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Our expert law firm offers PPC services to help you target the right clients and generate quick results.
PPC services for attorneys

Grow Your Law Practice With Our Attorney PPC Services

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is an incredibly powerful tactic that lawyers in all practice areas and of all sizes can use.

Lawyer PPC services can help bring more qualified leads to your website through targeted ads that use relevant keywords to your practice.

As there are so many moving parts in pay-per-click advertising for law firms, it’s essential that you have a team of experienced professionals running and overseeing your campaigns. This is exactly what you can expect with the Grow Law Firm.

Why Does Your Law Firm Need PPC Advertising?

Traditional forms of advertising are becoming less popular as pay-per-click for law firms yields higher-quality, more consistent results for law firms. Today’s law firms have no choice but to tap into digital marketing tactics to reach their target audience through both SEO and PPC efforts. Lawyer PPC advertising is proven to deliver more qualified inbound leads at the lowest-possible conversion cost.

PPC services

Other benefits of PPC marketing for lawyers include:

  • Unlike other forms of online marketing such as search engine optimization, PPC campaigns generate immediate results through Google. You won’t have to wait weeks or months to see movement in your rankings.
  • Gives you a vantage point of how your organic rankings are progressing.
  • Results are tangible and easy to track. Plus, we will go over your results with you at least once a month so you have an understanding of your return on investment.
  • Attorney PPC services allow for more precision on who sees your ads, generating more qualified leads. We will produce ads that target audiences looking for your services in your specific geographical area.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Law Firms

As a lawyer, you deal with many moving parts each day. Running a successful PPC campaign takes time and monitoring to produce successful results – something our team can handle while you focus on other areas of the business. Here’s how Grow Law Firm can help.

  • Google ads

    Google Ads to Reach Clients Searching for Law Firms

    Search ads are one of our primary PPC specialties.

    With over 246 million Google users and every law firm trying to be noticed, it can be hard to stand out. We use targeted keyword research to create ads and campaigns designed to outperform your competition. We will help you reach your ideal audience while lowering the cost per lead, making PPC a worthwhile long-term investment that delivers quick results.

  • Social media marketing ads

    Social Media Advertising to Get In Front of Your Clients

    Social media advertising is another facet of our PPC services.

    We use platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to get you more leads and help you garner repeat business. Attorney advertising on social media is a great strategy for finding new clients by targeting your demographic in addition to geo-targeting for your particular practice area. Social media allows us to be incredibly specific with your audience— we’ll create a model audience to target and focus our efforts there.

  • Display ads

    Display Ads to Build Brand Awareness

    A classic form of advertisement, display ads are the eye-catching banners, images, and text boxes you see on other websites. When placed in front of the right audience, display and banner ads can be incredibly effective.

    Our PPC professionals will work with you to pinpoint your ideal demographic, website placement, topics, verticals, and keyword targeting to ultimately drive more business to your website.

  • Local ads

    Local Ads to Dominate Your Local Lawyer Market

    Dominate your local market through our local service ads for lawyers.

    When a user Googles a specific service in their area, they will come across advertisements detailing location, contact information, and reviews for nearby businesses. These local ads are a fantastic opportunity for a business to stand out. Also, with local ads, unlike regular PPC ads, you only pay when a prospective client contacts you through the ad. With our strategy, we can help generate local leads by ensuring your law firm appears on the top of the search engine results page.

  • Tailored retargeting

    Tailored Retargeting to Remind Prospective Clients About Your Law Firm

    Law firm retargeting services is another digital advertising technique that allows your law firm to display targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website but did not convert.

    This means your site visitor did not fill out a contact form, download a file, or follow through with their intention. Retargeted ads can help you stay top of mind for your consumers.


A good PPC campaign can produce results within weeks, bringing you more traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more clients. We take a data-driven, solutions-oriented approach to your marketing strategy, ensuring only the best results for your firm. No matter what services you require, whether it’s PPC or just building brand awareness, Grow Law Firm has you covered.

Browse our case studies to see how we have helped other law firms reach their objectives.

SEO & Website Design for a California Estate & Trust Litigation Firm

SEO & Website Design for a California Estate & Trust Litigation Firm

With a high-performance website design and robust digital marketing campaign, our comprehensive strategy enabled the client to properly compete with its fierce competition, claim its rightful market share, and increase qualified traffic and conversion rate while lowering its cost per lead.

Number of Qualified Leads Increase
Cost Per Lead Decreased by
Lifetime Value of Client Increased by
Website Redesign & SEO for Indiana Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm

Website Redesign & SEO for Indiana Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm

Keeping our client’s goals close throughout the entire process, Grow Law Firm overhauled our client’s website, redesigning it completely while delivering value-rich content optimized for SEO and UX. The resulting website is well-positioned for enhanced marketing performance generating leads, and increasing ROI.

Organic Traffic Increased
Bounce Rate Improved
Local SEO for an Illinois-based Criminal Defense Law Firm

Local SEO for an Illinois-based Criminal Defense Law Firm

Grow Law Firm delivered a new website complete with full-scale content marketing services. The website highlighted the attorneys’ legal experience, knowledge, and skills, establishing trust and interest with website visitors and prospective clients.

Digital Marketing Services For Denver Based Corporate Business Law Firm

Digital Marketing Services For Denver Based Corporate / Business Law Firm

Grow Law Firm mobilized vigorously for this client, building, designing, and developing a results-focused website. With informative content, natural site navigation, and an overhauled UX, the site met our client’s goal within budget.

Conversion Rate Increased
Bounce Rate Improved
Average Time Users Spend on the Website

Attorney PPC Services for All Practice Areas

Regardless of your area of law, our PPC experts can help grow your business, guaranteed. Here are some practice areas with which we can assist through lawyer PPC advertising.

