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Best Legal Practice Management Software [2024]

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May 30, 2024
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Running a successful legal practice requires more than just legal expertise — it demands efficient management. Law schools may not equip attorneys with the skills to navigate the intricacies of practice management, but that's where cutting-edge Law Practice Management Software (LPMS) steps in.

From organizing responsibilities to ensuring their seamless execution, LPMS has become the backbone of contemporary legal offices. Join us as we explore and review the top-tier legal practice management software, designed to elevate your firm's efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is a Law Practice Management Software?

Law practice management software is software used by law firms to manage and streamline appointment booking, time tracking, client intake and document management and other day-to-day law office administrative tasks. Without practice management software, it can be particularly difficult for modern law firms to juggle every menial task needed to keep a practice running.

Legal Management Software Benefits for Law Firms

LPMS serves as the organizational backbone that allows seamless collaboration among legal professionals. It helps in breaking down silos and ensuring everyone is on the same page. This not only enhances overall productivity but also fosters a culture of transparency and accountability within the firm.

LPMS streamlines administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for lawyers to focus on what they do best—practicing law. These software solutions eliminate the burden of manual, time-consuming tasks. The result? Increased efficiency, reduced errors, and a more agile firm that can adapt to the dynamic demands of the legal landscape.

Lastly, analytics and reporting features offer valuable insights into case progress, resource allocation, and financial performance. This not only aids in strategic planning but also enables firms to identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness in the legal market.

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Top 20 Legal Practice Management Software

Now, let's delve into the top 20 legal practice management software collected specifically for this post!



One of the most popular law practice management software options, MyCase is ideal for firms of any size, from solo practitioners to large firms.

  • All-In-One Software: Enjoy a one-stop-shop solution for all of the day-to-day activities associated with a law firm
  • Easy Management: Manage legal  case details, client interaction, and pertinent information with the click of a button
  • Simple but Powerful Calendar: Get reminders for deadlines and upcoming events
  • User-Friendly: Browse a clean interface geared toward users of any age and skill level

Monthly prices are set on a per-user basis, with the basic level costing $39/month per user, $59/month for pro, and $79/month for advanced. There are also add-ons you can choose from, including website creation, site management, and accounting system.

MyCase offers new users a 10-day free trial.



While Smokeball offers it all, it's most known for its legal billing software. Some of the best features of this law practice management software include:

  • Time and Activity Tracking: Tracks time spent on the app and every task
  • Document Automation: Pre-loaded with over 20,000 legal forms and documents, with some forms filling themselves to save time
  • Firm Insight Reports: Provides insight reports, including which types of cases have a high ROI, helping you improve your business operations
  • Integration with Microsoft Office: Perfect for firms that frequently use Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • Access to the Software On and Offline: Once synced, you don't need internet connection to access important files or client information

Pricing is per user and differs depending on the length of your contract, with prices ranging from $29 to $169 per month per user.

Clio Manage

Clio Manage

Clio Manage has one goal: to help law firms run more efficiently. This practice management software allows users to track time, bill clients, manage schedules, and much more.

  • Standout Features: While users appreciate the ease of tracking details like billable hours, what stands out most is the document automation and calendar system
  • Powerful Integrations: Clio can integrate seamlessly with separate systems like Quickbooks Online
  • Easy Learning Curve: Clio Manage is easy for team members of all levels to use, and the advanced collaboration tools allow attorneys and staff to work together better

Clio Manage pricing depends on whether users choose annual or monthly billing, with prices ranging from $39–$149 a month per user. New users can try the software risk-free for seven days.

TimeSolv Legal

TimeSolv Legal

TimeSolv is one of the most established law practice management software options.

  • Variety of Features: TimeSolv with impressive features that include invoicing, budgeting, and a client portal
  • Simple Interface: Reduce the time spent training your assistants and perusing endless menus and instruction manuals thanks to a simple-to-use interface
  • Not Just for Law Firms: TimeSolv was not originally created for law firm management — users in other industries (including consulting, accounting, and PR firms) use TimeSolv

TimeSolv Legal's pricing depends on the size of the firm and whether the software is billed monthly or annually. This legal software is one of the best options for budget-conscious firms, with monthly pricing ranging from $32.36 to $39.95 a month per user. TimeSolv also offers new users a 30-day free trial with one-on-one training.

Zola Suite

Zola Suite

Zola Suite is another popular legal practice management solution for firms that want a comprehensive suite of management tools.

