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Best Law Firm Logo Designs

May 23, 2022
17 min

Similar to the care it took to name your business, your law firm logo is another essential part of your business's identity that takes special attention to devise.

Logos for law firms can do a great deal to share your firm's expertise, create trust, and draw in potential clients to choose your firm as the one to handle their legal action. In order to build your presence, you need to create a unique and memorable logo that helps your firm stand out.

So, how is this done? There's a science to creating the best law firm logos, and with experience helping brands cultivate their image and presence, we are sharing all the key information you need to find the right law firm logo design for your company. With the right colors, symbols, and tips, you can solve the issue of how to design a law firm logo in no time.

How to design a law firm logo

Figuring out how to design a law firm logo starts with an understanding of your business's messaging and goals. But from there? It's all about colors, shapes, and designs that best match that vision.

Before contacting a designer to create your ideal modern law firm logo, try to outline more details of what you want your brandmark to look like. Maybe you have color preferences that best show off your business's tone, or you want to incorporate a specific symbol to create a strong association with your law firm. No matter your preference, have some ideas in mind to help guide the law firm logo maker.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas and the associations they create to find the best law firm logos for your business.

Think about the right colors for your law firm

When it comes to a law firm logo, one of the first steps to building your brand identity is choosing the color that best depicts your business and goals.

So, what colors are good for a law firm logo? That depends largely on what emotions you want to evoke. To assist, we are sharing the top colors used in law firm logos today and the emotional associations they create.


A red law firm logo evokes emotions of excitement, energy, passion, desire, strength, love, power, heat, and aggression.

Clearly, red is quite a powerful hue that can create an array of strong emotional responses. When it comes to the color red, it's important to keep in mind that this color can represent anger and danger, something you may not want to be connected with as a law firm.



A yellow law logo signifies emotions of joy, happiness, Idealism, hope, optimism, imagination, and friendship.

When yellow is used in law firm logo designs, it brings about feelings of happiness, and while this is always welcome, it's a color that's best not to overuse as it can be overwhelming. However, a bit of yellow here and there in a firm's logo can go a long way.

MacTrack Legal


Orange is a commonly used color in firm logos. This hue is associated with feelings of energy, balance, and enthusiasm, and is an expansive and vibrant shade.

Orange is typically associated with movement and action, which is wonderful for a legal logo, but sometimes best suited to use in a call to action or with subscribe buttons to push new clients to act.

Roy, Scott & James


Blue is a shade that is associated with feelings of peace, tranquility, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, and sometimes gives off a cold feeling.

With hints of relaxation and spirituality, blue is used on a number of social media networks to invoke that feeling of trust. These associations align with many firms' goals and are a go-to for law firm logo designs.


Dark Blue

With slightly different associations than a standard blue, dark blue symbolizes knowledge, integrity, power, and seriousness.

With these emotions, dark blue shades are incredibly popular amongst lawyers and legislation areas as a whole. In modern law firm logo designs, dark blue not only creates a feeling of power and integrity but professionalism, too.

Tijerina Legal Group
The Grossman Law Firm

Black and White

Two standard, neutral hues are black and white. These colors are associated with feelings of power, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, style and reverence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, precision, and innocence.

With so many associations, black and white law firm logos can be used for a number of different firms. These elegant, sophisticated colors are great for those who want a clean, simple, yet high-end feeling logo.

Eltringham Law Group


Gray is associated with security, reliability, intelligence, dignity, solid, conservative, and practical emotions.

Featuring a more neutral, less strong shade than that of black or other deep colors, gray is a good basic go-to for many law firms' logos. With a clean, sleek finish, it's a common law firm logo hue.

K&L Gates


The color green is associated with feelings of nature, environment, health, good luck, renewal, generosity, and service.

With these associations, it's one of the colors the best law firm logos include. Serving as a symbol of hope, health, and new beginnings, this relaxing shade can be used in its multiple tones to give clients the reassurance they need to put their hope in your firm's hands.

