How to Choose the Best Law Firm Marketing Agency

January 30, 2022
7 min
Sasha Berson
the Best Law Firm Marketing Agency

Selecting the right digital marketing agency for your law firm is mission critical. Choose the right one and:

  • You’ll get more clients.
  • Your revenue and, subsequently, your firm will grow.
  • And you’ll make more money.

Choose the wrong one, and your potential clients end up going to your competition.

But there are dozens of marketing companies that offer services to law firms. How do you pick the right one?

Having complete clarity before talking to marketers and you are more likely to end up with the best choice for your firm.

Here are the steps:

Start by Defining Your Goals

The first step has little to do with marketing companies, but everything to do with you, your objectives, and your vision for a better future.

To begin with, when lawyers and/or their assistants go to digital marketing agencies for help, they often define the problem they are looking to solve as “we need a new website,” or “how much do you charge for SEO and/or PPC?” or “we are looking for a marketing company.”

All of these are fine as long as the agencies know that the main goal is to help your firm get more clients and make more money. The more specific you are with your objectives, the higher the probability that the marketing company will help you achieve your goals.

That’s why you always start with a specific goal. For example:

Last year our law firm generated $1.16 million in revenue. Most of the revenue came from new clients who were referred to us. On average, clients paid us $6,000 each. We are looking to grow 50% to $1.7 million in the next 12 months. To do that, we need to get 100 new clients in addition to those we expect to get by referrals.

If you do not have such data, a savvy marketer should be able to help you figure it out.

Notice that in the abovementioned goal, we have touched on point A, where you are now, and point B, where you want to be in the next 12 months.

This is very important as digital marketing agencies for lawyers cannot help you achieve goals they do not know, and they cannot determine the feasibility of accomplishing goals without knowing the starting point (A).  

At Grow Law Firm, we discuss our clients’ goals and starting points before offering services. We'll tell you when the goal is not feasible at all or within a timeframe allotted. And we'll always provide data that supports our claims.

Demand the same from the marketing companies you are vetting.

Research the Best Marketing Agencies for Lawyers

Check reviews of law firm marketing agency

Effective marketing is free – it delivers the results you want and more than pays for itself. Mediocre or worse marketing is very expensive, as you spend money but do not get the results you think you are paying for.  

This is why due diligence is so important.

Use Google to compile a long list of marketing companies that work with law firms.

Review portfolios and case studies.

Check reviews of the companies on your list. Search for the company name “” Look for a healthy mix of positive and negative reviews. If all are positive, suspect foul play.

Talk to reps. Are they asking all the right questions to deliver the results you want? Are you connecting well with them? Would you enjoy meeting with them for the next 12 months?

Get proposals and see if they align with your primary goals.

We think you’ll find that, while many digital marketing agencies look promising, most will fail to provide the one thing you really need: a solid plan.

That's exactly what we give our clients – a blueprint showing how we’ll help them reach their goals.

What's in the Scope of Services?

digital marketing services for lawyers

The scope of services should be focused on one thing: every service provided should get enough inquiries from interested prospects that your firm can convert engagements and achieve its growth objectives. Equally important, these leads should be delivered at a reasonable cost.

As the saying goes, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Ask the marketing company reps: what services will deliver most clients in the shortest possible time with the most-reasonable budget?

Get them to explain every service they want to include. If they can’t explain how it will contribute to growing your business, you don't want to sign up for their services.

That said, here are the two services you can expect to be pitched

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most crucial aspect of digital marketing for lawyers because, when most people need a lawyer, they will look for one online. And people trust organic listings (those that you see on Google, under the ads), more than the ads.
    SEO takes a lot of time and labor to produce substantial results. Do not expect a quick impact. However, more clients are likely to come to you through SEO than through any other channel, and that’s why so many law firms that do very well, invest in SEO (the money is there).
    The best SEO companies make it easy for potential clients to find you, creating traffic. Traffic generates leads. Leads result in new clients. New clients equal more revenue.
  2. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) delivers results much faster than SEO, but it is estimated that most people have “advertising blindness” and thus skip right over the ads and go directly to the organic links (SEO). So, while you will get some new business, it's likely to be only a fraction of what you’ll get through SEO.

What Will Your Involvement Be?

Is your digital marketing agency proactive or reactive?

Do they have regular meetings with clients?

Will they show you actual verifiable performance metrics?

What will you be responsible for?

At Grow Law Firm we assign each client a dedicated account manager who is responsible for the success of the work that we do for you. They will be your day-to-day contact and are always a phone call or email away.

From the very beginning, we outline what each party is responsible for, as this will be a partnership between you and our production team who will be working for you.

check performance metrics

Do They Deliver?

Ask for three client references. Call them and ask where they were before hiring this law firm marketing company and how much they have improved since hiring them. Ask if these people have a clear understanding of how the marketers got them the results.

You want to feel confident that the team you pick will deliver the results you are about to invest money in.

Know What you're Agreeing To

Are the goals you set tied to their KPIs? For example: we need to get X number of website visitors, to get a Y number of leads, to get a Z number of new clients, and it all starts with increasing search traffic to the website by 40%.

Do they lock you into a year-long contract or can you go month-to-month? A year-long contract is fine as long as they can explain what happens if they cannot deliver the results in the next 6 to 9 months.

Will they force you to stay?

Does the agency charge by the hour, by the month, or by the project?

At Grow Law Firm, we’re straight with our clients on all these issues: flat fee for all services included and a one-year contract. If you are dissatisfied, we’ll let you out early.

Have One On Us

At Grow Law Firm, we do research and prepare findings and recommendations before proposing services. The resulting document is the Growth Blueprint for Your Law Firm.

In our research, we gather data that show us whether there is enough demand for the services you offer, in your market. We'll look at how well your website competes against other law firms in your market and give you a review of how likely we are to succeed.

We do not pitch services unless we have a high degree of confidence that we’ll deliver the results you want.

Want a complimentary Growth Blueprint for Your Law Firm? Click HERE

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