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LinkedIn for Lawyers: a guide for mastering social media marketing

August 24, 2022
17 min

Have you been querying phrases like "LinkedIn for lawyers" or "Good LinkedIn about me"? Looking for information like "How to write LinkedIn about section"? Interested in leveraging a LinkedIn profile to grow your law firm and connect with new clients?

If any of this sounds familiar, you are definitely on the right track. Although LinkedIn was originally designed to connect businesses with prospective partners and employees, it has become a valuable marketing tool for law firms throughout the nation.

According to the American Bar Association, 88% of attorneys use a LinkedIn Profile for professional purposes. When one dives into LinkedIn marketing statistics, it is no surprise that so many law firms have become so active on the platform.

For instance, InMail, LinkedIn's profile-to-profile messaging channel, has an open rate that is 300% higher than standard email. Oh, and more than 150 million U.S. professionals have LinkedIn profiles, which means that a good percentage of your prospective clients are probably active on the platform.

If you want to join the millions of law firms that have Linkedin profiles and attract more clients, this guide will show you how. Below, we identify LinkedIn profiles best practices and give you step-by-step tips for getting the most out of your account.

Is Having a LinkedIn Important?

So is having a LinkedIn important for your law firm? We would say so. Here's why:

Your Target Audience Is on LinkedIn

If you want to attract new clients, you need to go where they are most active. While the vast majority of your target audience probably uses Facebook, Instagram, or both, they are probably not using these platforms to search for law firms. Instead, they will turn to LinkedIn for lawyers to find a reputable attorney.

LinkedIn for Lawyers Facilitates Networking

The millions of LinkedIn users out there don't just include members of your target audience — they include other attorneys as well. This reality means you can use the platform to connect with potential clients and network with other law firms

The Platform Can Help Build Your Personal Brand

Creating a great company page on LinkedIn is an excellent way of growing your lawyer reputation and building your brand. When you incorporate your LinkedIn lawyer profile into your law firm's SEO strategy, you will be able to significantly expand your reach in the digital marketplace.

How to Write a LinkedIn About Section (Also Known as a Summary Section)

Many law firms go right out of the gate when creating a LinkedIn company page. Instead of crafting a captivating "About" section that intrigues potential clients, they write a rigid list of their skills and experience that reads much like a CV. This approach will drive away prospective clients in a flash.

If you want to avoid making this same mistake, get a little more personable and show your humanity. What we mean by that is to demonstrate your passion for your craft and do more than just rattle off your past experience.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of potential clients that will be reading your "About" section. Would the copy inspire confidence or bore you to sleep if you were them?

The "About" section may very well be the single most important part of your LinkedIn lawyer profile, so treat it as such. Take your time to list out your experience, but do so in a manner that flows as part of the content.

Explain the scope of your services, sprinkle your company name into the copy, and outline how your law firm differentiates itself from other legal professionals. You could discuss how you have walked your past clients through the legal process and give new clients a snapshot of what they can expect when working with you.

Write a Proper SEO Headline

alabama family lawyer linkedin

The headline on your law firm's LinkedIn profile will serve two purposes. The obvious function of the headline is to help you attract more clients by grabbing peoples' attention as they scroll through their search results. However, your headline can also help you increase your visibility during these searches.

A headline that is search engine optimized (SEO'd) will show up on the search results pages of relevant queries. For instance, let's say that your law firm provides family law services in Alabama. If your headline includes the phrase "Alabama family lawyer," your LinkedIn account will likely appear when potential clients use those phrases in their search.

If you are not sure which words to target or how to optimize your headline, you should consider using SEO services for attorneys. An SEO firm will assist with content creation and craft keyword-optimized headlines for your LinkedIn page.

Write About Your Relevant Experience

relevant bankruptcy practice area

The operative word in the header above is "relevant." When deciding which experience to include on your LinkedIn page, avoid listing anything that does not pertain to your current field of practice.

For instance, let's say that you previously worked in bankruptcy law but are now a family law attorney. Those interested in the services you currently offer do not care how many bankruptcy cases you have taken on.