How We Set Up and Manage Efficient PPC Campaigns for Attorneys

Our process includes four major steps: research, strategy development, implementation, and ongoing optimizations.

foto our team
  • Conduct Initial PPC Research

    In our initial meeting, we will learn the details about your firm and discuss your business goals. During this phase, we will review your competitors and their ads and begin conducting our initial keyword research. We use only the most advanced tools to provide you with comprehensive, accurate data.

  • Law Firm PPC Ad Strategy Development

    From there, we will build an ROI-focused strategy based on our initial conversation, all efforts pointed toward your law firm’s goals. Once we have a plan in place for your keywords, ads, and targeting, we will discuss our strategy with you in detail.

  • Implement Your PPC Ad Campaign

    We then begin setting up your personalized campaign, tracking every detail, including when the ads are run, your geographical area, and your selected keywords and negative keywords. Once the ads are launched, we will perform A/B testing to determine which ads are most effective. We track all of this campaign data with Google Analytics and KPI documents to keep you in the loop at all times.

  • Ongoing Law Firm PPC Ad Optimization

    We periodically review the performance of your ads and make adjustments based on our findings. Our goal is to drive your Cost per Lead down, wherein you generate more leads with the same ad spent budget. Curious how your campaigns are doing? We will report on the success of your PPC campaigns every month.

  • Grow Law Firm has been a great partner for us. I'm really happy with the improvement they've made in our lead pipeline, and it's not just about numbers either; their coaching skills coupled with constant feedback from them make all of this possible!

    Jonathan S.
  • GLF has really impressed me with their marketing plan. I'm thrilled to say that they've created not just a new website but also an entire branding strategy for the company, which is something other agencies don't do! It looks like we'll be working together in years ahead.

    Kathy K.
  • The first time we used this company, everything went smoothly and our website was up within a few days. Our law firm has used them again since then with the same results – fast responses to messages; quick builds; great customer service! Highly recommend to anyone looking for web design or SEO services.

    Andrew T.

Tailored PPC Management Services for Your Law Firm

We offer PPC management for lawyers in all practice areas and of all sizes.

  • We start by conducting competitive and keyword research followed by setting up your campaigns

    The initial phase also consists of:

    • Website and landing page audit
    • Strategy development
    • Ad creation
    • Full, custom set up of all campaigns
  • The second portion is ongoing campaign management

    • Replacing negative keywords
    • Keyword optimization
    • Device targeting optimization
    • Ad schedule optimization
    • Location targeting optimization
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • ROAS optimization
    • Big management and optimization
    • Ongoing account optimization
  • Finally, you can also expect

    • Monthly reporting
    • Conversion tracking and analytics setup

Why Choose Us to Be Your Lawyer PPC Company?

With decades of experience honing our attorney PPC services, we know what it takes to help set your law firm up for success.


In-Depth Knowledge

Experience is everything when it comes to helping your law firm stand out. We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of these processes and how to reach our clients’ goals, a critical factor in helping to set up the most impactful campaigns for our customers.


Maximize Every Budget

We know that you want the largest return on investment for your PPC campaigns. Regardless of your budget, we will help to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns, aiming to lower your average cost per click while simultaneously improving your ad rankings.


Thorough Testing

When your hard-earned dollars are on the line, rest assured that our testing helps dictate our strategy. We conduct A/B testing on all of your campaigns to ensure you are getting the highest click-through rates and increasing your conversion volume. By trying out different ad variations, we are able to run the most efficient campaigns that drive conversions.



We never create and execute campaigns without doing our research on what works and what doesn’t. With Grow Law Firm, data is at the forefront of all of our highly focused keyword campaigns. You can track where your leads are coming from to help increase the volume.


Hands-On Account Team

You aren’t just a number to us. We love developing client relationships to help produce even better results! You can expect hands-on account management to guide you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way.


  • How much does PPC management cost?

    Typically, we charge a flat fee of $950 per month for PPC management. This fee may be higher for firms with large advertising budgets, as we dedicate additional time to managing the campaign.

  • Who owns a Google Ads account?

    Full transparency is an important aspect of our approach. That’s why, unlike other marketing companies that set up your Google Ad campaigns and restrict your access and ownership, we set up all Ads under your account, so you maintain full control.

  • Do you track the leads that PPC generates?

    Yes! In order for us to make tweaks to your campaign, it’s important that we have a solid understanding of what is working and what is not. This in-depthy analytics tracking gives us precise information on where your leads are coming from. We then take this data and take action to generate additional leads for your law firm.

  • What is the minimum PPC  budget I must spend?

    Attorney PPC advertising is incredibly competitive, and it will require a reasonable investment. The price will depend on the competition in your practice area, as well as your geographical area, but we typically recommend allocating at least $1,500+ per month to see real results. A higher budget will allow us to quickly learn more and tailor your campaign even more precisely.

See How Else We Can Help to Grow Your Law Firm

We are a full-service lawyer marketing agency. In addition to PPC services, we also help with SEO services for lawyers, content writing, and internet marketing.

SEO services for Attorneys

SEO Services for Attorneys

SEO is a proven long-term effective strategy for increasing your search engine ranking and generating qualified organic traffic. We leverage highly customized local SEO strategies to generate results for your law firm.

Mobile-friendly design

Law Firm Website Design

Grow Law Firm designs and develops highly customized websites built on rich user experience, site navigation, SEO, and more. Modern designs and high-performance features are the hallmarks of our powerhouse websites for attorneys.

SEO services

Marketing Strategy

Grow Law Firm will analyze your law practice and local market segment to clearly define your target audience and refine solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

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