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Avvo Lawyer Marketing Guide: How to Increase Your Avvo Rating?

28 min
Sep 29, 2022

Have you been querying phrases like "how to increase Avvo rating" or "is Avvo a reliable source"? Want to learn more about Avvo legal services and how they can potentially help you grow your law firm? Looking for definitive answers to questions like "is Avvo paid advertising worth it?"

If so, then this guide is what you have been searching for. Below, our team of experts takes a deep dive into Avvo legal services. We cover everything from how to optimize your Avvo profile to the benefits of Avvo paid advertising. And even examine how you can boost your Avvo profile rating so that you can improve your visibility on the online directory.

What Is Avvo?


While there are several different Avvo legal services available through the website, the primary function of the platform is to serve as a legal directory.

Avvo is unique from many other legal guides in that the platform automatically creates Avvo profiles for licensed attorneys. According to its site, the company has created Avvo profiles for 97% of attorneys in the United States.

In addition to serving as an online directory for licensed attorneys, Avvo also provides several marketing tools to law firms. Avvo marketing capabilities include organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid listings.

These Avvo advertising features function much like mainstream alternatives such as those available through Google. Paid Avvo advertising uses a pay-per-click (PPC) model, whereas the platform's search engine algorithms rank your listing based on its relevance and completeness.

How Long Has Avvo Been Around?

Avvo was founded in 2006 by Mark Britton. In the early days, Avvo legal services were limited to a simple online referral system.

Britton was inspired to create Avvo after some of his clients asked for attorney referrals while he was away on vacation. He thought an online directory would be the perfect way to ensure prospective clients could find precisely the services they needed.

Even though the company is nearly 20 years old, some have concerns regarding its legitimacy. Most notably, the company has received complaints regarding how it creates Avvo legal services profiles. Whereas most directories require law firms to create their own listings, the Avvo advertising platform pulls law firm data from state bar associations.

Other concerns involve the legitimacy of the platform's rating system. The Avvo legal services platform uses a rating system when connecting prospective clients with attorneys. As you will see in an upcoming section, the entire Avvo rating system can be a bit mysterious.

What Is Avvo's Reach?

Avvo legal services have a tremendous reach, which is part of the reason why the platform is so appealing to attorneys.

While climbing the rankings and making it to the first search results page via SEO is possible, accomplishing this work takes time. This reality means that you will need to engage in other digital outreach efforts while you work to boost the visibility of your own website.

By optimizing your Avvo profile and taking advantage of the platform's high online visibility, you can connect with more clients and grow your legal business. Avvo lawyer marketing allows you to circumvent many of the growing pains associated with search engine optimization and produce some near-immediate results.

Avvo Profile and Ways to Optimize

Avvo profile optimization

Before we answer the question, "is Avvo reliable?" or discuss additional Avvo legal services, let's focus on one of the most basic functions of the platform, your profile.

A complete Avvo profile can be a great part of your SEO strategy. If you want to learn more about search engine optimization, check out this local SEO guide for lawyers. Otherwise, stay with us as we explore ways to optimize your Avvo profile.

If you want to engage in Avvo paid advertising or make the platform part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you first understand the basics of Avvo profiles, which are discussed below.

Attorney's Profiles in Search Results

avvo attorneys' profiles

Avvo provides potential clients with many search options. However, most prospects will search for law firms by selecting a practice area and state. It is critical that you understand how clients are using the platform so that you can optimize your profile accordingly.

When a prospective client conducts a search using the method described above, they will see the following information on the search results page:

  • Names of attorneys or law firms
  • Overviews of each profile
  • City/state of practice
  • Practice area
  • Avvo rating
  • Number of reviews/user ratings
  • Number of years in practice
  • Contact information

If you want to stand out from other legal professionals, your profile will need to include all of this information and more. The more complete your Avvo profile, the better your chances of being discovered by new clients.

