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Video Marketing for Lawyers: An Ultimate Guide

June 9, 2022
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Videos have quickly become one of the best ways to engage audiences with easily digestible content. Performing well on a range of platforms, from Facebook and Instagram, to TikTok and YouTube, video content is seeing exponential growth and is rapidly growing to emerge as one of the primary content formats on social media platforms. Even in as short as 15 seconds, brands and creators can create interactive, engaging, and informative videos, delivering content in a manner that the usual articles and pictures cannot.

The largest benefit of video content is that they provide information in the most effective way possible, and that's just what a lawyer needs when sharing their expertise and discussing complicated topics. For drawing new clients and helping them understand complex legal concepts, marketing videos can make a big impact. To share information, lawyer videos can also show your authenticity and charisma, helping you stand out from the rest. Sure, a video for lawyers isn't a mandatory element for your firm, but it can certainly do a great deal to drive traffic and garner new clients, making video marketing for lawyers a worthwhile tool today.

Why Law Firm Video Marketing Matters?

Prior to diving into the best strategies for attorney video marketing campaigns, here are some benefits of opting for videos on law websites and law firm social media platforms.

Finding Potential Clients

One of the biggest perks of law video marketing is that videos can go viral in an instant. A person can see a video from anywhere, providing it with massive reach on a range of platforms. Plus, video marketing tends to be easy to understand and engaging, allowing potential new clients to be drawn into the video, increasing engagement on your channels.

These informative videos not only can be seen by a number of clients but help foster new client relations. A simple five to ten-minute video can do a great deal to explain a legal concept or tactic, giving a brief yet informative introduction of what potential clients need to know. By capturing their attention with law firm video marketing, you can equip them with the right information that makes them feel comfortable to begin exploring a lawyer to assist.

Building Brand Identity

The content you create all goes towards your brand identity, and this includes video for lawyers.

Since a video can not only sum up an important topic but allow you to show off your own personality, this is a great way to give your brand and firm a solid identity. With lawyer marketing videos, a firm can create personal connections with new clients, making them feel comfortable interacting with your firm after this virtual introduction.

Improving SEO for Your Website

Video marketing for lawyers has significant benefits to your SEO strategy. Since videos are often considered easier to digest, they tend to drive more traffic and have more engagement than other content formats. With this increase in traffic, you can boost your SEO for your website. Ultimately, by boosting SEO with a law firm video, you're working to expand your reach with relevant content, ensuring you appear higher in rank on search engines to draw in an even wider audience.

American Bar Association Rules for Video Advertising

video marketing for lawyers aba rules

Lawyer marketing videos have a different set of rules when creating the content featured within each video. In fact, with the American Bar Association (ABA) has set advertising rules that must be followed within each and every video for lawyers.

Don't Refer to Yourself as a Specialist.

First, you cannot call yourself a specialist in a video unless you are certified in specific fields by an ABA-approved organization. Only those that have been certified or approved may refer to themselves as an expert or specialist. So, for example, if you are an accredited immigration lawyer, you can refer to yourself as an expert in the space. However, if you do not have these certifications, claiming to be an expert is actually considered breaking the law - something to consider before publishing any video marketing for lawyers.

Don't Make Claims that Cannot Be Quantified.

Additionally, the ABA maintains that you may not make any non-quantifiable claims. For instance, saying that you are "the best" lawyer is not a permitted claim in a law firm video. This is not an issue for other professions and markets, but in the legal industry, claiming something of this sort is against the law as it is considered misleading.

Include Your Place of Business.

In some states in the U.S., a law firm has to have a physical place of business in order to be permitted to operate, and in some areas, this rule even applies to video marketing for lawyers. This means you must clearly include an address on all marketing material, showing the location in which you operate. Yes, the rule varies from state to state, so check your local state's rules before creating your content.

You Cannot Pay People for Recommendations or Praise.

Testimonials are one of the most effective tools in marketing, including video content. However, none of the video testimonials included attracting new clients may be paid or incentivized. This is an illegal practice when marketing your law firm, so only include entirely unpaid and non-incentivized clients in your testimonials.

No Soliciting.

Advertising and soliciting are two different things, and when creating video marketing for lawyers, ensuring you don't cross the line to soliciting is essential.

If you solicit your services, you are essentially targeting a person or a group of people with a specific problem to offer them your help. While this seems innocent, it is considered illegal when marketing law firms.

