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Top 15 Best Legal Case Management Software Solutions

October 27, 2022
30 min

Attorney software case management solutions are a valuable tool for law firms. This class of technologies allows attorneys to streamline operations by automating a wide range of tasks, including calendaring, tracking attorney billable hours, and viewing daily tasks or assignments. Ultimately, law firm case management systems can increase a firm's total billable hours, thereby allowing it to boost revenue while also improving its ability to serve clients.

While there are clear benefits to using online case management software, choosing a solution can be quite challenging due to the number of options available.

In order to help streamline this process, we have compiled a list of the top 15 best law firm case management software solutions on the market. We have gathered information about the pricing, available features, and benefits of each option so that you can choose the ideal solution for your legal team.

What Features Should Legal Case Management Software Have?

Legal case management software should have a variety of different features, tools, and capabilities. On their own, each of these features is designed to help law firms operate more efficiently and reduce their reliance on tedious manual processes. Cumulatively, the features can significantly streamline operations, improve profitability, and enhance the client experience.

If you're looking for the perfect legal case management software for your firm, you should look for a tool that includes:

  • Case management
  • Client management
  • Task management
  • Calendar tools
  • Email integrations
  • Timekeeping and accounting features

Case Management

The cornerstone offering of all case management systems is, of course, case management. Attorneys can use the software to create case files, manage client data, upload case documents, and keep detailed notes on each project. The case management functionality of the software aids attorneys as they prep for court and can help them achieve better outcomes for clients.

Client Management

In addition to case management capabilities, these software solutions also include client management features. This set of tools helps attorneys more effectively manage meetings and interactions with clients.

Task Management

Case management software for lawyers also features task management tools. Attorneys can create custom tasks for each case file. They can assign these tasks to themselves or other team members. The task manager will send reminders to designated team members to ensure that the assignments are completed by the given deadline.

Calendar Tools

One of the most valuable tools available via legal case management software is the calendar. The software provides a unified calendar from which attorneys can manage their entire schedules. This means that they will no longer have to alternate between email-based or phone-based calendars but can instead use a centralized solution. The calendar function can eliminate scheduling conflicts and help attorneys keep up with their busy schedules.

Email Integrations

Another value proposition of legal case management software is that it can integrate with your existing email solution. This integration makes it easy to route important emails to case files for record-keeping and billing purposes.

Timekeeping and Accounting Features

Finally, every great attorney case management software solution includes robust timekeeping and accounting features. These solutions give attorneys the ability to document billable hours either while they work or after a task has been completed. Top options even include built-in timers so that attorneys can capture an optimal amount of billable hours.

In terms of accounting capabilities, these solutions will help you track transactions and outstanding balances. The technology should work hand in hand with your primary accounting solution in order to improve financial transparency and streamline collections processes.

Top 15 Case Management Solutions

Our list of the best case management software includes the following:


Clio site

Clio is by far one of the most well-known case management solutions on the market. The platform offers comprehensive case management capabilities, including scheduling, file management, and timekeeping. In addition to case management tools, Clio also offers financial tracking features, scheduling capabilities, and much more. This makes Clio one of the most dynamic options on our list.


Like many firm management solutions, Clio offers a free trial so that you can see if it is a good fit for your practice. It offers three-tiered plan options:

  • Starter Plan: $49
  • Boutique Plan: $69
  • Elite Plan: $109

These prices are per user, which is the most common billing model for legal case management software.


Clio's array of features is what makes it stand out among legal case management software solutions. The technology has document automation capabilities, legal accounting tools, time-tracking features, and "bank-grade security." Additionally, Clio has a user-friendly mobile app that gives attorneys the freedom to manage their cases from anywhere.


Clio is a true end-to-end legal case management software solution. It has tools for every stage of case management, from the initial meeting with clients to invoicing. Clio can help law firms:

  • Gain superior visibility over finances and billable hours
  • Achieve unmatched case file organization
  • Engage in document management in the office or on the go

Clio's legal case management system gives attorneys superior oversight of their workload so that they can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Technical Details

Clio functions flawlessly with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The platform is cloud-based, which means that law firms do not have to invest in costly on-premises resources to use the program. The service model is scalable, making it a good option for solo practitioners, large law firms, and any size practice in between.


Clio provides support via:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Ticket requests

The platform offers extended live support hours so that your law office can quickly resolve any issues it may encounter with the platform.

