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Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

May 30, 2022
15 min

Facebook ads can be a powerful tool in your advertising toolbox, or a complete flop and waste of money. If a law firm’s marketing does not generate leads, or does not generate enough leads, the financial health of the law business can suffer. Lawyers may become more concerned with how to get more cases than how to actually manage the cases they have. 

Many law firms need a consistent stream of new business to pay the bills, cover payroll, and sustain and grow their practice. The urgency to market to new clients must be balanced with time spent actually practicing law. 

This blog will explore Facebook advertising for lawyers and law firms and what attorneys need to know. We will also discuss how a digital marketing agency for law practices can help lawyers stretch their advertising dollars the furthest, generate more leads, and maximize return on investment. 

First Of All: Do Facebook Ads Work For Lawyers?

Gone are the days when the best way to advertise was to cast the widest possible advertising net with a billboard, bus bench, or phone book. These days people use search engines and social media to set their digital presence. However, choosing Facebook or any other social media for law firms advertising has some issues you need to be aware of. Keep in mind that unlike search engine ads, social media ads charge for impressions, not for clicks. In other words, no matter if people go to your website or not, you’re going to pay for an ad anyway. But does that mean that social media advertising makes no sense?  Digital marketing for law firms is all about strategically and specifically targeting potential clients.

Lawyers who do marketing themselves may experience “analysis paralysis” and be overwhelmed by the options to invest in their budget, including organic SEO, content articles, practice area pages, and blogs, Google Ads for lawyers (PPC), and more. Some attorneys may skip social media advertising altogether if they aren’t extremely active on social media accounts.

How Does Facebook Advertising For Law Firms Work?

facebook advertising for law firms

On November 6, 2007, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Ads, which allowed businesses to connect with Facebook users - and specifically target ads to a specific audience. Not long after, businesses began to see the benefits of Facebook advertising far beyond a social media platform. 

Nevertheless, remember that social media is meant mostly for entertainment. So, the chances of finding a person who is currently in desperate need of a lawyer to protect them in court are pretty low. That’s the exact moment you have to think about targeting and what kind of practice is best to advertise on social media.

Many law practices, including personal injury, bankruptcy, family and immigration law firms, began spending less money on traditional search engines PPC campaigns, and more money on attorney Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Manager Offers Unique Options

Facebook ads have changed over the years. Social advertising campaigns have similarities with other paid search ads in that ads must be created, campaign budgets must be established, and bids must be placed. 

However, businesses have a number of options when it comes to Facebook ads, specifically the types of ads they create, and how users are targeted. Many of the targeting options on Facebook are not available on Google and other ad platforms. 

How Facebook Ads Allow Lawyers To Target and Budget Wisely 

But lawyers should not overlook Facebook, because when done correctly, it is effective and economical. Facebook is a powerful tool - when a law firm's marketing goals and a Facebook ad align successfully. Facebook ads work for attorney practices for several reasons: 


Now, let’s talk about targeting. Facebook ads for lawyers allow immense levels of targeting: ads can be precisely shown to a specific kind of audience by filtering certain demographics like age groups, location, gender, job title, even users’ income, college or high school graduation years, and level of education. Geo-targeting can be narrowed to a 1 mile radius. That turns out to be a solution in terms of social media charging for impressions, but not for clicks.

Analytics / Measuring 

Facebook ads are extremely measurable. Facebook has analytics that measure all aspects of your ad performance. Lawyers can also run a dedicated phone number on Facebook ads and landing pages to ensure that calls from an individual campaign can be measured.  In today’s digital world, if you can’t track or measure a marketing strategy, you shouldn’t be doing it. 

Conversion rates and ultimately, return on investment, can be high if the campaigns are targeting the right audience, the best ad types are used, and an effective, designated law firm landing page is utilized. 

Tips For Effective Facebook Advertising For Law Firms

Facebook Advertising For Law Firms

When you run a Facebook ad campaign, you should be prepared to set goals, make decisions, create ads, track and observe the campaign, measure the success, and make adjustments. 

As a law digital marketing agency, Grow Law Firm understands the mechanics of Facebook advertising - and the powerful potential of social media ads to grow your business. Below, we have included our top tips for making lawyer advertising on Facebook cost-effective and successful. 

Create Your Business Facebook Page 

Businesses should have business Facebook pages, not personal pages. By having a business page, you can post in the voice of your law office, and also encourage current and past clients to leave reviews. At a minimum, your law firm’s Facebook page should: 

  • Use high-quality, professional images and videos
  • Include interesting, engaging, and shareable copy
  • Raise awareness of news, events, and available resources
  • Engage with your target audience 
  • Establish your business as a brand / promote your brand identity 

Whether you are running a campaign or not, you should monitor and update your page on a regular basis. If potential clients are preparing for a free consultation with you and decide to look at your law firm reviews, and then see you have not posted in 18 months, this might give them pause. 