Soliciting is different from advertising because advertising is a general promotion of your services to everyone instead of targeting a specific person or group. To maintain good legal practices, aim all law video marketing at the general public.

Specify Your Target Audience

video marketing for lawyers target audience

Before beginning production on your videos on law, it's important to first ensure you have a clear understanding of what potential clients you want to connect with.

Having a solid understanding of your target audience is essential to all content marketing, including video marketing for lawyers. This is how you ensure your business crosses the right paths, bringing your services to those that need it most.

In order to understand your potential clients, there are a few questions to consider. Where do your prospective clients live? What is their age range? What's their profession? How much money do they make? Do they have any specific religious or cultural values?

In spending time answering these questions, you can begin formulating a profile of what your ideal client looks like. This prototypical client not only helps narrow in on a message and video concept that will most appeal to them but additionally signals what social media platforms will prove most effective to share your new video content on.

Likely the most important aspect of your video content is having a message that will resonate with your clients most. This is ultimately what will draw them in and make them choose you over the rest, so don't overlook this important step in the development of lawyer video marketing.

Marketing Video Examples to Choose From

Just like your specialization, the audience also affects the selection of video content that will be the most or least popular amongst users on your platforms. Depending on the practice field you operate within, here are some marketing video examples to help get you started with your own attorney video marketing strategy.

Attorney Profiles

When it comes to attorney profile videos, it's best to think of them as a product video. However, instead of sharing your services, you yourself are the product. With video marketing for lawyers, the key goal is to market yourself to new clients, ensuring you appear both professional and personable.

There are a number of ways you can approach these lawyer videos, with one of the tried-and-true approaches being interview-style videos where you explain more about yourself and your expertise. With these, it's essential to bring in your own personality, beyond just being a lawyer, potentially mentioning some hobbies. Additionally, ensure a call to action, such as a "contact me" button appears, too. This is the perfect content to host on your "About Me" page.

Law Firm Introduction

With an introduction video for lawyers, you have the ideal space to share who you are with potential clients. This video can include everything from who you are, to what you do, and what you stand for, too.

Keep in mind that video marketing for lawyers is all about building relationships, so you want to create a bond with those viewing the video, tapping into their core beliefs or needs, all while sharing how you can help. Aligning with your client's beliefs is essential, as over 70% of consumers opt for businesses that align with their own personal values. As you can see, company values are an essential part of your branding and something you can make clear and authentic through legal marketing videos.


One of the biggest perks of law firm video marketing is that it has dual uses - serving both as content for the website and social media channels and providing a boost to organic search results.

With this in mind, creating law firm videos that answer specific legal questions relevant to your practice can further boost traffic. Begin by exploring three of the most common questions you run into with clients. These are likely the same questions prospective clients will have, so you can get ahead of it by answering with a brief video. This way, you can finally stop answering the same questions -- a big perk for you -- while fully fleshing out all the details succinctly.

Case Studies

A key goal of lawyer video marketing is to build credibility, and case studies go a long way to support this mission.

Case studies are a wonderful way to show off your credentials, using the video format to share the case study in a digestible way with prospective clients. In these videos, it's best to share your toughest cases, using them as an educational video tool. Since you know the facts best, this video is all about sharing that information in a clear way. In doing so, you can prove your track record, showing how you approach even the hardest of cases with expertise, ultimately instilling that you are a successful partner for your next client's case.

Don't underestimate these videos. This form of legal marketing videos can be incredibly effective in helping potential clients choose you, with Stackla reporting that 79% of consumers make buying decisions based on UGC.

Customer Success Stories

Having a host of past happy clients is a huge win for any law firm, and securing those clients to provide their success stories and testimonials can go even further.

With client testimonial videos, you can show potential clients how great you are without boasting about it yourself. Instead, you can put faces to names, giving voice to those you've helped in the past to explain how they benefited from your services. This not only convinces clients but helps build trust, too.

That being said, it's important to keep in mind that none of these testimonials may be paid for or incentivized for a former client to create. As stated previously, based on ABA's guidelines, it is illegal to solicit these paid reviews.

Additionally, be sure to include a disclaimer in the video, as no two clients will receive the exact same results. This can run as a simple banner across the video, ensuring that no client can claim that you promised them a specific outcome with your services.

Video Platforms to Consider

video marketing for lawyers platforms

When it comes to the best practices to market your law firm and create videos that are relevant and drive traffic, you must utilize the best social media platforms for your mission.

