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Simple Biz Dev: How to 2-4x Your Income with Steve Fretzin

On this episode, host Sasha Berson welcomes Steve Fretzin, President at FRETZIN Inc., to discuss how lawyers can attract prospective clients, make more money and make their businesses more valuable.

Sasha and Steve discuss:

  • How to double or triple your book of business.
“Median income for attorneys in this country as of 2020 was $122,000 a year. You could double that, possibly quadruple that, or more.” - Steve Fretzin
  • How to take control of your legal career by leveling up on the things you didn’t learn in law school.
  • Steve’s methodologies to take turnover to the next level.
  • The importance of building your own brand and building relationships to develop strategic partnerships.
  • How focusing on planning, execution and follow-up is vital to boosting success.
  • Leveraging your network to allow for systematic referrals.
  • How to make requests from your network without sounding “salesy.”
  • The #1 business killer.
“Most attorneys would rather wait for business rather than be proactive. But there’s an effective way to develop a system rather than risk your business slowing down.” - Sasha Berson


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