If potential customers are contacting your law firm through Facebook, they should hear from you in a timely manner. Although you may try to funnel facebook traffic to your website, you cannot afford to let direct contact social media leads slip away. 

Fortunately, you can set up notifications to receive an email or alert when someone contacts your Facebook business page. Someone at your law firm should be designated to respond to Facebook messages from potential clients. 

Tip: Keep your page professional, even the in-feed posts that are not ads. Your ads will not perform well if your paid traffic gets to your page only to discover you use your law firm business Facebook page to publish long rants, or complain about your day or worse, complain about your clients. 

Set Up The First Campaign For Your Law Firm According To Your Goals

Law firm advertising campaign in Facebook

At Grow Law Firm, we are big believers in SMART goals, which are meant to narrow down your goals into clear, achievable milestones that you can accomplish in a designated time period. “SMART” stands for: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

An example of a SMART goal involving lawyer advertising on Facebook would be: 

Within 90 days, our law firm would like to see 15 new case evaluation requests to our law firm from Facebook by spending $500 per month on Facebook paid ads. 

It is important to work out your goals for your law firm’s facebook ads before you start throwing money at your facebook advertising campaign. If you create your ads yourself, keep your campaign objectives close as you make decisions about copy, branding, marketing budget, and landing pages. 

Once you have a goal for your campaign, go through the Facebook Ads setup process, starting with choosing a campaign objective. Many probably want traffic (website visitors) and conversions, where you set a specific goal, such as filling out a contact form. Lead ads can be used effectively to provide a pre-filled contact form. 

Set a Realistic Facebook Advertising Budget

Simply creating your ad does not guarantee any success, nor does spending hundreds or thousands on an initial campaign. It is necessary to consider goals for your ads campaign as well as overall digital marketing strategy. Do you want a steady law firm strategy or aggressive growth? How much are you willing to pay for a qualified lead? 

Understand Your Budget Options Running Facebook Ads for Lawyers

You have a number of options to optimize your campaign budget: 

  • Daily budgets: You set the amount you want to spend each day, such as $10. Daily budgets are a good option for an ongoing “evergreen” campaign that you plan to run indefinitely.
  • Lifetime budgets: You designated a total amount for the total ad campaign, such as $300. You need to set an end date for your campaign, and Facebook will change daily spend levels based on ad performance and your daily spend amount can fluctuate wildly. 
  • Running ads on a schedule: This option is available with a lifetime budget. You can specify when ads run in an ad viewer’s time zone, such as weeknights from 4 PM to 10 PM. 
  • Running ads continually: Your ads run 24 hours a day. 

The amount you should spend depends heavily on your business growth goals. Ultimately, there is no magic number or formula to use to determine how much you should spend. Your budget will be set based on each click or 1,000 impressions that your ad receives. 

Choose The Right Target Audience For Your Practice Area

Target Audience For Your Practice Area

Whether you are a divorce lawyer, personal injury attorney, immigration lawyer, family law attorney, or lawyer handling any other practice area in the legal industry, it’s important that you create compelling ads that will be effective in generating new clients. 

You can use Facebook ads to target people who might be looking for your services by targeting an audience when they aren’t actively searching. Your potential clients might be on Facebook while they sit in the carpool pickup line, sit in a waiting room at a medical appt, or are on a break at work. They are scrolling through Facebook on their mobile devices to take their mind off whatever is going on and pass time. This is an opportunity for you to show what you have and how you can help - but you have to do it right. 

With lawyer Facebook ads, you can narrow your ads to people who have interests relevant to your business. For example, a divorce lawyer may target people who have recently changed their relationship status. 

Leverage The Power Of Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Ads allows you to show ads to people who have similar qualities and characteristics as your existing clients. Facebook offers a tool, called Lookalike Audience, where you can easily market your ads to people who are similar to your current clients. 

You can install a piece of code on your website - Meta Pixel, formerly Facebook pixel - which allows you to measure your actual audience, gather data, and optimize your ads to be shown the most to people who are likely to take action. This process, called conversion optimization, can mean the difference between wasted advertising dollars, and a successful Facebook ad campaign. 

Retarget With Facebook Ads

Have you ever looked up a website for a product or service, left the website without taking action, and then started seeing ads for the site on Facebook? You’ve experienced the magic of retargeting ads. These ads have some of the highest conversion rates because the people seeing them already know at least who you are. You can also leverage retargeting ads to share new information with your best current clients. 