Depending on your goals, different platforms will provide different benefits, enhancing your growth with a calculated plan. Each media has its own advantage over another, providing you with different opportunities to create and share your unique content.

Here are the leading platforms to consider for your video marketing to boost your visibility and traffic.


YouTube has long served as the go-to video platform, and the same goes for your law firm videos.

This is an ideal platform for your law firm to expand on your lawyer's video marketing content as it provides a vast viewer base. Incorporating everything from ad campaigns to tutorials, reviews, and infographics on legal issues, there's an array of content you can create for YouTube alone.

Compared to some of the newer platforms, YouTube is a wonderful place to host your longer videos on law, expanding on your knowledge to draw in those doing the necessary research.


Facebook, as well as Instagram, are two of the most heavily used social platforms for lawyer marketing videos. These videos are turned to by consumers due to their ability to build trust and authenticity for a law firm, interacting with past and prospective clients on their most frequented networks.

Specifically, Facebook is the ideal location to create your own page or build an events page, helping share any workshops or upcoming seminars you are doing. This will further show off your expertise, providing another location for your law firm video marketing. To learn more about Facebook marketing for lawyers - check our guide.

Likely the more casual of the two, Instagram is the ideal location to share video content that's engaging and relatable, if not a bit funny when appropriate. This will help make you more relatable to your audience and further drive traffic.


LinkedIn is one of the more professional platforms for law firms to utilize for attorney video marketing. When people search for a lawyer to hire, they are likely to check their LinkedIn profile to confirm their legitimacy. So, when a prospective client clicks your profile, you have a wonderful opportunity to serve them with a law video, further engaging with them and showing off your authenticity. These videos can include everything from relevant information to more background on yourself in a different format. Check our guide on LinkedIn marketing for lawyers to learn more.


While Twitter was once known as the go-to spot to share your thoughts in 120 characters or less, it now hosts a range of content, all in one of the best feed formats available on social media platforms today.

With Twitter, it's best to keep videos short and cover topics that people will be keen to share or "retweet." Additionally, by utilizing hashtags for your law firm, you can further expand your engagement and appear on more people's feeds that have already shown interest in your area. It may require some research to best utilize the different hashtags on Twitter in order to stand out, but taking the time to do so is well worth the reward of drawing more clients to your business.

Videos for Twitter offer a great opportunity to provide clients with more insight into how your law firm operates and share more about how you can help them. Just keep it quick, snappy, and digestible.


One of the latest, and most popular platforms available today is TikTok. Ideal for posting your shortest video clips, this platform is all about fast videos. Typically, the platform is full of a range of comedy, travel, and dancing videos but even expands to more educational topics, such as legal issues.

With TikTok being an amalgamation of so many different topics and interests, the algorithm on the platform is one of the most curated, specific algorithms available on any platform today -and this is why it can be so beneficial to law firm video marketing. With TikTok, you are sure to find your desired audience, as long as you create a video that is engaging enough to get a bit of a boost. These videos are best off being incredibly short, sharing insight into legal issues in an incredibly simple, yet interesting manner. You can cover everything from legal expertise on specific topics, responses to trending cases, common solutions to frequent legal issues, as well as basic awareness of your company.

On TikTok, all it takes is one video going viral, and you can suddenly expand your company exponentially. You can also check our TikTok for lawyers guide.

How to Start a Law Firm Video Production

law firm video production

No matter if you are starting a law firm video production on your own or relying on the help of a crew, there are some starting points to consider before diving into the task.

Launch a YouTube Channel

One of the best places to get started is with a YouTube Channel. This is something you can begin immediately, and it's free! It only takes a few simple steps to set up.

Once you have your YouTube channel up, it's time to consider what content you want to feature, as well as how you will reach a wide audience. To do this, consider the services you offer, and revolve your videos around these topics. Additionally, share these videos not only on YouTube but provide links on your LinkedIn to further drive traffic.

Ensure Effective Editing of Videos

A good, well-thought-out video is essential to success. In order to do this, you will need to start with a great script that will keep your desired audience enthralled throughout the whole video. Ideally, this script will be short and clean, with sentences that don't include any legal jargon that will be hard for a prospective client to decode. Additionally, incorporate any visual aids and animations to keep the video from getting dry.

Opt for a Video Introduction

Instead of including a written introduction on the main page of your website, show off your personality with video content. Create a short video where the founder shares the reasons why their law firm is the go-to and what work you specialize in. This will help save potential clients time as they can gather all they need about your law firm in a video that's less than five minutes long.

