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50 Best Law Firm Websites [2023 Edition]

December 30, 2022
20 min

What makes a good law firm website design? Discover the best law firm websites on this list and get inspired!

Why Is It Crucial to Have an Optimized Law Firm Website in 2023?

No single component of a law firm's growth strategy is as critical as the website. Law firm websites must function well on all possible platforms, and they should be optimized for search engines. If prospective clients cannot find a law firm's website, all the effort is futile.

Stracci Law Group contacted us with one simple goal in mind - help them redesign their website. Their old law firm website was outdated and ineffective for implementing proper marketing strategy and expansion, struggling to attract new clients. After an SEO-oriented redesign from Grow Law Firm, they had a 142% increase in organic traffic and over 200% increase in client inquiries!

Websites are a connecting gateway between potential clients and your legal services.

Below are the criteria we have used to determine the best law firm websites on the internet.

  • Website Design and Branding. First impressions will either make your visitor leave and go look at a competitor's site, or stay on a website, navigate to other pages, and possibly contact you.
  • Website UI / UX. User interface deals with how a website interacts both with users and computer systems, and user experience involves a user's overall experience with the brand and business.
  • SEO Performance. SEO performance is measured by how a website performs in search engines. If a website is not showing up on the first page of Google for searches for the types of cases the law firm handles, the law firm is missing out on potential business.

Best Law Firm Website Designs

1. Randall McKinney Law

Randall McKinney Law website image

The website's home page makes it easy for prospective clients to see results right away. There is no doubt that this law firm is proud to showcase its impressive results. A user-friendly menu and beautiful imagery are also included throughout the criminal defense site.

2. Brooks & Radchenko

Brooks and Radchenko website image

A leading Dallas-based personal injury firm, Brooks and Radchenko has almost three decades of experience. They've also created an impressive personal injury lawyer website that loads quickly and has everything a prospective client might need. In terms of their mobile version, it is outstanding, easy to use with one hand, and equipped with all the necessary features.

3. Ylaw Group

Ylaw Group website image

There is an engaging and informative homepage on the Ylaw Group family law website that highlights the firm's accolades, strategy, and unique approach to family law. On the homepage, you'll also find a section dedicated to Ylaw's benefits and tangible ways they are different from their competitors.

4. Fragomen

Fragomen website image

A bold white typeface greets you as you arrive at the website, displaying a carousel of photographs showcasing the firm's most recent successes. The typeface was selected to attract a reader's attention, and since the text is so conspicuous, the visitor will be more likely to follow links to the firm's services.

Additionally, the site has a column with immigration alerts about new changes in immigration law in different countries. Because of its straightforward layout, high-quality information, and ease of use, this website is among the best immigration lawyer websites.

5. Bouhan Falligant

Bouhan Falligant website image

In addition to its straightforward design, Bouhan Falligant's website speaks to the firm's credibility as a firm of talented lawyers with experience in a variety of law areas. A timeline of the firm's history is provided on the main site, as well as information about the team's extensive experience. As visitors enter the bankruptcy lawyer website, they are instantly reminded of the firm's long history, which dates back to 1886.

6. Stanchieri Family Law

Stanchieri Family Law best law firm websites

At the top of our list, and one of the best law firm websites WordPress examples, is Stanchieri Family Law, a family law firm focusing on divorce and separation in Toronto, Canada. Their website incorporates a modern parallax design, an in-motion typing effect, with light text on a dark background. Images, from the interior pictures of the law firm to attorney portraits, are mostly black and white with splashes of color to match the clean and simple aesthetic.

7. Calgary & Edmonton Employment Lawyers | Taylor Janis LLP

Taylor Janis Workplace Law best law firm websites

Second on our list of best law firm websites is Taylor Janis, a boutique law firm that focuses on labor, employment, and related litigation law matters.

This is one of the best examples of a content-rich lawyer website, and it is evident that there was considerable planning behind its flawless execution. Each page features a large amount of text, but it is thoughtfully organized and easy to navigate.

8. Barr & Young Attorneys

Barr & Young Attorneys best law firm websites

Barr and Young is a Northern California probate law firm that specializes in estate planning, trust litigation, and elder abuse. Their website is an example of one of the best small law firm websites, incorporating a clean layout, trust badges, and client testimonials.

