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How to Effectively Market Your Law Firm on Social with Blake Harris Founder of Blake Harris Law

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Blake Harris, Founder at Blake Harris Law

Sasha and Blake explore:

  • To market themselves successfully, attorneys need to take charge of social media and showcase their real, nonchalant, and authentic selves, and connect with potential clients, even if it means taking some risks.
  • To be successful on TikTok, it's important to have fun, create a lot of content, and enjoy the process, even if the return on investment is only sometimes significant. Once you taste that first bit of success, it will motivate you to work even harder.
  • When marketing for a specialized business, it's essential to have diverse skills like speaking, writing, and personal connections, while being adaptable to new approaches and prioritizing client satisfaction.
  • Focusing on one area simplifies marketing, sales, operations, and management, but it's also possible to achieve success by finding the right mix of practice areas and revenue sources.
"One of my first five videos got 10,000 views, and I just opened my eyes to oh my gosh, this is something real."
— Blake Harris
  • To create social media content, be the social media content, and utilize cross-platform strategies while balancing work, family, and friends and taking time off from phone addiction.
  • For successful TikTok content, it's important to create drafts and post them on different days to ensure a regular flow of content. While repeating the same message is fine, it should be presented in a fresh and distinct manner without being too frequent.
  • A new law firm can expand by prioritizing exceptional client service, social media engagement, public speaking, and establishing a trustworthy network of attorneys to maintain a modern online presence and foster a positive reputation.
  • Blake is passionate about his entrepreneurial venture and prioritizes guiding younger family members, cultivating a positive work environment, and achieving growth and sustainability in his business.
"Once you specialize in one thing and one thing only, your marketing becomes a lot easier."
— Sasha Berson

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