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Law Firm Website Design Agency

At the Grow Law Firm, our law firm website design company builds high-performance websites for attorneys in all practice areas. Our web design experts can help grow your business, guaranteed.
Website design for attorneys

Why Do Lawyers Need Professionally Designed Websites?

High-performance website design is critical to ensuring your law firm’s success. After all, your website is what provides most prospective clients with their first impression of you. Built on a proper SEO foundation and ready for the competitive world of search algorithms, our professional, high-performance website design is the first step to your firm’s competitive advantage and continued growth.

Website design

Potential detriments of a poor website include:

  • The inability to attract qualified clients reduces your chances of increasing profitability
  • Outdated websites can turn off potential clients and push them toward your competitors
  • Low-quality content can hurt your rankings

An effective, easy-to-read and informative law firm website is critical in ensuring that your law firm is discoverable online. This is where our seasoned law firm website design company can help.

What Makes a Great Law Firm Website Design?

Not every digital marketing company understands law firm web design services and what it takes to garner success. There’s more to the equation than choosing a color scheme or adding in photos; the right law firm website should demonstrate why you are a better choice than your competitors.

  • Custom website design

    Custom Web Design

    Without a sound website design, how can you portray your expertise to online visitors? You may benefit from a law firm website redesign or a new custom attorney website altogether.

    Your website design should help meet the specific goals of your law firm. It should serve as a continuation of your front office, presenting your image rather than a basic template. Although this is a financial investment, it is worth every penny to help improve your overall business.

  • User experience

    Focus on User Experience (UX)

    How potential clients interact with your website is more important than you may realize. 

    Proper UI/UX website design is understanding what information a potential client is looking for and displaying it to clearly demonstrate your firm’s professionalism and expertise. Prospective clients should know what your law firm does, who you work with, your previous success, and what sets you apart from your competitor, as well as a clear and easy way to get in touch with you.

  • Mobile-friendly design

    Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Design

    In today’s fast-paced world, a mobile-friendly web design is a key to long-term growth and success. Did you know that over 65% of website traffic is driven by mobile devices over desktop computers?

    Law firms that have a mobile-first web design are more likely to convert leads into paying clients. As Google’s algorithm favors mobile responsiveness, this is an easy way to get a leg-up on your competitors.

  • Content management

    Easy Publishing and Content Updating System

    The content on your website should be high-quality, informative, accurate, and easy to update.

    Grow Law Firm has extensive experience with website development for law firms. We love using robust platforms including Webflow and WordPress for their technical agility, SEO-rich infrastructure, and user-friendly features. Our specially designed websites for attorneys are high-performance tools that consistently deliver tangible results for our clients.

  • ADA compliance

    ADA Compliance

    Don’t forget about ADA compliance for websites as it is commonly overlooked.

    ADA-compliant web design means that your site is accessible for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) according to your local and state government. As a lawyer, you understand how important it is to follow guidelines. Yet many web design companies simply skip this step altogether, leaving your website vulnerable to potential lawsuits. Ensuring your site is ADA-compliant helps improve your overall SEO strategy and allows search engines like Bing and Google to better crawl and understand your website.


We pride ourselves on solving even the most difficult client issues.

Whether your website just needs a makeover, lacks an SEO-friendly structure, or needs to be built in the first place, we always strive to bring you the results you are looking for, building your business and bringing it to the next level.

See our case studies, the results speak for themselves.

SEO & Website Design for a California Estate & Trust Litigation Firm

SEO & Website Design for a California Estate & Trust Litigation Firm

GLF partnered with this firm to create a robust digital marketing plan complete with SEO, PPC, and a website revamp, increasing the client’s lifetime value.

Number of Qualified Leads Increased
Cost per Lead Decreased by
Lifetime Value of Client Increased by
Website Redesign & SEO for Indiana Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm

Website Redesign & SEO for Indiana Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm

With a user friendly website, SEO and content marketing services, our client continues to see a marked increase in sales qualified leads.