Farber Law LLC


Purple is a shade used in many law firms' logos due to its associations with royalty, nobility, ceremony, transformation, wisdom, enlightenment, and honor.

A purple law firm logo can seamlessly associate your firm with feelings of honor and wisdom, something that many clients will turn to you for when searching for legal expertise.

Bates Wells

Consider symbols for your law firm logo

Another element when considering what makes a good law firm logo is the utilization of symbols.

Symbols are a great way to represent the mission and idea of your company in the most compact, yet explicit way. And no, your law firm logo symbol is not limited to the classic gavel and block set. There are a number of other law firm logos utilized by attorneys and businesses to create a more modern law firm logo.

Ideally, you want your law firm logo to come off as unique so it stands out from the sea of other firms clients may encounter on the internet. When a client searches for a standard phrase like "law firm," "attorney," and "lawyer," those traditional symbols like a law book design or justice scale won't differentiate you from many other outdated logos. Instead, utilize symbols that are special to your business, area of expertise, or show off your commitment to your set of clients so they click your logo design over another competitor.

To assist with your brainstorming, here are some of the best law firm logos with unique symbols.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers
Injury Law Firm
Ozarks Family Law
Dieker Voightmann Donovan
The Ticket Clinic
 Greer & Associates Attorney at Law

The Name of the Game

To ensure your potential clients recognize your law firm logos, it's best practice to include your name in it.

When it comes to law firms, reputation is a huge part of your success, and many people will relate your reputation to your company's name. To make a strong statement and ensure your brand is clearly presented to potential clients, display your name in your firm logo in a distinct, attractive, and eye-catching way.

Once your company has earned a reputation, people will be able to connect your logo to the name of your company without actually fully reading it. This recognition is one that comes with the best law firm logos and is something we strive to achieve with each and every new modern law firm logo. So, what do you want people to think about when they see your logo or your name? This is what you'll want to implement when associating your name with your logo as you seek to gain brand awareness.

For some examples of successful integrations of the company name into the logo, check out the logos for law firms below.

Ben Crump

Russell Law Firm L.L.C.
The Mendelson Law Firm
Nusbaum Stein Law Firm
Clarke Willmott
Vela Wood
Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm
Shelly Jean John

Try to incorporate geometry for your law firm logo

Believe it or not, geometry is a tried and tested design by many law firms that strive for an impression of balance, simplicity, and professionalism.

Geometric shapes are created using patterns that are common and provide a feeling of order and structure. By utilizing these everyday shapes, you can create a pattern that's easily recognizable. It's the commonness of these shapes that can help promote recognition with prospective clients, which can further promote your brand awareness. Additionally, these regular shapes evoke associations with efficiency and organization - something every client is looking for in a law firm.

And there's no limit to the creativity you can have with a law firm logo design when using geometric shapes. You can form a shape using the first letters in your company's name, or utilize various color theories in the design to further promote the emotions you hope to invoke in your clients. Most commonly, you will see law firm logos that morph the first letter in the name into a more recognizable shape, acting as a symbol instead of simply a letter. This offers a quick addition to a logo that can one day stand on its own if the brand's recognition is high enough.

Not sure how to implement this in your own law firm logo? See how other law firm logos have done this before.

Lewis Silkin
Staver Accident Injury
Cripps Pemberton Greenish
McCarthy Law Firm
Tate Law
Donato Law

Law firm logo design tips

Beyond utilizing color theory, incorporating your name, and adding in geometric shapes, there are some additional tips that help you solve the issue of what makes a good law firm logo. The best law firm logos tap into these 10 tips to create a top-notch logo design. To assist, let's walk you through the elements of each below.

Think of your own color scheme

As we mentioned before, it's important to choose a color palette that best suits your firm and the service you provide. Professional designers utilize color wheels to find complementary colors, and we recommend you do the same when looking for colors to best match your core shade.

