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Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity with MyCase: Review

Read this comprehensive MyCase review and learn how it can streamline your law firm management.

13 min


Aug 30, 2023

Law firms represent clients and manage complex caseloads with scattered emails, documents, and manual to-do lists, which can drain time and introduce unnecessary errors. A law practice management system (LPMS) can help you streamline and automate these tasks, saving time and effort. One prominent player in the domain of case management software is MyCase.

Founded in 2010, MyCase legal software has established a strong reputation within the legal industry, serving thousands of legal professionals and firms. Its robust features and intuitive interface have made it a trusted choice for law firms seeking to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional client service.

But is it really worth it? Well, let's find out. This MyCase review will dive into MyCase and its workflow. We will examine benefits, special considerations and limitations, and the pricing for legal professionals who have embraced MyCase software as their go-to case management solution.

What Is MyCase?

MyCase is a web-based practice management software that assists legal professionals and law firms. It offers attorneys comprehensive features and functionalities to streamline case management, client communication, billing, and document management with great customer service. It allows clients access to the system to message attorneys, review case progress, and share documents through a secure online portal.

The software provides a centralized location for document storage, an entire case file management system, and document sharing capabilities. Users can create templates and access documents from any Internet-connected device.

MyCase Workflow

When a new client reaches out to your firm, MyCase practice management software simplifies the intake process. With just a click of the "Lead" button, you can access a form where you can enter pertinent details. This includes lead information, potential case value, conflict check notes, and even the ability to assign the lead to a specific attorney. MyCase Workflows allow for customization, enabling your law firm to add specific details relevant to each case.

MyCase lead form

But it doesn't stop there. Once the information is entered, the new client is added to the "Leads" section. The client's profile is created here, providing a comprehensive overview of the lead details.

MyCase lead details

To schedule a consultation, you can utilize the "add event" button, which allows you to set up appointments and reminders for your clients.

MeCase event form

Additionally, MyCase offers the ability to create intake forms. The information you previously entered can be duplicated into the form, further streamlining the process.

An example of intake form

Furthermore, MyCase software enables you to create invoices directly from the system, making it seamless to bill clients after consultations or other billable activities.

MyCase invoices

In cases where the consultation does not result in hiring, you can simply click the "did not hire" button, indicating that the lead did not convert into an actual client. However, if the lead becomes a client, you can use the "add case" button to confirm the case and add any additional details as needed.

How to add a case

Here's how a potential case looks in the system:

An example of a client case

One notable MyCase feature for lawyers is the ability to track billable hours using the "add time entry" button. This enables accurate time tracking for client invoicing. Moreover, MyCase provides the flexibility to create payment plans in cases where clients prefer to pay in installments.

A significant advantage of MyCase practice management software is that it offers law firm clients their own accounts within the system. This client portal allows them to access all the relevant information pertaining to their case, providing transparency and enhancing communication between the firm and its clients.

MyCase client portal

Returning to the law firm's account, MyCase includes a "Workflows" feature where you can create and manage tasks associated with each case. This ensures that all necessary steps are organized and tracked, promoting efficiency and accountability within the firm.

Some More on Mycase Dashboard

— eSignatures: Streamlining Document Signing Processes

MyCase eSignatures

Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, are a unique feature of MyCase that significantly enhances the efficiency of document signing processes. With this feature, attorneys and clients can sign documents digitally, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and face-to-face meetings. It also means that documents can be signed and returned in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. Moreover, using eSignatures is secure and legally binding, providing convenience without compromising reliability or legality.

— Calendar: Simplify Scheduling and Keep Track of Important Dates

The Calendar feature in MyCase legal office software allows for scheduling and tracking key dates and deadlines. You can set reminders and sync your calendar with Popular email platforms such as Outlook and Google Calendar. When a new lead is created, calendar events can be scheduled from the lead's profile.

MeCase calendar

The reminders ensure that the attorney and client know about upcoming appointments or deadlines. The Calendar is integrated with the rest of the system. It can automatically pull in deadlines from cases, tasks, and other areas, providing a comprehensive view of all important dates in one place. 

— Tasks: Efficiently Manage Your Workflow

MyCase tasks

The "Workflows" button within a case profile allows you to create and assign tasks necessary for the case. This ensures that all action items are tracked and nothing falls through the cracks. Each task can be assigned to a specific attorney, including details about the task, deadlines, etc. This feature helps organize the work and delegate responsibilities, making managing a large volume of cases and tasks easier.