  • Top-of-the-Line Accounting Features: Its most powerful feature, and what users praise it for most, is a built-in accounting software
  • Cloud-Based Management: Zola Suite is an excellent cloud-based legal practice management software for law firms, providing a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to manage tasks and information from one location
  • Improved Communications: Client communication is made simple with its email management system and secure client portal, and its internal sharing capabilities make it an efficient way to store and location legal documents

Zola Suite pricing depends on whether you sign up for their Core, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus packages, with prices ranging from $59–$89 a month per user. Zola also offers add-ons, including their iOS and Android apps and automation by the Zola Suite team.

You can get a 10-day free trial to test out the program and see if Zola Suite is right for your firm.

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The Legal Assistant

The Legal Assistant

Unlike many law practice management software options, The Legal Assistant was created by attorneys for attorneys, giving it an edge over the competition. In fact, their motto is "From Legal Minds, For Legal Minds."

Some of the best features of this program include:

  • Email and Fax Integration: Incoming emails are scanned and assigned to the correct case files, and you can easily email or fax documents within the program
  • Event Management: Schedule events and keep others updated on everything related to the event
  • Marketing Campaigns: It's easy to create marketing campaigns (or even just email clients on their birthdays) to maintain communication and foster relationships

One of the details that makes The Legal Assistant unique is the choice between a cloud version and a local version. The cloud version allows users to access the program and information anywhere, while the local version remains on work servers.

The cloud version is $57–$63 a month per user, depending on whether you pay monthly or yearly. The local version is $49–$55 a month per user. You can also try a free customized trial to see whether The Legal Assistant is the right choice for you and your firm.

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Westlaw is best known for its legal research tools, but they also offer law practice management software. This option should be no stranger to most lawyers and paralegals — Westlaw is a staple in the legal industry and has been for years.

  • Very Widely Used: Among the various products offered by Thomson Reuters, Westlaw is such a popular option that most lawyers begin using it while still in law school, making the transition to practice that much easier
  • All-Inclusive Platform: This software has everything a law firm could need, including billing and legal case management, not to mention an impressive client portal
  • Seamless Integrations: Out of the many impressive features Westlaw offers, it is consistently and highly praised for its smooth integration with other programs, including Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Increased Security: Westlaw also has outstanding security tools and safeguards for data breaches, critical components for law firms
  • Powerful Search: Another popular feature is its advanced search tool, a feature other solutions often struggle with

But such a comprehensive and thorough suite comes at a cost, and Westlaw's software is one of the priciest. It can cost several hundred dollars each month, depending on the number of lawyers in the firm. Despite the high costs, many lawyers and firms prefer Westlaw for its easy user interface and fantastic features.



If you're looking for a cloud-based solution for your practice management needs, PracticePanther may be right for you.

  • State-of-the-Art Client Management: PracticePanther is widely known for and respected for its client management features, and many users appreciate the ease of keeping track of client details and case information
  • Highly Customizable: Standing out from other options, PracticePanther is a customizable platform, allowing users to create personalized forms depending on the firm's needs
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: PracticePanther's customer service is highly rated and regularly praised — no matter the issue, users can get helpful, friendly customer support 24/7

PracticePanther boasts flexible plans to fit every firm. They also stress that their pricing model comes with no surprises, since many management software programs do come with additional, unexpected fees. There are three separate plans that all offer different features, depending on your firm's needs.

Paying for the service annually saves firms $120 a year per user, with final pricing ranging from $49 to $89 per user. Monthly billing is also an option, with prices ranging from $59 to $99 a month per user.

PracticePanther offers a seven-day free trial for new users, with the ability to add several additional trial users to get the full experience and see how your firm would use the software to its maximum potential.

No matter your firm's area of law, from personal injury to estate planning, PracticePanther is a fantastic option for those wanting to take their practices to the next level.

Serve Manager

Serve Manager

Serve Manager was created for process-serving firms, but it does offer features for law practice management.

  • Excellent Serves Capabilities: Given its origins, it's no wonder that the software is excellent for managing serves, as well as generating affidavits and creating custom documents
  • Powerful Security and Cloud-Based Capabilities: Serve Manager includes several security features and offers users a cloud-based experience, making the program available from anywhere
  • Not Originally Intended for Law Practice Management: Because of its origins, created for process serving firms, Serve Manager does lack some features, including in-program email management and contract management

Pricing for Serve Manager depends on the number of jobs per month and offers new users a 14-day free trial to help determine whether this software fits your needs.



Many say that SmartAdvocate is one of the best law practice management software options available today, and the number of awards the software has won would seem to agree. The platform offers several features needed to operate efficient and successful law practices. While SmartAdvocate is best for large litigation firms, it is beneficial for any type of firm.

