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40 Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Website Designs

May 10, 2022
10 min

Today’s criminal defense attorneys are under more pressure than ever to capture the attention of prospective clients through their websites. But a shiny and functional website isn’t enough to turn website traffic into tangible results for your business. As 73% of new websites fail, your DUI and DWI lawyers must have a website that attracts, converts, and supports website visitors. This is where our law firm web design agency can help build a website that generates more qualified leads and drives results for your company.

What We Took Into Account When Choosing the Best Web Designs for Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Our experts have compiled some of the best criminal defense lawyer websites for you to get inspiration. Here are some of the factors that we considered when compiling our list.

  • The use of testimonials, badges, and awards can build trust with your audience. Show them a video or written testimonials of clients in addition to any badges or awards that can prove your positive reputation.
  • The use of videos on law, images, and other legal website content as no one wants to scroll through a website that is solely text. The addition of rich media can keep your audience engaged and boost your SEO rankings.
  • Different elements and styles when presenting headings and copy: Your law firm website should provide easy navigation and include different ways to present information throughout.
  • The use of your brand colors and law firm logo seamlessly throughout the website design to ensure consistency.
  • Use navigation menus, dropdowns, headers, and footers to make site navigation that much easier for prospective clients.
  • Include unique photography of lawyers and your legal team so that prospective clients can see the faces behind the business.
  • The use of strong calls to action throughout the site in addition to a “contact us” page with your law firm’s information.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Websites

Our team has compiled 20 of the best criminal defense website designs to help you get inspiration.

1. Randall McKinney Law

Randall McKinney Law

This criminal defense lawyer makes it easy for prospective clients to see results as soon as they land on the website’s home page. Immediately, it is clear that this law firm is happy to show off its impressive results. It also includes beautiful and impactful imagery throughout the site and a menu that is easy to navigate.

2. Crawford Law

Crawford Law

Crawford Law made our list of the best criminal defense attorney websites as it helps to solve the problem of the potential client. The home page features clean and simple navigation in addition to awards, reviews, and accolades. The copy on the website makes it easy to understand how their team will help and there is a form at the bottom that collects information about those seeking help.

3. Carlos P Gonzalez Law

Carlos P Gonzalez Law

The Carlos P Gonzalez Law website features an impactful home screen with a photo of Carlos and a number to call or text in case immediate action is required. In addition, the site does a great job at outlining the types of cases the firm takes on in addition to a handful of unique selling points such as free consultations, fast results, and years of experience. In addition, it features testimonials and photos of clients that can build trust with website visitors.

4. Kohlmeyer Hagen

Kohlmeyer Hagen

Kohlmeyer Hagen is another example of a top-tier criminal defense lawyer website. There’s a button to schedule your free consultation on the main section of the home page, making it easy for potential clients to reach out and learn more. Further down on the home page, the law firm lists out four important reasons to work with them including the number of years of experience they have and other unique selling points.

5. Chris Lewis & Associates

Chris Lewis & Associates

This is another example of one of the best criminal defense websites as it showcases client testimonials, is easy to navigate, and has a variety of engaging media throughout the site. The home page lists all of the relevant accolades and awards to help build trust. The top-menu navigation outlines the practice areas that they handle so prospective clients can learn about how Chris Lewis & Associates can solve their issues.

6. The 420 Lawyer David Sloane - Fort Worth, TX

The 420 Lawyer David Sloane - Fort Worth, TX

Criminal defense lawyers may also take on the unjust prohibition on cannabis as does David Sloane, PLLC. He includes his phone number in large font in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, making it easy for visitors to get in touch if needed. This website also does an excellent job of showcasing client testimonials. He also has a section dedicated to his case results to help resonate with potential clients and shows them exactly what his approach is.

7. Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer In Philadelphia, PA | Tauber Law

Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Lawyer In Philadelphia, PA | Tauber Law

Tauber Law is another example of one of the best criminal defense attorney websites. It made our 2023 list for many reasons; first, the home page displays four unique selling points to prove the credibility of the firm and to build trust with the audience. It’s easy to find the case results and there are many client testimonials that make it easy to see why Tauber Law is an ideal choice for those looking for help.

8. Meltzer & Bell, P.A. - West Palm Beach, FL

Meltzer & Bell, P.A. - West Palm Beach, FL

Meltzer & Bell, P.A. has a website sprinkled with high-quality photos, unique selling points, and hundreds of client testimonials. As soon as a potential client lands on this site, they’ll be able to tell this law firm’s practice areas and be able to take advantage of a free case evaluation. The website design is competitive and the content is filled with unique selling points in addition to recent news updates.

9. Joslyn Law Firm - Columbus, OH

Joslyn Law Firm - Columbus, OH

Video is one aspect that the Joslyn Law Firm does well. Not only are there high-quality videos throughout the site, but there is a section dedicated to showcasing awards and recognitions both locally and nationally. By including a section called “our firm,” prospective clients are able to see the real people behind the business which helps them envision what it would be like to work with this law firm.

10. Oykhman Criminal Defense

Oykhman Criminal Defence

Another example of a well-done law site is that of Oykhman Criminal Defense Law. Similar to other law firms on this list, there are engaging videos throughout the website, particularly on the home page. Elements such as video help to improve the conversion rate of a website. Even if an individual doesn’t need a criminal defense lawyer right this second, it’s easy for them to see what the process of working with this law firm is like in their section called “court process.”

11. Rishi Gill

Rishi Gill

Rishi Gill has a simple yet effective website design that clearly outlines how he can help, testimonials, case results, media appearances, and so much more. The FAQ section of his website is ideal for providing potential clients with valuable information on specific areas and guides website visitors through different topics. In addition, this site also has other resources and case results to entice his offerings and showcase his expertise.

