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Gounaris Abboud Gounaris Abboud

How this Criminal Defense Law Firm Started Ranking #1 Criminal Attorney in Ohio

  • 200% Increase in Leads from LSA
  • 17% Decrease in PPC Cost per Lead
  • #1 Ranks in Google Local Map Pack for “DUI Attorney Dayton"

About the Project

Gounaris Abboud is a prominent criminal defense firm located in Ohio and Dayton. It is known for its unwavering commitment to securing acquittals and reducing charges. The firm is highly regarded and has been included in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, which is a testament to its excellence. Gounaris Abboud prides itself on delivering customized solutions to meet the unique legal needs of its clients. The firm consistently achieves optimal outcomes, even in the most challenging criminal cases.

  • Firm size: 2-10 Lawyers
  • Specialty: Criminal Defense
  • Location: Dayton, OH
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Gounaris Abboud's objective was to increase their number of cases by improving their visibility in local and organic search results.

Gounaris Abboud's objective was to increase their number of cases by improving their visibility in local and organic search results.
  • Navigating the competitive landscape of the criminal defense niche, particularly in local search results, presented a significant challenge.
  • Their competition already had plenty of SEO-optimized content that gained a lot of traffic, user interactions, and more importantly, trust from search engines.



In this fiercely competitive field, our primary strategy involved a comprehensive analysis of competitors to identify opportunities for outperforming them.

Grow Law Firm conducted a meticulous examination of Gounaris Abboud’s competition, aiming to enhance search rankings and attract valuable traffic. Additionally, a detailed technical audit of their website was carried out to assess its effectiveness and alignment with target audience preferences and industry trends. As a result, the main focus shifted to creating and improving foundational SEO content on the website, rewriting existing content to make rank higher, and implementing conversion tools.

Gounaris Abboud strategy


Building on insights from competitor analysis, we addressed content gaps on Gounaris Abboud's website through targeted strategies.

This involved optimizing existing service pages and blog posts by incorporating identified keywords, case studies, and SEO best practices.

New service pages were created to improve visibility, offering a comprehensive overview of practice areas. This approach not only enhanced the website's visibility but also allowed the firm to rank for more relevant keywords, thereby increasing website traffic.

Gounaris Abboud seo

Web Design

Recognizing the need for a more appealing and user-friendly website, we initiated a redesign, particularly focusing on the homepage. 

Opting for a modern and professional look, we introduced a clear navigation menu and search bar for enhanced accessibility. The service pages underwent a redesign, each dedicated to a specific practice area for clarity and engagement. The case results page was revamped to achieve a more organized and visually appealing presentation.

Gounaris Abboud web design

Local SEO

To bolster Gounaris Abboud's presence in local search results, we concentrated on creating robust online profiles. 

Our local SEO strategy included optimizing their Google My Business Profile by updating information, crafting compelling business descriptions, and encouraging clients to leave positive reviews, thereby boosting local rankings.

Gounaris Abboud local seo


A key aspect of achieving more leads, calls, and clients involved establishing a well-defined conversion funnel on the website. 

A significant enhancement was the strategic addition of clear and compelling Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the site. These CTAs guide potential clients further down the buyer's funnel, prompting leads to contact the firm or schedule a consultation.

Gounaris Abboud conversions


In the 4 months that we’ve worked with Gounaris Abboud, they achieved notable results.

  • #1 in Google’s Local Map Pack for “DUI attorney Dayton
  • #1 in organic searches for “drug crimes attorney Dayton
  • #1 in organic searches for “ovauc lawyer Dayton
Gounaris Abboud results

With our SEO tactics, the firm experienced a 200% growth in clients within six months. 

Our SEO and web design improvements led to a 17% decrease in cost per lead, which allowed them to allocate their marketing budget more efficiently.

This can be attributed to the #1 ranking in Google, the trust factor associated with a robust Google My Business profile, and targeted keywords that match their clients’ search intent.

Gounaris Abboud

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