Writing a Script

Now that you're ready to tackle your video marketing for lawyers endeavor, it's time to create a concept for your first video and write a script.

Before diving into the script, come up with the tone of the video. Depending on what platform you're looking to feature it on, consider: will the video be funny? Serious? Educational? The answer to this will depend greatly on the type of law you practice within, as well as the audience you're looking to target.

Before diving in, here are some marketing video examples to help guide your direction:

  • Imagine you have a firm that primarily works with small business owners. With this audience, it's likely best to opt for a professional, educational tone without coming off overly serious. You want your clients to come back to you year after year, so focusing on the long-term value you can provide is essential. Make it clear that you're easy to work with and how your work can be valuable to them.
  • For a law firm that works in criminal defense, focusing on creating a more lighthearted video is the way to go. There are a lot of clients you can reach through one viral video, so creating an engaging, almost funny video can go a long way. Additionally, this will help your firm stand out from the rest of the more standard, tired firms. There's potential that a viewer may not need your services at the moment, but if you create a memorable video, you can count on them coming back to you when they do.
  • For those in plaintiff's law, a more serious, aggressive tone is appropriate. This is an area where it's important that you show that you will fight for your client's rights in the case they have been wronged, and creating a serious video will do the trick. However, be sure to avoid being overly intimidating to the point where clients are anxious to reach out.

Once you've decided on the concept behind your video, including what your message will be and how you want it to appear to your audience, we can finally get into writing the script. This is likely the most challenging part of the process, as it takes careful planning and revisions to get the right final product. Be sure to get input from others, too, to ensure your script comes. off as you imagined.

In these scripts, focus on being as concise as possible while delivering your information in an engaging way that will entice and resonate with your audience. It's best to keep these videos short, especially as many social media platforms opt for increasingly shorter videos. Ideally, your video will range between 2 to 5 minutes long, avoiding getting too long to the point where viewers drop off. If it gets longer than five minutes, you can bet that many of your viewers won't make it through the entirety of your video, essentially wasting your time and money in the production process.

When writing these scripts, there are two essential questions to ask yourself along the way:

  1. What is your audience looking for when they view your video?
  2. What goal are you hoping to reach from creating this video?

It's important to not only appeal to the audience you're hoping to attract, sharing with them information that will help with their legal situation, but additionally, keep in mind the goal for your business. Sure, getting a lot of views is great, but do you want them to pick up the phone and call you? We all want a positive ROI, so be sure to give your prospective clients a reason to reach out at the end of each video.

Your YouTube Video Also Needs SEO

video marketing for lawyers YouTube SEO

As mentioned previously, one of the key platforms to share videos on law is YouTube. And for good reason. On average, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and there are 1 billion users on this platform. And, believe it or not, it is the second-largest search engine behind Google.

However, it's not as simple as just posting lawyer videos on this platform. For a successful law firm video marketing strategy, it's important to make sure that your YouTube videos are SEO optimized. In order to stand out from the plethora of other videos on the platform, basic keyword research can be done according to SEO guide for lawyers.

There are a few ways to boost your lawyer marketing videos on YouTube, and we recommend beginning with the following tools.

TubeBuddy Tags

YouTube recommends creators tag their videos, as this process helps optimize videos to share with those who have watched similar content.

It can be easy to overthink what tags best suit your videos, but it's best not to read too much into this. We recommend using around five to ten tags on each video, including keywords in at least one of your tags, to drive traffic based on the most common searches. Otherwise, choose tags that best describe the content of your video, ensuring those that find your video based on the tag truly find the content they are looking for.

Not sure where to begin? This is where tools like TubeBuddy come in handy. To help best optimize your videos, grow your audience, and reach your goals, TubeBuddy will help expand your audience, helping you utilize the best tags to do so.

YT Cockpit

Another useful tool to utilize is YT Cockpit. Different from TubeBuddy, this resource helps search keywords on YouTube, finding those that have proven most profitable so you can incorporate them to drive traffic. This helps boost your conversion rates, driving both organic and paid traffic with carefully selected keywords.

These keywords should be mentioned in your videos. Let's face it - YouTube is incredibly smart, and it picks up on what you're saying in a video. With this technology, it can determine. the relevance of your video when someone searches keywords, so incorporate those keywords you found with YT Cockpit within your video, as well as the description and tags to ensure you rank higher.