Most commonly, we see blue, red, and black used in the most popular logos for law firms. On the other hand, extremely bright shades are best to avoid for law firms as they can invoke feelings of anger and anxiety.

Modern or traditional fonts

Font choices can make a massive difference in the success of your law firm logo. Some fonts are taken less seriously than others, and choosing a professional font that matches your brand is a must.

Keep in mind your color scheme when choosing a font. Some fonts will work with your law firm logo design better than others. Additionally, it's best to keep accessibility in mind, so ensure you select a legible font that can easily be read on various platforms.

The most web-friendly fonts include:

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Helvetica
  • Tahoma

Underline your practice area

You want your law firm logo to convey more than just your name. The best law firm logos communicate what work you actually do as an attorney. Sure, a gavel symbol shows that you are in fact a lawyer, but what kind of law do you specialize in?

For instance, if you're an injury lawyer, you can use images drawn from the healthcare industry and emergency symbols to signify this is your area of expertise. This way, you show clients that you are truly an expert in the area in which they are seeking your advice.

Express your law firm's mission

What's your mission? This is something you should already be able to answer if you're launching a law firm. Having a clear, strong mission statement is something every business needs, not just law firms, and the best law firm logos will share this within their design.

The key to conveying your mission in the design is to make it clear and succinct. Your logo shouldn't be an intricate work of art that a client must analyze to find the meaning. Instead, make your stance clear so that, at first glance, a client can understand the mission behind your firm. This can be tricky to master and may take a bit of brainstorming, but it's a tip that will help your logo go above and beyond.

Keep it simple

With a law firm logo design, simplicity is key.

A busy, jumbled design is not only hard to recognize but difficult to understand and decode, too. We've said it once, and we will say it again - you want your firm logos to be understandable at first glance, conveying just what your business handles. To do this, lean towards a more sophisticated design with clean, clear, geometric shapes. These commonly seen, regular patterns are ones nearly every client will recognize, helping to boost brand awareness over time.

When choosing a design and simple shapes to match, keep your brand identity, mission, and ethos in mind to ensure it all works together to convey just what your firm is all about.

Think about where your logo will appear

Many law firms create a logo solely with the website in mind, but this is not the only place a law firm logo will appear.

Logos for law firms are designed to represent your brand, and they will appear in a number of different formats across the web. Some of these locations can offer only a small bit of space, like on your business card. This is important to recognize as it's essential that your law firm logo design translates across all the different formats you will inevitably utilize it within, ensuring it is legible, no matter the size.

When contemplating if your law firm logos will work across the different platforms, the formats it may be used within include:

  • Your law firm website
  • Social media profiles
  • On the law firm letterhead
  • On printed materials, such as client signature forms and brochures

To learn more about best design practices check out our Best Law Firm Websites guide.

Design different options for your logo

While your law firm logo maker should start with a primary design, it's important to create variations of this first design, too.

Variations of a law firm logo are necessary as some elements of your main logo may not translate to different formats, or various marketing elements may not have enough room for your full name and logo. Instead, creating alternate logos that rely solely on a symbol or initials can make a wonderful alternative to your main logo, helping to save space in various formats you would like your branding to appear.

Additionally, we recommend having an alternate logo that incorporates your law firm's tagline, too. This is ideal for formats that have more space and can help ensure you have enough options on hand that best match the purpose and platform you're placing it within.

Consider the right file types

Since law firm logos are incorporated in a variety of ways and formats, it's important to save this logo in an array of file types to best suit the different platforms.

While many save their firm logos as a JPEG, the primary formats for law firm logos are vector and raster formats. The law firm logo maker professionals most commonly rely on Adobe Illustrator to create your logo, which is a vector-based program. On the other hand, Photoshop is raster-based. While vector images are easily scalable, raster-based designs are not, which may lead to issues in the future.