Lawyer Profile Overview

Lawyer Profile Overview

If a prospect selects your law firm from the search results page, the site will direct them to your individual law firm profile. Avvo profiles are divided into two sections in order to make the information easier to digest. On the left side of your profile, clients will see information such as:

  • The name of your law firm
  • Practice areas
  • Number of online reviews you have accrued
  • City/state that you operate within
  • Your experience
  • Phone number
  • Links to your website
  • Photos/videos

On the right side of your profile, clients can view more detailed information about your law firm, such as any endorsements you have received or pricing data. As you probably noticed already, much of the information on the left side of your profile page is also visible in the initial search results window.

If a client has clicked on your profile, there is a good chance that they have already skimmed this information and are intrigued about your services. However, it is critical that you use the information on the right side of your profile to seal the deal and win their business.

How to Optimize Your Avvo Profile

Now let's get down to the particulars of improving your visibility in Avvo's digital legal community. If you are looking for ways to optimize your Avvo profile, we recommend that you:

Get the Right Photo

Did you know that search results with relevant images earn 94% more views than articles that lack quality images? In light of that reality, you must attach a professional-quality photograph to your Avvo profile. Do not take selfies with your cell phone. Instead, hire a pro so that you can really grab the attention of potential customers.

Complete About Section

After you have upgraded your profile picture, fill out the "About" section. There is no need to share your entire life story. Instead, keep it succinct and provide some background information on yourself, your law firm, and why you are passionate about your profession. Also, keep the technical language to a minimum so that your content is easier to digest.

Add Video and Images

Adding a professional profile picture is a great first step, but you should also include some other photographs and attorney videos on your profile. Adding some photographs of your practice or team can make your Avvo profile more visible on search results pages. It will also make your listing more eye-catching.

Complete the Resume Section

If you want to establish yourself as credible and experienced, you will need to thoroughly complete the "Resume" section of your Avvo profile. Make sure to include not only past work but also association memberships, education, and other professional achievements.

Include Payment Options and an Offer in the Cost Section

While you may not be keen on the idea of discussing pricing on a public forum, you will need to provide at least some generalized cost information, such as your hourly rate ranges.

If you leave this section blank, many potential clients will be apprehensive about contacting your law firm. We also suggest adding an offer in this section as well. For instance, you can offer to provide a free consultation to new clients.

What Is Avvo's Rating for Lawyers?

Every single profile on the Avvo platform has an "Avvo rating" assigned to it. You will have an Avvo rating whether you are active on the platform or not. That is why some attorneys question the legitimacy of the platform and its rating system — but more on that in a bit.

This Avvo rating system uses a proprietary algorithm that considers many different factors. The Avvo rating system's algorithm is quite complex, but its scoring range is relatively simple. Every attorney will receive a rating between one and ten. Avvo breaks down its ratings into categories as follows:

  • Superb: 10.0-9.0
  • Excellent: 8.9-8.0
  • Very Good: 7.9-7.0
  • Good: 6.9-6.0
  • Average: 5.9-5.0
  • Concern: 4.9-4.0
  • Caution: 3.9-3.0
  • Strong Caution: 2.9-2.0
  • Extreme Caution: 1.9-1.0

The good news is that your Avvo rating will not include a "Concern" or "Caution" designation if you have not claimed your profile. Still, potential clients will see your Avvo rating and begin to form opinions about your law firm based on this score.

Does an Avvo Rating Actually Matter?

Yes, your Avvo rating matters a lot. Recent data shows potential clients will not engage with a business with a star rating under 3.3. While this study examined consumer habits related to Google reviews, this trend can also be applied to Avvo ratings.

It is safe to assume that many consumers would be hesitant to connect with your law firm if it has an Avvo rating under 6.0 when using this metric as a baseline,

If you have a poor Avvo rating, you may lose out on countless potential client contacts. Fortunately, you can mitigate some of the impacts of a low Avvo rating by employing a comprehensive law firm marketing strategy.

