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40 Best Family Law Attorney Website Designs and Best Practices

June 17, 2022
12 min

While all areas of law are competitive, family law is a particularly competitive practice area. Not only do you need to focus your attention on family law matters but you also need to build a website that reflects your services and your legal knowledge. More and more competition for child custody cases, child support, or other facets of family law appears by the day, so it’s essential that you have a compelling law firm website that acts as a vehicle to grow your business. 

We’ve outlined some of the top family law websites to help inspire you and motivate you to level up your website through the help of our web design services for lawyers.

20 Best Family Lawyer Website Designs

1. Ylaw Group

Ylaw Group

The Ylaw Group family law website has both an engaging and informative homepage that showcases the firm’s accolades, strategy, and unique approach to family law. Also included on the homepage is a section that’s dedicated to the benefits of choosing Ylaw and tangible ways that their law firm differs from other practices.

2. The Branch Law Firm

the branch law firm

The Branch Law Firm is another example of family law attorneys who utilize their website to showcase their practice areas and combined legal experience. If you have legal matters relating to divorce, child custody, or wills and estates, browse through their site to instantly learn more about what sets their firm apart.

3. Charles Willmott

Charles Willmott

It's easy to see why Charles Wilmott has one of the best family law websites to help you navigate your legal issues. There are many strong calls to action throughout the site and Charles Wilmott makes it clear that he is a skilled attorney through his listed accolades and attorney profile. Website navigation is easy and you can learn more about his legal representation in a few clicks.

4. Denver Family Lawyers

Denver Family Lawyers

This family law firm called Denver Family Lawyers showcases prospective clients how they can help with their legal issue by clearly displaying their family law legal services that they offer. Website visitors can learn more about topics such as child abuse, spousal support, or criminal defense when browsing through case results.

5. Bishop Law Office

Bishop Law Office

The Bishop Law Office takes on family law cases by showing a potential client what it would be like to work with their firm. The site showcases plenty of reviews, testimonials, and there's even a section dedicated to important information that outlines the process, fees, and a learning center with educational materials.

6. Heather Robertson Law

Heather Robertson Law

Heather Robertson Law is another family law firm that has thorough knowledge of how to fight on behalf of their clients. She outlines her pricing in a transparent and efficient manner and taps into testimonials to build trust with other parents who are going through similar issues.

7. Modern Law

Modern Law

Modern Law has a family law website that is sleek, sophisticated, and can help draw in those seeking reputable family law firms. They clearly list their practice areas such as child support, alimony, custody, modification, and more.

8. NYC Divorces

NYC Divorces

Cedeno Law Group, PLLC is a family law attorney focusing on making emotional connections with website visitors through empathetic language and engaging visuals. They even have a "why choose us?" section that outlines the reasons why their services are so appealing. They also offer a free consultation.

9. Hutchings & Schwappach, PLLC

Hutchings & Schwappach, PLLC

Through an engaging website, testimonials, and many calls to action located throughout the site, it's clear that this family law firm has their clients best interests in mind when discussing their legal options.

10. Julyan Law Firm

Julyan Law Firm

The Julyan Law Firm uses quality images to resonate with those looking for a family lawyer. They also make it a point to show that they are proud to help the LGBTQIA community and same-sex couples who might be navigating legal issues.

11. Women's Divorce & Family Law Group

Women's Divorce & Family Law Group

Another one of the best family law websites is the Women's Divorce & Family Law Group. Helpful resources such as videos and a "roadmap to divorce" can help those families seeking a fresh start.

12. Maclean Family Law

Maclean Family Law

Family law attorneys don't need to have boring websites, and Maclean Law is the perfect example of this. Not only do they have engaging videos on their home page but they also make their approach to family law matters clear and straightforward.

13. The Lincoln Law Firm

The Lincoln Law Firm

The Lincoln Law Firm has a visually appealing site that clearly outlines its practice areas and makes it easy to get in touch with them. On the homepage, they feature client testimonials and have a section dedicated to why clients trust their team.

14. Jones Divorce & Family Law

Jones Divorce & Family Law

From helping determining parenting time and living arrangements for children to making it clear how their services are cost-effective, the Jones Divorce Law site makes a compelling case to win over website visitors.