Neos Software

Neos Software site

Neos is a highly customizable legal case management system that seamlessly integrates with common technology suites like Microsoft 365 and DocuSign. It has dynamic automated reporting tools, a dashboard that presents data in real time, and several other unique features. Its dashboarding and reporting tools can help law firms conduct legal research so they can better understand their market and differentiate themselves from competitors.


While Neos does not offer a free trial, the legal case management platform has a straightforward pricing model. Whereas some other case management systems feature tier-based pricing, Neos has a flat per-user price of $85 per month. At this price point, you can access all of Neos' key features and tools.


While Neos has plenty to offer small law firms and large legal departments alike, its customizable dashboards are one of its most sought-after features. Once you begin using Neos, your law firm can modify your dashboards in order to prioritize the performance metrics that are most relevant to your growth goals. This ensures that you can view critical business performance data at a glance without wasting precious billable hours searching for a particular piece of information.


Some of the key benefits of Neos include its:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable dashboards
  • No-nonsense pricing
  • Exemplary customer support model

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Neos' ability to easily integrate with Microsoft 365 and DocuSign is worth noting. These integrations facilitate information sharing between other technology solutions in order to create a more seamless and efficient workflow.

Technical Details

The Neos platform is compatible with both Windows and iOS operating systems. In terms of mobile devices, Neos and its mobile app function smoothly on Androids and iPhones.


Neos provides customer support via email, live chat, or phone. You can also submit a support ticket via Neos' website. The company has extended support hours to accommodate law firms in all North American time zones.


Smokeball site

Smokeball's legal case management software may not be as well-known as some of the other options on this list. However, the software has plenty to offer in terms of document management capabilities. The platform boasts a library of more than 20,000 court documents, each of which can be customized to suit your needs. You can also create templates for commonly used forms to save time and streamline document filing processes.


Smokeball is one of the most budget-friendly case management software solutions on the market. The company offers a free trial period and has a per-user price of just $29 per month for the basic Start plan. In order to access some of the platform's more robust features, you will need to opt for the Grow or Prosper plan. The former costs $99 per user per month, and the Prosper plan runs $149 per user per month.


At the introductory level, Smokeball offers contact management capabilities, online payment processing tools, billable hour tracking features, and reporting software. If you upgrade to the mid-tier Grow option, you will gain access to comprehensive document management solutions, the library of court forms, and offline access to the platform. The Prosper plan provides you with email marketing, lead management, workflow automation, and profitability management tools.


Smokeball is a highly accessible practice management software due to its low initial price point. As you grow into the platform and begin to become more familiar with its capabilities, you have the freedom to upgrade your subscription so that you can access additional tools and features.

With Smokeball, you will access benefits such as:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Workflow management software
  • Pre-automated court forms

The library of pre-automated forms is undoubtedly the most notable value proposition of the Smokeball platform. This feature alone can save your team countless hours and help you increase profitability.

Technical Details

Smokeball functions well with all mainstream operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. The platform also has a mobile app, which allows attorneys to manage accounts when they are away from the office. Like the desktop application, the mobile app is user-friendly and designed to maximize work efficiency.


Smokeball offers support via:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Online support tickets

Smokeball has developed a reputation for quickly replying to support requests and resolving client concerns.


MyCase site

MyCase case management software includes a variety of tools and features to help law firms operate more efficiently. With it, attorneys can manage case documents, contacts, emails, tasks, and invoices. The platform is a good fit for independent attorneys, mid-size law firms, and large practices.


MyCase offers three different plans:

  • Basic: $49
  • Pro: $69
  • Advanced: $89

The Basic option includes access to cloud-based case and document management software. It also includes a client portal, billing tools, expense tracking, and legal calendaring. The Pro plan includes additional client communication tools, eSignature capabilities, advanced invoicing and billing tools, and integrations with programs like Outlook and Google. By upgrading to the Advanced plan, law firms can access unlimited secure cloud storage.


Some of MyCase's key features include:

  • Client communication tools
  • Billing tools
  • Intake management software
  • eSignature capabilities

For a full list of features, visit MyCase's website.


With MyCase, law firms can:

  • Streamline case management capabilities
  • Access critical client and case information from a single platform
  • Increase operational efficiency

Additionally, MyCase will help law firms protect the interests of their clients via its secure client portal. The client portal uses modern cybersecurity software to restrict access to client data and keep confidential information out of the hands of hackers.

