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16 Best SEO Companies for Lawyers to Grow in 2024

Discover the best SEO agencies to skyrocket your online presence. Don't miss out!

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Apr 4, 2024

Looking for an SEO services provider to give your lawyer or attorney business the boost it needs? It can be hard to know who is genuine amongst so many agencies promising top-notch services at competitive rates. Our team at Grow Law Firm understands what makes an SEO company worth the cost.

We've compiled 10 of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies that offer solutions specifically geared toward lawyers and attorneys. Each one of these companies will provide you with comprehensive experience in boosting visibility, brand awareness, and traffic.

Read on to find out which ones are worth considering for your law firm's needs!

Top 16 Best SEO Agencies for Lawyers

Online there are numerous law firm SEO companies, that sell their services, but only a handful actually worth your time. That's why we did the tough part and created this curated list of best law firm SEO service providers. Here is the short list, continue to read below to learn more:

  1. Grow Law Firm
  2. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Rankings.io
  4. Lawrank
  5. iLawyer Marketing
  6. Custom Legal Marketing
  7. On The Map
  8. Coalition Technologies
  9. Juris Digital
  10. Postali
  11. Scorpion
  12. Hennessey Digital
  13. Nifty Marketing
  14. DCM Moguls
  15. Stellar SEO
  16. Rankifyer

1. Grow Law Firm — an SEO Agency for Lawyers

Are you searching for the best law firm marketing agency specializing in SEO for your law practice? Though we offer reputable and effective services that have helped countless law firms reach their revenue and client goals, we value transparency and understand that each firm has its own needs, and we aren't right for everyone.

Here at Grow Law Firm, we focus on small and medium-sized businesses in particular areas of legal services that involve SEO, including personal injury, criminal law, family law, immigration, business law, estate planning, trust and probate, and much more. Contact us today to see what results our partnership can bring to your business!

Our law firm SEO experts have compiled this list to give you an alternate option so that you can find the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that align with your needs. If any of these companies better fit what your business is looking for, then feel free to take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

Grow Law Firm helped this law firm to get top results in the state of Texas

Partneing with Grow Law Firm will give you access to our years of expertise in SEO marketing, which will yield impressive results worthy of your investment. We prioritize customer relationships through trust and offer honest service every step of the way.

Grow Law Firm has recieved multiple reards for excellence from such companies as Clutch, Expertise and UpCity. We were also acknowledged as one of the Top Law Firm SEO Companies in the United States by DesignRush.

Grow Law Firm Awards

2. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency
Source: Comrade Digital Marketing Agency
Practice Areas: Multi-practice specialist
Headquarters: Chicago, IL 
Pros: Offering clients a greater level of transparency and cost control, guaranteeing the highest quality of service, and striving to ensure that clients get the best return on their SEO investment.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency should be at the top of any list of the best SEO agencies for lawyers. The team is composed of experienced professionals in search engine optimization, all with a wealth of knowledge and insight into effectively optimizing websites for lawyers. 

They offer specialized services such as website development, content strategy, graphic design, and pay-per-click campaigns, tailored to help law practices stand out from their competition online. 

Their focus on producing results has given them a strong track record in ranking scores and web analytics metrics that are important to law firm marketing success. 

Clients enjoy working with Comrade due to the personalized attention they give to each project, as well as their honest advice on which strategies will be most successful in improving organic search rankings. 

With great customer service and exceptional results-driven optimization, Comrade is certainly one of the best when it comes to legal marketing services.

3. Rankings.io

Source: Rankings.io
Practice Areas: Multi-practice specialistrt
Marion, IL 
 Legal SEO mastery, a specialized focus on law firms, and a data-driven approach for propelling your firm to the top of search engine rankings.

Ranked among the elite in legal SEO, Rankings.io is your go-to partner for dominating search engine results pages. Their specialized focus on law firms sets them apart, delivering tailored strategies for maximum impact. From content optimization to backlink strategies, Rankings.io understands the nuances of legal SEO, ensuring your practice attracts the right clients.

