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Workers Comp Lawyer Marketing: How to Get Worker Compensation Leads

Grow your workers' compensation practice with our guide, packed with proven tips and strategies. Don't miss out on expanding your business!

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Jul 1, 2024
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As a workers’ compensation lawyer, you know the struggles of building a successful practice. You work tirelessly to fight for your clients, to win their cases and get the compensation they deserve. But a stellar track record doesn’t necessarily translate into a thriving practice. That’s where workers comp lawyer marketing comes into play.

A strong online presence, particularly through a well-developed law firm's website, is essential for attracting more workers’ comp clients. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about worker’s compensation marketing: from building a great website to mastering SEO and paid advertising; you’ll learn how to generate more workers’ compensation leads and build a thriving practice. Get ready to transform your practice and take your success to the next level with our comprehensive guide to workers comp lawyer marketing.

What you'll discover in this article:

  • What Should a Website Have to Attract Potential Workers' Compensation Customers?
  • SEO strategy as a part of a workers' comp marketing campaign
  • Paid Search Marketing to Provide Workers' Compensation Leads
  • More diverse marketing strategies including social media and video marketing

What Are Workers Compensation Leads?

Workers' comp leads are potential clients who have been injured on the job or want to obtain lost wages and are seeking legal representation to help them file workers compensation claim and navigate the complex compensation system.

These leads are individuals who may be entitled to medical benefits due to job-related accidents, wage replacement, and disability payments due to their work-related injuries. Workers' comp leads are valuable for attorneys specializing in workers' compensation claims and law, as they represent potential new clients and cases that can generate revenue for the law firm.

Your marketing efforts should be specifically designed to attract and engage potential clients who are looking to file a worker's compensation claim. You always want to have a constant stream of new leads. According to Consumer Shield, average workers' comp settlement can reach $41.8 thousand. So, to be on top you need to get new clients. Successful attorneys typically use various marketing strategies to target individuals who need workers' compensation insurance and legal services. By focusing on this demographic, attorneys can increase the chances of converting leads into clients and expanding their caseload.

Lead Generation for Lawyers can make your law firm grow in ways you've never thought possible before.

How Can Attorneys Attract Worker's Compensation Leads?

—A Website That Gets Workers' Comp Leads

Some injury law firms are using law firm marketing to generate workers’ comp leads. The trick is getting the most from what you have to market. A law firm's website is crucial in providing a message of trust, expertise, and dedication to clients' legal needs. The best way to present the information on your website is to design it with that purpose in mind.

Workers' compensation lawyer website design
To maximize your marketing efforts, it's crucial to design your website with the purpose of effectively presenting information to your audience

You may put your company ahead of the competition by investing in high-performance website design services and developing a better online presence.

However, for anyone interested in this type of workers’ compensation attorneys marketing, the question immediately arises: “What should a site have in order to attract clients looking for legal help with work-related accidents?” To answer this question, we have broken down the most crucial parts that law firm websites should have.

Content marketing for workers' compensation lawyers
Providing comprehensive information on your website can enhance your business without the risk of losing prospective claimants

Keep your short, sweet, and to the point. Avoid using acronyms, business speak, or lawyer lingo while writing so that your reader can understand it. Explain the meaning behind everything.

In today's age, people have short attention spans, so it is essential to ensure everything is spelled correctly and is relevant to what you are talking about. Lastly, providing too much information will not lead to any loss of business—more is better here.

Get inspired to create the best law firm website on the web

— Provide a Good User Experience

When visitng your website workers pursue real help and don't want to spend time trying to figure out how to use your site or where to find what they're looking for. This is where User Experience (UX) plays a crucial role. UX helps visitors use, understand, and stay on your website by making navigation simple and logical, with a clear hierarchy.

What is UX
User Experience (UX) is essential for a website to effectively guide visitors and ensure they can easily find what they're looking for

What's more, your website must not only look good but also function well, regardless of the device it's being accessed on. Optimizing for mobile not only improves the experience of your visitors but will also positively impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

Social Proof as the Way to Show Attorneys' Competition

Testimonials are your social proof
Including testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting press mentions, and showcasing any awards received helps to build credibility and attract potential clients

To generate more workers' compensation leads for attorneys, it's essential to showcase the success of your lawyers through "social proof." By including testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and highlighting any press mentions or awards, you can effectively demonstrate social proof and attract potential clients.

— Provide Practice Area Pages

Without practice area pages, a website cannot be considered comprehensive. Prospective clients use practice area pages to learn more about the specific services that your lawyers provide. Practice area pages should be well-written and informative, providing an overview of the relevant law and how your lawyers can help clients in need.

Practice area pages are a significant way to build trust and credibility with prospective clients, as they can see that you are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas they need help with.

— Have Strong Calls to Action

Every site should have a purpose, and that purpose should be clear to visitors as soon as they land on your page. In the context of workers' compensation attorneys' marketing, if you don't ask anything of your visitors, they're likely to do nothing.