Technical Details

MyCase offers both a mobile and desktop app. The desktop platform functions with iOS and Windows operating systems, and the mobile app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.


MyCase provides client support via live chat. The company's support representatives are only available from 7 a.m. through 4 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter site

Rocket Matter was one of the first cloud-based law practice management software solutions on the market. The platform launched in 2007 and has continued to be a top legal management software option. Rocket Matter is known for exceptional customer service, user-friendly case management tools, and robust billing solutions.


Like most of the entries on this list of the best case management software solutions, Rocket Matter uses a three-tiered pricing model. The entry-level is known as Essentials and costs $39 per user per month. The program also has a $59 per user per month Pro version and an $89 per user per month Premier option.


Rocket Matter is a comprehensive law practice management software solution. In addition to providing case management software, it also offers total law firm management tools. A few highlights include document automation, collaboration, and contract management tools. It also provides time tracking, legal billing, and reporting capabilities.


Whereas some solutions primarily focus on case management, Rocket Matter is an all-in-one practice management software. For law firms seeking a versatile platform that can assist with all of their practice management challenges, Rocket Matter may be an excellent option.

Technical Details

The Rocket Matter platform is compatible with iOS and Windows operating systems. Its mobile app is available in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.


Rocket Matter offers support via email, phone, or live chat. It offers extended support hours to effectively serve clients in all four continental U.S. time zones. Rocket Matter also has an extensive training content library, which is free to use.


PracticePanther site

PracticePanther has won numerous awards from organizations like Capterra, GetApp, and G2. The case and document management platform offers seamless time tracking tools, a user-friendly client portal, customizable intake forms, calendaring, accounting, billing, and much more. PracticePanther is totally scalable, but it seems to be particularly appealing to small and mid-size law firms due to its simplicity.


PracticePanther also offers three plan options. The Solo plan is designed for independent attorneys and costs $49 per month. It includes few internal collaboration tools but is powerful enough for up-and-coming lawyers looking to grow their businesses.

Small and mid-size practices would benefit more from PracticePanther's Essential plan, which is $69 per month per user. Larger firms should consider the Business plan, which costs $89 per user per month.


PracticePanther has loads of features that can help with everything from client intake to document management and case prep. The customizable intake forms eliminate the need for tedious manual data entry processes. PraticePanther's client portal helps law firms keep clients in the loop and streamline communication.

In terms of billing and accounting, PracticePanther has easy-to-use time-tracking tools that allow attorneys to precisely document billable hours. The accounting software expedites payment collection processes, eliminates billing-related friction, and promotes transparency.


With PracticePanther, a law firm can:

  • Operate more efficiently
  • Protect cash flow
  • Streamline payment collection
  • Improve communication with clients
  • Increase document management efficiency
  • Automate workflows

These benefits will help attorneys achieve growth goals, build their brands, and better serve clients.

Technical Details

The PracticePanther platform is a versatile, cloud-based solution that functions seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. It works with all mainstream operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android. PracticePanther can also integrate with popular software solutions such as Microsoft Office.


PracticePanther provides support via live chat. The developer offers customized demos and free trials as well. When setting up customized demos, PracticePanther will tailor the experience based on which solutions your law firm has expressed interest in.


CloudLex site

CloudLex is unique in that it is designed exclusively for personal injury law firms. The case and document management platform assists with all aspects of operating a personal injury practice. It includes case management tools, client intake capabilities, collaboration tech, and reporting tools as well.


Unlike most case management software solutions, CloudLex does not have tiers; instead, it tailors its prices based on the number of features and solutions you adopt. In order to obtain a quote for your law firm, you must contact CloudLex directly.


CloudLex's platform for personal injury law firms offers a long list of features and applications, including:

  • Matter Manager
  • Intake Manager
  • App Integrator
  • Client Messenger
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Law Firms
  • Digital Archiver
  • Email Connector
  • Referral Engine

While you could certainly use CloudLex's case management software as a standalone product, adopting multiple solutions would likely provide better value for your law firm.


CloudLex is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic case management software solutions available to the legal industry. The platform has tools for managing virtually every aspect of a personal injury law firm. The CloudLex technology suite can assist with case management, intake, accounting, reporting, market analysis, and trial prep. Cumulatively, CloudLex's capabilities can help a law practice modernize its operations from top to bottom.