— Reports: Gain Insights and Make Informed Decisions

MyCase reports

The report dashboard in MyCase provides a comprehensive overview of the law firm's performance. You can generate reports that provide information on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of cases opened and closed, stages, billable hours, revenue, etc. These reports help you understand your firm's productivity, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

MyCase Benefits for Small Law Firms

Small law firms often operate with limited resources, tight budgets, and a need for streamlined processes, so every dollar counts. With its built-in features, such as automated billing and workflows, MyCase helps small law firms stay organized and efficient while reducing administrative overhead. Now, let's dive into how MyCase addresses the specific needs of small law firms.

1. Affordability

One of the primary concerns for small law firms is affordability. MyCase legal software recognizes this and offers cost-effective pricing plans catering to small firms' budgetary constraints. The pricing plans are designed to be scalable, allowing you to select the package that best suits your firm's size and needs. With MyCase, you can access robust features without breaking the bank.

2. Security Evaluation

Security and confidentiality are paramount for any law firm, especially small firms lacking dedicated IT resources. MyCase prioritizes data security and employs bank-level 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your firm's sensitive information. All data stored on the platform is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption for an extra layer of security. These encryption protocols: 

  • Keep confidential information out of the wrong hands. 
  • Reduce the chances of losing clients' files through automatic upgrades.
  • Control who has access to sensitive files and information.

3. Case Management

This cloud-based legal case management system simplifies case management by providing a centralized platform to organize all your case-related information. From client intake to document management, MyCase legal software streamlines the entire process, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. 

On top of that, you can easily track important deadlines, manage documents, and communicate with clients, all from a single, intuitive interface. The platform offers document templates, customizable case profiles, and task management tools to keep your workflow streamlined and efficient. By eliminating manual processes and reducing administrative burdens, MyCase frees up your time to focus on delivering exceptional legal services.

MyCase software also enhances collaboration within your small firm. You can easily share case information, delegate tasks, and communicate with colleagues, fostering teamwork and improving efficiency.

Special Considerations and Limitations of MyCase

— Pros and Cons of MyCase


  • An intuitive interface makes it easy for attorneys and staff to learn and use.
  • Full integration means seamless sharing of client information across modules.
  • Systems like billing and time-tracking can improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Cloud-based access enables remote and hybrid work without loss of productivity.
  • Flexible plans offer affordable solutions for firms of all sizes.


  • While MyCase allows for some customization, there are limits to how much users can tailor the software to their specific needs.
  • Third-party integrations may be needed for specialized practice areas.
  • Some advanced automation features are available only in higher-tiered plans.

— Dashboard

The dashboard offers a guided setup checklist that walks users through necessary account configurations. This includes prompting the connection of bank accounts to sync transactions automatically. Law firms can securely link credentials from supported financial institutions with a few clicks.

MyCase dashboard

Profile details like company name, address, and contact info are quickly inputted. Optional fields allow uploading a company logo for brand consistency. Template options are available for common document types like engagement letters, filing forms, and correspondence emails.

Calendar preferences may be selected, such as reminders for deadlines or scheduled reminders. Case types, practice areas, and billing rates can then be customized for accurate reporting later. Automatic backups safeguard critical data in the event of any unforeseen issues.

Pre-populated fields and wizards minimize redundant data entry. Support articles and how-to videos are embedded for additional guidance. Once the essential setup tasks are complete, demo sample data can be imported to explore features fully.

The onboarding wizard eases new users into leveraging the full platform smoothly. Its guided approach saves time over manually configuring each component individually during early adoption.

— Banking

MyCase enables users to set up virtual trust and operating accounts that automatically sync with the software. These digitized accounts provide a way to manage client money without establishing physical bank accounts. All financial activity involving both account types would be recorded and visible within the MyCase office management software for lawyers.

If a law firm wants to view transactions in more detail, MyCase imports transaction histories directly through a CSV file upload. This provides a seamless way to monitor the movement of funds. Once uploaded, each entry can be organized and categorized for optimal record-keeping.

MyCase banking

Additional helpful features include generating and printing virtual checks directly from the online account records. This streamlines the disbursement process and avoids the need for physical access to check stock.

Users can also configure unique rules for different accounts to automatize routines like regular bill paying or expense allocations.

Altogether, MyCase's banking elements aim to digitize the more administrative aspects of financial management. The virtual account system, transaction imports, and organizational tools diminish the manual work of coordinating actual bank accounts.

— Income

MyCase offers comprehensive support for invoicing, consultation fees, retainers, and subscription billing. This feature enables law firms to handle their financial transactions within the software efficiently. 

In the income section of MyCase, users can generate and manage invoices seamlessly. The software provides a user-friendly interface allowing law firms to create professional-looking invoices easily. In addition to basic billing information, MyCase legal software allows for detailed customization, enabling firms to include specific line items, descriptions, and rates for services rendered.