Listing irrelevant experiences not only wastes your time, but it wastes potential clients' time as well. More importantly, it can negatively impact your visibility on LinkedIn.

Using the above example, listing all of your bankruptcy experiences would require you to use keywords related to that field of practice. As a result, your LinkedIn homepage and other pages might show up when someone in your area is searching for bankruptcy legal services.

Naturally, that would be frustrating for those potential clients. It would be a source of irritation for your law firm as well since your staff would have to field calls and messages from individuals seeking services you no longer offer.

Start with Your Experience Section

When it comes to LinkedIn for lawyers, the "Experience" section is critically important to the effectiveness of your legal marketing strategy.

If your LinkedIn audience makes it this far onto your page, they are already interested in your services. This section is the place to convince them that working with your law firm is in their best interests.

When completing this section of your LinkedIn profile, you should have two goals in mind. The first is to inspire confidence in the reader by carefully highlighting all of your relevant legal industry experience. You do this by demonstrating your credibility, expertise, and breadth of experience.

Your second goal is to supplement your other LinkedIn advertising efforts by incorporating some extra keywords into your profile.

Whatever you do, do not simply list out your previous positions, employer names, and dates. If you go this route, you might as well not fill out the "Experience" section at all. However, that would be a waste of opportunity. Definitely complete the "Experience" portion of your LinkedIn page, but please don't just rattle off past roles.

While you must include some basic information about your experience, you should also write a brief description of your role and responsibilities underneath each listing.

You can keep these copy segments down to one to two sentences each. Although adding in brief descriptions under each experience listing might seem insignificant, it can make a huge impact on your visibility during searches.

Complete a Contact Information Section

Contact information linkedin

The "Contact Information" section is fairly simple to fill out — just add all the best ways for people to reach you. The site includes fields for your email, web address, phone number, and social media accounts — you can use whichever you like.

When completing this segment of your LinkedIn profile, you will have the option to import contacts from your email address book.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of this feature, as it will allow you to obtain dozens or potentially hundreds of LinkedIn connections almost instantaneously. The more connections you have, the higher your credibility on LinkedIn.

Much like other social media for lawyers that are more consumer-centric, LinkedIn will also provide connection suggestions. These suggestions have some relationship to your law firm or the LinkedIn profiles that you have already connected with. You can leverage this feature to rapidly increase your total number of connections.

Ideally, you want to aim for a few hundred connections or more. Once you surpass the 1,000 connection threshold, your law firm will appear extremely reputable to potential clients and prospective business partners as well.

After your LinkedIn profile is up and running, you should periodically check back for new connection suggestions. The social media platform is constantly analyzing profiles so that it can help users network with other professionals in their verticals.

Fill in Education Section

education section linkedin

The "Education" section of LinkedIn profiles is one of the most straightforward to complete. You should list out any educational achievements that you have obtained and the years that you attended each institution. Additionally, if you are a member of your law school alumni association or any local bar associations, make sure to include this information.

When completing this segment of your LinkedIn profile, there is no need to write hundreds of words of copy. However, you should artfully slip in a few keywords whenever possible. Don't force keywords, as this will draw the ire of potential clients and damage the readability of your page. Keep things simple and move on.

Develop the Perfect Skills and Endorsements Section

The "Skills" section of your LinkedIn page will be one of the most time-consuming to complete. The initial setup process does not take all that long, but perfecting it might take weeks or even months.

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, you will have the ability to list various skills that you have. LinkedIn has dozens of options to choose from when adding skills.

You can select as many as 50 of them to highlight on your LinkedIn profile. This allows you to specifically list all of your specialties. While we encourage you to take full advantage of this feature, make sure that you do not list irrelevant skills.

Once you are finished listing skills, it is time to start asking for those endorsements. Fortunately, the LinkedIn platform makes it quite easy to ask for endorsements. The trick is acquiring enough connections to actually obtain those endorsements.

