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Top Legal Directories: 19 Best Lawyer Directories for 2024

14 min


Jul 1, 2024
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When people are looking for legal services online first place they go to are online directories. This is why free lawyer directories are so crucial for maximizing marketing exposure for legal businesses. Legal directories are online platforms that connect professionals in the legal industry with clients who need their services.

Most directories offer free lawyer directory listings, enabling lawyers to create a profile to allow clients to find them based on their practice area, location, experience, and reviews. Legal directories can also help promote a law firm's website by creating backlinks and building authority. However, with so many lawyer directories available on the internet, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best.

In this guide we will go over best online directories for lawyers, who do you need them, how thoose the right onw for you and how you can maximize your online presence using them.

Best Lawyer Directories to Grow Your Practice

1. Avvo

Avvo directory
  • Avvo is a legal directory that offers ratings and reviews for lawyers in various practice areas.
  • The directory offers a Q&A section where individuals can ask legal questions and receive lawyer answers.
  • Avvo has profiles for lawyers, including their experience, education, and practice areas.
  • Avvo profiles can boost a law firm's SEO credibility through backlinks and reviews.
  • The local attorney directory offers online legal services like document review and preparation and an attorney referral service.
Want to learn what is Avvo and how it works? Read our guide!

2. Nolo

Nolo directory
  • Nolo is one of the legal directories and offers information and resources for individuals who are handling legal matters on their own, without the assistance of a lawyer.
  • The directory offers books, forms, and free legal guides on various legal topics, such as estate planning, small business formation, and landlord-tenant law.
  • Nolo offers attorney profiles for those seeking legal representation and a lawyer referral service in certain areas.
  • The directory has a Q&A section where individuals can ask legal questions and receive lawyer answers.
Want to get more Nolo reviews? We can show you how!

3. FindLaw

FindLaw directory
  • FindLaw is a legal directory that has profiles for lawyers and law firms in various practice areas, boosting a law firm's online visibility and lead generation.
  • The directory provides legal resources on various topics, including personal injury, law family law, and employment law.
  • FindLaw offers a lawyer referral service and legal information and analysis from industry experts.
  • The directory provides free case evaluation services, where lawyers can give a client feedback on a legal situation.
Want to know is FindLaw Reliable? Read our guide!

4. Lawyers.com

Lawyers homepage
  • Lawyers.com is a legal directory that offers profiles for lawyers and law firms in various practice areas and ratings and reviews from previous clients.
  • The directory also provides legal resources, such as articles and how-to guides, on various topics, including divorce, criminal defense, and immigration law.
  • Lawyers.com also has a Q&A section where individuals can ask legal questions and receive attorney answers.
  • This is one of the legal directories that provides a lawyer referral service and online legal services, such as document preparation and review.

5. Lawyer.com

Lawyer directory
  • Lawyer.com is one of the best legal directories and features profiles for over 1 million attorneys in the United States.
  • The directory has a search function to find attorneys by location, practice area, and other criteria.
  • A legal directory listing on Lawyer.com can help law firms list their practice areas, contact information, and firm descriptions.
  • Lawyer.com also provides information about legal topics such as bankruptcy, personal injury, and family law.
  • The website offers a lawyer referral service that matches clients with pre-screened attorneys who meet their specific needs.
  • Lawyer.com is free for clients searching for attorneys, while attorneys can create profiles and list their services for a fee.

6. LegalZoom

  • LegalZoom is a legal services company that offers online legal document preparation, including wills, trademarks, and LLC formation.
  • The company offers one of the best law firm directories for attorneys who can provide legal advice and representation.
  • LegalZoom's attorney directory allows potential clients to search for you based on your location and practice area.
  • Attorneys can create profiles on the site for a fee, which includes access to the LegalZoom platform for document preparation and e-signature.
  • LegalZoom provides resources such as articles and webinars to educate users about legal issues.

7. Justia

  • Justia, one of the highest-quality legal directories, provides free access to legal information, including case law, codes, and articles.
  • The directory also includes profiles for over 1 million lawyers in the United States, searchable by location and practice area.
  • Justia has a lawyer rating system based on peer reviews and client feedback.
  • The website provides resources for legal professionals, including free website design and marketing tools and paid advertising options.
  • Justia also operates a nonprofit arm that helps to promote public interest causes and provides pro bono legal services.
Learn more about what is Justia and how it works in our guide!

8. HG.org

HG.org Legal Recources
  • One of the most comprehensive legal directories that provides a wide range of legal resources and information to individuals, businesses, and law professionals.
  • Contains a directory of law firms and attorneys by location, practice area, and language.
  • Offers access to legal articles, newsletters, and blogs covering various legal topics.
  • Provides a search engine for legal jobs, expert witnesses, and legal seminars and conferences.
  • Features an online legal store that offers legal forms, books, and software.

9. Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers
  • A legal directory that recognizes outstanding lawyers in various practice areas and geographic locations.
  • Superlawyers uses a patented selection process that combines peer nominations, independent research, and peer evaluations to identify each state's top 5% of lawyers.
  • Provides a searchable directory for selected lawyers by practice area, location, and firm size.
  • Offers a digital magazine featuring selected lawyers and providing legal insights and trends.
Want to know is Super Lawyers legit? Read our review!

10. Martindale

  • Placed among the best legal directories, Martindale has been providing legal services since 1868.
  • Contains a directory of lawyers and law firms in over 160 countries by location, practice area, and language.
  • Offers a rating system that measures lawyers' skills, ethics, and experience based on peer reviews and client feedback.
  • Its online library provides access to free legal content resources, news, and resources.
  • Features a legal marketing platform that helps lawyers improve their online presence and law firm's reputation management.
Learn more about Martindale Hubbell Ratings in our guide

Top Personal Injury Lawyer Directories

Legal directories have become very specialized. For example, you can now list your firm in particularly competitive practice areas. For example, a personal injury lawyer marketing their services can register in personal injury directories. The best of these, according to Alexa, include:

Top Criminal Defense Legal Directories

If you are a criminal defense attorney advertising legal services, you'll want to be listed on the top criminal defense directories:

Top Family Law Directories

And if you practice family law, inclusion in the top family law directories will increase your credibility and enhance your family law firm's marketing efforts.

Why Get Listed in Attorney Directories?

A strong online presence is important to attract potential clients and establish credibility within the legal community. One effective way to do this is by getting listed in attorney directories. But what can directories do for your law firm?

  1. Improve SEO + Rankings: Placing a listing in an attorney directory can enhance a law firm website's SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. Many directories have high domain authority and can help boost a lawyer's website by linking to it. This increases visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and can result in higher search engine rankings.
  2. Local SEO: Many law firm directories focus on specific geographic locations or practice areas. Listings in these directories can have a positive impact on law firm local SEO efforts. This is particularly important for lawyers who primarily work with clients in their local areas.
  3. Backlinks + citations: Listings in attorney directories provide backlinks to a lawyer's website and can serve as a citation source. Citations mention a business's name, address, and phone number (NAP) on other websites. These are important for SEO, particularly local SEO, as they help to establish credibility and verify the accuracy of the NAP information.
  4. Lead generation: Many legal directories allow potential clients to search for and contact lawyers directly through the law firm profiles in a directory. Some directories offer additional lead generation services such as paid advertising or targeted emails to potential clients.
  5. Generate more reviews: Many directories allow clients to leave reviews on a lawyer's listing. Positive reviews can greatly impact a lawyer's credibility and attract potential clients. Additionally, having a presence on multiple legal directories can help to diversify the sources of reviews and lend greater validity to positive reviews.
  6. Earn badges/awards: Many attorney directories offer badges, awards, or other recognition to lawyers for various achievements. These accolades can help to establish a lawyer's credibility in their practice area and enhance their reputation. They can also set a lawyer apart from their competition and give potential clients an additional reason to choose them.

How to Choose the Best Lawyer Directory

Your law firm's reputation is determined by many factors, including where you're listed online. While prominent legal directories like Avvo, Justia, and LegalZoom can be excellent tools for effective law firm marketing strategy, some free directories are little more than spam and can actually hurt your online reputation.

Knowing which directories are worthwhile and which ones to avoid is crucial.

How do you distinguish between a good legal directory and a bad one?

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a tool that calculates how likely a site is to rank in search engine results. In other words, it measures how good a site's SEO is, typically using backlinks.

With sites like Ahrefs.com, you can find your domain authority by checking its domain rating (DR).

It's easy to do.

Simply type a site's URL into Ahref's “Website ‘Authority' Checker” to see its strong SEO on a scale of 1-100. Legal directories with good domain authority have a DR of at least 20. The best ones usually come in above 80 DR or 90 DR.

Keyword Rankings and Traffic

Good legal directories, simply put, see a lot of traffic. People visit them to search for lawyers. Avvo's legal directory, for example, has more than 8 million visitors a month, many of whom are actively looking to hire an attorney.

You can use Google Analytics to see how often people do keyword searches for a legal directory. This is a good indicator of the kind of traffic a site has. To see how often people search for a legal directory using Google Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Click on the "Acquisition" tab in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on "All Traffic" and then select "Channels.”
  4. In the main window, you will see a list of channels that generate traffic to your website. The one you want to focus on is "Organic Search."
  5. Click on "Organic Search" to bring up a list of keywords people used to find your site through Google search.
  6. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for keywords related to legal directories. For example, search for "legal directory" or "lawyer directory."
  7. The results page will show how many people used that keyword to find your site and other relevant data, such as bounce rate and session duration.
Organic keywords in Google Analytics

Choose Between Paid vs. Free Legal Directory Listings

You'll find many free offer listings in your search for legal directories.

Be wary.

Most sites you want to be on charge a fee for their services. This expense should be factored into your law firm marketing budget in order to leverage the positive impact that a reputable directory can make on your firm's online presence.

Yes, you can get your firm listed in free legal directories; a few are worthwhile. But you also want to be sure you are on the big one.