This law firm website pulls off “modern vintage branding” for a law firm by combining a fresh, current UX, complete with fast loading speeds and seamless transitions, with a branding that establishes experienced professionals and a longstanding law firm presence and tradition of success.

9. Gecić Law

Gecic Law best law firm websites

In the commercial sector, Gecić Law handles all areas of Serbian business law for both local and international clients. Their WordPress law firm website has received numerous rewards and frequent recognition for its design, which incorporates original video material and minimalist navigation and banners.

Media is woven into Gecić Law's website almost subconsciously, while modern parallax navigation and a clean color aesthetic give a sleek impression. A pro bono page highlights their commitment to public service and giving back to the community.

10. Stracci Law Group

stracci law group best law firm websites

This Indiana criminal defense and personal injury law firm considered what makes a good law firm website when they designed their website. User experience was a chief focus in the execution. The black, white, and electric red colors are consistent throughout the website, guiding visitors to contact buttons and forms. At the bottom of the page, a mega footer incorporates location information, navigational links, social media buttons, and disclaimers.

11. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers best law firm websites

The website of this Chicago personal injury law firm delivers a clean design and powerful initial impression. The site loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and the large library of content and client reviews, combined with the striking aesthetic, instills confidence in the law firm's ultimate ability to solve clients' problems.

12. The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian

The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian best law firm websites

The law firm website of this small Southern California criminal defense practice immediately promotes the attorneys' experience and accolades. A blue, red, and white color scheme and intuitive navigation and clear calls to action (buttons for “start here,” “call us,” and “schedule a consultation”). The website prominently displaces case results, resources for website visitors, and an easy transition to content in Español for Spanish-speaking clients.

13. BD & P

BD&P Law Firm best law firm websites

Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP is a well-established Calgary law firm with 120 lawyers. Their website is one of the best large law firm website examples - representative of the firm's unique culture. The large library of attorney and staff photos collectively establish professionalism and experience. Large, clear images and a search bar make the website pleasing to look at and easy to navigate.

14. Vogel LLP

Vogel LLP best law firm websites

Vogel, LLP is a multi-service law firm in Calgary that handles family law, personal injury claims, and estate litigation. Their website pulls off a striking color palette with turquoise as a primary color and a clean white background. The law practice's logo and branding are woven throughout the website, which features a rich library of SEO-optimized content, simple navigation, and a clear call to action to contact the law firm.

15. Andreozzi + Foote

Andreozzi and Foote best law firm websites

Andreozzi and Foote's website establishes these trial attorneys as top subject matter updates nationwide and advocates for victims of sexual abuse. Their law firm website offers an attractive white, blue, and gold color scheme with complementary images woven throughout. Potential clients will see clear examples of actual case results, client testimonials, and prominent news and news coverage of the firm's cases. The website is content-rich, allowing potential clients to spend time researching their legal rights after a traumatic event before contacting the firm.

16. Chadi & Company

Chadi & Company best law firm websites

A striking example of a black, white, and gold color aesthetic, Chadi & Company's website introduces website visitors to their ​​multi-practice law firm, offering legal services throughout Alberta and Western Canada. A sleek design and parallax effects give the website an ultra-modern feel. Potential clients are directed to the firm's impressive client testimonials and law firm reviews.

17. Bend Law Group

Bend Law Group

It's hard not to be inspired by the images and “Dream Big” message that Bend Law Group conveys to startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. This law firm website inspires hope while simultaneously establishing trust and building credibility. Trust badges and media feature logos deliver a powerful impression for website visitors looking for strong, qualified representation as they grow their business.

18. Vela Wood

Vela Wood best law firm websites

Landing on this Texas-based boutique business law firm's website immediately transports visitors to a dark-mode experience with black and white video footage, modern vector image graphics, and infographics. The unique feel of this website is a departure from many corporate law websites, but it works well with their less traditional specialties (venture financing, fund representation, M&A, and gaming law).

