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10 Best SEO Companies for Lawyers and Attorneys in 2024

Discover the best SEO companies to skyrocket your online presence. Don't miss out!

10 min
Apr 13, 2023

Looking for an SEO services provider to give your lawyer or attorney business the boost it needs? It can be hard to know who is genuine amongst so many agencies promising top-notch services at competitive rates. Our team at Grow Law Firm, a full-service marketing and SEO agency, understands what makes an SEO company worth the cost.

We’ve compiled 10 of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies that offer solutions specifically geared toward lawyers and attorneys. Each one of these companies will provide you with comprehensive experience in boosting visibility, brand awareness, and traffic.

Read on to find out which ones are worth considering for your law firm’s needs!

Grow Law Firm — a Law Firm SEO Agency

Are you searching for the best law firm marketing agency specializing in SEO for your law practice? Though we offer reputable and effective services that have helped countless law firms reach their revenue and client goals, we value transparency and understand that each firm has its own needs, and we aren't right for everyone.

Here at Grow Law Firm, we focus on small and medium-sized businesses in particular areas of legal services that involve SEO, including personal injury, criminal law, family law, immigration, business law, estate planning, trust and probate, and much more. Contact us today to see what results our partnership can bring to your business!

We've compiled this list to give you an alternate option so that you can find the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that align with your needs. If any of these companies better fit what your business is looking for, then feel free to take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

Partneing with Grow Law Firm will give you access to our years of expertise in SEO marketing, which will yield impressive results worthy of your investment. We prioritize customer relationships through trust and offer honest service every step of the way.

Grow Law Firm helped this law firm to get top results in the state of Texas

Top 10 Best SEO Agencies for Lawyers


LawRank SEO agency
Source: LawRank
Practice Areas: Each and every legal firm
San Diego, CA, and New York, NY
Effective SEO services, informative blogs, and podcasts.

If you're a lawyer looking for the best SEO agency to help boost your online visibility, then LawRank should be at the top of your list. This leading SEO and digital marketing agency has extensive experience working with legal professionals, so they understand the importance of finding effective ways to reach out to potential clients. 

They have a proven track record of success providing services such as content marketing, reputation management, keyword research and optimization, website design, link building, and social media campaigns - all customized to suit the needs of lawyers and law firms. 

With their combination of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, LawRank is able to provide reputable solutions that ensure lawyers are always one step ahead of their competition.


AttorneySync SEO agency
Source: AttorneySync
Practice Areas: Legal services with an emphasis on estate planning, business law, trusts, probate, and guardianship matters.
Chicago, Illinois
Personalized approach to legal services, flexible payment plans, and quick response times.

AttorneySync is one of the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers. This agency has a wide range of services that are tailored to expand a law firm’s online presence, ultimately increasing its reach and engagement with potential clients. 

At AttorneySync they specialize in SEO-friendly content creation and site optimization, as well as original graphic designs to make their clients stand out online. 

Furthermore, they also offer social media management and tracking for further success, helping law firms stay up to date on the ever-changing aspects of digital marketing. 

At AttorneySync, their priority is to bring new leads and clients to their clients through specialized digital strategies designed to connect attorneys with those who need legal counsel.

Comrade SEO Agency

Comrade SEO Agency
Source: Comrade SEO Agency
Practice Areas: No specifics on practice areas
Chicago, IL 
Offering clients a greater level of transparency and cost control, guaranteeing the highest quality of service, and striving to ensure that clients get the best return on their SEO investment.

Comrade SEO Agency should be at the top of any list of the best SEO agencies for lawyers. The team is composed of experienced professionals in search engine optimization, all with a wealth of knowledge and insight into effectively optimizing websites for law firms. 

They offer specialized services such as website development, content strategy, graphic design, and pay-per-click campaigns, tailored to help law practices stand out from their competition online. 

Their focus on producing results has given them a strong track record in ranking scores and web analytics metrics that are important to law firm marketing success. 

Clients enjoy working with Comrade SEO Agency due to the personalized attention they give to each project, as well as their honest advice on which strategies will be most successful in improving organic search rankings. 