15. Richmond Chickloski Moldowan Vanin Van Duyvenbode

Richmond Chickloski Moldowan Vanin Van Duyvenbode

Here's another example of how a law firm uses an engaging website to gain more family law cases. They show prospective clients why they should hire their firm and use a competitive-grade design.

16. Rasmussen Starr Ruddy LLP

Rasmussen Starr Ruddy LLP

Rasumussen Starr Ruddy LLP has a site that clearly defines their practice areas and uses data to showcase how they have gained justice for their clients. They update their news section regularly to help people navigate different legal matters.

17. Hendershot Cannon & Hisey P.C.

Hendershot Cannon & Hisey P.C.

From business litigation to health care law, Hendershot Cannon & Hisey P.C. has a quality website that educates and entices visitors to get in touch. They also showcase their accolades and have contact forms to collect leads.

18. DeTorres & DeGeorge, LLC

DeTorres & DeGeorge, LLC

This family law website makes it clear what legal issues they can help with. They also have been named as one of the top 10 best family law attorneys in their area which can give potential clients peace of mind.

19. Fairway Divorce

Fairway Divorce

Fairway Divorce attorneys have a quick 2-minute video to teach website visitors more about their background and how they can help navigate different legal issues. They also show what the process is like so clients know exactly what to expect.

20. Grand Rapids Family Lawyer

Grand Rapids Family Lawyer

21. Stanchieri Family Law

Best Family Law Websites: Stanchieri Family Law

22. LA Family Law

Best Family Law Website Designs: LA Family Law

23. Arizona Family Law

Best Family Law Website Designs: Arizona Family Law

24. Anderson Family Law

Best Family Law Websites: Anderson Family Law

25. Cross Family Law

Family Law Website Designs: Cross Family Law

26. Fairway Divorce

Best Family Law Website Designs: Fairway Divorce

27. Schoenberg Family Law

Best Family Law Attorney Website Designs: Schoenberg Family Law

28. Modern Family Law

Family Law Attorney Website Designs: Modern Family Law

29. The Mandel Law Firm

30. The Houston Divorce Firm

Best Family Law Website Designs: The Houston Divorce Firm

31. The Matteucci Family Law

Best Family Law Website Designs: The Matteucci Family Law

32. Youngberg Family Law

Best Family Law Attorney Website Designs: Youngberg Family Law

33. Cohen Family Law

Family Law Website Designs: Cohen Family Law

34. Divorce Over 50 - Goostree Law Group

Family Law Attorney Website Designs: Divorce Over 50

35. Family Law San Diego

Best Family Law Website Designs: Family Law San Diego

36. O'Neil Wysocki Family Law

Family Law Website Designs: O'Neil Wysocki Family Law

37. Nevada Family Law Group

Family Law Website Designs: Nevada Family Law Group

38. Cuomo Law Firm

Best Family Attorney Website Designs: Cuomo Law Firm

39. Lopez Law Firm PLLC

Family Law Best Website Designs: Lopez Law Firm PLLC

40. Kirker | Davis

Family Law Website Designs: Kirker | Davis

Best Practices for Family Law Websites

Now that we've covered some examples of family law websites that are stellar, we encourage you to implement the below best practices so your website can help you meet your business goals.

Have a Mobile-First Web Design

best family law websites ux

Let’s face it, the first thing that someone does when they have a legal issue is turn to the internet to find a lawyer. This means that your website doesn’t only need to be appealing on a desktop computer, but it also needs to be mobile-friendly so potential clients can find you from their cell phones. Having a site that is mobile-friendly is also beneficial to search engine optimization (SEO). Google uses the device of each website visitor as a factor when determining rankings. You should also make sure that your page load times remain low on mobile devices.

SEO Optimize Your Family Law Website

Speaking of SEO services for law firms, make sure that your website is designed for SEO in mind. In fact, SEO should be the foundation on which your website is built. The first thing you should focus on is setting up your website in the most strategic way to attract your prospective clients. Rather than starting with a design or a wireframe, instead map out the content that your site will have and how it can entice visitors to choose your law firm. Over time, your SEO strategies will pay off. We've outlined some ways to make your site SEO-friendly below.

Focus on On-Site SEO

On-site SEO means that your individual website elements are optimized to gain more relevant traffic and rank higher on search engines. This tactic is designed to make both website visitors and search engines understand what pages are about and identify those pages as relevant to certain search queries. For example, make sure that your content is unique, user friendly, and in line with the user's search intent.