With a team of SEO experts dedicated to the legal industry, they employ data-driven approaches to consistently elevate your online search engine visibility further. Partner with Rankings.io to experience the power of targeted, law-focused SEO that propels your firm to the top of SERP. Harness the mastery of Rankings.io for a digital presence that speaks volumes about your legal expertise, ensuring your firm stands out in the competitive online landscape.

4. LawRank

LawRank SEO agency
Source: LawRank
Practice Areas: Each and every legal firm
San Diego, CA, and New York, NY
Effective SEO services, informative blogs, and podcasts.

If you're a lawyer looking for the best SEO Company to help boost your online visibility, then LawRank should be at the top of your list. This leading SEO and digital marketing agency has extensive experience working with legal professionals, so they understand the importance of finding effective ways to reach out to potential clients. 

They have a proven track record of success providing services such as content marketing, reputation management, keyword research and optimization, law firm website design, link building, and social media campaigns - all customized to suit the needs of lawyers and attorneys. 

With their combination of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, LawRank is able to provide reputable solutions that ensure lawyers are always one step ahead of their competition.

5. iLawyerMarketing

iLawyerMarketing SEO agency
Source: iLawyerMarketing
Practice Areas: Specializes in providing legal services for all law firms, with an emphasis on personal injury and criminal defense.
San Diego, CA
Works with a limited number of law firms, develops personalized websites, and does not enter into long-term contracts.

If you're searching for a legal marketing agency that specializes in the legal field, iLawyerMarketing could be the right choice. This law firm SEO company is one of the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers and focuses its efforts on helping attorneys reach their desired results. 

With comprehensive skills in search engine optimization, content building, and keyword research, this agency will assist lawyers with online visibility and exposure for their firms. 

Not only does lawyer marketing strive to deliver highly tailored campaigns, but they also offer ongoing support tailored to each law firm's needs. 

From target keywords to custom analysis reports, iLawyerMarketing can help your firm rank higher in organic search results and see greater success through targeted SEO growth strategies.

6. Custom Legal Marketing

Custom Legal Marketing SEO agency
Source: Custom Legal Marketing
Practice Areas: Personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and more
San Diego, CA
Extensive legal experience, specialized approach to marketing, and access to cutting-edge technologies.

Custom Legal Marketing is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the best law firm SEO companies. Based out of Florida, they specialize in creating tailored marketing strategies designed to generate meaningful web traffic and increase conversions. 

Their team boasts decades of combined experience across digital, traditional, and search engine marketing with a wide variety of legal industries, including personal injury law, criminal defense, and civil litigation. 

They offer individualized services such as law firm website audits with detailed recommendations, keyword optimization, and social media content plans; all of which help you achieve an improved ranking trail on major search engines like Google and Bing. 

Moreover, their commitment to measurable results is reflected in their expert forecasting, informed decision-making capabilities, and ongoing analysis. 

With Custom Legal Marketing's ability to produce quantifiable results for their clients — it's no wonder that they are considered to be among the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers.

7. On The Map

Source: On The Map
Practice Areas:  Multi-practice specialist
Miami, FL
SEO solutions with a strategic approach, including local SEO optimization, content precision, and reputation management for increased visibility and client attraction.

On The Map Marketing is a game-changer for lawyers seeking comprehensive SEO solutions. Specializing in legal marketing, they meticulously craft strategies to put your practice on the digital map. From local SEO optimization to content precision, On The Map Marketing ensures your law firm website's visibility spans geographical boundaries. Their expertise extends to reputation management, ensuring your online presence aligns with your legal excellence.

Trust On The Map Marketing to navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape, propelling your law firm's website to new heights and attracting clients seeking your specific legal expertise. With a strategic approach that maps success, On The Map Marketing is your guide to a robust digital presence n the competitive legal arena, ensuring your firm's online visibility reaches its full potential.

8. Coalition Technologies

Source: Coalition Technologies
Practice Areas:  Multi-practice specialist
Los Angeles, CA
Comprehensive SEO services tailored to law firms, offering a seamless blend of innovation and expertise for establishing a strong digital footprint and optimal online visibility.

Coalition Technologies emerges as a powerhouse in the digital landscape, providing comprehensive SEO solutions for law firms. With a focus on driving tangible results, they deploy cutting-edge strategies to enhance your firm's online visibility. From technical SEO enhancements to content optimization, Coalition Technologies tailors their approach to the unique needs of legal practices. Expect a seamless blend of innovation and expertise as they navigate the intricacies of search engine algorithms.

