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PPC for Family Law Firms and Divorce Attorneys: A Complete Guide

15 min


Oct 26, 2023

As per the Legal Trends Report, 57% of individuals nowadays search for lawyers online. For family law firms and divorce attorneys, this shift to the digital realm presents a golden opportunity. The power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows you to precisely target potential clients in search of specific legal services, making your marketing efforts more focused and effective.

In this comprehensive guide to PPC for family lawyers, we'll unveil the strategies that can elevate your digital marketing game. By following our expert tips, you'll not only maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) but also minimize your costs, ensuring your law firm reaches new heights in client acquisition. If you're ready to boost your law firm's online presence and revenue, read on.

Why Invest in PPC Advertising for Family Law Firm?

What can you do if you are investing in SEO but need something to quickly fill in the gaps to attract potential clients to your law firm's website? You can implement a solid PPC strategy. Yes, organic search will also increase qualified traffic to your website, but it may not work right away and PPC does.

Benefits of Having a Solid Family Law Firm PPC Campaign

In the competitive landscape of legal services, family lawyers face a unique challenge: connecting with clients in need of their specific expertise. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising emerges as a powerful tool, offering a multitude of benefits to family lawyers looking to expand their digital presence:

  • Targeted Reach: PPC allows family lawyers to reach the right audience at the right time. With carefully crafted keywords and ad campaigns, you can connect with individuals actively seeking family law services, ensuring your marketing efforts are highly targeted.
  • Cost Efficiency: You pay only when a user clicks on your ad, making PPC a cost-effective choice. It allows for budget flexibility, ensuring you get value for your investment.
  • Instant Visibility: Unlike organic search, PPC provides immediate visibility. As soon as your campaign is live, your ads can start appearing in search results, driving traffic to your website and generating leads.
  • Data-Driven Insights: PPC platforms offer detailed analytics, enabling you to track the performance of your campaigns. This data can inform strategy adjustments and help you make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI.
  • Competitive Advantage: Many family lawyers underutilize PPC, making it a potential goldmine for those who embrace it. By staying ahead of the curve, you can gain a competitive edge in your market.
  • Geo-Targeting: For family lawyers with a local or regional focus, PPC enables you to target your ads specifically to potential clients in your service area.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: Consistent PPC presence can boost brand recognition and credibility, making your law firm more recognizable in the eyes of potential clients.

PPC advertising is a dynamic tool that can elevate your family law practice. With it family lawyers can find new clients, enhance their online presence, and ultimately grow their law firm.

Learn more about Law Firm PPC Advertising in our comprehensive guide

How Much Should You Spend on Family Law Firm Advertising?

The cost of advertising for family law firms vary depending on the medium you wish to use: digital or traditional. But traditional is more expensive. The law firm marketing budget will depend on the revenue of the law firm, which is dependent on the size and conversion (during the previous business year). The amount spent on advertising is usually at least 10% of the family law practice revenue.

For example, if your gross revenue goal is $200,000 and you want to be aggressive, you could budget $20,000. That would be 10%. Using that money wisely could attract enough potential clients to make that spending more than worthwhile.

Law firm budgets can get really complicated. Read our breakdown of Lawyer Advertising Budget and learn to better manage your revenue

Family Law PPC Marketing Campaign Best Strategies

There are a lot of variables that go into PPC advetising for Family and divorce lawyers. Here we have some of the best strategies to help you create best possible ads

Conduct Audience Research

Understanding your target audience is pivotal in the realm of family law PPC. Family law matters are deeply personal, so you must tailor your ad campaigns to resonate with your potential clients. Conduct thorough audience research to identify demographics, interests, and pain points.

This insight will guide your ad content, enabling you to speak directly to your audience's needs and concerns. A compelling enough ad campaign that speaks to the specific challenges of those seeking family law services can make all the difference in attracting and converting potential clients.

Create a Catalog of Family Law PPC Keywords

When it comes to keywords, it's important to be as specific as possible to target the right audience effectively. To ensure that your ads reach the right audience, you must narrow down the keywords to those most relevant to the specific niches of divorce attorneys. 

In addition, make sure you're aware of negative keywords that can limit the reach of your pay-per-click divorce ad campaigns. Negative keywords are words or phrases related to divorce attorneys that should be excluded from your google ad campaign. These could include search terms related to other areas of law or even phrases like ‘cheap' or ‘free.'

For example, if you specialize in military divorces, you would want to include specific keywords, like 'military divorce' or 'divorce attorney for veterans.' You would also want to exclude keywords like 'child support services' since those are irrelevant to your niche.