The most common formats for firm logos are:

  • AI
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • PNG

Make your logo unique

Last, but certainly not least, is to make your law firm logo design unique.

Before embarking on creating a law logo, do some competitive research to make sure you're not recreating the wheel. This will help inform you of what has already been done, particularly when it comes to firms in the same field of law as you. You want to stand out from the competitors with a unique design that will catch potential clients' eyes, leading them towards you and away from the competition.

When researching other firms, be sure to avoid mimicking the same color schemes, icons, and fonts that appear most common among them.

The commonly overused elements in law firm logos include:

  • Gavels
  • Scales of justice
  • Clenched fists
  • Open books
  • Courthouse-style columns

Outsourcing your law firm logo design

If it's within budget, outsourcing the design of your law firm logos can do a great deal to ensure your firm is equipped with the best design possible.

Firm logos can get quite repetitive, but a professional graphic designer will present you with a new and innovative design that best evokes your firm's mission. This will ensure you're equipped with a unique logo that not only shares your values and mission but is eye-catching, too.

Law firm logo design isn't a skill that comes naturally to all and is one graphic designers have honed and made their profession. So, entrust the work to a professional law firm logo design agency whenever possible, putting your budget towards a legal logo that will last through the years.

Where to find and how to choose a law firm logo designer

There are many freelance designers equipped to create firm logos, which can conveniently be found on Upwork and Fiverr. However, these can sometimes be hit or miss, and it takes a lot of weeding through the candidates to find the right one for you.

An alternate option is to reach out to another law firm that features a law logo you like. Do so by reaching out through LinkedIn, and hopefully, they will be open to sharing who created their logo design.

When searching for a candidate to create law firm logos, make sure that:

  • They have created logo designs in the past. This way, you know they have experience and understand the task. If they've created law firm logo designs, that's even better.
  • They give you a detailed contract. Any experienced freelancer will have a clear contract on hand and ready to go. If they check this off the list, you can trust they have some credible experience.
  • They ask questions about the project. We don't want someone assuming what your logo design should look like without hearing more about the brand and the mission. There are key elements, like your goals and brand identity, that must be incorporated, and a good freelancer will ask about these.
  • They work within your budget. A law logo shouldn't break the bank. Ensure you find someone that works within your budget to ensure you get what you need at the right price.
  • They have a great portfolio. Past experience and examples are one of the best ways to vet freelance designers, and that's true for law firm logos, too.

How to work with a logo designer

To ensure you get the best law firm logos out of your freelancer, there's work you have to do on your part, too, to cultivate the relationship and get the law firm logo you desire.

To work with a freelancer on your firm's logo:

  • Give them an overview of your law firm.
  • Inform them of what your goals are with your business.
  • Ask for revisions so you can make the necessary adjustments.
  • Provide clear, constructive feedback.

Buy a logo from a stock

If you're on a tighter budget when creating logos for law firms, you can always buy a law logo from a stock image site. Websites like Shutterstock and iStock offer an array of firm logos that you can use with a custom license. However, this will prevent you from having a unique, new logo that truly shows off your personality. Keep this in mind before opting for a stock image over a professional graphic designer.

Do you need to trademark your logo?

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the federal registration of a logo is not required. When using your logo in commerce, like when you provide your legal services, actually gives you the legal right to the logo. However, this may not apply in all locations across the U.S. and other countries. If you're concerned about disputes, it's best to trademark law firm logos, just in case.


A quality law firm logo design can make a big difference in your brand's recognizability and long-term success. From what colors are good for a law firm logo, to the best shapes and designs to rely on, and the importance of tapping into law firm logo maker professionals, there's no shortage of guidance and tips for creating law firm logos. By applying the best law firm logos practices to your business, you can heighten your brand awareness and share your firm's mission with one quick glance from a client.

As a digital marketing company for lawyers, we specialize in assisting law firm's in expanding their brand awareness and gaining new business. For more advice on creating logos or tips on how to further grow your client list, contact us today.

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