With great customer service and exceptional results-driven optimization, Comrade SEO Agency is certainly one of the best when it comes to legal marketing services.


iLawyerMarketing SEO agency
Source: iLawyerMarketing
Practice Areas: Specializes in providing legal services for all law firms, with an emphasis on personal injury and criminal defense.
San Diego, CA
Works with a limited number of law firms, develops personalized websites, and does not enter into long-term contracts.

If you’re searching for a legal marketing agency that specializes in the legal field, iLawyerMarketing could be the right choice. This law firm SEO company is one of the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers and focuses its efforts on helping attorneys reach their desired results. 

With comprehensive skills in search engine optimization, content building, and keyword research, this agency will assist lawyers with online visibility and exposure for their firms. 

Not only does lawyer marketing strive to deliver highly tailored campaigns, but they also offer ongoing support tailored to each law firm’s needs. 

From target keywords to custom analysis reports, iLawyerMarketing can help your firm rank higher and see greater success through targeted SEO growth strategies.

Custom Legal Marketing

Custom Legal Marketing SEO agency
Source: Custom Legal Marketing
Practice Areas: Personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and more
San Diego, California
Extensive legal experience, specialized approach to marketing, and access to cutting-edge technologies.

Custom Legal Marketing is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the best law firm SEO companies. Based out of Florida, they specialize in creating tailored marketing strategies designed to generate meaningful web traffic and increase conversions. 

Their team boasts decades of combined experience across digital, traditional, and search engine marketing with a wide variety of legal industries, including personal injury law, criminal defense, and civil litigation. 

They offer individualized services such as website audits with detailed recommendations, keyword optimization, and social media content plans; all of which help you achieve an improved ranking trail on major search engines like Google and Bing. 

Moreover, their commitment to measurable results is reflected in their expert forecasting, informed decision-making capabilities, and ongoing analysis. 

With Custom Legal Marketing's ability to produce quantifiable results for their clients -- it’s no wonder that they are considered to be among the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers.

The Guerrilla Agency

The Guerrilla Agency SEO
Source: The Guerrilla Agency
Practice Areas: Corporate law, business and finance law, intellectual property law, taxation law, litigation, and dispute resolution.
Los Angeles, California.
An extensive network of seasoned attorneys, deep insights into the latest legal developments, approachable staff, and cost-effective solutions.

The Guerrilla Agency proudly stands at number five on the list of the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers! Established sixteen years ago, they have since remained the premier choice for lawyers needing to optimize their online marketing. 

Beyond simple site optimization, The Guerrilla Agency also has extensive experience in content creation and knows how to raise digital visibility while keeping all activity in compliance with legal guidelines. 

Clients who work with this top-rated company see unbeatable results from their SEO optimization services, as evidenced by glowing reviews from past clients. Lawyers looking to elevate their sites and attract more leads need not look any further than The Guerrilla Agency!

Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO
Source: Stellar SEO
Practice Areas: All law firms
San Francisco, California
A world-class customer service team, extensive SEO knowledge base, and cutting-edge strategies that help drive maximum organic traffic to clients’ websites.

Stellar SEO is one of the best lawyer SEO companies, always aiming to provide superior services to legal professionals. 

It understands that in a digital world, more and more people are turning to search engines when looking for a reliable lawyer to take on their case. This is why Stellar SEO provides an array of professional services such as keyword analysis, landing page optimization, and content marketing, all tailored around the needs of law firms. 

Its experienced team makes sure that its clients are at the top of Google’s results pages in order to gain maximum visibility, and this focused attention means that it has achieved fantastic results. 

Stellar SEO also offers 24/7 customer service and tailored reporting tools, ensuring that you stay informed about progress all the time. 

In short, it’s a winning combination – providing superior services, excellent results, and great customer service – meaning it deserves its place within the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers.

Juris Digital

Juris Digital SEO agency
Source: Juris Digital
Practice Areas: Small and medium legal offices that specialize in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, employment law, business law, estate planning, and real estate law
Denver, CO
Cost transparency and client-focused solutions for law firms, with complete ownership of their website. 