  • Automation Features: SmartAdvocate allows users to automate menial tasks to save precious time
  • User Favorites: Its document management is particularly impressive, and users love the customizable dashboard, as it provides plenty of details and information all in one place
  • Cloud and Local Options: SmartAdvocate offers cloud- or server-based options, depending on a firm's preferences and needs

Pricing is not available on SmartAdvocate's website, but interested parties can contact them directly to get more information. They also offer personalized demos, which you can schedule at a time convenient for you and your firm.

While SmartAdvocate is known to be one of the pricier options for law practice management, its amazing features and user-friendly interface make it a favorite. You truly can do it all with SmartAdvocate.

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CASEpeer is a great option for every type of law firm, but it's commonly one of the highest-rated options for personal injury law.

Both big and small law firms can benefit from using this law practice management software, which makes it easy and efficient for lawyers and staff to manage case and client information. Among the impressive features, these stand out most:

  • Case Management: Simply create cases, track expenses for every case, and assign case-related tasks to different users
  • Calendar: Manage events and important dates using CASEpeer's user-friendly calendar system
  • Time Tracking: Enjoy effortless time and expense tracking using a simplified, powerful interface
  • Invoicing: Generate invoices invoices with just a few clicks
  • A Powerful Mobile App: CASEpeer's mobile app seamlessly connects to the desktop version, allowing users to work and complete tasks on any device

It's important to note that CASEpeer is only available on Windows operating systems and is not compatible with Apple and Linux.

Compared to its peers, CASEpeer has one of the better free trial periods, giving new users 30 days to try the program and get acquainted with it.

Legal Files

Legal Files

If your practice areas of law heavily utilize heavily utilizes legal documentation, Legal Files may be one of the best options for you, as it's best known for its powerful legal document management.

Legal documents can be challenging to manage, taking time away from other tasks and preventing you from giving clients the time and attention they need. But this practice management software has several features that make it much easier to enhance workflows for all users, helping to manage cases efficiently from inception to completion.

Aside from the outstanding legal document management features, Legal Files is also best known for the following:

  • File Sharing: Real-time file sharing makes it so that so everyone involved in a case — including lawyers, paralegals, and clients — can always have access to the most important legal documents
  • Advanced Search Tools: Legal Files' discovery tools allow users to search through documents, emails, and case files to find information when they need it most
  • Database Structure: The excellent database lets users keep track of clients, cases, documents, and emails — all in one location

Legal Files has several types of legal case management software, depending on your business and needs. It's a popular choice that's commonly used in many industries and organizations, from corporations to government agencies.

Pricing is not available on the website, as it is unique to you and your firm. Pricing and demos are available by contacting Legal Files directly.



One of the more unique programs available for legal professionals, Lawcus provides users with a Kanban board to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • A Visual Approach: Lawcus is a great option for users who enjoy a visual experience, and the workflow visualization allows users to bring some clarity to their workflow and processes
  • Easy Learning Curve: The software is easy to use since it features a simplified graphical interface that's not overburdened by verbose instructions
  • Jack of All Trades: Lawcus is great for overall legal practice management, client communication, and legal document management

Lawcus offers different plans, including Standard, Plus, Business, and Enterprise. The website only provides prices for the first three levels, ranging from $34 to $69 a month, and users can contact Lawcus for pricing at the executive level.

New users get a 14-day free trial with Lawcus, and scheduling a demo could give you an even better idea of whether Lawcus is right for your firm.


SimpleLaw is another legal software that was made by lawyers, for lawyers. It is a unique program with features other programs do not offer, including:

  • On-Demand Paralegal Support: SimpleLaw can connect you with a skilled paralegal to assist you when needed
  • Co-Counsel: When you can't do it alone, SimpleLaw can help you find the right co-counsel to help manage your case
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM): Keep track of potential clients and keep in touch with previous clients thanks to a powerful CRM

SimpleLaw also comes with powerful legal document management and strong security features. However, the program isn't perfect, as it has limited features compared to other solutions. For example, it has no email, task management, or bookkeeping features.

Pricing varies from $27–$49 a month per user, but you can enjoy a free trial for 14 days. Should you need an extended trial, you extend it another 28 days after providing payment information.

SimpleLaw is for every type of firm, but its specific features make it particularly helpful for solo practitioners and smaller firms.



CosmoLex covers everything you need for daily operations in your law firm, from case management to billing and invoicing.

  • Incredible Accounting Capabilities: One of CosmoLex's most impressive features is its accounting capabilities, eliminating the need for third-party accounting software programs like Quickbooks and also allowing your firm's accountant to log in for free
  • Document Storage and Assembly: Among other impressive features, CosmoLex also offers unlimited document storage and document assembly

Pricing is slightly higher than other law practice management software options, but CosmoLex makes up for it with robust features that other legal practice management systems don't offer. Pricing is $85 a month per user if billed annually, or $95 a month per user if billed monthly.