When all of your other marketing efforts are performing well, your activity, or lack thereof, on Avvo may not substantially impact your growth trajectory. Still, it is probably a good idea to at least optimize your profile and claim your law firm. Following these few basic steps will keep your Avvo rating above that critical 6.0 threshold.

Is Avvo Reliable?

Is avvo a reliable source

While your Avvo rating can certainly impact the overall performance of your law firm's brand-building efforts, the platform itself may not be all that reliable. As noted earlier, Avvo's scoring algorithm is shrouded in mystery. The platform makes recommendations for boosting your score, but it is tough to gauge just how much each action will impact your ratings.

The issue is further complicated by the fact that Avvo assigns its own rating and allows for client reviews. It is completely possible to have a large number of positive client reviews and a low overall Avvo rating. Talk about confusing.

In Avvo's defense, the platform rarely hands out scores under 6.0 without some sort of justification. Frequently, attorneys who fall below that dreaded 6.0 rating have been the subject of at least minor discipline. Still, a score hovering just about 6.0 will hardly inspire confidence in the minds of potential clients.

With that being said, if you decide to make Avvo a core piece of your marketing strategy, focus on user reviews first. These reviews typically carry more weight in the minds of prospects. You should also strive to obtain peer endorsements, as these can further boost your rating and make your firm appear to be more authoritative.

So are Avvo legal services reliable? To a degree, yes. However, in order to more thoroughly explore this question, we decided to discuss consumer reviews and the platform's rating system separately.

Is Avvo Reliable: Consumers' Views

From the consumer's standpoint, Avvo reviews can serve as a great resource when searching for an attorney to assist with an urgent legal issue. The ratings include both a numerical score and detailed feedback about the attorney. However, no single review platform — Avvo included — should be the only resource that clients use to search for qualified lawyers.

Instead, prospects should check out an attorney's reputation on several different platforms. This approach will help better gauge the lawyer's skill and make it easier to decide whether that attorney is the right professional to assist with the client's legal needs.

Reading reviews from multiple platforms is particularly important if an attorney has very few reviews on Avvo itself.

When reading reviews, clients should be mindful of both positive and negative feedback. If an attorney has accumulated dozens of positive reviews, there is a good chance that they are experienced and reputable. While there are always exceptions to this rule, many exceptional reviews are always a good sign.

On the other hand, if an attorney has mixed reviews or a poor rating on the Avvo system, clients should be wary. One or two poor reviews are not necessarily a deal breaker, but they should be taken into consideration.

Clients should take a closer look at any negative reviews and carefully read the feedback that the reviewer provided. They should determine whether the complaints pertain to the attorney's knowledge, expertise, or cost.

This analysis will help the client decide whether the review was an anomaly or a sign that the attorney is not well-suited to assist with these specific legal issues.

Is Avvo Reliable: Attorneys' Views

From an attorney's standpoint, Avvo reviews may not seem all that reliable. However, law firms cannot allow themselves to be consumed by concerns regarding the legitimacy of reviews.

Instead, they should view the problem through the lens of "how does this impact my ability to acquire clients?" If the reviews make little impact on a firm's ability to grow, then attorneys should not be too concerned with the Avvo rating or the platform in general.

On that note, every attorney must have a reputation management strategy. Part of this strategy will involve addressing negative feedback on the Avvo platform. This work may be as simple as contesting false or malicious reviews. Alternatively, attorneys significantly impacted by the platform may need to take more serious action.

How Is an Avvo Rating Calculated?

Your rating on Avvo websites is calculated using two primary factors:

  • Information on your profile
  • Public data collected from various sources

At first glance, one would think that it is quite easy to control your Avvo rating since it is generated using only two factors. However, that is not necessarily the case. Since Avvo sources much of its data from court records, state bar associations, and other public databases, law firms have very little control over this scoring factor.