Use call to actions on our website
Websites need a clear purpose to engage visitors and drive meaningful interactions, such as subscribing, downloading, or learning about lawyers

Even informational sites should encourage visitors to take some action, whether it be reading and sharing articles or knowledge, subscribing to company information on social media, downloading toolkits, joining mailing lists, or learning more about your lawyers. Make sure there's an "ask" on every page of your site or nothing will happen.

SEO Strategy as a Part of a Workers’ Compensation Marketing Campaign

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms cannot be understated. According to numerous studies, the majority of online experiences - nearly 68% - begin with a search engine. However, very few searchers - less than 1% - click on results from the second page.

Main SEO strategy components

In other words, if you want to generate more workers' compensation leads for attorneys with SEO, you need to make sure your law firm's website appears on the first page of Google. However, the legal industry is one of the most competitive out there, and that can make it quite hard to get ahead.

SEO practices are essential for any website that wants to rank well on search engines. By creating quality content that is optimized for law firm SEO, you can increase your chances of appearing on the first page of Google, which can dramatically increase traffic to your site.

SEO for Lawyers is a crucial part of lead generation process. In our guide we talk about best strategies and how it will benefit your practice!

— Local SEO

One way to make your law firm more visible to workers’ comp leads is to appear at the top of Google’s search results through local map listings. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is crucial for local SEO, as it improves local rankings and helps attract new clients through positive online. Local SEO for lawyers will help increase your company's chances of being seen and chosen by those looking for lawyers in your area.

Workers compensation attorney near me
Enhance visibility and attract workers' comp leads by appearing at the top of Google's search results through local map listings

Map listings appear above organic results on a search engine results page (SERP). By targeting your audience and providing them with helpful information, you’ll be able to gain their trust and interest, leading to growth in conversions.

The first step to improving your firm’s local ranking is to claim and update the information on your law firm Google My Business account. When updating your firm's information, it is important to:

  • Enter complete and accurate data, including your address, phone number, business category, and relevant attributes.
  • Verify your location. By verifying your law firm’s location with Google, you’re increasing the chances that the target audience will be able to find you when they search for law firms like yours in their area.
  • It’s essential to keep your law firm hours up to date, including when you open and close, as well as days that you are closed for holidays and events. It ensures that your customers know when they can expect you to be open and helps them plan their lives around your schedule.
  • Managing reviews and giving feedback are essential for a few reasons. Positive reviews from your current and former clients can help you rank better and make it more likely that a prospective client will contact you. Responding to reviews also shows that you value your clients’ feedback.
  • Adding photos to your business profile is a great way to show your potential customers who you are and what you do. Try adding a picture of your office or staff to give them a better idea of what it would be like to work with you.
You need Google My Business for Lawyers to grow online. Simple as that

— Legal Directories

Undoubtedly, internet directories have become the preferred method for finding attorneys, especially in the realm of workers comp attorneys marketing, and this trend is here to stay. This shift brings good news for lawyers, as online directories provide several advantages compared to traditional methods.

Main legal directories
Online directories have undeniably become the go-to method for finding attorneys

With online directories, you can easily measure your performance and track your results, which is something you couldn't do with older methods. Let's examine the benefits that local legal directories may provide for a workers' comp lawyer in more detail:

  • Exposure is one of the most important reasons to list your firm in an online directory. With 97% of people starting their search for a workers' comp lawyer online, you need to make sure your firm is easy to find.
  • Backlinks play a big role in your website's domain authority (DA). Domain authority is a major factor in your search-engine-results-page rank. The higher the SERP rankings, the more likely your sites are to be seen by injured employees.
  • Local search visibility. The "local 3-pack" is a term used to describe the top three local law firms that appear in the search results for a given location. In order to increase your chances of appearing in the local 3-pack, it's essential to ensure your firm has a consistent name, address, and phone number across the web.
  • Credibility. Being listed in an online directory, especially one that's integrated with a well-known web resource gives the impression that your law firm is credible and has a good reputation.
Legal Directories for Lawyers are a great way to grow your practice and get more legal clients

Paid Search Marketing to Provide Workers' Compensation Leads

Paid search engine ads services can help deliver immediate results, which is something that SEO cannot always do. SEO can take a long time to show results, whereas you can post an ad on Google today and start receiving calls from injured workers' comp leads the same day.

PPC for workers' compensation attorney
Paid search engine ads services offer quick results, in contrast to SEO which can be time-consuming

Having said that, there are some disadvantages that come with paid marketing channels. The first would be the cost. Search ads can be incredibly expensive - and this is especially true for the legal industry - which features some of the highest CPCs out of any industry. For example, the keyword “Lawyer” has an average CPC of $54.84, which makes it the 4th most expensive keyword on Google.

PPC for Lawyers can ensure that your firm has a steady flow of leads and new clients

— How Can Keywords Help You Get to the Top of the Search Engines?

In order to find the most relevant keywords for your site, you can use the Google Keyword Planner. With this tool, you will be able to identify the words that will bring the most bang for your buck.

Additionally, you should be aware that general keywords like "lawyer" and "attorney" usually don't generate as many workers' compensation legal leads as specific phrases. This is due to the sheer amount of competition. The fewer competitors for certain keywords, the more effectively they will attract potential customers to the site.