Technical Details

The CloudLex platform works on all major operating systems. CloudLex also offers a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The technology integrates with many software solutions through its App Integrator, including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


CloudLex primarily provides support via live chat and email. It also offers support via phone.


SmartAdvocate site

SmartAdvocate is a legal case management system that is designed to fully integrate into a law firm's existing technology stack. SmartAdvocate is designed specifically for mass tort litigation and personal injury practices. It was created by a group of experienced personal injury attorneys.


SmartAdvocate is available for $89 per month per user. This subscription-based plan is hosted, which means that the software and data remain on third-party cloud servers. Alternatively, a law practice can pay a flat fee of $995 per named user if the business would prefer to fully manage the software using its own IT assets.


Some of the features offered by SmartAdvocate include:

  • Texting integrations
  • Email integrations
  • Reporting tools
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Legal calendars
  • Microsoft Office plug-ins
  • Case tracking
  • Marketing capabilities

For a full list of SmartAdvocate features, visit the provider's website.


SmartAdvocate's automation capabilities are what make it one of the top case and task management solutions on the market. A law practice can drastically increase productivity and efficiency by automating labor-intensive processes. A firm can further improve efficiency by taking advantage of SmartAdvocate's organizational tools, which can assist with document management and case preparation.

Technical Details

The SmartAdvocate platform integrates with Microsoft Office software and popular email platforms. It functions well with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. SmartAdvocate also offers an extremely user-friendly mobile app.


SmartAdvocate provides support exclusively via its Support Tracker system. In order to submit a support request or track the status of an existing ticket, users must log in to the system. Alternatively, they can email SmartAdvocate's support team directly for assistance with creating a Support Tracker account and logging in.

Alt Legal

Alt Legal site

For those interested in a simple yet effective case management solution, Alt Legal may be the answer. Alt Legal is designed to automatically detect changes to statutory deadlines and filings to help attorneys file all required documents in a timely manner. This eliminates the need for manual docketing, which can save attorneys countless hours.

Alt Legal sends automated email updates daily. These emails include deadline reminders and other important filing information. The platform also creates customizable reports so that attorneys can gain valuable insights into their practices.


For those interested in trying out the platform, Alt Legal offers a free trial period. However, the vendor does not provide flat, user-based pricing information on its website. Instead, attorneys must call for a custom quote.


Alt Legal includes a strong lineup of features, such as:

  • E-billing
  • Task management
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Reporting and analytics software

Unlike some of the other platforms on our list, Alt Legal does not provide total practice management solutions. However, the software does offer many valuable tools and features that are designed to help IP and trademark attorneys operate more efficiently.


Alt Legal will ensure that attorneys never lose sight of impending filing deadlines thanks to its reminder tools. The platform also provides attorneys with actionable information via its advanced analytics tools. Attorneys can use this data to identify organizational shortcomings and make meaningful improvements that help them achieve growth goals.

Technical Details

Both Windows and Mac devices are compatible with Alt Legal. It is cloud-hosted and suitable for businesses of all sizes. The website also offers a library of resources on IP practice and news.


Alt Legal offers support via live chat, phone, and email. It does not provide training resources or allow users to submit support request tickets.


LexRex site

LexRex is another all-in-one practice management software that includes robust case management tools. It is highly customizable, which means that law firms can tailor the product and its interface to their unique needs. LexRex offers a seamless deployment process and can be accessed in the office or on the go. It even includes billing and payment processing tools so that users can streamline accounting processes.


You must contact LexRex directly for a custom quote. LexRex does not offer a free trial option and is one of a few practice management software providers on our list that does not provide upfront, user-based pricing.


The LexRex platform includes an abundance of dynamic features and tools. The platform offers comprehensive client management and case management capabilities. It also seamlessly integrates with multiple software solutions, including DocuSign and Microsoft Office. Perhaps the biggest appeal of LexRex is its superior level of customizability.


LexRex seems to be most popular among solo attorneys and small practices. This is likely due to the platform's reputation for providing easy deployment and setup. Smaller practices without access to a full-time IT department want a solution that they can roll out quickly with minimal risk of delay.

Despite its reputation for being a platform for smaller firms, LexRex has plenty of power. It easily scales to meet the case management demands of mid-sized practices as well.