These elements are ones many law firms don't stop to consider, and by implementing these two simple tools, you can go a long way to optimize your content. With the right keywords and tags, your video content will rank significantly higher, not only appearing on more relevant searches but crossing paths with more clients that may be in search of your help.

Lawyer Video Production Starting Kit

Now that your script is written and optimized for different platforms, you're one step closer to creating successful lawyer marketing videos. Now, it's time to record the video you've ideated, producing in a high-quality fashion that brings your script to life.

In the case that you are not an expert with a camera and don't have the greatest skill as a video editor, it's recommended that you turn to a professional for outside help. Even with the tightest of budgets, you can utilize your smartphone camera for a semi-high quality image to get the job done, although this isn't the ideal option. That being said, with an engaging script, it may be enough.

While quality is important for video marketing for lawyers, the message is likely more important to clients that come across the video. So, when budget concerns come into play, rest assured that even the best-performing law firm video marketing strategies can be pulled off on a budget.

Before diving into producing lawyer videos, here are a few elements to consider.


In the case a higher resolution camera isn't available, a smartphone camera will do the trick. If you're creating an interview-style video, even a computer's webcam will suffice. No matter the camera you choose, be sure you use a tripod or stabilizing device to keep the camera from shaking while recording. This will greatly hamper the video quality, making it less enticing for viewers to watch all the way through.


No matter the budget, proper lighting is incredibly important. This doesn't necessarily require high-end equipment, but you do need to take time to ensure that the room you are shooting within has good light and isn't backlit to avoid those in the video from appearing dark. It may take a bit of maneuvering to find the best location to set up your camera for the best light, but it's worth a bit of exploring for a high-quality finish.


Ensuring that the sound on your video is clear is a must. To make sure of this, you must limit any background noise. It's best to purchase a microphone to ensure sound quality, something that can be purchased for a very affordable price on websites like Amazon. No matter if you buy a microphone or not, make sure that the shooting location is quiet and that the person in the video speaks loud and clear.


No matter the other elements of your video, editing is a must. It's highly unlikely that you will manage to shoot a video straight through with one perfect take. Instead, it's best practice to film each section a few times and then cut and combine clips together to shorten the video and create the best sequence using your greatest takes. Most computers come with basic video editing tools, and even your smartphone has apps that can be downloaded for any editing needs.

Promoting Your Video

Once you've finalized your law video, it's time to share it. Effectively distributing law firm videos requires a multitude of platforms, from local TV to social media networks. To get the best results, here are the premier locations to share your law firm video marketing.

Your Law Firm's Website

The first place you should share your law video productions is on your own law firm website. Your videos can find a home on all your relevant pages on your site.

For instance, if you created a video introducing yourself and your firm, this video will be perfect on your "about me" and, or, your homepage. Additionally, if you made service-specific educational videos, they can go on all the necessary service pages on your site.

Once you've placed your videos on your website, you can share them by posting links to the website to draw in an audience. This will help convert passive viewers to new clients.


You know the power of YouTube, so it's no wonder that this is the next place to share all lawyer marketing videos.

Since YouTube sits as the second largest search engine and has over 2 billion active users, there's a great audience you can tap into on this platform. Ultimately, YouTube is essential to any law firm video marketing strategy. For this reason, we recommend uploading all of your video content to YouTube. But don't stop there. Optimize each video with the proper SEO practices, utilizing keywords in video descriptions and titles, as well as implementing different tags.

With this in mind, we recommend targeting specific search terms relevant to your business. This can start with something as simple as popular questions relating to your area of law, quickly providing content to some of the most common questions.

Email Lists

Of all the marketing strategy options, email marketing has proved its value time and time again. With one of the best ROI rates, sharing law firm videos through email is a wonderful solution.

If your law firm has been around for a while, you likely already have a great email list of previous clients. Now, you have an opportunity to follow up with them with each new video you create.

The goal of email marketing isn't the same as some other platforms. Instead of attempting o convert to contact you immediately, it serves as more of a long-term strategy. Acting as a reminder, emails will keep your name in the back of former clients' minds in the case they end up needing legal support in the future.

Social Media Ads

As expected, video marketing for lawyers is best posted on social media channels.

With over 4.6 billion people utilizing social media, reaching even the smallest fraction of this audience can make a big difference when bolstering law firms' client lists.

With this in mind, social media ad campaigns must play a big part in your attorney video marketing strategy. This will not only help you garner new clients but generate new leads, too. With tools like PPC, or pay per click, you can appear on more newsfeeds and timelines, expanding your audience to those you would never have reached before.