19. Bick Law LLP

BickLaw LLP best law firm websites

An environmental law firm that challenges the status quo. With unique and bold homepage images (a giraffe in a library, a rhinoceros on a tightrope), website visitors' will immediately wonder “what is this all about?” This California-based top-tier environmental law firm departed from traditional website design and we can't help but love the result, which is why Bick Law is on our list of the best law firm websites. Powerful images, large amounts of content, and an anything-but-boring color scheme is sure to keep visitors on the website and away from the competition.

20. Litiguard Lawyers

Litiguard Attorneys best law firm websites

A conservative but pretty stylish approach is represented by Litiguard Attorneys. A minimalistic design turns out to be a very expressive tool and demonstrates the company's professionalism and determination. Practice areas, contacting information, news, and other information concerning the team of attorneys can be found right below the black and white photo, again in a simple, but stylish font. Another interesting detail is that the website is available in both English and Dutch, which is a great advantage too.

21. Bhatt Law Group

Bhatt Law Group best law firm websites

We love how well this New Jersey law firm effectively establishes its expertise in personal injury law, family law, and criminal law matters on its website. By giving each area of law a dedicated standalone section, this website is able to display large volumes of content and build trust in their attorneys' knowledge, skills, and abilities - without seeming overwhelming. The parallax design, complementary color scheme, and incorporation of images, video, and live chat make this law firm stand out as a pillar in the legal community.

22. Robbins Firm

Robbins Firm best law firm websites

This law firm website introduces visitors to Atlanta's bona fide experts in litigation. The textured background, vector graphics, and italicized header font on the Robbins Firm website create a striking first impression. Beyond the very simple homepage is a rich archive of SEO-optimized content, allowing visitors to thoroughly research a wide range of business litigation matters.

23. Tremain Artaza

Tremain Artaza best law firm websites

This Dallas employment law attorney website features a striking homepage image and a strong value proposition for people facing employment disputes and needing qualified representation. Trust badges on the home page establish experience and credibility, and a free case review button is easy to find. An impressive FAQ page addresses an impressive amount of common questions. Practice area pages explain employment law practice areas and potential prospective clients' legal options to challenge an action by their employer.

24. Zafiro Law

Zafiro Law best law firm websites

Zafiro Law is a Seattle-based, boutique family law and immigration law firm. The clean, parallax homepage features a large amount of content, which is organized effectively with images, trust badges, headers, and calls to action. This site is easy to navigate with a static header and breadcrumb navigation so visitors do not get lost. Along with practice area pages for both family law and immigration law firm services, the website features a search bar, and offers helpful guides for people handling delicate family law and immigration matters. A “languages we speak” button establishes the law firm's multi-lingual services.

25. Surrano Law Offices

Surrano Law Offices best law firm websites

Surrano Law Offices rounds out our list with their bad faith law firm website, which features a clean but eye-catching white, dark blue, and lime green aesthetic. We like the simple navigation, large images, and video center, which establishes the Arizona-based law firm as a go-to law firm for denied insurance claims and related practice areas. The firm incorporates client testimonials and case results to further establish their experience.

26. Levine Family Law Group

Levine Family Law Group website image

27. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Oykhman Criminal Defence Law website image

28. Family Health Law

Family Health Law website image

29. Schoenberg Family Law Group

Schoenberg Family Law Group website image

30. Calgary DUI Lawyers

Calgary DUI Lawyers website image

31. Modern Wills

Modern Wills website image

32. Crouse Erickson Family Law

Crouse Erickson Family Law website image

33. Gilormo Injury Law

Gilormo Injury Law website image

34. LadyDUI

LadyDUI website image

35. Dilworth IP

Dilworth IP website image

36. website image

37. Adams IP

Adams IP website image

38. Workman Injury Law

Workman Injury Law website image

39. Hudson Injury Firm

Hudson Injury Firm website image

40. Wisselman Harounian Family Law

Wisselman Harounian Family Law website image

41. John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers

John Michael Bailey Injury Lawyers website image

42. Klotzman Property Damage Law

Klotzman Property Damage Law website image

43. Zemsky Family Law

Zemsky Family Law website image

44. Premier Injury Law Firm

Premier Injury Law Firm website image

45. California Innocence Project

California Innocence Project website image

46. Maine Criminal Defense Group

Maine Criminal Defense Group website image

47. Evergreen Elder Law

Evergreen Elder Law website image

48. 9/11 Victim Attorney

Victim Attorney website image

49. Jurewitz Law Group

Jurewitz Law Group website image

50. McLeod Law

McLeod Law website image

Law Firm Web Design Best Practices

In the last two decades, law firm website best practices have evolved dramatically. Websites of the early 2000's looked drastically different than websites of today. The best practices we implement in our clients' websites are implemented for website visitors (prospective clients) and search engines. Any type of law firm, be that personal injury, criminal defense, family law or bankruptcy, will find these solutions highly effective.

