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Divorce Lawyer Ads: Choosing the Right Platform

September 19, 2022
10 min

You're a divorce lawyer in search of the best ad platform. There are many options and factors that influence your decision. It can be overwhelming.

If you are struggling with PPC advertising for your law firm, this piece was written just for you. Paid ads for your family law firm can be a great investment, but you need professional help to execute an ad strategy that works. There's a lot on the line here. Family law pay-per-click advertising is often one of the most expensive forms of online ads.

There are more advertising platforms and ad formats than ever. However, it isn't easy to identify the right choice for your divorce lawyer marketing strategy. To help you make informed decisions that align with your goals, we have provided insights into the most common strategies and platforms below. 

Online Family Law Ad Platforms

When you engage in family law PPC advertising, you may increase your ability to acquire new clients. Family law ads make it easier for the people who need your services to find you. Today, the vast majority of people rely on Google when they need an attorney. So it makes the most sense to focus your advertising dollars online.

 The challenge is choosing a platform that provides the ideal return on investment for a divorce lawyer. No law firm wants to spend money on a pay-per-click advertising campaign that doesn't lead to conversions. That's why it's important to start with some basic knowledge about key ad platforms for law firms.

Google Ads

Google Ads for lawyers

Overall, Google Ads is one of the strongest ad platforms for divorce lawyers. You may not be familiar with using Google for law firm advertising, but you most likely see the results of it several times a day.

Google Ads are the top few search results that you see when you use Google to search for things. The order is: Google Ads, local search results, organic search results.

Here's how it works — you pay to showcase your family law services at the top of Google search results. Google uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model. This setup means that you don't pay when your ads appear in search results. Instead, you only pay when potential clients click those ads.

Why Google? The platform absolutely dominates the search industry. When people search, they are almost guaranteed to be using Google. If you're interested in placing a family law ad, it only makes sense to start there.

The caveat is that it takes some time to learn how to advertise a law firm on Google. You will need a thoughtful law firm ads strategy to really maximize the potential of google ads.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is another popular option for family law firms' ad campaigns. The platform is in a similar position as Google — it has a huge reach. That makes it a great source for attracting prospective clients. It's also quick and cost-effective. Like Google, Facebook uses the PPC model.

Targeting is a key feature that attracts divorce lawyers to Facebook ads. Attorneys can really drill down to a very specific family law customer segment. This option includes geographic targeting. Facebook local ad campaign for divorce lawyers is valuable because most people who need a family lawyer are going to search locally.

Family law firms are also attracted to Facebook for its pricing. It's possible to advertise there for $5 or less daily.

Unfortunately, there can be a downside. Facebook targeting outdoes Google when it comes to placing your family law ads. However, Google is more likely to attract prospects who are ready to hire a law firm.

Think about it — if you are ready to purchase a product or service, you will probably head to Google, not Facebook. Google will serve the ads directly to you without any scrolling.

It's also important to know that Facebook has implemented some restrictions when it comes to advertising law firms. Fortunately, many of these apply more to criminal defense law practices than to family law firms.

Legal Directories

In addition to advertising law firms on Google and Facebook, many legal marketing teams will advise their clients to get listed on legal directories. This approach will boost your online visibility and help your law firm acquire more clients.

If you use it correctly, your presence in the right lawyer directories will help you to differentiate your practice from others in a positive manner.

At first, these legal directories resembled online phone listings or business cards. Now, they have advanced quite a bit. A law firm can use a legal directory as a lead-generating tool. Law directories can also contribute to improving your search rankings and giving your reputation a boost.

As with most things, there are some legal directories that get better results than others. Below is a list of the best legal directories. Focus on these for growth and client acquisition. There are also tips for including these directories in your marketing and family ad strategy:


Avvo platform

There is no denying that family law attorneys have strong feelings about Avvo. Despite this, almost all lawyers are listed and rated on Avvo. In many ways, the site functions like Yelp for lawyers with some legal Q&A thrown into the mix.

Like it or not, the best approach is to claim your Avvo profile. Add your pictures to it. Include statements of endorsement from other lawyers. It will act as a free lead capture tool. Chances are your Avvo listing will filter up to or near the top of search engines' results. That's because Avvo really has mastered search engine optimization (SEO).


Yelp platform

Yelp is another site that isn't necessarily a favorite with lawyers. Some see it as a site where angry clients can leave bad reviews, with very little being done to verify if they are accurate. This concern may be based on truth, but as long as they are balanced with good reviews, negative reviews may not have much of an impact.