Technical Details

LexRex is a cloud-based platform that is supported by Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It is available via an annual or monthly subscription pricing model. LexRex offers a mobile app as well.


You can contact LexRex via phone or email. The developer provides extensive training resources, including videos, via its online portal.


LegalTrek site

LegalTrek was designed to meet the needs of independent attorneys and smaller practices. As such, it offers a highly focused set of practice and case management tools. A few examples include a calendar, document management system, case management interface, and billing platform. LegalTrek's simple yet functional design is what makes it so appealing to up-and-coming practices.


LegalTrek offers a free trial, which gives customers an opportunity to get a feel for the program. During the trial, users can access all of LegalTrek's features.

The company provides personalized quotes via email. Quotes vary based on practice size and the number of named users.


LegalTrek integrates with most common email solutions, including Gmail and Outlook. It has a client portal that attorneys can use to share information with clients, manage case files, and upload documents. LegalTrek also offers client intake forms, contact management tools, automation workflows, and time-tracking capabilities.


The LegalTrek platform will help busy attorneys get organized and stay that way. Its automation tools can improve operational efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the client experience. With LegalTrek, attorneys can gain better oversight of their daily and weekly tasks while also improving profitability. Unlike many other legal management software solutions, LegalTrek can be used as a cloud-based service or deployed on-premises.

Technical Details

LegalTrek is supported by Windows and Mac devices. The mobile app is available via the App Store and the Google Play Store. LegalTrek offers a monthly payment model for cloud users and one-time payment options for on-premises deployments.


Support for LegalTrek is provided via email, phone, and live chat. The company also provides extensive training resources to its clients. These resources include videos, articles, and personalized guidance on how to use the program's array of capabilities.


LawVu site

LawVu has been described as a "holistic" law practice management software. This is because the platform's various tools and features flawlessly work together to create a frictionless user experience. Attorneys can use this case management software to store documents, create case files, and query for information. The platform makes locating essential documents quick and painless.

However, LawVu and its robust set of features are probably not the best fit for small law firms. Instead, the platform is better suited for in-house corporate legal teams that are frequently collaborating with other departments.


LawVu does not provide a free trial or upfront pricing. Instead, it offers a per-feature pricing model. As with many legal management software providers, LawVu offers discounts for bundling multiple features, but specific details are not publicly available.


LawVu is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that includes document management software, collaboration tools, and search capabilities. It also features advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, which can provide detailed insights into a legal team's workload, performance, and more.


The LawVu platform's sophisticated document management and search tools are precisely what in-house corporate legal teams need to compete in the modern business landscape. With LawVu, in-house teams can demonstrate how they are delivering value for the organization while also fulfilling their core responsibilities. The platform will allow them to operate more efficiently, precisely document billable hours, function with transparency, and ensure compliance with relevant industry requirements.

Technical Details

LawVu functions optimally with iOS devices. The developer offers a mobile app as well, but it is only available via the App Store. It is not compatible with Android operating systems.


Phone-based and live chat support are provided for LawVu users. Representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In addition to live support, LawVu has a FAQs page and a broad content library.


Filevine site

Filevine is one of the most customizable case management solutions available. In light of this, Filevine may be a good match for a law office that wants a tailored case management experience. With Filevine, users can customize just about everything, including their dashboard, report layouts, and alerts. In addition to offering peak levels of customization, it also includes plenty of automation and collaboration tools.


Filevine offers a per-user, per-month pricing model. It does not offer any free trials and does not provide upfront pricing. In order to obtain a detailed quote, you must contact the vendor directly. If you are enrolling a large number of users, you may be eligible for a discount.


User-friendly collaboration tools from Filevine allow teams to easily adapt to the rapidly evolving legal landscape. Team members can communicate through the platform itself, as well as by text or email. Filevine also boasts unlimited cloud data storage, high-level data security protocols, and detailed reporting capabilities.


Filevine purports to be the most customizable law practice management solution available. While we didn't compare it head-to-head with the other customizable solutions on our list, we can say that Filevine does give you the freedom to create a truly tailored user experience. The platform is also known for being highly scalable, which means that it can grow with your law practice.

Technical Details

Like most modern law practice management solutions, Filevine is cloud-based. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebook devices, as well as iPhone and Android.

Filevine does not offer any on-premises solutions. It is exclusively available via the monthly subscription model, which charges per user.