More ways to grow your workers' comp practice:

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Facebook Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

— Search Ads as One of the Best Marketing Methods

Users are much less likely to click on ads than organic search results, which is another possible drawback of search ads. Research shows that Google AdWords' average click-through rate (CTR) is 8.46% in the advocacy and legal field.

Even lower CTRs may be achieved with poor-quality advertising. In other words, you might not immediately see an increase in workers' compensation legal leads.

The process of managing successful search ad campaigns is not simple. Ad investment might be wasted on poorly managed campaigns while receiving nothing in return. Therefore, you should consider using the services of a legal marketing agency specializing in workers' compensation marketing to run your campaigns if you don't have time for that.

You may not pay close attention to Google Ads for Lawyers but it's a great way for you to grow a law firm

Workers Comp Law Firm Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for workers comp lawyers
Legal professionals often use social media platforms to grow their professional networks

As an industry professional, you're probably using lawyer social media profiles to find and share information. You might even be part of a senior management team that's utilizing these platforms. And it's not just for collecting data- professionals are also using social media to enhance their networks.

Interestingly, survey respondents said they prefer to read quietly in the background rather than actively participate in discussions when asked about online and social media groups they belong to. It also applies to Facebook groups they join to show their interest in the information being offered rather than the purely social aspects of posting and liking other people's comments. 

With time Social Media for Lawyers will get only more efficent at getting traffic for lawyer websites.

How Do Workers' Comp Customers Use Different Social Networks?

According to the survey, people who used LinkedIn were often interested in conferences, events, national events, and trends. In order to cut costs (medical costs, claims costs), they wanted to know how industry issues were being handled so that injured workers could receive better care.

Regarding use, the survey's findings revealed that Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular sites for work and individual use. About 50% of respondents said they expected increased access to social networking sites when asked if they would continue to use these sites to communicate. 

Workers' compensation attorneys use Facebook and LinkedIn in completely different ways when implementing their digital marketing strategy. While survey participants said they would use LinkedIn to find new contacts and opportunities, participants said they would not use Facebook to look for opportunities to buy vendor or worker compensation services.

Read on to learn how to setp up and grow Facebook for Lawyers and LinkedIn for attorneys

Reviews and Testimonials

Client testimonials
Online ratings and reviews play a major role in consumer decision-making

When it comes to workers comp attorney digital marketing, you need to know that people commonly depend on online ratings and lawyer review sites as "social proof" prior to making a choice. When selecting a service provider, most consumers frequently give preference to personal recommendations from friends or family above reviews and comments found online.

However, according to a 2017 survey, 57% of people consider online ratings "really essential" when making a purchase decision. There were just 2% who felt they were "not at all essential."

In another survey, 97% of respondents indicated that they consider online reviews and testimonials to be the most reliable sources of information they can easily access to evaluate a company.

In order to obtain the best possible testimonials from your clients, you must first ask for them. You can encourage positive feedback by providing some guidance in the form of questions, such as:

  • What made you choose to work with me?
  • What was your experience of working with me like? Have I gotten your problem?
  • How did things change after working with me? Was the problem resolved? Did I help you achieve the desired outcome?
Here's how you can use different platforms to get more Lawyer's Reviews

Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing for Workers’ Compensation Attorney Marketing

Video marketing is becoming the most important method of advertising. Instead of reading web materials or articles, many people who are researching a workers' comp lawyer or looking for a law firm prefer to watch videos.

Effective video marketing for lawyers can be done in a variety of ways. Start by making your own original video content. Alternatively, you can make a video that briefly talks about workers' comp laws in your state. Additionally, you may advertise your business on YouTube.

There are a lot of reasons why you should think about placing YouTube advertisements:

  • Using video material builds trust with injured workers.
  • Your legal firm's brand recognition can be significantly increased.
  • Using the platform's clever marketing features, you may target consumers depending on their demographics.
  • You can get more high-quality workers' comp referrals.

The most prosperous law firms use wide-ranging legal marketing strategies to get workers' compensation leads for attorneys via several channels. Consider starting small with one or two legal marketing strategies if you are new to legal marketing. Expand your reach to more platforms once you start seeing good results. Gain growth in your business success, get more referrals, and watch your practice grow.

Why Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency Is Key to Getting More Workers Comp Clients

Workers' comp cases are some of the most lucrative for personal injury lawyers. In order to start getting workers' comp leads, it is essential to understand how to market to them using truly effective workers' compensation marketing strategies. The most impactful way to begin acquiring workers' compensation leads is by partnering with a high-performing digital marketing agency that has expertise in this area.

Using our extensive experience and skilled team, our law firm SEO agency can help you attract more clients who are seeking legal assistance in workers' compensation cases. The Grow Law Firm team is well-versed in the best methods for attracting payers, adjusters, and injured workers through workers comp lawyer marketing techniques. With our support, you can expand your client base and enhance your law firm's reputation in the industry, ultimately leading to greater success and profitability for your practice. Schedule a consultation today!

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