How to Improve Your Avvo Rating

lawyers avvo rating

Of the two factors that Avvo uses to assign your rating, you only have control over one of them: your profile. With that in mind, all of your rating improvement efforts should focus on optimizing your profile. Specifically, we suggest that you:

Claim Your Attorney Profile

The first thing you need to do is claim your attorney profile. While this seems obvious, simply claiming your law firm on Avvo can actually boost your rating. Claiming your profile is quite easy unless you are one of the 3% of attorneys who are not on the platform at all.

Go to Avvo's homepage and select the "Grow your Practice" option at the top of the website. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to claim your firm.

Complete Your Profile up to 95%

After you have claimed your profile, Avvo will request additional information about your practice. The more you provide, the better your rating. Most firms experience peak rating benefits once they have completed 95% of their profile.

Completing your profile can be quite time-consuming. However, you do not need to provide all information in one sitting. You can come back and add to your profile at any time.

If you want to achieve 100% completion, you will need to add an Avvo badge to your website. Again, you will probably not earn any ratings boosts after 95% completion, so adding the badge is totally unnecessary unless you want to add a link to Avvo from your website.

List All Your Practice Areas

If you recall, most clients search for attorneys on Avvo by selecting their state of residence and a relevant practice area. Therefore, it is critical that you list all of your practice areas on your profile. Failing to do so could limit your visibility on the platform and hurt your ability to attract new clients.

Include a Valid State Bar License

Avvo should have your bar license information for your primary state of practice. However, if you are licensed in multiple states, it will not have all of these license numbers. Holding multiple licenses can improve your credibility and make your services more appealing to prospects.

Add Awards You've Won

Have you won various awards or accolades during your time as a practicing attorney? If so, then make sure to mention them on your Avvo profile. Adding awards will boost your Avvo rating and help you earn some new clients.

Add Cases to Your Portfolio

One of Avvo's unique features is that it allows you to add cases to your portfolio. You can use this feature to highlight some of your biggest wins in the courtroom. This feature is particularly useful if you operate in a practice area such as personal injury law.

List Your Legal Associations

Listing your legal associations will demonstrate that you are active in the community. You can keep this section of your profile simple. Just create a bulleted list that includes the name of the association, how many years you have been a member, and any specialty positions you have held within the organization.

Make Sure to Get Reviews on Avvo

Avvo Client Reviews

Reviews from past clients serve as a powerful form of social proof. If you want to demonstrate your skill as an attorney, you need to accrue as many reviews as possible. However, even a handful of great reviews can sway clients to choose you over other lawyers.

So how do you go about acquiring more reviews? Sure, some past clients will go out of their way to leave you reviews. However, this represents only a small percentage of your clients. An even smaller number of previous clients will leave you a review on Avvo specifically.

If clients are not going to leave reviews on their own, you will need to encourage them to do so. This work can be as easy as simply asking them to go to Avvo and rate your services. While not everyone you ask for a review will provide one, many customers will be glad to do so — provided they were satisfied with your services.

With that in mind, you should gauge a client's satisfaction level before soliciting a review. If someone was lukewarm about your services, you might not want them to provide feedback on a public forum. It would be best if you still asked them what you could do to improve, but this discussion should be held in private.

As you consider when to ask for reviews, make sure to make your request on the heels of a positive exchange.

For example, you should probably not solicit a review right after sending your client a bill for your services. Instead, you should ask for a review shortly after providing them with good news about their case, such as notifying them that you have obtained a settlement or had charges dismissed.

Ask Colleagues to Endorse You

Attorney Endorsements

On Avvo, you can ask for endorsements from fellow attorneys. Obtaining a few endorsements from other highly rated attorneys has significant benefits. First off, obtaining endorsements boosts your rating. Additionally, it will further establish you as an expert in your field.

Again, the challenge here is actually obtaining the endorsement. Unless you work at a large law firm, it will be pretty tough to organically obtain multiple endorsements. This conundrum is where networking comes into play.

Hopefully, you have cultivated relationships with other attorneys throughout your career. You can make these connections at legal association meetings or in the courtroom.

