, as well). If you do not have lawyer website content, or if you have plagiarized or spammy content, your website will have limited visibility in SERPs.

Family law firms and divorce law firms can uplevel their website content and optimize it for search engines by:

  • Writing long-form content that covers a wealth of valuable information on a single topic
  • Adding new content on a frequent, regular basis
  • Incorporating relevant keywords (short-tail, mid-tail, and long-tail) based on our extensive research
  • Including headings and subheadings which will inform search engines what the content is specifically about
  • Keeping a conversational tone in copy to keep the reader engaged
  • Adding visuals to supplement long sections of text copy
  • Providing relevant and valuable data, information, and statistics that readers will want to bookmark or share
  • Highlighting your unique experience, skills, and knowledge
  • Sharing former clients’ experiences and testimonials (with their permission, of course).

SEO-optimized content includes long-form pages describing legal services, blog posts, case stories, and more. Evergreen pages should be updated from time to time to stay relevant. If parts of divorce or family law in your state change, website content should be updated.

Expert SEO-Optimized Content

Detailed Practice Area Pages (Service Pages)

Informative, in-depth service pages, or practice area pages, allow you to rank organically for searches in Google and other search engines. By having a dedicated page for each area of practice, you can showcase your knowledge and allow your website to show in SERPs for individuals researching their legal issues. Examples of service pages for divorce attorneys could include:

  • Alimony and maintenance
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Collaborative divorce
  • College expense planning
  • Dissipation of assets
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Foreclosure defense
  • High net worth divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Post-divorce disputes
  • Premarital agreements
  • Tax planning.

Although this content should be written for your audience, you should construct them with search engines in mind. Ideally, they should be 1,000 words in length, provide relevant information about your services, and incorporate appropriate keywords. Service pages for family law firm websites are an initial investment, but a necessary one. The more valuable, relevant, and unique content that you provide on your website, the better.

Practice Area Pages

Local Search Engine Optimization for Divorce Lawyers

Local SEO for lawyers matter, now more than ever. In post-COVID times, “near me” searches have grown substantially and people look for legal services in their local vicinity. Along with SEO optimization goals, family law firms should have SMART goals and strategies linked to local search. Your local search plan of action should include:

Your law firm marketing budget can also include local campaigns so that you can stand out in local searches for a zip code or neighborhood.

Local Search Engine Optimization For Divorce Lawyers

Link Building for Divorce Attorneys

Link building remains an effective off-page SEO tactic, but law firms doing this on their own should proceed with caution. It’s possible to severely undermine your family law firm link building efforts if your backlinks are spammy, irrelevant, or simply not high quality. You can generate quality links by acquiring links to your website from:

  • Profiles on legal directories
  • Profiles on local business directories
  • Legal article websites
  • Being featured in local news stories
  • Creating shareable infographics
  • Charitable donations/ sponsorships
  • Press releases.

Link building can seem daunting but should be included in SEO strategies. Be wary of any shady link building tactics or “too good to be true” link building offers. And definitely, do NOT buy 1,000 backlinks for $10 (yes - these offers exist).

Link Building For Divorce Attorneys

Leverage Tte Strength of Paid Ads (Pay-Per-Click)

Family law PPC is one of many family law marketing ideas that you may choose to incorporate in your family law firm digital marketing strategy. Organic SEO, although effective, is not an overnight trick (and you should avoid anyone that promises overnight success in organic SEO).

If you want your target audience to find your website, one almost immediate way to do that is with pay-per-click (PPC) ads. If your website is not generating the number of leads you desire from your organic SEO efforts, PPC can “turn on” website traffic almost immediately by ensuring people searching for your services can find you.

With law firm Google Ads campaign, Facebook Ads manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, and other PPC platforms, family law firms can absolutely create their own paid ads campaign. However, managing a PPC campaign on your own can be risky as it can lead to less than ideal outcomes. There is a definite PPC learning curve and learning from your mistakes can literally cause you thousands.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency can ensure you:

  • Set your budget and campaign appropriately for the best ROI
  • Select the best keywords and platforms for your ads
  • Keep up with the latest changes, algorithm updates, and rules established by Google
  • Engineer ad text and landing pages for best ROI
  • Create ads based on relevance
  • Track your results and make appropriate adjustments
  • Display professionally designed ads.

In the long run, working with a knowledgeable and experienced PPC firm can maximize your PPC investment and reduce wasted spending.

Working with our law firm PPC agency, you have a team of people working on your campaign, and are not trusting one singular individual with PPC campaign strategies (and your budget).

Family Law Attorney Pay-Per-Click

Build Your Family Law Firm’s Social Media Presence

Social media is no longer just about social networking with friends. Marketing experts agree that social media presence is essential for business. Particularly for businesses, social media accounts are not about influencing as much as they are enhancing brand awareness and law firms can use social media to:

  • Share information and news
  • Engage with your community
  • Build trust and humanize your brand
  • Increase traffic to your website.

It is free to set up business accounts on social media platforms and family law firms should do so. If you have law firm social media accounts, you should maintain them. It is not necessary to update social media accounts daily, or even weekly, but you should do so regularly. If you have a Twitter account, but the last time you updated it was four years ago, your business will look out of date and obsolete.

Family Law Firm’s Social Media

Conclusion: How to Market a Family Law Firm

Divorce lawyer marketing does not require reinventing the wheel, and it isn’t magic. It takes hard work, experience, and a real understanding of your law firm’s value proposition along with a careful study of your competition.

For our clients, our experience and track record is their advantage. If you would like to learn more about divorce law firm marketing services or how to advertise a family law firm, contact Grow Law Firm to arrange a free consultation.

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