Prioritize Page Speed

best family law attorney website page speed example

As we mentioned above, page speed is another important SEO factor. Put simply, the faster your pages load, the higher the chance that your website visitor will have a positive user experience on your site. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer: the slower the page loads, the more frustrated you become.

Prioritize User Experience (UX)

The experience that each website visitor has when they arrive at your site should be top of mind when you’re building your website. In addition to ensuring that all of your pages are loading as fast as possible, the user interface needs to be clean and appealing.

Avoid Using Pop-Ups

Pop-ups on a website may be tempting to catch the attention of your audience and get them to take action, but in reality, your website visitors will only become annoyed with these practices. Rather than a pop-up, consider including a live chat option that allows your site visitors to ask questions and learn more valuable information that could entice them to choose your family law firm.

Use Strong Call to Actions

No matter how you choose to approach your website, make sure that it has many different calls to action located throughout. There’s no upside to having a high volume of traffic if none of your users are converting or if you aren’t collecting leads. Make sure there are many contact forms located throughout your site to make it easy for parents going through legal matters to get in touch with you.

Make Sure Your Family Law Website Is Easy to Navigate

Make your website organized and easy to navigate which often means including a menu that outlines the different categories you have on your site. The more intuitive and enjoyable it is to browse through your website, the more time visitors will spend engaging with your law firm.

Make Your Family Law Website Generate Leads

Generating leads is one of the most important goals of your website. There are many tactics that you can implement to generate more leads on your site such as:

  • Install online chat features
  • Incorporate contact forms throughout your site
  • Consider offering some sort of value with your calls to action such as a downloadable PDF on dealing with divorce, adoption, or other family matters
  • Measure how each lead generator is performing to determine where to spend more of your energy and resources

List All of Your Practice Areas

When searching for attorneys in a particular practice area, it’s helpful when websites clearly state the types of cases and services that they offer. As family law is a large umbrella that includes many specific types of cases, you’ll want to make sure that your site clearly lays out this information. Including your practice areas in such a straightforward way can also prevent you from answering the same questions over and over.

Describe Your Services in Detail

Parents and other website visitors are often searching for specifics when it comes to your services. Make sure to explain your approach as a lawyer in an in-depth yet comprehensible way for your audience so they are aware of how you can help them. If applicable, it never hurts to add that you’ve helped thousands of parents and families successfully navigate their cases.

Create Valuable Content

The content on your law firm’s website should be valuable not only to the prospective client but also to search engines. Content marketing for law firms is an easy way to show off your expertise and to help educate your website visitors before they make a decision. As 9 out of 10 people are likely only making a short list of lawyers that they are considering, they might not be ready to move forward with their decision quite yet. Make sure that your website pages, attorney blogs, law firm social media accounts, etc. are all full of valuable, sharable content that resonates with your target audience.

Use Unique, Quality Photos

In addition to your website copy, you’ll also want to invest in law firm video marketing that showcases your brand as a whole. Rather than using cookie-cutter stock images that turn off the audience, make sure to hire a professional photographer to capture your law firm and how you engage with the community.

Use Multiple Rich Media Formats

Some of the best websites also have video assets to capture the attention of the audience and bring the lawyer to life. If possible, your site should also have a variety of rich media formats that can connect with the audience in a way that text cannot.

Address Common Questions

Families with children or couples going through a divorce will likely have questions about how the legal process works and what your firm will do to help. Having a dedicated section to frequently asked questions can help get ahead of an influx of questions that your team of attorneys needs to answer. This approach frees up time and shows your audience that you are thinking of their needs during a tough time in their life.

Use Testimonials and Reviews to Build Trust

One of the best ways to show off your legal expertise is to compile testimonials and reviews. When it comes to finding an attorney to handle a legal issue, families want to choose a lawyer who is skilled in their subject matter. Authentic testimonials and reviews are one of the most important tactics to build trust with your audience and show them that you will handle their case with care.

Make Your Family Law Website Stand Out with Grow Law Firm!

With so many ins and outs of building your site, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Rather than trying to piece your website together on your own, we encourage you to consider our services at Grow Law Firm. Our experienced law firm marketing company is passionate about helping you improve your site to grow your business. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, make sure to get in touch with us directly.

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