If you have recently graduated from law school, you should also try to stay in contact with your former classmates. As you and your peers mature in your careers, you can continue to help one another grow and build your brands.

You can be more direct when asking for endorsements than when seeking client reviews. Ask your peers to endorse your Avvo profile and let them know that you would be happy to do the same for them. While some attorneys may be hesitant to lend you their reputation, others will gladly endorse your Avvo account.

Obtaining endorsements is much easier when you work in a firm with multiple attorneys. This reality is also one of the flaws in Avvo's rating system. Since there are no limitations on co-workers endorsing one another, lawyers who work at large offices have a built-in advantage over independent attorneys.

Add Info About Your Publications

Have you been featured in any local, state, or national publications? If so, then share information about these publications on your Avvo profile. You can also include links so prospects can read more about you and your firm.

What Will Not Increase Your Avvo Rating?

Although there are plenty of steps you can take to increase your Avvo rating, some actions are not so fruitful. A few examples of efforts that will not raise your rating include:

Answering Questions

Avvo Answering Questions

It may be tempting to follow client usage trends when exploring ways to boost your Avvo rating. Ordinarily, this line of thinking would be correct. However, that is not the case when it comes to Avvo and one of its most popular features, the Q&A section.

Many Avvo users employ the platform to access generalized, free legal advice. Since this function is a fan favorite, one would think that Avvo would reward attorneys who are active in the Q&A forums. Unfortunately, you cannot increase your Avvo rating by answering user questions, no matter how many hours you donate.

With that being said, the Q&A section is by no means useless. Many potential customers will seek cursory legal advice on Avvo or similar platforms before searching for attorneys in their area. If you happen to answer a pressing legal question for a client in your geographic region, there is a good chance they will turn to your firm when they are ready to hire an attorney.

When interacting with potential clients in the Q&A section, make sure to keep things general. You do not want to provide too much of your expertise free of charge. Additionally, you do not want to inadvertently expose yourself to liability.

Despite these concerns, the Q&A section on Avvo can be a valuable tool in your brand-building arsenal. Taking the time to interact with potential clients will give you the opportunity to flex your legal expertise while you simultaneously refine your own interpersonal skills.

Over time, you will become skilled at providing pointed, concise answers to sometimes complex legal questions. This talent will serve you well both inside and outside of the courtroom.

In addition to the above benefits, using the Q&A section on Avvo can purportedly improve your visibility on top search engines. While we cannot confirm or debunk this claim, it is certainly worth putting it to the test. If you see your traffic volume increase in correlation with your activity levels on Avvo, there may be something to this claim.

Creating Legal Guides

Creating legal guides may seem like a purposeless endeavor since it will not boost your Avvo rating. Many other attorneys share this sentiment, as a meager percentage of Avvo lawyers publish legal guides and other content to the platform. This reluctance is understandable, as you can achieve a great Avvo rating whether you write legal guides for the website or not.

On the other hand, publishing legal guides provides an additional opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge base. You can create guides on any topic that is relevant to your area of practice.

If you decide you want to become an Avvo content creator, make sure to develop a well-rounded plan first. You should outline what topics you want to address and how you plan to cover each subject.

When crafting content, you can generate video-based material or list-style articles. Both approaches will garner extra attention for your Avvo profile and law firm.

If exploring this tactic, keep in mind that you do not have to pump out new content week after week. Instead, focus on publishing a few articles per month. Attempting to take on more than that will detract from your other marketing efforts and your primary responsibilities as an attorney.

Your Overall Contributor Level

contributor levels on Avvo

Although Avvo will not boost your rating for contributing to its content library or being active in the Q&A forum, it does have a reward system for contributors. The downside to this points-based system is that it is as convoluted as some of Avvo's other ranking protocols.

Avvo's platform has 20 distinct contributor tiers. The company also has a point threshold that ranges from 1 point to 100,000 points. Avvo has an overall leaderboard that tracks cumulative contributor points. It also has a weekly leaderboard that highlights attorneys who have been active in just the last seven days.

