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Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites [2023 Edition]

May 16, 2022
8 min

Most new websites fail. People everywhere hire web design firms or marketing agencies and spend time, energy, and money trying to get a site that performs better than their current one.

And 73% of the time, it does no better, according to a study by Hubspot.

After all that work.

That’s because people choose the wrong agency to do the work.

If you want to build one of the best personal injury lawyer websites on the net – one that will attract potential clients and then convert them, like those below – you have to hire a high-performing law firm web design agency with expertise in marketing attorneys, especially for personal injury lawyer marketing.

Best Personal Injury Attorney Websites

1. Stracci Law Group

Stracci Law Group

Based in Crown Point, Indiana, Stracci Law Group has a long history in personal injury law. And the firm’s website stands out thanks to excellent design, compelling content, and just the right sell words. Even though you’re a lawyer, you still have to sell yourself to clients, who are likely looking at several firms. Stracci does this expertly.

2. Brooks & Radchenko

Brooks & Radchenko Law Firm

With almost three decades of experience, Brooks and Radchenko have built a leading personal injury firm in Dallas. And they’ve also created a very impressive website, which loads fast and has everything a prospective client could need. Their mobile version is particularly outstanding, easy to navigate with one hand, and with all the necessary features.

3. Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Staver Accident Injury Lawyers

Not only is Jared Staver’s site a good one, but he’s registered it to a great URL – - which lends it added credibility. The site is attractive, quick, and easily navigable. Results, reviews, awards, experience, locations - Staver’s landing page makes it all simple to access.

4. Zaner Harden Law

Zaner Harden Law

Zaner Harden’s site shows why the Denver-based personal injury lawyers have won multiple awards and been featured on programs like Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and numerous newspapers across the country. Zaner Harden’s page ranks among the best personal injury lawyer websites because it looks good and delivers the sorts of answers potential clients will find helpful.

5. Marrone Law Firm

Marrone Law Firm

Marrone’s landing page literally posits the question: Why Choose Marrone? And it goes on to show the answer to that question. The graphics are exceptional, the site is inviting and interactive, and the firm clearly lists the reasons why they are at the top of the list in Philadelphia for personal injury law.

6. Parris


A 99% success rate is hard to argue with, and that’s what California-based Parris rightly showcases on its landing page. People in southern California have a wealth of options when it comes to personal injury attorneys – Parris shows why prospective clients should choose them. The site looks good, loads fast, and presents all the information people need.

7. Parker & Parker

Parker & Parker

Set in Peoria, Illinois, Parker & Parker’s site opens with beautiful outdoor imagery. It draws you in and sets the scene: you’ve lost your way, Parker & Parker will put you back on the right path. The landing page is not only compelling to look at, it is laden with all of the features someone looking for a personal injury lawyer could need.

8. Ziff Law Firm

Ziff Law Firm

Do you want a local law firm with big city results? That’s what Ziff promises. And it’s a smart take in the personal injury space. The upstate New York firm’s site is brief but very effective, making the case why anyone who needs representation in a medical malpractice or personal injury case should turn to them.

9. Louthian Law Firm

Louthian Law Firm

Bert Louthian has decades of experience as a personal injury lawyer, and his site demonstrates why people turn to his Columbia, South Carolina, firm. The landing page is welcoming, professional, easily navigated, and, perhaps most importantly, empathetic. People who have suffered personal injury are often enduring a troubled time, and the site recognizes this while making it easy to get help.

10. Gunter Firm

Gunter Firm

One of the first things you notice on the site of this Florida firm is the long line of payouts Gunter has won for its clients. Millions upon millions. And this is just what everyone looking for a personal injury lawyer wants to see. Success. Jason Gunter has a track record that stretches across almost two decades, and his firm very adeptly enumerates the reasons the people of Fort Myers and Naples should turn to them.