Filevine offers support via email, phone, and live chat. All three support channels are available 24/7. The vendor also has a comprehensive training library, which includes videos, documents, and webinars. When deploying the platform, clients can arrange live online or in-person training sessions with Filevine staff.


LollyLaw site

LollyLaw was tailor-made for firms that practice immigration law or an associated discipline. The platform includes tools for creating case files, tracking documents, and preparing for legal proceedings. LollyLaw includes customizable immigration documents from the FBI, DOS, DOJ, and USCIS. The forms can be filled out via LollyLaw's collaboration mode so that attorneys can help clients properly complete all requested documents.


You can try out LollyLaw through its 7-day free trial period. The platform then charges per user per month. Alternatively, law firms can pay an annual per-user fee in order to access a discounted rate.


LollyLaw includes a host of standard practice management features, such as:

  • Contact management tools
  • SMS messaging capabilities
  • Calendaring
  • Push notifications (sent via email and SMS)
  • Task management tools
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Document automation
  • Form filling

Its extensive library of FBI, DOJ, USCIS, and DOS forms is by far LollyLaw's most notable feature. Attorneys can electronically send these forms to clients, work on them live during an online chat, and ensure that clients properly complete all documents.


LollyLaw can significantly improve communication between an immigration law practice and its clients. The platform can expedite filing processes, reduce the likelihood of document errors, and help attorneys efficiently navigate immigration issues on behalf of their clients. With LollyLaw, attorneys can also manage more cases without compromising work quality.

Technical Details

Both Mac and Windows devices support LollyLaw. The vendor does not currently offer a native mobile app. While the web app is mobile-compatible, it performs best on standard devices.


LollyLaw provides support via live chat, email, and phone. It also provides several dozen articles on its website, including how-to guides, but it does not have any training videos.


Lawcus site

Lawcus case and practice management software has a broad mix of automation capabilities. It also features Kanban boards, a popular visual organization tool both within and outside of the legal industry. The platform allows users to create custom due dates for new tasks, assemble documents, integrate with OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive services, and more.


The Lawcus platform offers a free trial period. After the free trial period expires, users can choose from three pricing plans:

  • Standard: $39 per user per month
  • Plus: $49 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing

Lawcus is a well-priced practice management solution, especially considering how many features it includes. This makes it a viable legal case management solution for any size law firm.


In terms of features, Lawcus offers the following:

  • A secure client portal
  • Matter management
  • Workflow and automation tools
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Online payment processing
  • Integrations with popular software solutions
  • Mobile apps
  • Customer relationships management software
  • Kanban boards
  • Real-time notifications

Lawcus also provides some customizable options so that users can tailor the interface to prioritize relevant pieces of information, such as upcoming deadlines or appointments.


The Lawcus platform is an extremely affordable legal case management solution. Users can access its full set of features for only $49 per month per user. While it is unclear exactly what Lawcus' enterprise rates are, the vendor likely offers a per-user discount for large law firms.

In addition to being well-priced, Lawcus offers billing management tools to streamline accounting processes. Its secure client portal helps attorneys safeguard confidential data and protect their firm's reputation.

Technical Details

Lawcus is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. It also has a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. The vendor has a monthly pricing model. Lawcus uses open APIs to facilitate the deployment of its legal case management software.


Lawcus offers support via phone, email, or live chat. The vendor also allows clients to submit support request tickets for non-urgent concerns. Lawcus offers various training resources, including articles, webinars, and videos.

Firm Central

Firm Central site

Firm Central is a comprehensive office management solution that includes extensive case management capabilities. Developed by Thomson Reuters, Firm Central offers document customization, invoicing tools, email monitoring capabilities, and many other features. Firm Central also has the ability to integrate with commonly used technologies like DocuSign and Microsoft Exchange.


Interested firms can take advantage of Firm Central's free trial period. Its Core plan is available at a price of $40 per user per month, while the Essential plan costs $65 per user per month. Firm Central's top offering, known as Premier, is available for $105 per user per month.


Firm Central's extensive list of features includes:

  • Trust accounting
  • Task management
  • Contact management
  • Client history management
  • Invoicing
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Conflict checking
  • Client intake
  • Workflow automation

Additionally, users can create custom deadlines, form templates, and workflows. The platform is also accessible via user-friendly mobile apps.