Naturally, each activity awards you a different number of contributor points. For instance, if you are one of the first three attorneys to answer a question, you can earn 10 points. If you answer within an hour of the question being posted, you can earn an additional 5 points. Becoming a guest blogger will net you 100 points, and publishing a guide generates 15 points.

Between the contributor scoring system, Avvo profile ratings, and user reviews, it is all too easy to get lost in the weeds when using this online directory. That is why you should consider incrementally exposing yourself to the platform rather than attempting to use all of its features and tools immediately.

Avvo Guest Blogging

Avvo Guest Blogging

If you have been involved in any SEO efforts on your own website, then you know just how valuable blogging can be. Regularly publishing legal blog content to your website can make it more visible on search engines and help you attract clients. Blogs also provide prospects with valuable information and can position you as an authority in your field.

While we wish we could say that Avvo guest blogging was equally useful, this is just not the case. Guest blogging does earn you some contributor points and can help you achieve a higher ranking on Avvo's leaderboards. However, it will not necessarily make you more visible in user searches or on Avvo's blog pages. Blogging on Avvo won't raise your profile rating either.

When you consider how much time and effort is required to create a great blog, contributing to Avvo's blog content library is rarely worthwhile. You would be better served by hosting a webinar or creating a guide and racking up some instant contributor points.

If you are bound and determined to try your hand at guest blogging, consider branching out to other platforms. Several other legal directories also have blog sections. Alternatively, you could connect with legal associations or universities in your area and write content for these entities.

Hosting Avvo's Webinars

Avvo Webinar

Webinars award more points than just about any other contributor activity on Avvo. While hosting webinars does require more preparation than writing a guide or blog, doing so can be very rewarding.

In addition to netting some major contributor points, hosting a webinar is a great way of connecting with your target audience. Avvo allows you to record your webinars so that they can be accessed indefinitely.

Before you can host a webinar on Avvo, you must first get approval from the staff. If you browse the site's current library of webinars, you will find that the majority of them are hosted by Avvo's team, not independent attorneys.

With that being said, getting approved is not all that challenging. Simply submit a proposal and explain what topics you intend to cover. The Avvo staff will gather some additional information and walk you through the proposal process.

Listing Your Speaking Engagements

Listing your speaking engagements is one of the few actions in this section that can improve your Avvo rating, provided that you list them in the correct format. If you get this wrong, your rating will stay stagnant, no matter how many speaking engagements you list.

To be credited for your past speaking engagements, you must include a link to the event. By providing links, you are giving Avvo a means of verifying your claim. Additionally, clients can use these links to review your work and learn more about your experience.

On a positive note, you are probably already seeking out speaking engagements. If so, you can use this feature to boost your Avvo rating without going out of your way too much. The downside is that each speaking engagement only boosts your rating by a tenth of a point.

Getting points for the listing can be a bit more challenging if no website was created for the event or if it occurred many years ago. While you can obtain credit, you will first have to create a press release that explains what the event was and when it occurred. As always, the more details you can provide, the better.

After writing your press release, you will need to publish it on your website or another page. You will then need to link your Avvo listing to that site. While Avvo is sometimes willing to accept press releases published on your own website, this is not always the case. Therefore, you should strive to publish the press release on a third-party site whenever possible.

Paid Avvo Options to Consider

Avvo offers a multitude of free marketing options. We recommend prioritizing these options over the paid alternatives because they offer a good risk/reward ratio.

However, if you are interested in exploring Avvo's paid advertising solutions, you will have two primary options at your disposal. These options are "Avvo Pro" and "Avvo Advertising."

Using the paid solutions can increase your visibility on Avvo. The platform provides paid accounts with priority positioning throughout the website, including on search results pages.

Conversely, organic results are placed below the main screen, which means that users will not see unpaid results unless they scroll down. This setup is cause for one of the major grievances against the Avvo platform, but more on that a bit later.

For now, let's focus on Avvo pricing and its paid advertising solutions.