And it is money well spent.

Look at it this way: a listing on one of the good directories might cost your firm $225 a month. That seems a little steep at first glance, but it is ridiculously cheap, considering the cost per client landed.


Prospective clients expect to see your law firm listed in lawyer directories. These listings have become the norm, go-to places for people seeking representation. Having a presence on a site like Justia, among thousands of other well-known law firms, enhances your trustworthiness. It gives credibility to your firm, especially if your listing includes reviews. This shows potential clients that you are not afraid to hear what others think – because you're good and worthy of trust.

Tips for Maximizing Your Online Presence with Law Firm Directories

Below are some tips on making the most out of these directories and maximizing your online presence as a lawyer or law firm. 

Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Listings on GMB are free, you just need to do the following, and your profile is good to go. 

  • First, create a Google account if you haven't already.
  • Go to Google My Business website and click the 'Manage now' button.
  • Search for your law firm by name and address in the search bar.
  • Click on the 'Get on' button to take you to the next page. 
  • Once on the next page, verify the business is yours and click 'Manage now' again.
  • Verify your listing by phone or email to ensure you can manage your profile and make necessary changes or updates.
  • Once verified, fill out all the relevant information in the Google My Business dashboards, such as your business hours, phone number, website, and photos of your law firm.

Claim Your Free Lawyer Directory Listings

Like GMB listings, you can easily get your free lawyer directory listings. You just need to:

  • Research popular free lawyer directories in your area like the ones mentioned above. Choose the directories that align well with your law firm’s focus and target audience.
  • Locate the ‘Claim Your Profile’ or ‘Add Your Business’ option, and follow the instructions provided by each directory for creating a free listing.
  • Fill out all the relevant information, including your law firm’s name, address, phone number, website URL, areas of practice, and the attorney’s bios.
  • Upload photos and provide as much information as possible to make your law firm stand out.

Optimize Your Profile with Relevant Keywords

It is important to include relevant keywords in your lawyer directory listings since it will help you reach potential clients and increase the visibility of your profile. When you include relevant keywords in your lawyer directory listings, you can ensure that you are being seen by people looking for a lawyer with your skillset or experience. Let's get started:

  • Conduct keyword research to identify the most commonly searched terms in your law practice area. 
  • Incorporate those keywords into your law firm directory listings, including your business name, description, headline, areas of expertise or practice, and attorney bios. 
  • Use long-tail keywords that describe your specific practice areas and services.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, and make sure the content is readable and relevant to your target audience.
  • Regularly update your law firm directory listings to keep them fresh and relevant to search engines and potential clients.

Update Your Profile Regularly with New Information

To maintain your online presence, updating your profile regularly with new information is crucial. This includes your contact information, professional achievements, education, and affiliations.

To update your profile, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the law firm directory website.
  • Navigate to your profile, which usually appears under ‘Lawyers’ or ‘Legal Services.’
  • Edit your profile information and upload any new information that is pertinent to your business.

Prioritize Online Reviews

Online reviews are an effective way to earn credibility and gain the trust of potential clients. Since reviews impact a customer's decision-making process, focusing on them is essential.

  • Create a strategy for generating reviews. This can include sending follow-up emails to clients after they work with you, incentivizing reviews, and asking for them during phone calls. Follow these steps to prioritize your online reviews:
  • Respond to reviews promptly, whether they are positive or negative. Responding shows professionalism and can help turn an unsatisfied client into a happy one.
  • Highlight positive reviews on your website, attorney social media pages, and other online channels. This provides social proof of your business's quality.

Monitor and Measure Your Results 

Measuring the performance of your law firm directory presence helps to identify what works and what doesn't. You can measure your results by tracking your cost per lead and client acquisition cost (CAC) and comparing it to the client's lifetime value (LTV).

Here's how to monitor and measure:

  • Track your directory's performance over defined periods, for instance, monthly or quarterly.
  • Calculate your cost per lead by dividing your directory-related expenses (such as membership fees) by your leads generated from the platform.
  • Determine your CAC by dividing your directory-related expenses by the number of clients acquired from the platform.
  • Compare these metrics to the LTV of clients. LTV calculates the revenue a client will likely generate over their lifetime relationship with your firm.

Maximizing Your Reach: Why Lawyer Directories Are a Must-Have for Legal Professionals

Legal directories don’t just offer excellent visibility to attorneys and law firms, they also provide a powerful platform to showcase their expertise and build trust among potential clients. Legal directories can boost a law firm's SEO credibility through backlinks and reviews. With the increasing demand for digitization and online presence in today’s fast-paced world, being listed in the best lawyer directories is a must-have for every legal professional.

Moreover, free law firm directories provide a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience and establish your brand in the legal community.

For law firms looking to impact their local market, partnering with a successful law firm marketing agency like Grow Law Firm can offer a competitive advantage. As a top law firm SEO agency, we leverage our expertise in website design, PPC marketing, and SEO strategies to help you take advantage of the benefits of attorney directories and maximize your online presence.

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