11. Gilmoro Injury Law

Gilmoro Injury Law attorney website

12. Silva Injury Law

Silva Injury Law attorney website

13. Hudson Injury Firm

Hudson Injury Firm attorney website

14. Hirsch Lyon Accident Law

Hirsch Lyon Accident Law attorney website

15. Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys

Alford & Clark Injury Attorneys

16. Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick Injury Lawyers

Mansfield Melancon Cranmer & Dick Injury Lawyers attorney website

17. The Chicago Injury Lawyers

The Chicago Injury Lawyers attorney websites

18. Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer (A Division of The Gold Law Firm)

Colorado Wrongful Death Lawyer attorney websites

19. CPAP Injury Attorneys

CPAP Injury Attorneys attorney website

20. Birth Injury Law Alliance

Birth Injury Law Alliance attorney websites

What Makes a Great Personal Injury Law Firm Web Design?

The sites above have many things in common. The best personal injury law websites have their own distinct character, reflecting the preferences and values of the firms they represent, but they all have the following attributes.

Well-Thought Selection of Colors and Fonts

The best personal injury law firm websites should have great typography and color. Legal sites have to tread carefully here. The choice of colors and fonts need to be compelling and attractive but at the same time project a solid, reliable, classic image. No one wants a flashy personal injury lawyer. But at the same time, the site shouldn’t be staid or stuffy or boring. Picking just the right font with the right sizes and hues will make people feel comfortable and at ease. This is a critical step and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Professional [And Real] Photos of the Legal Team

When you’re presenting your law firm, you don’t want to catfish. In other words, you don’t want stock images of handsome people that mislead your audience. Good sites like the ones above have nice photos of the major players, which lends credibility. You want the face people to see when they walk through your door to be the same one that’s online. It’s worth spending a little money to get professional shots that cast you and your team in the best possible light.

Easy to Navigate Menu

Another hallmark of the top personal injury websites is that they’re all very accessible. Visitors don’t have to comb all through them to find the information they’re looking for. It’s all right there and well presented with dropdown menus and well-thought-out headers and footers. You want to make sure you have enough information – and the right information – and that it’s all very easy for potential clients to get to. Simpler is almost always better.

Clear Calls to Action

The best personal injury websites all have a very clear CTA – call to action. They present buttons to their visitors where people can turn for more information. Most visitors – 96% or more – are just casually beginning their search for a personal injury lawyer. They’ll hire at some point but are probably not ready to commit today. You want calls to action and irresistible offers that will engage them and make them remember you. Better still offer useful free content in exchange for their email address, which will allow you to follow up.  

Visible Contact Information

You want your contact information to be right in the face of your visitors. Nothing is worse than having to root around on a website trying to find out how to get in touch with someone. Remember, you are trying to sell potential clients on your services - you want to be certain that they can get in touch easily. Headers and footers and Contact Us buttons all make this straightforward for them. Capturing email is always a good idea, too, so you can send people additional information after their visit.

Featuring Trust Badges, Cases, and Testimonials

When prospective clients land on your site, you want to present the case why they should engage your firm. But you don’t want this to come from you. Anyone can claim to be great on their site. It’s better if people hear it from others. Testimonials, awards, trust badges, and successful case closings – all show people that your firm is outstanding in a way that’s empirical – and therefore trustworthy. Nothing builds credibility more than glowing reviews and reputable organizations proclaiming their trust in you.  

Last but not Least: Responsive Design

Like the sites listed above, you want to provide potential clients with a lot of information. But it’s crucial that you do so in a pleasing way. You don’t want your personal injury website design to overflow with so much data and images, and video that it takes forever to load. It has to be fast and very user-friendly. It’s also critical that it is accessible by the wide variety of devices people use today: phones and tablets and 2-in-1s and laptops. A responsive law firm website will not only make your visitors happy it will also help with your SEO (search engine optimization). Google likes sites that are professionally put together and list them higher in its rankings.

Final thoughts

The best personal injury attorney websites have many features in common, but they all do two things well: attract and convert potential clients. They give visitors what they want – which is an answer to the question: how can you help me?

None of this is easy, however.

And to do it right, you should hire a professional lawyer advertising agency.

That’s what we do at Grow Law Firm. Let us help you.

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