There is a 10-day free trial for new users, and if you purchase the software, CosmoLex provides free one-on-one training and help with data migration.



According to MerusCase, "every successful lawyer needs a powerful sidekick." As such, the law practice management software comes with every feature a firm needs to handle the daily ins and outs of case and firm management at an affordable price.

  • Not Originally Intended for General Practice: MerusCase was originally created for workers' compensation law firms — however, it's now a popular law practice management software for mid-sized legal firms of all kinds
  • Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage: Never run out of room again thanks to MerusCase's generous unlimited storage
  • Other Famous Features: Among the many features MerusCase provides firms, it's especially known for document creation, law firm automation, advanced collaboration, security, and personalized onboarding and support

Pricing is not available on the MerusCase website, but you can contact the business directly for personalized pricing. You can also request a demo.



Bill4Time was not created for use in the legal industry, but many law firms find it helpful and easy to use.

  • Amazing Choice for Accounting Needs: As the name implies, Bill4Time is a strong first choice when it comes to its billing and accounting capabilities
  • Expanded Client Payment Options: One of the best features it offers is the online payments tool, making it easier for clients to pay firms much faster
  • Many Additional Features: Bill4Time doesn't just offer additional support for accountants; it also includes a host of features for all firms, including client and case management, project management, and data security
  • Not Fully Comprehensive: Because Bill4Time is not exclusive to the legal industry, it is missing some key features like email and contract management

Pricing for Bill4Time ranges from $29 to $89 a month, depending on whether it is billed yearly or monthly. Bill4Time also offers a 14-day risk-free trial for new users.

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter puts productivity at the forefront, intending to make running a firm much easier.

  • Pleasing and User-Friendly Visual Interface: This system is another that lets users organize their processes using Kanban boards; it also provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to find all important information in one easy location
  • Specialized Billing Technology: Billing has never been easier with Rocket Matter's "Bill-As-You-Work" technology, utilizing multiple timers, batch billing, and bulk invoicing — Rocket Matter Pay also allows firms to get paid faster and allows for setting up payment plans and recurring billing
  • Advanced Document Capabilities: Rocket Matter makes document assembly and sharing incredibly fast and easy

Pricing for the legal management software depends on whether users would rather pay monthly or annually, ranging from $39 to $99 a month per user. The website allows you to easily compare plans to decide which option works best for your firm.

A personalized demo and 10-day free trial are also available.


Action step

Actionstep is a cloud-based legal practice management software for law firms that prides itself on giving lawyers everything they need to run their businesses and providing a program that grows with the firm.

  • Includes the Full Suite of Legal Practice Management: Actionstep doesn't miss a beat and includes everything you'll need to manage your firm, including client and matter management, impressive billing and accounting features, data security, email, marketing, payments, and more
  • Expanded Integrations: Actionstep not only integrates with the Microsoft Office suite, but also with many other programs, including Gmail, DocuSign, and Dropbox

Three plans are available: Practice Pro, Practice Pro+, and Premier. Pricing ranges from $89 to $149 a month per user, based on annual billing. More information regarding pricing and booking a demo is available by contacting Actionstep directly.



GrowPath is a great option for firms looking to build and grow.

  • Exclusive Features: GrowPath includes 25 patented features that you won't get with other legal case management software
  • Comprehensive Management: GrowPath offers the critical features needed to handle the daily tasks of a law firm, including document management and storage, case management, and client management
  • Advanced Growth and Marketing Features: The software also makes it easier for firms to understand what they need to grow, including features such as a lead scoring tool that helps lawyers evaluate intakes with high-value cases

One look at the GrowPath website, and you'll understand what makes them different. They've worked hard to set themselves apart from the competition, and because of this, they report to be the highest-ranked law firm management software. With its impressive set of features, it's an obvious choice for many firms.

New users can ask about pricing and request a personal demo to see everything GrowPath can do for their firm.