Additionally, many other divorce attorney niches should be taken into consideration when building out your keyword catalog, such as:

Keywords Cost Per Click Volume Diifculty
family lawyer
$4.00 19000 Medium
family lawyer near me $4.50 11000 Medium
divorce lawyer $30.00 11000 Medium
child support lawyer $3.50 7400 Low
divorce attorney near me $3.50 5200 Medium
child custody lawyers $3.00 4700 Low
spousal support lawyer $8.00 3200 Low
family court attorney $5.00 1000 Medium
alimony lawyer $8.00 800 Low
good divorce lawyer near me $2.50 700 Medium

Fortunately, there are tools available that can help you identify the best keywords for your particular niche and fine-tune your keyword selection. These keyword research tools include Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer.

Write High-Quality Family Law Ad Copy

When writing divorce attorney advertising texts, it's important to focus on the benefits your potential clients will receive from working with you. For example, if you have much experience handling complicated divorce cases, mention that in your ads. You can also highlight that you're able to provide personalized service and that you're always available to answer any questions your clients may have.  So me examples of effective divorce attorney advertising texts include:

  • A divorce attorney who is experienced in handling complex divorce cases.
  • A divorce attorney who has a proven track record of success.
  • A divorce attorney who is passionate about helping clients achieve the best possible outcome.

You can also add the length of your experience or practice + your niches. For instance,

  1. ‘I have 5 years of experience helping clients with prenuptial agreements, child support and custody matters, spousal support issues, and property division.'
  2. ‘Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in the field of family law, providing the highest quality legal representation and knowledgeable advice in all areas of divorce, including child custody, asset division, alimony, and more.'

Build Converting Landing Pages

One of the cornerstones of successful PPC advertising for family law firms is the creation of converting landing pages. Your landing page should be a digital extension of your firm, providing visitors with a seamless transition from the ad to essential information. Craft landing pages that address specific legal services, such as divorce, child custody, or spousal support.

Use persuasive, client-focused language, and include a clear call to action (CTA) to encourage inquiries or consultation bookings. A well-structured, visually appealing landing page can significantly increase your conversion rates, turning ad clicks into valuable client leads.

Want to learn how can you build a converting Lawyer Landing Page? Then read about it in our blog!

Use Targeted Ads

The beauty of PPC lies in its ability to create hyper-targeted ads. For family law firms, crafting ad copy that reflects the needs of potential clients is crucial. Focus on specific practice areas, such as divorce, child custody, or spousal support, and create ad groups tailored to each.

Employ compelling ad extensions, highlighting unique selling points, like experienced attorneys or compassionate service. By customizing your ads for each facet of family law, you're more likely to connect with the right clients seeking your particular expertise.

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Optimize Your Family Law Firm Ads for Mobile

In the age of smartphones, mobile optimization is non-negotiable. Many potential clients will search for family law services on mobile devices, so ensure that your ads and landing pages are mobile-friendly. Optimize ad copy and design to display well on smaller screens and load quickly.

Mobile users tend to take swift action, so make it easy for them to reach out or book a consultation. An excellent mobile experience can be the difference between a lost lead and a new client.

Analyze Your PPC Campaigns

Continuous improvement is the hallmark of successful PPC advertising for lawyers. Regularly analyze your campaigns to gauge their effectiveness. Dive into the data to uncover which keywords, ad copy, and ad groups are driving results.

Identify what's working and what's not, then make data-driven adjustments. A/B testing can refine your ad performance, while negative keywords can help filter out irrelevant clicks. By monitoring and tweaking your campaigns, you'll optimize your budget and maximize your ROI, ultimately growing your family law practice.

Ready to take your family law firm's PPC advertising to the next level? Partner with our experienced family law advertising agency and let us handle your PPC campaign management. Schedule a call today and unlock the true potential of your practice!

Choosing the Right Family Law Ad Platforms

Choosing a platform that provides the ideal return on investment for a divorce lawyer is challenging. No family law firm wants to spend money on a pay-per-click advertising campaign that doesn't lead to conversions. That's why it's important to start with some basic knowledge about key ad platforms for law firms.

Google Ads for Divorce Lawyers

Divorce attorney advertising on Google allows lawyers to target people in specific geographical areas, income brackets, and other demographics that are most likely in need of their services.

Benefits of Google Ads for family attorneys are: 

  1. Drive traffic to specific web pages.
  2. Effectively reach potential new clients.
  3. Complement organic search traffic from SEO efforts.
  4. Increase brand awareness.
Learn more about Google Ads for Lawyers to level up your PPC game

Local Service Ads

Google powers LSAs. They allow businesses to appear at the top of search results when someone searches for a legal service in their area, for example, ‘Child custody lawyer in Chicago’ or ‘family lawyer near me.’ LSAs are a great way for law businesses to reach potential clients by targeting specific areas within their local market and setting up ads tailored to their customer base's needs. 