Firm Central is backed by Thomson Reuters, a well-established and highly respected media corporation. In light of that, it is no surprise that Firm Central is constantly being refined and updated in order to optimize both performance and functionality.

Other benefits of Firm Central include its expertly designed interface, abundance of features, and advanced reporting tools. Firm Central is an exceptional all-around law practice management solution for firms of any size or field.

Technical Details

Firm Central is supported by Mac and Windows devices. The native mobile app is available for Androids and iPhones. Firm Central is cloud-based and is offered via a monthly, per-user pricing model.


The Firm Central platform offers support via phone, email, or live chat. It provides clients with plenty of training resources, including written materials, webinars, and videos.

Why Use Legal Case Management Software?

There are countless reasons why you should use legal case management software. First and foremost, this technology will help you get organized and operate more efficiently. By implementing a quality case management software solution, you will be able to better serve your clients, take on more cases, and increase profitability.

Depending on which area of practice you specialize in, you may be subject to stringent regulatory requirements. Failing to comply with said requirements can expose you to major liability, including fines and other civil penalties. Case management software will improve your ability to remain compliant by giving you better oversight of all documents and case files within your database.

If you are part of a mid-size or large legal team, case management software can improve the way you collaborate and communicate. You can effortlessly interact with other attorneys, support personnel, and clients, all from a centralized interface.

The best case management software solutions can also set the stage for continued growth. This is because these solutions can scale with your business. As you bring in new team members, you can easily add more authorized users to your practice management software account.

How Does Attorney Case Management Software Help Your Law Firm Grow?

While there are many factors that influence your firm's ability to grow, one of the most critical is efficiency. If you are still relying on manual, inefficient business practices, you will experience high operating costs and find it difficult to achieve growth goals. You may struggle to take on a higher volume of clients because you simply do not have the resources to do so.

Case management software serves as a resource multiplier. You can create custom, automated workflows that reduce your reliance on manual processes, helping you accomplish more with fewer labor hours and a smaller staff. This means that both you and your existing team can spend more time focusing on core operational tasks and waste less of it tending to administrative responsibilities.

A top case management software solution will also eliminate data silos that form when a legal team is overly compartmentalized. Everyone will be able to access the information they need in order to fulfill their responsibilities without spending hours searching through file cabinets or hunting for a weeks-old Word document. With a case management solution, you and your staff can find key documents in seconds simply by conducting a query within your centralized platform.

Practice management software also promotes accountability within your practice. The technology allows you to create custom reminders so that team members do not miss critical deadlines or appointments. This function will help you enhance your firm's brand image, which will ultimately allow you to attract new clients.

Things to Consider When Choosing Legal Case Management Software

The case management software that you choose will have a profound impact on the future of your law firm. Therefore, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option before making your decision. While you can certainly alter course later and switch to a different software solution, doing so will harm employee buy-in and could hinder your ability to achieve long-term law firm growth goals.

With that in mind, one of the most important factors to consider when selecting legal case management software is price. Although there are certainly some great practice management software solutions that are competitively priced, these options may not be the right fit for your firm. As such, you should be open to paying a little more for your law practice management software, provided that it adequately meets the needs of your growing legal business.

In addition to price, you should closely examine which features each solution offers. While you don't want to be paying for a bunch of features you won't use, you should also try to look to the future. What features and capabilities do you anticipate needing over the next few years? If the platform you are using already offers those features, you will not find yourself looking for a new law practice management software as your firm's needs evolve.

After considering features, you should consider what integrations the software offers. Case management software that integrates with your existing technology stack will offer a more seamless experience.

You should also ensure that the vendor offers some type of training resources, especially if you are part of a larger legal team. These resources will be valuable as you prepare to roll out the software. The training content will help your team build confidence in the program and increase employee buy-in. Great training content will also maximize your return on investment.

Looking Beyond Case Management Software

Implementing a dynamic case management solution will streamline law firm operations and help your practice operate more efficiently. However, if you want to gain total control over your law firm's growth trajectory, acquire new clients, and build your brand, you need to do much more than simply adopt a cloud-based solution.

In addition to investing in the right technologies, you should explore partnerships with a brand-building partner like Grow Law Firm. We are an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional law firm digital marketing agency that can help you achieve your short- and long-term growth goals. If you would like to learn more about our suite of services, including pay-per-click campaign management, search engine optimization, and web design, contact us today.

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