Juris Digital has quickly become one of the leading firms providing law firm SEO services. They specialize in targeting high-opportunity clients with well-placed marketing strategies, utilizing best practices to maximize online presence and visibility. 

Their portfolio includes many awards and recognitions from Google and other organizations that back up their expertise in helping local law firms establish a stronger digital footprint through SEO white hat techniques. Their team of experts works closely with lawyers to ensure all the available optimizations are being done for the best outcome possible. 

With their advanced data-driven insights, Juris Digital is effective at getting better returns for legal businesses and finding ways to outpace the competition. This makes them one of the top choices for legal marketers looking to take their digital campaign to the next level.

BluShark Digital

BluShark Digital SEO agency
Source: BluShark Digital
Practice Areas: No specifics on practice areas
Washington, D.C.
Exclusive digital marketing agency founded by an attorney, with a focus on providing comprehensive SEO services to law firms. 

BluShark Digital is an amazing SEO agency to consider if you're seeking the best of the best to help your lawyer's website rank highly in searches. 

From an extensive team of marketing professionals who are experts at creating digital media campaigns tailor-made for lawyers, to top-notch pay-per-click advertising services, and online reputation management, BluShark Digital stands out from the crowd. 

They also offer a plethora of content marketing packages with special expertise in optimizing legal language for maximum reach. This combined strategy guarantees that your legal website ranks at the top of search engine results pages. 

Their advanced analytics will show you not only what's working but also premium information on areas that need more attention, giving you the advantage and making sure you aren't wasting your money on ineffective strategies. 

With BluShark Digital, you can rest assured that they will do their utmost to provide services perfectly tailored to meet all your needs and goals.

Thrive Agency

Thrive Agency for SEO
Source: Thrive Agency
Practice Areas: No specifics on practice areas
Arlington, TX 
AI-powered technologies, personalized customer experience, and close collaboration with customers to deliver satisfaction and results.

Thrive Agency is a top choice for lawyers that want their SEO efforts to produce results. Its team of experienced strategists, web designers, content creators, and digital marketers will work together to create an SEO strategy tailored to the specific needs of the law firm. 

Their process begins by gaining an in-depth understanding of the goals and legal landscape of a firm, followed by research into target personas and market opportunities. This allows them to prioritize opportunities for organic search improvement and make sure each wave of optimization yields immediate improvements in organic visibility and leads. 

The Thrive Agency team believes that it can help any law firm accelerate its business growth with effective SEO strategies. It's no wonder they're seen as one of the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers!

Why Do You Need a Law Firm SEO Agency?

If you're running a law firm and looking for ways to modernize your marketing, then it's time to consider hiring a Law Firm SEO Agency. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to ensure that your website and online presence remain visible in Google search rankings. 

reasons to hire SEO agency for lawyers

An experienced SEO agency can help develop powerful keyword strategies, create engaging content, build quality backlinks, conduct comprehensive competitor analyses, and much more - all crucial pieces of the puzzle when it comes to driving organic web traffic to your firm’s website and bringing in more clients. 

Without the guidance of an experienced marketing team or agency, you risk missing out on all the opportunities for growth that cutting-edge SEO practices have to offer. 

Luckily, working with a Law Firm SEO Agency can help unlock potential entirely new avenues of success for any size law firm.


After reviewing the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers, one thing is abundantly clear: investing in services from a law firm SEO agency can make a significant difference in online visibility, rankings, and performance. 

It makes perfect sense why experienced attorneys hire professional SEO specialists to manage their legal marketing campaigns; with the right strategy, they can reap incredible rewards.  

SEO is not an exact science, but it has been well-proven over time to be key for any successful web marketing initiative for law firms. When hiring an SEO specialist for your individual or firm’s needs, it is imperative to make sure that you are selecting the most suitable partner who understands your goals and has the resources to get you there. Investing in services from an experienced law firm agency will ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining better website rankings and lead generation opportunities. 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our services here at Grow Law Firm to help boost your search engine rankings, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Let us help increase your legal presence online so that potential clients can find you more easily.

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