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Omar Ochoa LawOmar Ochoa Law

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Acquired 72% More Organic Traffic Leads in Just 6 Months

  • 72% Increase in Qualified Leads
  • 315% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • #1 Ranked for "Property Damage Lawyer" in Texas

About the Project

Located in McAllen, Texas, the Omar Ochoa Law Firm is a well-regarded legal practice in the region. They specialize in Insurance, Personal Injury, and Civil Litigation, serving a diverse range of clients, including individuals, homeowners, business owners, and whistleblowers. With a strong track record, they've secured over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts, demonstrating their commitment to advocating for their clients within the community.

  • Firm size: 2-10 Lawyers
  • Specialty: Personal Injury
  • Location: McAllen, TX
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The main issue the firm faced was establishing a statewide presence beyond McAllen, TX.

The main issue the firm faced was establishing a statewide presence beyond McAllen, TX.
  • Despite its good reputation locally, the firm lacked recognition and high rankings statewide in Texas.
  • The firm sought a reliable lead generation strategy to enable scalable growth and surpass competitors.
  • The company was in search of a new marketing partner to help them compete with more visible firms in the area.



To reach our objectives, our team formulated a detailed strategy and delineated a clear plan of action.

Following extensive research, GLF's experts determined that Omar Ochoa's website required a comprehensive overhaul to enhance its online presence. This involved crafting a fresh SEO strategy, redesigning the website with improved practice area pages, and revamping the local SEO approach. These initiatives were all aimed at boosting website traffic, driving conversions, and, ultimately, generating new cases for the law firm.

Omar Ochoa Strategy


Key to our strategy was an SEO-optimized website structure that targeted both local and state-wide cases.

By implementing a state-level structure, we expanded the firm's reach and attracted a broader pool of potential clients. This bolstered their presence in the Texas market.

We also created multiple subservice pages to provide in-depth coverage of the firm's priority practice areas. By doing so, we were able to showcase the firm's expertise and authority in specific legal areas, making it more appealing and easier to understand for potential clients.

Omar Ochoa seo

Web Design

The website was redesigned to improve its structure, enhance user experience, and boost conversions.

Our team significantly enhanced the website's overall layout by placing Omar and his legal expertise at the forefront. We accomplished this by showcasing his firm's notable cases and the recovered amounts, and highlighting the firm's impressive track record, accolades, and positive client testimonials. This effectively conveys Omar's extensive experience in personal injury law, civil litigation, and insurance, making it evident to new users and potential clients.

Furthermore, we redesigned the website’s Services section to ensure it's user-friendly, making it easier for visitors to navigate and grasp the full spectrum of the firm's legal offerings.

To facilitate a smooth conversion process and streamline the user journey, we optimized the major landing pages and introduced a distinctive unique selling proposition for the firm.

omar achoa Web Design


By launching a new website and implementing SEO-focused solutions, we have managed to quadruple the site’s organic traffic.

Omar Ochoa Results

After launching their new website in June of 2023, the law firm experienced a 72% increase in organic traffic leads. Additionally, the firm saw a 164% increase in organic traffic within just 2 months since the website's launch. Compared to the previous year, the law firm's organic traffic showed a 315% growth.

The ultimate validation of our marketing strategies lies in the fact that Omar Ochoa law firm secured the top position in search engine results for their primary commercial keyword - "property damage lawyer" in Texas - within just 2 months of the website launch.

Omar Ochoa Law

"I vet and do due diligence quite a bit on who it is that we do business with. I did a lot of upfront research into the Grow Law Firm, and they have not disappointed me at all. My experience has met and exceeded my expectations."

Omar Ochoa

Omar Ochoa Law Firm

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