Organic Traffic Increased
Bounce Rate Improved
Digital Marketing Services For Denver Based Corporate Business Law Firm

Digital Marketing Services For Denver Based Corporate / Business Law Firm

After giving this firm’s website an SEO-friendly makeover GLF continues to provide digital marketing services to attract qualified leads and conversions.

Conversion Rate Increased
Bounce Rate Improved
Website Design For Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

Website Design For Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

With the primary objective of reaching potential clients in two different states and providing them with informative content, our freshly updated, easy to navigate website has increased the firm’s conversion rate measurably.

Conversion Improved
Bonce Rate Decreased

Law Firm Website Design for All Practice Areas

The Grow Law Firm has experience working in many different areas of law. No matter your focus, Grow Law Firm can help your firm grow.

Our Workflow

Our process for law firm website development is simple yet effective. Here is the general process that we follow.

foto our team
  • Initial Conversation and Market Research

    We can’t jump in without conducting our research! As a starting point, we will begin by researching your law firm and working together to obtain the information that we need. We will look through your current website and review your previous strategy to understand what has been working and what hasn’t. Once we have a better understanding of your law firm and your goals, we will delve into law firm website design and development.

  • Asset Collection & Content Brief Creation

    The next step in our process is to take the information from our initial conversation with you and combine it with the in-depth design questionnaire that you’ve filled out. We use this information to build out a wireframe of content and organize it strategically to maximize the volume of conversions that your site is receiving.

    Visitors will seek your law firm’s website to find a solution to their problem, so the content must capture visitors that have bounced from other websites. The content will also revolve around building a sense of trust with your audience and showing off your hard-earned expertise in your practice area. These factors will also improve the SEO-friendliness of your content. If you choose to utilize our services, one of our legal professional writers will create your website content. If you would prefer to write it yourself, we will provide you with detailed specification sheets to guide you through it smoothly.

  • Design Phase

    Visual appeal is always critical in attracting and retaining website visitors. The next step in our attorney website development phase is to create a design mock-up that we’ll send to you for review. We use our ample experience working with different law firms and consider all different styles, colors, and content arrangements to create the best option for you.

    It’s important that we solidify a homepage direction before working on additional pages. As soon as we have your approval on the homepage design, we will begin working on the rest of your site pages. With years of experience, we know what’s needed to design a high-performance custom website. We combine our knowledge and your feedback throughout the process to ensure the best solution for your site.

  • Coding Process

    Once pages are approved, we will move them into the coding process. Our developers will take the approved mock-ups and turn them into a functional, SEO-friendly website. Unlike our competitors who may wait until all of the pages are approved before coding, we will begin the process as soon as one page is approved. This allows us to deliver faster results to you and proves that we are passionate about helping your business grow as quickly and sustainably as possible.

  • Bug & QA Testing

    We’ll never let something as silly as bugs, spelling or grammatical errors, or other unappealing problems impact the functionality of your website. Bug and QA testing is an essential part of the law firm website development process that not only improves the user experience but improves your SEO ranking. In addition, we will work on testing your website on tablets, mobile devices, and desktop computers to ensure it is functioning how it should. After all, seemingly minor factors such as page load times can impact how well your website performs.

  • Official Website Launch

    The final step in building a website design for law firms is to officially launch your new site! Some law firms prefer to host their site on their own and others rely on us to host and manage the website, the choice is completely yours. Once we have your final approval, we will push your site live for the world to see. From there, we will begin working on other digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC campaigns.

    To ensure your past website efforts are not lost, we will redirect existing pages and assets to your new website. When someone opens a link from your old website, it will automatically redirect them to your new one.

  • Foundational SEO Optimization

    A key aspect of your new website is its SEO framework. For it to be truly effective in boosting your rankings, the entire website and its content must be structured in a specific way. This can include everything from the number of words on a page to certain links and headings. We design your website with a solid SEO foundation, utilizing research to establish the proper structure, SEO-friendly URLs, keywords, and other factors.