Key Legal Practice Management Software Features

Here's some basic LPMS features that can help you run a legal business:

  • Legal case management: easily track case status, manage deadlines, and collaborate with team members;
  • Document sharing and management: streamlined system for storing, organizing, and searching documents within law firms;
  • Contact Management: gather all of the contact data of your clients in a singe accessible place;
  • Time tracking: track time spent on each case, facilitating client billing and productivity monitoring;
  • Billing and invoicing: simplified process of creating and sending invoices, tracking payments, and managing accounts receivable;
  • Client relationship management (CRM): effectively manage client relationships, track communications, and stay updated on client needs;
  • Financial management: easily track expenses, manage budgets, and generate financial reports;
  • Reporting: generate comprehensive reports on caseloads, finances, and other vital data;
  • Organize data: centralized data makes it easier for law firms to quickly locate information, improving overall efficiency and productivity.
Law Firm CRM is a very powerful tool you can use for your law firm's growth. Cheack out our top list to make an informed decision!

Legal Management Software Benefits for Law Firms

LPMS serves as the organizational backbone that allows seamless collaboration among legal professionals. It helps in breaking down silos and ensuring everyone is on the same page. This not only enhances overall productivity but also fosters a culture of transparency and accountability within the firm.

LPMS streamlines administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for lawyers to focus on what they do best—practicing law. These software solutions eliminate the burden of manual, time-consuming tasks. The result? Increased efficiency, reduced errors, and a more agile firm that can adapt to the dynamic demands of the legal landscape.

Lastly, analytics and reporting features offer valuable insights into case progress, resource allocation, and financial performance. This not only aids in strategic planning but also enables firms to identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness in the legal market.

How to Choose the Right Legal Practice Management Software?

Becoming familiar with some of the most popular law practice management software programs is only one step in the whole process. It's important to take the time to think about what your firm needs personally, including what features would be most helpful and what you could potentially do without.

Knowing your firm, present needs, and future goals can prove beneficial when determining what lawyer office software is right for your firm, lawyers, and staff.

Consider all of the following before making your final decision.

  • Choose software specifically meant for law firm management. There are many general business software programs available, but they may not have all the features that law firms need. Look for a program that is specifically designed for law firms and has features such as case management, document management, legal time tracking, and billing.
  • Know your exact needs and consider your firm's future growth. When choosing a law practice management software, it is important to consider the specific needs of your firm. What features are most important to you? How many users will need to access the software? How much data do you need to store? It is also important to think about your firm's future growth. If you plan to grow your firm, you will need to choose a software that can scale with your needs.
  • Get input from your team on the features they would like and how user-friendly the program is. The people who will be using the software on a daily basis are your team members. Get their input on the features they would like to see and how user-friendly the software is. This will help you choose a software that is right for everyone in your firm.
  • Understand the different options available for your legal practice management software. There are three main options for law practice management software: on-premise, private cloud, and native cloud. On-premise software is installed on your own servers, private cloud software is hosted in a third-party cloud environment, and native cloud software is accessed via a web browser. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand the differences before making a decision.
On-Premise Private Cloud Native Cloud
No need for internet:
Most on-premise software is still usable even without internet, meaning you always have access to information even if your internet goes out.
Complete control over your software:
Because the software is on your own servers, you have total control over updates and changes made to the software.
Keeping your current software:
You can keep your current software while moving to a server hosted inside a private cloud.
Greater security:
Private clouds offer stronger security than public clouds, keeping your data and information safe.
Flexibility of accessibility:
Cloud-based software are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, meaning your information and data are almost always available to you.
No installation:
Because native cloud programs do not require any installation, it cuts down on costs and time.
Limited flexibility:
Because on-premise software is exclusively on the firm servers, it's challenging to access your data and information remotely without additional tools.
Because software is installed individually into each computer, it can become costly.
Internet access:
One of the only (but significant) downsides to a private cloud is that it requires an internet connection, making it a less stable option for workers on the go.
Basic features:
Cloud-based apps are often limited in functionality, meaning some larger firms may not be able to use native cloud software.
The need for internet:
You cannot run cloud software without internet access, so if you don't have access to the web, you're unable to retrieve your data.
  • Make sure your budget can afford the software. Law practice management software can range in price from a few hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars per month. It is important to set a budget before you start shopping for software.
On-premise software is usually the most costly, as it requires upfront costs to purchase software licenses for every computer. You'll also need to purchase additional tools, like servers, and contract IT specialists to set everything up.
  • Take advantage of free trials and demos to evaluate a program before committing to it. Many law practice management software providers offer free trials or demos. This is a great way to try out a program before you buy it. Take advantage of these offers to make sure the software is right for your firm.

Law Firms Can Really Benefit From Management Software

Every firm has its own special needs. Task management, client communication, legal calendaring — the list goes on. Before committing to one of the many software vendors, consider them all. Finding the right law firm management system for your legal team and firm can be challenging but doable if you consider your needs, budget, and goals.

Commit to finding the right legal software for your firm. This way, you can drastically improve productivity, ease stress, and set your law firm up for a successful future.

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