Avvo Pricing

Avvo pricing

Avvo no longer offers transparent pricing for all services on its website. Instead, you have to contact the company directly to learn more about pricing for its upper-echelon advertising solutions. The site does provide baseline pricing for its new marketing solution, which is known as "Avvo Elite."

Avvo Advertising

Avvo Advertising is a service that is similar to Google Ads. However, the former only boosts your visibility on the Avvo website, not on the world's most popular search engine.

With Avvo Advertising, you can target prospects in your geographic area. You can also target prospects based on the type of services they are looking for. Much like Google Ads for attorneys, Avvo's service functions on a PPC model, which means that you are only charged when someone clicks on one of your ads.

Avvo Pro (or Avvo Advanced)

Avvo Advanced

Avvo Pro is a subscription service that you can use to make your profile more visible. As noted earlier, Pro profiles are given priority on search results pages within the Avvo platform. This setup gives you a definitive advantage over other firms in the fight for prospects.

Avvo Pro users also gain access to some great features and tools. They can create custom introductions for each of their practice areas and can remove paid ads from their listings if these ads originate from a competitor. Pro users can also link directly to their website's blog library.

Avvo Website Service

Avvo Websites

Avvo provides website creation services as well. These "custom" sites are designed to be mobile-friendly so that you can connect with prospects no matter what device they are browsing from.

When using this service, you will gain the ability to alter your website, so it departs from Avvo's user-friendly interface. The downside is that you have to sign a 12-month service agreement.

As with other Avvo services, the pricing is not provided upfront. In order to receive a quote, you have to complete an application. You can also book a demo to learn more about the service, but you may be waiting a while for the Avvo staff to reach out.

Lawyernomics by Avvo

Lawyernomics by Avvo

Avvo has a sister website known as "Lawyernomics." The website is essentially just an Avvo marketing platform. However, it does have information about several critical legal marketing topics.

Lawyernomics covers topics such as:

  • Reputation management
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Legal marketing compliance concerns
  • Technology
  • Networking

If you are interested in learning more about marketing-related topics as they pertain to the legal industry, Lawyernomics is actually a great resource. Just be prepared for plenty of calls to action (CTAs) encouraging you to sign up for Avvo's paid services. These not-so-subtle CTAs are layered throughout just about every single page of content on Lawyernomics.

Avvo FAQ

  • How Hard Is It to Get a 10.0 Rating on Avvo?

    Achieving a 10.0 rating on Avvo is a tough task, but it is by no means impossible. If you are dedicated to achieving a perfect ten on Avvo, be prepared to devote quite a few hours to customizing your profile and engaging with users. You will also need to ensure that all of your information is up-to-date in relevant databases, such as the state bar association.

  • Will Paying for Avvo Ads Increase My Avvo Rating?

    Paying for Avvo ads will not boost your rating. Avvo's advertising services will give you additional opportunities to connect with prospective clients. However, if your goal is optimizing your rating, we suggest focusing on completing your profile.

  • Wondering How to Remove Yourself from Avvo?

    Unfortunately, you cannot remove yourself from Avvo. If you have not claimed your law firm, then you cannot receive a negative designation for a low score. In light of that fact, you may not want to claim your firm if you do not have the time or desire to keep up with your profile.

Is Avvo Worth It?

So is Avvo reliable? Somewhat. However, Avvo legal services are by no means a game changer when it comes to connecting with potential clients. While Avvo advertising can certainly move the needle in the fight for attention in the crowded online marketplace, it should not be your primary marketing tactic.

With that being said, you will have an Avvo legal services profile whether you want one or not. On that note, you should at least optimize your profile in case prospective clients discover your law firm on the platform.

If you want guidance in mastering the Avvo advertising platform and building your brand, then you need to connect with a law firm marketing agency like Grow Law Firm. Our seasoned professionals can help you decide whether Avvo legal services are right for your strategy, acquire more clients, and achieve your growth goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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