With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok offering some of the best ROI results for video marketing for lawyers, be sure to utilize each platform to reach as many potential clients as possible.

Interview Other Lawyers

video marketing for lawyers interview other lawyers

There is a whole host of video topics that can be utilized for a law firm video. Beyond basic information on what your law firm does and what your stand for, another video to incorporate on your website and social media channels are interview videos.

An interview-style video with other lawyers will provide prospective clients with a great deal of additional information. By interviewing key lawyers at your firm, you can share an array of perspectives and experts within your practice that are available to clients. By sharing a vast range of faces on your website, you can ensure that everyone has a person they connect with while addressing common concerns, strategies used to handle different cases, previous cases and how they were won, and more.

These interview-style videos are ideal for not only sharing more information but building trust with your audience. This style of video will help prospective clients as they conduct their initial search, becoming more acquainted with your firm and instilling in them that it's full of professionals that know what they are doing.

Create Vlogs

Vlogs, or video blogs, are a more casual video format that provides even more insight into a law firm or practice.

The best part of this video format is that they don't need to be polished. In fact, what makes vlogs so attractive is their more casual, relatable, everyday manner. For this reason, these can easily be shot on your iPhone, and don't need as pristine of editing.

Ideally, through vlogs, you will keep it very raw and real. This will help share additional thoughts and insights, focusing on a specific topic or reflecting on recent work or cases.

Vlogs offer an ideal moment to focus on:

  • Relevant and recent courtroom experiences
  • Specific cases
  • Intriguing client experiences
  • Thoughts on any legislative changes
  • Opinions on your area of practice
  • Tips for your potential clients
  • Tours of your office

With vlogs, you can break down the barriers between legal firms and clients, creating relatable content that can garner you a loyal following.

Use a Call to Action in Your Videos

At the end of the day, the point of all video marketing for lawyers is to achieve an ROI, ideally driving clients to pursue your services. In order to reach your goals from your law video content, it's essential to include a call to action at the end of videos.

Few law firms remember to include this essential element of attorney video marketing, leading them to miss the mark on their goals. To avoid this, get in the habit of including a call to action in each and every video, no matter the format or content you're covering. Sure, this can feel cheesy or salesy, but it's essential to boosting business and getting your viewers to take the next logical step.

Calls to action to use to boost awareness of your business include:

  • "Click the link below for more information"
  • "Visit our website to find out more about XYZ"

To take it to the next level and incorporate a call to action that shifts to the decision stage, try:

  • "Need help now? Give us a call at xxxxxxxxxx"
  • "Book a free consultation today. Call us at xxxxxxxxxx"

Measuring Your Results

Once the videos have been created and placed on the ideal social media channels, it's important to keep up-to-date on how the video is performing.

There are free tools, like Google Analytics, that show you what's happening on your site, including the location of users, re-directing sites, the length of the views, and more. This tool is free and easy to use, making it a staple for lawyer video marketing.

Additionally, LinkedIn Analytics, Facebook Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Twitter Analytics are all available tools for social media channels. These can further help track the performance of your videos on each respective channel.

With these tools, you can see what search terms are most attractive to your audience. One way of measuring your success is by looking at how many likes or shares your video is getting on a social media channel. To boost this, be sure to write a short description of your video before sharing it. Additionally, whenever someone asks a question or comments on your video, respond! This will further boost engagement and help your video rank higher with more interaction.

Ultimately, the most important metric when analyzing the success of a law firm video is the views and duration of those views. Did the video keep your audience engaged to watch the entire thing? If so, you created a great video. If not, video analytics can share right where a viewer dropped off, sharing more insight into what content was appealing and what wasn't to ensure future videos better appeal to their needs.

Any metrics gathered will go a long way to support future video endeavors, boosting your video marketing for lawyers for an improved strategy with each new development.


With videos becoming one of the preferred content formats for marketing, investing in a strategic law firm video marketing plan will make a big difference in any efforts to expand and grow your legal business.

From finding your specific target audience to developing keywords that will help you best reach them and utilizing the best platforms for your marketing strategy, there is no shortage of tips to help you boost your law firm videos. And while it may feel like an overwhelming endeavor to create scripts and produce videos that best represent your business, you don't have to do it on your own.

At Grow Law Firm, we specialize in digital marketing for law firms, growing your practice with tried and true marketing strategies. For a professional marketing service specifically focused on lawyers, contact us and get a free consultation with our expert video marketing team today.

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