MyCase income

The software allows law firms to establish and charge fees for initial consultations, providing a simple process for handling these financial transactions. With MyCase, firms can accurately track and account for consultation fees, ensuring proper documentation and transparency.

For retainers and subscription clients, MyCase enables setting up recurring billing schedules. Once the initial retainer payment is received, the software automatically generates subsequent monthly invoices on the desired billing cycle. This simplifies billing administration versus handling retainers manually.

One of the standout features of the income section in MyCase is the ability to access extremely detailed information on all transactions. Users can view comprehensive transaction records, including dates, amounts, client details, and payment statuses. Furthermore, MyCase provides powerful filtering options in the income section to enhance efficiency. Users can search and filter payments based on criteria such as date range, court case, or payment status.

— Bills & Expenses

With MyCase features, law firms can efficiently add bills by utilizing the dedicated functionality provided. The software offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to input relevant information such as the bill amount, vendor details, due dates, and payment terms. Upon adding a bill, MyCase enables law firms to track and manage their expenses effectively. The software provides a centralized repository where law firms can conveniently view and access all their recorded bills.

MyCase bills

In addition to recording bills, MyCase offers features that enhance expense management. Users can categorize expenses based on customizable categories or tags, providing a structured approach to organizing and analyzing business expenditures. Furthermore, MyCase practice management software allows for attaching relevant documents or receipts to each bill. Users can simply upload or scan documents directly into the software, eliminating the hassle of managing physical paperwork.

— Bank Reconciliation

MyCase provides special considerations to simplify comparing and matching a firm's financial records with the corresponding bank statements to ensure accuracy and identify discrepancies. MyCase allows users to add their bank account information to the software. This involves providing details such as the account name, number, and starting balance. Furthermore, MyCase provides the flexibility to choose the specific bank account that needs to be reconciled. Law firms can select the desired account from their list of added accounts, ensuring the reconciliation process focuses on the correct account.

MyCase bank reconciliation

MyCase software compares the statement and book balances to identify discrepancies during the reconciliation process. It facilitates the matching of transactions, clearance of items, and resolution of discrepancies to ensure accurate reconciliation. The software provides a layout where users can review and reconcile transactions, mark them as clear, and address any discrepancies found.

Once the reconciliation is complete, MyCase generates a reconciliation report. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the reconciliation process. It includes details such as the statement balance, book balance, cleared transactions, outstanding items, and any discrepancies identified. 

— Chart of Account

The chart of accounts displays all defined accounts categorized by two types—revenue and expenses. Users can create parent and sub-accounts, allowing for a hierarchical structure within the chart of accounts.

MyCase allows users to perform journal data entry, recording financial transactions directly into the software. Through the journal entry functionality, law firms can accurately record debits and credits associated with various accounts within the chart of accounts. MyCase legal software provides fields to input detailed transaction information when performing journal data entry. Users can include descriptions, dates, amounts, and other relevant details associated with each transaction.

MyCase Pricing and Plans

MyCase offers a 10-day free trial, after which law firms have to pay for the services. The cost of the services is divided into three pricing tiers—Basic, Pro, and Advanced—each having its own features. 

1. Basic: The Basic plan is priced at $39 per monthly user. It includes cloud-based case management with end-to-end billing and online payment capabilities. The features included in this plan are: 

  • Case and contact management
  • Task management, client portal
  • Time entry and expense tracking
  • Billing and online payments
  • Legal calendaring
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Basic financial reporting

2. Pro: The Pro plan is priced at $69 per user per month. It offers robust firm management capabilities, client intake, contact communication, and key integrations. In addition to the features available in the Basic plan, the Pro plan includes:

  • Custom fields
  • Unlimited two-way texting (including accepting images)
  • Client intake management
  • Unlimited eSignature
  • Advanced billing and invoicing
  • Secure document sharing via the Portal
  • Integrations with Google, Outlook, and more

3. Advanced: The Advanced plan is priced at $89 per user per month. It includes all the features available in the Basic and Pro plans, along with MyCase Drive and Full Text Search. With MyCase Drive, users can automatically sync MyCase client files to their desktops and share documents without manual uploads. Full-Text Search allows law firms to conduct conflict checks with ease.

My Case Practice Management: The Future of Legal Office Software

With its extensive features and user-friendly interface, the MyCase website offers law firms a seamless and efficient solution for managing their cases, clients, billing, and documents. As we see in this MyCase software review, it offers different pricing tiers tailored to meet the unique needs of law firms. To answer the question we posed in the beginning of this article: Yes, we believe it's worth it.

Rather than struggling with a patchwork of individual applications, MyCase provides a single integrated hub for all important law firm tasks. Billing, time-tracking, document management, calendars, and more are all easily accessible from anywhere. Data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible on any device.

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