An estimated 73% of new websites fail. Investing in comprehensive competitive-grade website design and SEO optimization can ensure your firm's success this year, and for many years to come. Here are a few ways you can do so.

1. Emphasize Your Local Presence

Stracci Law Group location

Even if you’re a successful lawyer with statewide, regional, or national reach, it’s still beneficial to integrate your law firm with your local community. With so much unknown in the process of searching for a lawyer, the more that you can paint a picture for your potential clients of what it’s like to work with you, the more comfortable they will feel in choosing your firm. Plus, potential clients will appreciate the fact that you are a local firm that can provide them with hands-on service.

2. Create a Great Visual Presentation

Original photos on law websites

By now, it’s clear that the content on your own website needs to be the best quality, but we aren’t only talking about written content. You should invest in high-quality, original photos to use throughout your site instead of using stock photos. As soon as a website visitor sees a stock photo, chances are high that they’ll be immediately turned off and click out of your website.

Don’t forget to harness the power of video when you’re putting together your website. Consider shooting videos on frequently asked questions or to convey why your law firm stands out from your competitors.

3. Make a Large Hero Section

Stracci hero section

The hero section of your law firm web design is the first thing that your visitors will see when they enter your website. The hero section is located immediately underneath your top-screen menu navigation bar. Make sure that whatever the image or video you use in that section has a significant impact on the audience. It shouldn’t be distracting, rather, it should be engaging and help draw in your audience and make them want to learn more about your offerings. In the hero section, make sure that you convey what you have to offer and why your audience should trust you.

4. Make Sure to Use Clean Fonts

Sequoia  legalfonts

Believe it or not, something as small as the type of font that you use can have a direct impact on how well your attorney website design performs. Consider a time that you’ve tried to read something online when the font is small, difficult to read, or simply unattractive to look at. As there will be a significant amount of copy on your page, you want to choose a font that is easy to read regardless of the audience. Factor in the size, style, and weight of your fonts for both desktop and mobile devices as there will be visitors from a range of devices visiting your site. If you want to make a certain point easier to read or add emphasis, you can always bold them, but use this strategy sparingly as it can be distracting.

5. Choose the Right Colors

Law firm color palette

When you think of your law firm web design, you likely don’t think of colors right away. As you delve deeper into the process of establishing your brand, make sure to factor in the colors that you’ll use as they will infiltrate nearly all aspects of what you do. From your attorney business cards to your law firm logo to your website, your brand colors are everywhere. Color is known to have an impact on your audiences’ emotions in addition to impacting the readability of your site.

6. Implement Intuitive Navigation

Stracci law group navigation

Your website navigation is one of the most important factors to consider when putting together your law firm website design. The easier your navigation is, the less dwell time that your visitors will have. This sends a positive sign to Google which can have a positive impact on your rankings. 

Potential clients tremendously value simple and intuitive navigation. In fact, a report conducted by Small Biz Trends reports that 94% of respondents say that easy navigation is the single more important feature when determining which law firm to move forward with. Respondents from the same survey also reported that it’s best to find the “about us” page, social media handles, and blog pages easily on a lawyer’s website.

7. Prioritize Your Page Load Speed

Did you know that only a 1-second delay in page loading speed can decrease your conversions by as much as 7%? The slower your website loads, the more potential customers and traffic that you’ll lose due to lower search engine result rankings. The best law firm websites often load incredibly fast. This is appealing to both the user and to search engines, ultimately improving your organic rankings. 

In the case that your website has a lot of huge images or videos, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right hardware infrastructure and bandwidth in place to support the designs.