12. Dawson Duckett & Garcia

Dawson Duckett & Garcia

The website of Dawson Duckett & Garcia made our list of best criminal defense websites due to its helpful content such as free legal information and referral sources. This lawyer understands that not everyone may be able to understand the ins and outs of criminal defense law, offering helpful criminal law sources such as criminal codes, legal aid, and more.

13. The Gillespie Law Firm

The Gillespie Law Firm

This website is engaging, organized, and provides valuable information to the website visitor. There is an entire website section dedicated to case results, all organized by practice area to make it easy for prospective clients to read more about useful topics. Taking action on the website is easy as there are calls to action throughout such as “request free consultation” or “contact us.”

14. Bienert | Katzman

Bienert | Katzman

This is another example of how powerful imagery can make a lasting impression on the audience. High-quality media is sprinkled throughout this website to keep the audience engaged. There is an overview section dedicated to providing the website visitor with additional information about the law firm, helping to showcase their experience and unique selling points.

15. Horak Law - Houston, TX

Horak Law - Houston, TX

Horak Law has a website that provides immediate value to the user by including a video that outlines more information about the law firm. There are also clickable buttons that say “tell us about your case” or “get help now” so those seeking immediate help can take action right away. The “why choose our firm” section makes it easy to understand how this practice stacks up against its competition.

16. O’Meara Law

O’Meara Law

Here’s another example of one of the best criminal defense attorney websites. Michael O’Meara uses the home page to provide visitors with more information on his background and expertise. Throughout the website, there are videos and high-quality images in addition to client testimonials. The website also has both a video and a text version of the step-by-step process that he takes to paint a clear picture of what working with his team is like.

17. Cheronis, Parente & Levitt LLC

Cheronis, Parente & Levitt LLC

Case results, client testimonials, and FAQs are all incorporated into this website. There is additional information about the firm that outlines its areas of expertise in addition to a form that potential clients can fill out when they’re ready to move forward. The “in the news” section is a great resource to learn more about different cases that the audience might find helpful or interesting.

18. The Law Offices of Robert L Forkner

The Law of Robert L Forkner

The Law Offices of Robert L. Forkner has a powerful website featuring a simple yet engaging design. It’s easy to read more about the background and education of each partner and the services are clearly defined. If potential clients are ready to move forward and get in touch, they can do so by submitting their information on the contact form.

19. Wilson Law Firm

Wilson Law Firm

The Wilson Law Firm site has many appealing features such as client testimonials, accolades, calls to action, and free consultations. It outlines how many years of experience the firm has and it’s easy to get in touch with them if needed. Learning more about the mission of the company can help website visitors know what to expect if they move forward with this law firm.

20. Law Office of Brandon F. Dark, P.A. - Lawyer - Orlando, Florida

Law Office of Brandon F. Dark, P.A. - Lawyer - Orlando, Florida

Rounding out our list of this year’s best criminal defense lawyer websites is Brandon Dark Law. The “free consultation” button is displayed prominently on the home page and the testimonials section is clearly labeled at the top of the menu. On the contact page, those who are looking for legal services can get in touch to learn more about Brandon and how his team can assist.

21. Oykhman Criminal Defence

oykhman criminal defense lawyer website

22. Trey Porter DWI Law

Trey Porter DWI Law attorney website

23. Stewart Law Group

Stewart Law Group attorney website

24. Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg

Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg attorney website

25. Goldman&Associates

Goldman & Associates lawyer website

26. The Law Offices of Ned Barnett

The Law offices of Ned Barnett lawyer website

27. Cox Fricke LLP

Cox Fricke LLP lawyer website

28. Fienman Defense

Fienman Defense attorney website

29. Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP

Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP lawyer website

30. Gold & Witham

Gold & Witham lawyer website

31. Nathans & Biddle LLP

Nathans & Biddle LLP lawyer website

32. Feldman Law Firm

Feldman Law Firm attorney website

33. Protass Law

Protass Law attorney website

34. Crucible

Crucible attorney website

35. Marrone Law

Marrone Law attorney website

36. The Law Offices of Veronica Barton

The Law Offices of Veronica Barton attorney website

37. Morris Law Firm

Morris Law Firm

38. Rolston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Rolston Urquhart Criminal Defence attorney website

39. Robert Cochran Law

Robert Cochran Law attorney website

40. Barket Epstein

Barket Epstein attorney website

What Makes a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer Website?

You might be wondering how we determine who makes this list each year. Here are only some of the points that we take into consideration:

  • Website graphic design: The more pleasing your law firm site is to look at, the better it will attract your audience and keep them engaged with the content.
  • Website UX/UI: It’s important to have a seamless user experience so you can achieve a higher retention rate. Sites need to be easy to navigate and understand.
  • Site speed: SEO rankings are impacted by site speed. In the case that your site loads slowly, it may be more difficult for your audience to find it.
  • Lead generation forms: It’s important to have an area (or multiple) where your audience can get in touch with you. In return, you’ll receive data to help guide your future marketing strategies.
  • SEO optimization: Marketing agencies for criminal defense attorneys understand that an SEO-friendly website design is crucial for attracting your target audience.
  • Creative marketing elements: This isn’t the most essential part of our criteria, but it’s always beneficial to add some sort of creative solutions to help you stand out!

Contact the Grow Law Firm Today to Start Driving Results

When it comes to criminal defense cases, people make decisions relatively fast. Make sure that you have a high-quality website that will attract the right clients and turn them into opportunities for you. You don’t have to approach this daunting task alone! Our law firm digital marketing agency experts are highly experienced in building successful websites to drive results.

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