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Build Boldness for a Better Life and Business with Fred Joyal at the Fred Joyal Company

Join Sasha Berson as he talks with Fred Joyal, President at the Fred Joyal Company. Fred talks about how impactful the skill of confidently connecting with people can be for your life and business success.

They explore:

  • Fred’s journey from a shy person to someone who can comfortably talk to strangers and speak confidently to thousands of people on stage.
"The number one key to success I have found in life is your ability to meet anybody you want and connect with them."
— Fred Joyal
  • How lawyers benefit from developing the skill of meeting new people with confidence and charisma.
  • How not developing this skill will lead to a life of regrets and missed opportunities.
  • Fred’s 5-step PRIDE system to develop confidence: Preparation, Relaxation, Insight, Dosage and Every-day-action.
  • The importance of losing an agenda and just enjoying the human connection.
"When you meet people without an agenda, the results will be better in the long-term and you will actually generate more business."
— Sasha Berson
  • The reason why expanding your comfort zone is so vital to success in your business.


  • Superbold Exercises (PDF) -  Link
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - Link

Connect with Fred Joyal:

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