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How to Build a Life and Practice You Love with Ali Katz Founder of The New Law Business Model

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Ali Katz, Founder of The New Law Business Model

1.5 min
Mar 22, 2023
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Sasha and Ali Explore

  • Create a law practice that you enjoy by utilizing appropriate metrics, prioritizing high-value offerings, attracting the correct number of clients at the appropriate fee, and acknowledging the finite nature of your time, energy, and attention.
  • Estate planning lawyers can create a fulfilling business by serving a select number of clients each month, charging an average fee of $4,000 to $6,000, and engaging with 80% or more of their clients, resulting in a practice they love and clients they enjoy working with.
  • Ali's approach to life and legacy planning helps lawyers connect with clients on a personal level to determine what's important to them, resulting in a transformative experience for both parties, and it's applicable beyond just estate planning.
  • Ali's team offers a unique approach called relational law that uses legal services to build connections and relationships with clients, helping them become the best versions of themselves, with plans to expand beyond estate planning lawyers.
"In your initial consultation, you have such a heart connection with your clients that you actually really feel love for them."
— Ali Katz
  • In order to succeed in the estate planning industry, it's essential to not only have knowledge in the field but also possess business acumen and implement effective systems to offer a valuable service and differentiate oneself in a crowded marketplace.
  • Ali's program, which teaches lawyers how to build a successful practice by engaging clients with a unique heart-centered counseling-based methodology, has transformed the lives of over 460 licensed lawyers who now have access to its resources for their own professional success.
  • Effective client interaction and retention systems, coupled with internal operations for goal setting, metric management, and team building, are vital for a successful business with diverse operational models and varying sizes. 
  • To build a successful law business, set your goals and metrics in alignment with your capacity and operational model, whether you are a solo practitioner or an empire builder with a team and systems in place.
"Lawyers who were very successful tend to be the ones that develop a great deal of business acumen, which is not something that's taught in law schools."
— Sasha Berson


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