Like Avvo, the best way to get the most out of your Yelp listing is to claim your profile. Then, you control the information that other people see. Add your logo and pictures of the people in your law firm. Ask satisfied clients to leave good reviews. Then, respond ethically to negative reviews.

Bing Places

Bing places

Bing operates similarly to Google in that it filters local law firm search results to the top. However, you may have noticed that the search results for both platforms are very different. So even if you have great SEO for Google, don't assume the same for Bing. You'll want to add yourself to Bing places to capitalize on those search results too.

Yes, it is true that Bing is not nearly as popular as Google. It is still the default search provider on Microsoft Edge and IE. Anyone who uses a Windows-based machine and hasn't switched over to Chrome or another browser may also be using Bing for their searches. It's worth creating some presence there just to cover all of your bases.



Justia is better known as a repository for legal information, but it also has attorney profiles. In addition to appearing on Justia, family law firm profiles are also posted to Cornell's Legal Information Institute. Once you claim ownership of your profile, you can add images, social media links, and your location. Justia will include a helpful map to your office if you do that.


It may have been years since you opened up the yellow pages to find information — if you've ever done it at all. In any case, it's probably not the first thing you imagine when placing ads for divorce lawyers.

Don't be too quick to dismiss this option, though. Yes, the yellow pages do still exist. The directory is popular among the elderly and in places where internet access is not quite stable. Additionally, Yellow Pages has created a listings site on the internet. You may not see it very regularly, especially on Google. However, listings can be found on Bing fairly often.

It's easy and doesn't cost you anything to add your basic listing. Just be prepared for a sales call when you do. Yellow Pages and other list providers here will reach out to you in hopes that you will purchase an upgraded profile. Simply say you can't afford it, and they will move on.

Leverage the Power of PPC for Divorce Lawyer Ads

What can you do if you are investing in SEO but need something to fill in the gaps to attract potential clients to your law firm quickly? You can implement a solid PPC strategy. Yes, organic search will also increase qualified traffic to your website, but it may not work right away.

The key benefit of your pay-per-click campaign is that it will work quickly — if you take the time to plan and optimize your AdWords campaign. Then, you'll need to allocate a sufficient budget. You will see an influx of precisely targeted leads and will continue to experience that flow for the life of your campaigns.

Don't worry — you won't be competing with other law firms for a tiny amount of space on the search engine results page. In some cases, ads may take up more than 85% of the page that is at the top of the screen. Your results may be even more prominent with local PPC.

Investing in PPC services for lawyers is often a great short-term strategy. It can also work long-term if you engage in smart marketing efforts.

How Much Should You Spend on Divorce Lawyer Ads?

At this point, it should be pretty clear that digital advertising should take up the majority — if not all — of your divorce lawyer ad budget. Chances are that if people need a divorce lawyer, they are going to search on digital media.

You may not want to dismiss print ads or billboards entirely. Those options have served family lawyers very well. However, they don't offer the same return on investment as digital advertising.

Additionally, online ads allow you to be present when people need you. When someone searches for a "family law attorney," your ad is right there for them to see. That's how you attract engaged customers who are ready to hire a family attorney.

Next, you need to address how much you want to spend on PPC divorce lawyer advertising. There's no single good answer to that question. You have to consider your total law firm marketing budget, goals, and where paid ads fall within your overall law firm marketing plan.

The best place to begin is with your revenue goals. Get that number. Then, plan on spending between six and ten percent of that on pay-per-click advertising.

For example, if your gross revenue goal is $200,000 and you want to be aggressive, you could budget $20,000. That would be 10%. If you use that money wisely, you could attract enough potential clients to make that spending more than worthwhile.

Divorce Lawyer Ad Strategies: Final Thoughts

There are a variety of both paid and free advertising sources that you can use to get your law firm in front of people who need a child custody lawyer or another specialist. These include pay-per-click advertising sources like Google and Facebook, but also free legal directories.

Both are a valid part of any family law lawyer marketing strategy. They are worth considering if you are interested in building a strong law practice marketing strategy.

While it's empowering to know how each of these options works and how they may help your divorce law firm, you may need additional guidance. For example, you might wonder how much of your marketing spending you should dedicate to attracting organic traffic vs. paid placement.

You can get that information in the form of legal marketing services. The best source for that help is a high-performance law marketing agency that can help you with family law ad strategy and more.

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