Retargeting ads are shown to people who have identified an interest or a need. Website viewers are identified using the Meta pixel, so ads are conversion-focused and personalized. For example, if someone visited a bicycle accident page on your website, you could show a retargeting ad for people involved in bicycle accidents. A call to action will give viewers a final push to reach out and contact your law firm. 

Go For Powerful Engaging Images

Think about an experience when you’ve encountered a low-quality photo while shopping online. If you wanted to buy a pair of jeans, and went to a website only to see small, pixelated photos of the jeans, you may reconsider buying the product, even if you know the brand. You may visit a different website to purchase a different product, which has high quality images in the online listing. This is an extreme example, but nearly 70% of retail website shoppers say product image matters. 

Photos and images matter for legal services too, and it’s likely that your law firm’s competitors are showing high quality images on their website and social media posts. Images and video ads grab attention and give an impression faster than text. 

Whether an attorney blog post, press release, or social media post, use images to stand out. Images of people are best, especially close-ups of faces. Avoid using generic looking stock photos, and of course, make sure you have the rights to use images. 

Create Appealing Ad Copy 

After your images draw in a potential client, your text is the elevator pitch. You have just a few seconds to draw them in and sell them. 

Even with Facebook’s short character limits (40 characters for headlines and 125 characters for body text), you have room to sell your service. There are a number of copywriting formulas that work: 

The 4 C’s Copywriting Formula 

  • Clear
  • Concise 
  • Compelling
  • Credible

The 4 U’s Copywriting Formula 

  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Unique 
  • Ultra-specific

AIDA Copywriting Formula 

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Of course, if you hire a digital marketing agency, you have expert writers making ads for you. If you write ads yourself, a formula can be a useful tool for developing compelling ad copy that converts your ad’s target audience. 

Create Landing Pages That Convert Visitors

It’s important to understand, Facebook isn’t Google. Although Facebook does offer robust search capabilities, people are more likely to do research on your law firm on Facebook, such as looking up your reviews, than actually searching for a law firm based on keywords like “Chicago criminal defense lawyer” or “Tampa personal injury attorney.” 

While it’s easy enough to get your ads in front of Facebook users, the success of your ad campaign will hinge on whether your ads “convert” your potential clients. One of the best ways to convert new clients is by directing them to a customized landing page on your website. Your ads will be most successful if your landing page is a direct extension of your Facebook page, and the content closely aligns. 

While you have limited characters in your Facebook ad, once your viewers are on your website, you can keep selling them. On your landing page, you can expand on how you can help achieve positive outcomes, such as a peaceful life post-divorce, a high-dollar settlement, or no jail time. 

Because you haven’t converted your client yet, your landing page is just as important as your ad and part of the sales funnel to convert your client. If your ads target a specific legal service, and then your ad goes to the main homepage of your website, you may lose a potential client because they do not take the steps of contacting your firm, and instead go back to Facebook or go about their day. 

A/B Test Your Law Firm Facebook Ads

Law Firm Facebook Ads

Even with experienced legal content creators, you cannot know for sure the ad you are creating is the most effective. The only way to see which ads work best is to split test your ads. Facebook allows any advertiser to run two ads and see which one performs better. 

This is a win/win for you and Meta - as knowing which ads perform better allows for better understanding and more confidence in the system. If your ads are successful, you will be more likely to keep running ad campaigns. 

Depending on the variable you want to test (creatives, audience location, audience interests, audience demographics, age group, ad placement), you can create A/B tests in Facebook’s Ad Manager toolbar or in Experiments Tool. You could test a more passive call to action against a stronger call to action. 

A blog post featuring your law firm could test a law firm photo of the exterior of your law firm vs an interior conference room photo. If you are not testing multiple ad versions against each other, you are missing out in the ability to sharpen your focus and improve your ad conversions. 

Track Your Facebook Ad Campaign’s Performance

After you set up your ad campaign, monitor performance to see how your ads are performing. If your ad is running well, you may want to run it longer, or possibly increase your daily spend budget. If it’s not performing well, you may try a new ad strategy. 

Facebook provides powerful advertising analytics, called “Ad Reporting,” to see how your ads are working. There will never be a question of how much you spent, how many people saw your ads, and how many people took further action after seeing your ad. 

We recommend measuring engagement and conversion performance against the goals you set for your ads. 


You don’t have to be an expert in lead generation to see how digital marketing can work. Facebook and social media ads can supplement law firm PPC services, organic and local SEO services, and a proper law firm website design agency can help to promote traffic to your current lawyer website. In doing so, you may be able to reduce the money you spend generating leads on more expensive PPC channels.

If you fail to take advantage of the opportunity to share your law firm with the world’s largest audience, it’s likely that your competitors will, if they are not already doing so. 

Grow Law Firm can help you consistently leverage the power of Facebook ads for your law practice and master generating more leads through Facebook.

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