Partner with Coalition Technologies to propel your law firm to the forefront of online searches, establishing your digital footprint and attracting clients seeking your legal prowess. Experience digital excellence with Coalition Technologies, where your firm's success is driven by a strategic and dyn

9. Juris Digital

Juris Digital SEO agency
Source: Juris Digital
Practice Areas: Small and medium legal offices that specialize in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, employment law, business law, estate planning, and real estate law
Denver, CO
Cost transparency and client-focused solutions for law firms, with complete ownership of their website. 

Juris Digital has quickly become one of the leading firms providing law firm SEO services. They specialize in targeting high-opportunity clients with well-placed marketing strategies, utilizing best practices to maximize online presence and visibility. 

Their portfolio includes many awards and recognitions from Google and other organizations that back up their expertise in helping local law firms establish a stronger digital footprint through SEO white hat techniques. Their team of experts works closely with lawyers to ensure all the available optimizations are being done for the best outcome possible. 

With their advanced data-driven insights, Juris Digital is effective at getting better returns for legal businesses and finding ways to outpace the competition. This makes them one of the top choices for legal marketers looking to take their digital campaign to the next level.

10. Postali

Source: Postali
Practice Areas: Personal injury, family and criminal law firms
 Denver, CO
precision in legal SEO, combining industry expertise with innovative strategies and a commitment to measurable results, ensuring your firm is prominently positioned in online searches.

For lawyers seeking a strategic SEO partner, Postali is a beacon of precision. Their specialized approach to legal SEO combines industry expertise with innovative strategies. Postali understands the unique challenges of legal marketing, offering tailored solutions that resonate with your target audience. From on-page optimization to local search dominance, their team ensures your law firm is positioned prominently in relevant online searches.

With a commitment to measurable results and client-centric strategies, Postali is the key to unlocking the full potential of your online presence. Experience precision in legal SEO with Postali, where each SEO strategy is crafted to elevate your firm's visibility and connect with prospective clients, seeking your specific legal services, ensuring your firm's digital success with a nuanced and strategic approach.

11. Scorpion

Source: Scorpion
Practice Areas: Personal injury, family and criminal law firms
 Santa Clarita. CA
proven track record in boosting legal visibility, meticulous strategy crafting for the legal industry, and commitment to cutting-edge techniques for results-driven SEO.

Scorpion stands out as a top choice for law firms seeking unparalleled SEO solutions. With a proven track record, Scorpion excels in boosting legal visibility online. Their strategies are meticulously crafted to resonate with the legal industry, ensuring your firm stands out in digital landscapes. From targeted keyword optimization to compelling content creation, Scorpion's comprehensive approach maximizes your online presence.

With a focus on results-driven SEO, they leverage cutting-edge techniques to drive qualified leads to your practice. Trust Scorpion to navigate the complexities of search engine algorithms, propelling your law firm to the forefront of relevant searches. Your online success is in expert hands with Scorpion, a partner dedicated to precision and excellence in legal SEO, ensuring your firm's digital footprint leaves a lasting impression.

12. Hennessey Digital

Source: Hennessey
Practice Areas: SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimization
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Pros: Extensive industry experience, comprehensive SEO plans, free consultation

Hennessey Digital is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm SEO services across the US. With over 20 years of experience reverse-engineering the Google algorithm, they focus on driving traffic, developing websites, and enhancing conversions. Their comprehensive approach to SEO includes audits, web developments, and conversion rate optimization, providing law firms with an effective online presence.

13. Nifty Marketing

Source: Nifty Marketing
Practice Areas: Local SEO, Reputation Management, Web Design
Headquarters: Burley, ID
Pros: Specialization in legal marketing, personalized strategies, comprehensive service offerings

Nifty Marketing is a reputable agency specializing in local SEO, reputation management, and web design for law firms. They provide personalized strategies and comprehensive services, helping law firms increase their online visibility and reputation. Their expertise lies in creating tailored marketing plans that meet the specific needs of each client.