An endorsement is precisely what it sounds like — one or more of your peers endorse you on a skill-by-skill basis. The process works as follows:

First, you click on one of the skills that you added to your LinkedIn profile and then request an endorsement. LinkedIn will forward these endorsement requests to peers in your network (i.e., other law firms or attorneys). Those who feel comfortable doing so will endorse you.

When potential clients view your profile and look at the "Skills" section, a number will appear beside each skill. If you have acquired over 99 endorsements for a skill, the display will show "99+". Endorsements are a way of establishing your credibility and providing prospects with social proof that you possess the skills you claim to.

Other LinkedIn Profiles Best Practices

If you want to get the most out of your new LinkedIn profile, we suggest that you:

Get the LinkedIn App on Your Phone

linkedin mobile app

The LinkedIn app is easy to use and intuitive. More importantly, it helps you stay connected with your network and prospective clients who reach out to you through the LinkedIn platform.

When you download the app, make sure to enable push notifications. This setup ensures that you receive an alert as soon as someone messages you, responds to your sponsored InMail, endorses you, or interacts with your profile in any way.

You can use the app to respond to prospects who reach out to you. It is vital that you respond to potential or new clients quickly, as lengthy delays could discourage them from working with your law firm. The app can also be used to manage your LinkedIn marketing campaign, but more on that in a bit.

Create a Unique URL

create a unique url

When you initially build your LinkedIn account, you will be assigned a generic web address (URL) in the domain that contains a series of letters and numbers. While you may not be concerned with what your URL is, you should be — especially if you plan on putting your LinkedIn profile on your business card.

The good news is that you can easily customize your LinkedIn URL. To do so, click on "Me" and then "View Profile" from your LinkedIn homepage. Next, select "Edit public profile & URL" in the upper-left portion of the page, then "Edit your custom URL." Punch in your new custom URL, hit save, and that's it.

Join Groups and Associations

linkedin lawyer groups

There are dozens of legal industry groups and associations on LinkedIn. These groups have hundreds — or in some cases, thousands — of members. What better way to network with your peers than to join a couple of these associations?

Once you have your LinkedIn profile all set up and have acquired some connections, start looking for organizations to join. While some associations require you to pay membership fees, they are usually quite affordable. Many associations and groups don't require any fees at all, but they might not offer much in the way of member perks either.

Make sure that your profile looks professional and is complete before you start requesting membership in these groups. Some groups, especially the more prestigious ones, will carefully review your profile before accepting your join request.

Joining these groups will not only help you form new connections, but it can make it easier to earn endorsements for your skills section as well. Reputable law firms will be more willing to put their name on the line if you are part of the same organization that they are.

Keep in mind that you do not have to join dozens of groups. Focus on becoming a member of a few reputable associations and build out from there.

Provide Legal Tips When Possible

Like other social media channels, LinkedIn does allow you to create short posts. If you want to grow your audience and connect with prospects, you should use LinkedIn posts to provide basic legal tips. When creating a LinkedIn post that contains legal advice, try to avoid complex language — break things down so the average person can digest the information.

Comment on Other Blogs and Posts

In addition to creating your own legal blog posts, the platform also allows you to comment on other people's content. Routinely commenting on other posts and interacting with users can help you connect with your target audience.

If you comment on a topic that prospects find interesting or relevant, they may reach out to your law firm for additional information or legal services.

Publish Your Own Blogs

linkedin lawyer posts

Publishing your own blogs on LinkedIn is an excellent way of sharing information with your target audience. When deciding what topics to cover in your blogs, focus on creating educational content. Avoid writing articles that are overtly salesy or advertorial. Creating ads and then passing them off as blogs is offputting to potential clients.

If you are not sure how to kick off your new blog, start by doing some industry research. Identify current legal trends that are relevant to your area of practice. Alternatively, you can create blogs that answer commonly asked legal questions. For example, if you practice family law in New Jersey, you could write a blog about child custody in that state.

When writing blogs, strive to keep your content somewhere between 300 and 1,500 words. Single topic blogs that answer basic questions should be on the shorter side. Conversely, blogs that tackle more complex legal questions can exceed the 1,000-word threshold.