8. Use a Mobile-Friendly Design

According to ComScore, “mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.” In other words, if you aren’t factoring in a mobile-friendly law firm website into your strategy, you’re missing out on a huge volume of traffic. But what does it mean for a website to be mobile-friendly?

  • Visitors won’t have a hard time finding the information that they need easily and quickly regardless of the type of device they’re using
  • The text is minimal and broken up by headers to make it easier to read
  • Any steps that a potential client needs to get in touch with your law firm are compressed to the bare minimum
  • The call-to-action buttons are big enough for fingers to click on
  • All forms are simple and the information that you’re requesting from the lead should be absolutely necessary

9. Design With SEO In Mind

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be a pillar on which all law firm websites are built.

The right law firm SEO strategy can bring you more high-quality leads through organic search traffic. There are many ways that you can make your law firm’s site SEO friendly. First, it should be optimized. Optimizing websites is a process where you use different tools, strategies, and experiments to drive traffic. Another advantage of optimized websites is that it’s easier for the search engine bots to go through your site, crawl it, and index it. Doing so can result in higher organic rankings and help you meet your business goals for your law firm.

10. Make Your Lawyer Website Inclusive

Not only are great law firm websites properly optimized, but they’re also inclusive. If you aren’t currently focusing on diversity and inclusivity in your law firm digital marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a large opportunity to grow your legal business and provide assistance for those who need it. Inclusivity can be a difficult consideration as you might not have any idea where to start.

The first step in building a legal industry site that appeals to everyone is to be honest with yourself about where your law firm currently is in terms of diversity and inclusion. Do you have any systems in place that prevent your firm from being more inclusive? One easy approach is to audit the content that you’ve already released such as blogs or service pages. What is your messaging like and how does it appeal to different groups of people? For example, maybe you’re using a lot of “he” or “she” pronouns, but you can easily switch it to “they” to be more inclusive.

Another audit that you can conduct of your current law firm website is simply looking at your media. What types of imagery are you using throughout your website and does it only appeal to certain types of people? You can also go through your social media profiles, attorney bios, and other areas of your digital marketing efforts to see if there are easy ways that you can improve your approach.

11. Implement Effective Call to Actions

Make sure that your law firm website has plenty of call-to-action buttons located throughout. A CTA button is also a way to include more contact points throughout your site. For example, if you offer free consultations, encouraging your website visitors to click on the “get a free consultation” button can open a window that has an email form or a live chat.

When including CTAs throughout your website, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Only include one call-to-action button per page to avoid causing confusion to your visitors
  • Make it easy to find the CTA button compared with the other page elements. For example, you can make it a different color or increase the font size so it stands out.
  • Make each CTA precise and meaningful. For example, instead of writing “contact us,” you can write “get legal advice now.”

12. Let Clients Contact You Easily

BDP contact form

One of the main points of your law firm website design should be making it as easy as possible for your prospective clients to get in touch with you. Here are some different points of contact that you should include throughout your site:

  • Physical address, email address, and phone number: Include this information prominently on the header but also on your attorney profile page, cases pages, and other pages throughout your site.
  • A contact form: Your law practice should include a contact form in the upper portion of every page. This allows prospective clients to reach out to you even if they haven't navigated to the bottom half of the screen.
  • A live chat: Many new websites of successful law firms have live chats to capture leads. It allows you to answer questions in real-time and helps to strengthen your overall reputation.
  • Social media buttons: The most successful law firms are often very active on social media. Regardless of whether you're a small law firm or a huge practice, staying active on social media can help you get more clients.

13. Don’t Forget About Trust Badges and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials

According to a study conducted by Bigcommerce, using customer testimonials can increase revenue from each customer by as much as 62%. This number isn't shocking considering that 92% of consumers turn to testimonials to help make their purchasing decision. If other law firms already have shown a prospective client how great it is to work with them, your new website will have to tap into more law firm SEO techniques to stay competitive. The more you can build trust around your legal practice, the better your law firm stands out from the crowd.


A law firm website is your 24/7/365 sales rep. If potential clients can find it, and it performs well, you will see your business grow. If it fails to perform, potential clients either will not find your website or leave your website and go to a competitor.

With the help of a high-performance law firm digital marketing agency you will see the potential of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and the benefits of having the best law firm website design for your target audience. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and grow your law firm!

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