Child custody lawyer in Chicago
Family Law Local Service Ads Example

The main features of LSAs include a featured profile with photos, customer ratings, contact information, years of service, comprehensive customer reviews, working hours, and access to Google My Business profiles and insights. 

Search Ads

PPC ads for divorce lawyers
Family Law Search Ads Example

Overall, Google Ads is one of the strongest ad platforms for divorce lawyers. You may not be familiar with using Google for law firms advertising, but you most likely see the results of it several times a day.

Google Ads are the top few search results that you see when you use Google to search for things. The order is Google Ads, local search, and organic search results.

PPC ads provide features that allow law firms to track their results in real-time, adjust bids based on performance and budget, and create ad campaigns with highly targeted messaging. 

Want to know how Local Service Ads for Lawyers can grow your practice? Then read on ou

Facebook Divorce Ads

Facebook ads for divorce attorneys
Facebook Family Law Ad Exmaple

Facebook Ads for lawyers is another popular option for family law advertising campaigns. The platform is in a similar position to Google; it has a huge reach. That makes it a great source for attracting prospective clients. It's also quick and cost-effective. Like Google, Facebook adverting for divorce attorneys uses the PPC model. The ads can appear in news feeds and on the right side of pages, giving you access to your target market. You can also choose from various formats such as photos, videos, links, Carousel Ads, etc.

Facebook divorce Ads offer features such as targeting options, budget control, tracking analytics, and detailed reports. Using the Ad Library, you can also view all active Ads running in any country or region. 

Facebook Ads for Lawyers are a great way to get new family law clients. Read on how you can optimize your ads.

Bing Places for Divorce Attorneys

Bing places

Bing Places is a local map-based directory similar to Google My Business and allows lawyers to get their business noticed online through a Business profile on Bing. It allows businesses to create a free profile, add their contact information and hours of operation, upload photos and videos, and link to their website or social media accounts. 

Family Law Advertising With Google My Business

For any divorce attorney looking to expand their reach and take advantage of the digital age, Google My Business (GMB) is an excellent tool. GMB is a free tool that allows businesses to share their contact information, business details, hours of operation, reviews, and more with potential clients searching for related services in their area. 

To get started, you'll need to create and verify your profile, then populate it with accurate and detailed information about your services. You can also add images or videos to engage potential customers further. Once your profile is complete, monitor and respond to all customer feedback and reviews. This will help build trust and demonstrate your commitment to customer service. Requesting past clients' reviews by emailing them the link to your GMB profile is important. 

Use keywords and phrases in your profile description to increase visibility and ensure your listing appears as often as possible when searching for divorce attorneys. Finally, consider creating additional content, such as Google posts and FAQs, to provide more information to potential clients and keep them engaged.

Legal Directories for Family Law Attorneys

In addition to advertising law firms on Google and Facebook, many online legal marketing and teams will advise their clients to get listed on legal directories. This approach will boost your online visibility and help your law firm acquire more clients.


Avvo platform

Avvo is an online directory that houses over 1.5 million attorneys, including family lawyers, with ratings from previous clients so that new clients can get an idea of each lawyer's service. It is a comprehensive directory of family law attorneys that allows potential clients to search by location, practice area, and experience.

Furthermore, AVVO provides a wealth of legal resources on family law topics such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and more, making it an invaluable tool for anyone needing a family law attorney.

Learn how Avvo Marketing for Lawyers can get you more family law and divorce practice


Yelp platform

Yelp is another great directory for finding family lawyers, as it provides ratings and reviews from former clients.  Yelp also offers detailed profiles of each attorney, which include your experience, information about your practice areas, business hours, map, and other important information. Yelp tries as much as possible to provide clients with honest, unbiased reviews of lawyers and practices.

Here's how Yelp for Law Firms is a good way to improve your reputation and get more clients and leads



Justia is another great resource for family law attorneys. It provides access to an extensive library of legal documents, including court opinions and statutes from all 50 states and the federal government.

Furthermore, includes your detailed practice areas, jurisdiction, experience, educational background, and professional association, making it easier for potential clients to find you. It allows past clients you have represented and peers who know you to leave a review.

If your family law firm is not on Justia yet, you are making a big mistake. Why? Read in our Justia for Attorneys Guide



YP.com is not industry specific but can be used by family law attorneys. You just have to claim your free listing and add your social media links, special offers, photo, law firm information, location & service hours, services, and certifications & credentials.

PPC for Family Lawyers: Final Thoughts

Bringing in more clients may be crucial, but so is running your firm. If you want to save time while you focus on other aspects of your law firm, you can opt for professional PPC services for family lawyers from a trusted agency like Grow Law Firm. 

We offer comprehensive attorney SEO services that will assist you in reaching potential clients, including social media management, search engine optimization, website development, and more. With our high-performance family law PPC services, you can be sure that your family law ad strategy is tailored to bring you more clients and profit than ever. 

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