If you find that a blog is going to greatly exceed the 1,500-word threshold, you may want to consider breaking it down into more digestible pieces or an article series. The purpose of this is to keep content digestible and not overload readers.

Be Consistent with Your Posting

When it comes to posting on LinkedIn, consistency is critical. At the outset of your LinkedIn marketing campaign, set reasonable goals for yourself. For example, you could commit to posting on LinkedIn three times per week and publishing a new blog once per week.

We suggest taking things a step further and posting on the same days each week. You could post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You could also publish your blog every Monday. Exhibiting consistency will encourage your audience to interact with your content and also help you maintain a high level of visibility on LinkedIn.

Use Featured Section, If Possible

The "Featured" section of LinkedIn gives you the ability to pin news and articles that align with your brand image. You can highlight blogs or articles that you have created and published on other platforms, but you can also provide links to your website, draw attention to local news publications that have featured your law firm, or engage in other promotional acts.

Participate in a Professional Photoshoot

Participate in a Professional Photoshoot

LinkedIn profiles with photos appear far more credible than those without. According to LinkedIn, users who have photos on their profiles, receive nine times more connection requests and 21 times more profile views than those with no photos.

With that being said, don't simply snap a selfie with your smartphone. While such a photograph would be perfectly acceptable for everyday users, you are attempting to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

That is why we recommend obtaining a professional headshot. A professional headshot will immediately catch a prospective client's eye and make them feel more confident in your skills and abilities.

You should also encourage your staff and fellow attorneys to participate in a professional photoshoot. If everyone has overlapping availability, you can probably book a group session at your law firm. Every member of your team is a reflection of you and your law firm. Your profile will look far more reputable if the entire staff has professional photos.

Select a Great Cover Photo

What good is a professional headshot if you have a bland, boring cover photo behind it? Don't undermine your investment in a professional photoshoot by selecting a generic cover photo.

When selecting your cover photo, find something vibrant and professional. Avoid dark photos that are difficult to make out. Also, choose something that reflects your beliefs or values while simultaneously conveying that you possess an abundance of legal expertise.

Be Careful When Claiming to Be a Specialist

The legal industry is closely scrutinized when it comes to advertising. Therefore, you must tread carefully when claiming to be a specialist. Many jurisdictions have an extensive vetting process that attorneys must navigate before listing themselves as experts or specialists in a particular practice area.

Instead of risking compliance issues by claiming to be a specialist, just take advantage of the LinkedIn "Skills & Endorsements" section.

This section can demonstrate that you "specialize" in particular areas of practice without explicitly listing yourself as a subject matter expert or specialist. If you rack up a plethora of endorsements for each listed skill, potential clients will have plenty of confidence that you can assist with their legal issues.

Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

After you have created a LinkedIn business page for your law firm, you can start using paid ads to market your services. However, you will need to create a secondary account in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform. Once your account is all set up, you can create custom LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn campaigns function on a pay-per-click (PPC) payment model. This model means that you will not pay for any ad that's displayed unless someone clicks on it. You can do everything that you can on other PPC campaign management platforms, such as set a bid and budget, choose an ad format, and create a custom target audience.

The primary advantage of advertising on LinkedIn is that you can connect with high-quality leads. The drawback is that the cost-per-click will be higher than on some other social media platforms. Depending on the words you target, the cost-per-click will be higher than it would be on Google as well.

Leverage Professional LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers

Lawyer LinkedIn profiles can be a valuable part of your law firm's growth strategy. However, creating perfect lawyer profiles for your practice can be quite challenging, especially considering how many other responsibilities you already have on your plate.

So the question is, why go it alone when you can partner with LinkedIn profile experts like Grow Law Firm? The answer is "you shouldn't."

Instead of going through multiple phases of trial and error as you struggle to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, why not let us help? Our team specializes in all things related to LinkedIn for attorneys and knows precisely how to get you noticed on this great platform.

Ready to learn more? If so, then contact our law firm digital marketing experts today. Make sure to ask about our other growth services as well, such as SEO and PPC campaign management for lawyers.

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