14. DCM Moguls

Source: DCM Moguls
Practice Areas: SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing
Headquarters: Thousand Oaks, CA
Pros: Customized SEO solutions, extensive web design capabilities, social media expertise

DCM Moguls offers customized SEO solutions to law firms, focusing on web design and social media marketing. Their strategic approach aims to enhance online visibility and drive more traffic to clients' websites. They work closely with law firms to develop tailored strategies that meet their unique needs and goals.

15. Stellar SEO

Source: Stellar SEO
Practice Areas: SEO, Link Building, Content Creation
Headquarters: Franklin, TN
Pros: Expertise in link building, high-quality content creation, strategic SEO practices

Stellar SEO is known for its strategic SEO practices, specializing in link building and high-quality content creation for law firms. They provide the tools needed by many law firms to improve online visibility and attract potential clients. Their approach focuses on creating compelling content and building high-quality backlinks to enhance SERP results.

16. Rankifyer

Source: Rankifyer
Practice Areas: SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC
Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Pros: Comprehensive digital marketing services, expertise in PPC, strong focus on ROI

Rankifyer is a full-service digital marketing agency offering comprehensive services in SEO, social media marketing, and PPC for law firms. They are committed to delivering strategies that maximize ROI, enhancing online visibility and client acquisition. Their approach focuses on understanding each client's unique needs and developing customized strategies to meet those needs.

Why Do You Need a Law Firm SEO Agency?

If you're running a law firm and looking for ways to modernize your marketing, then it's time to consider hiring a Law Firm SEO Company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful way to ensure that your website and online presence remain visible in Google search rankings. 

reasons to hire SEO agency for lawyers

An experienced SEO agency can help develop powerful keyword strategies, create engaging content, build quality backlinks, conduct comprehensive competitor analyses, and much more - all crucial pieces of the puzzle when it comes to driving organic web traffic to your firm's website and bringing in more clients. 

Without the guidance of an experienced marketing team or agency, you risk missing out on all the opportunities for growth that cutting-edge SEO practices have to offer. 

Luckily, working with a Law Firm SEO Company can help unlock potential entirely new avenues of success for any size law firm.

Here are several reasons why lawyers should hire an SEO agency:

  • Expertise in SEO Practices: An experienced SEO agency possesses the knowledge and skills to ensure your law firm's website remains visible in Google search rankings. They understand the intricacies of SEO and how to effectively implement strategies.
  • Keyword Strategy Development: They can help develop powerful keyword strategies that align with your services and target audience, increasing your chances of being found by potential clients.
  • Content Creation: SEO agencies often have content creation teams that can create engaging, SEO-friendly content to attract and retain visitors to your website.
  • Quality Backlinks: A good SEO agency can build quality backlinks to your site, which is a critical factor in improving your search engine ranking.
  • Competitor Analysis: SEO agencies conduct comprehensive competitor analyses to understand what strategies are working for others in your field, allowing you to stay competitive.
  • Increase Web Traffic: By implementing various SEO strategies, they can drive organic web traffic to your firm's website, potentially leading to more clients.
  • Unlock New Opportunities: A lawyer SEO Company can unlock entirely new avenues of success, offering growth opportunities that may not have been possible without their expertise.
  • Save Time and Resources: By outsourcing your SEO needs to an agency, you can focus on what you do best - practicing law.


After reviewing the top 10 best SEO agencies for lawyers, one thing is abundantly clear: investing in services from a law firm SEO agency can make a significant difference in online visibility, rankings, and performance. 

It makes perfect sense why experienced attorneys hire professional SEO specialists to manage their legal marketing campaigns; with the right SEO strategy, they can reap incredible rewards.  

SEO is not an exact science, but it has been well-proven over time to be key for any successful web marketing initiative for law firms. When hiring an SEO specialist for your individual or firm's needs, it is imperative to make sure that you are selecting the most suitable partner who understands your goals and has the resources to get you there. Investing in services from an experienced law firm agency will ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining better website rankings and lead generation opportunities. 

If you're interested in taking advantage of our services here at Grow Law Firm to help boost your search engine rankings, please don't hesitate to contact us today! Let us help increase your legal presence online so that potential clients can find you more easily.

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