Sasha Berson

Sasha serves as Managing Partner for Grow Law Firm, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency focused solely on specialized growth strategies for attorneys and their practices.
Shortly after immigrating to the US in 1993, Sasha co-founded his very first business — lending company that grew from a 2-person operation to a top-20 multibillion dollar wholesale lending operation with a nationwide presence. Shortly thereafter, Sasha founded a specialized consulting practice dedicated to helping small and midsized business grow.

Legal Marketing Expert

With his first-hand experience as a serial entrepreneur surmounting the very same challenges his clients face daily, Sasha provides real world solutions that are proven effective.

A trusted thought-leader in the field, in 2013, Sasha teamed up with Steve Forbes to author the best-selling book, Successonomics. He is a regular contributor to and is a member of Forbes Agency Council's Expert Panel.

Prior to joinging Grow Law Firm, Sasha's business endeavors led him to grow a web development firm with many legal clients. It was during this time he realized that attorneys have very unique marketing challenges and that their needs differ from other client-focused industries.

Today, Sasha fuses his expertise with his passion for helping law firms overcome their obstacles and grow their practices in realtime.

Expert Publications

With his business acumen and deep expertise in digitial marketing for attorneys, Sasha's articles and interviews have been featured in a wide range of respected publications in the nation. Highly regarded for his fair, data-driven insights, Sasha's invaluable analysis provides clients with a path toward achieving their goals.

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During our call, we'll assess your market demand, competitive landscape, website performance and address your most pressing challenges. All the data gathered will enable to me to forge a clear marketing strategy for your law practice. Regardless of whether you choose to move forward, my consultations are complimentary.

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