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Boosting Your Case Flow With Virtual Services with Maddy Martin

This week, join Sasha Berson as he talks with Maddy Martin, Senior Vice President of Growth at Maddy helps businesses supercharge their conversions by combining live virtual agents with AI.

Listen to Sasha and Maddy explore:

  • How various roles in Maddy’s youth enabled her to leverage technology to help businesses grow.
  • The value of customer engagement tools in allowing business owners to focus on their priorities.
  • How to leverage virtual services to ensure your legal lead acquisition is taking place 24/7.
  • How proper delegation can be a game-changer for your legal practice.
“Data shows that lawyers spend 4 hours on admin and biz development work every day. Delegating to an agency will show an increase in revenue.”
— Maddy Martin
  • The fact that law schools don’t prepare you to run the business side of law firms.
  • The importance of being able to accept text messages from potential leads.
  • Realizing how many opportunities are wasted by not making the most of each channel at your disposal.
“The first attorney who answers a call or replies to an inquiry from a prospective client has a 71% probability of getting the business.”
— Sasha Berson
  • The limitations of using a standard receptionist.
  • How a service like pays for itself through the resulting increase in revenue.


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