  • I'm thrilled with the new website! It was so easy to work together and their team is top notch. We have been getting a ton of positive feedback on it, which means we're on an exciting path towards growth as they continue advertising our firm's services.

    Managing Partner
    Andrew L.
  • GLF is great at helping you establish your brand. They know how to grow it, as well as help customers have an awesome customer experience with them! I’d definitely recommend using the team of GLF's for all these things- they really do live up their name “Grow Law Firm.

    Operations Manager
    Lina A.
  • The GLF team has built a professional, well-designed website. The optimized site garnering positive feedback and it's prompt response time makes them stand out among other web design companies in this industry!

    Managing Partner
    Lorena R.

Why Choose Us as Your Law Firm Web Design Agency?

As a full-service law firm marketing agency, the Grow Law Firm has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to help your law firm stand out from the pack.


Client-Centric Approach

Clients are at the forefront of our services and we never implement cookie-cutter solutions. Our client-centric focus allows us to build genuine relationships with our clients and help them reach their goals


Proven Experience

We’ve been perfecting our attorney websites and digital marketing solutions for many years and our portfolio speaks volumes. Proven digital marketing strategies. Rich website design tailored to increase your flow of qualified prospective clients. All specialized for attorneys. It’s our passion. It’s who we are. That’s Grow Law Firm. 


Hands-On Team

With Grow Law Firm, you are never just a number! You will have a hands-on account manager and supporting team to help answer your questions, keep you up to speed with weekly or bi-weekly meetings, and review your monthly results to ensure your project is moving forward.


Data-Driven Results

We know that data is incredibly important to the growth of your firm. At the onset of your project, we will establish Key Performance Indicators and measure the most important metrics and data points such as traffic, conversion rate, and qualified leads. We will continue to report on your data and results on a monthly basis.


Full Range of Services

We aren’t a one-trick pony and we are pleased to offer a variety of digital marketing services. In addition to our website and design services, we also offer law firm SEO and PPC assistance for a full scope of digital marketing services.


  • How much does an attorney website cost?

    To provide you with a detailed quote, we will first assess your current website. In the majority of cases, we redesign our client’s websites because they’re either outdated, lack a proper SEO foundation, or have technical errors that make them difficult to manage. The budget to design and develop a new website depends on a number of factors: the size of the website, whether we need to migrate any of the content and/or functionality from the existing website, whether we need to rework branding, and so on. The website could cost anywhere from $7,500 to $20,000+.

  • How long does the law firm website design process take?

    Small website updates may be finished in as little as 3-4 weeks. However, creating a new website typically takes 2-4 months from the moment of Kick-Off. The scope of the project will directly impact the amount of time it takes for us to complete our work. Rest assured that we will always be communicative about our timeline and deliverables so you know what to expect.

  • What if I need content for my law firm website?

    Content development for the main pages of your website is included in our package! A full review of your existing website content is an integral part of our research, and wherever possible we will bring the content from your current website over to the new one while making the necessary adjustments. If more content needs to be produced, our team will write it or work with you to provide specifications to ensure that the content produced is SEO-friendly.

See How Else We Can Help to Grow Your Law Firm

SEO services for Attorneys

SEO Services for Attorneys

Our SEO solutions are strategically designed to elevate search result rankings and increase qualified leads month over month. On and off-page SEO, as well as local search optimization form the backbone of our strategies.

PPC services for attorneys

PPC Ads for Lawyers

Our PPC strategies are designed to target your most qualified clientele and increase your prospective leads quickly and effectively. When executed properly, PPC is a high ROI lead generation tool.

SEO services

Marketing Strategy

Grow Law Firm will assess your practice and market landscape to provide a comprehensive marketing strategy to achieve the results you need.

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