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Best Client Intake Software for Law Firms in 2024

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May 8, 2024

Client intake is usually your client's first impression of your practice—it sets the tone for the entire relationship. If it goes wrong or is unnecessarily complicated, you may be starting at a disadvantage with your client. Manually managing the legal client intake process with emails and documentation is time-consuming. It risks important details falling through the cracks or budget overruns on unqualified leads.

Having an efficient intake process removes these pain points by digitizing, standardizing, and tracking consultations from first contact to case assignment. With the right client intake system, firms can systematically onboard new cases, collect important details, and pre-qualify matters for a strong attorney-client relationship.

Let's explore the 10 best client intake software for law firms of all sizes and highlight the key features firms should consider before choosing an intake software.

What Is Client Legal Intake Software?

Client intake software refers to technology solutions designed to efficiently onboard new clients and collect important case details for law firms and legal practices.

This type of software digitizes the initial case assessment process, allowing legal teams to qualify leads quickly, gather important client information, and route cases to the appropriate attorneys. Legal intake software typically includes electronic intake forms, integrated conflict checks, client portals, and payment functionality. 

Top 10 Client Intake Software for Lawyers

Spending hours manually qualifying and onboarding new cases is an inefficient use of valuable attorney hours. So, we at Grow Law Firm have compiled a list of the top 10 client intake software for lawyers that can change how lawyers across the country onboard and assess prospective clients. 

Top 10 Client Intake Software for Lawyers

1. Lawmatics

Lawmatics is a comprehensive legal client intake software that has been instrumental in solving various business problems for its users. With its all-in-one solution, Lawmatics eliminates the need for multiple websites or software, streamlining tasks such as confirming appointments, sending contracts for e-signature, and tracking leads.

Pricing: Lawmatics pricing is customized to each business. Consultation is required for a customized quote based on organizational needs and requirements.


  • Automates recursive tasks, saving significant time and improving client turnaround time
  • Eliminates the need for multiple websites or software, streamlining various tasks.
  • Automates emails, tracks marketing sources and leads in real-time, and provides detailed tracking for potential new clients.


  • Can be daunting, with many features and options.
  • Limited customization for booking features.
  • Limited integration with other programs.

2. Clio Grow

Clio Grow is a popular legal practice management platform that helps with seamless client intake, case management, time tracking, billing, and more. It provides a centralized hub for teams of all sizes. It has been praised for its scalability and mobile app.

Pricing: Clio offers a 7-day free trial, with paid plans starting at $39 per user/month for the EasyStart plan and going up to $129 per user/month for the Complete plan.


  • Extensive API software integrations for customization.
  • Excellent support staff and resources.
  • Reasonable pricing with various plan options.


  • No restoring of the organization's work in case of accidental deletion.
  • Difficulty reaching and resolving client support issues in emergency situations.
  • Unlock the power of the CRM with our must-read Clio review for law firms seeking success!

3. CloudLex

CloudLex is a platform that allows personal injury law firms to manage their practice from client intake through case closure and beyond. The software is built on Microsoft Azure's HIPAA-certified data security, protecting sensitive client information. The platform streamlines the onboarding of new clients and the collection of relevant case details.

Pricing: CloudLex does not publicly disclose its pricing information on its website. Interested firms need to contact the company directly to obtain pricing details based on their specific requirements and firm size.


  • Designed exclusively for personal injury law firms, tailored to their unique needs.
  • Responsive customer support and free ongoing assistance.


  • No information is available on pricing, making it difficult to evaluate costs upfront.
  • Primarily focused on personal injury law firms, it may not be as suitable for other practice areas.
  • Some users have reported challenges during the initial migration and onboarding process.

4. MyCase

MyCase is a cloud-based platform that streamlines various aspects of legal practice management, including client intake, case management, document management, time tracking, billing, and accounting. The software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing legal professionals to manage their daily operations easily. Communication with clients is facilitated through secure messaging, online portals, and e-signatures, ensuring a seamless and professional experience.

Pricing: MyCase is a paid platform, with pricing starting at $39 per user/month for the Basic plan and going up to $99 per user/month for the Advanced plan.


  • Helps stay on top of calendars and avoid missing important deadlines.
  • Simple and intuitive communication feature that enhances the overall client experience.


  • Some users have found the user interface to be confusing and not user-friendly.
  • Limited integration options with certain third-party services.
  • Difficulties migrating data or websites from MyCase to other platforms.

5. Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of features to support client acquisition and management processes. The software allows firms to create tailored intake forms for different practice areas, ensuring that relevant information is collected efficiently. These forms can be mobile-friendly and branded to enhance the client experience. Law Ruler's intelligent forms adapt to the lead's answers, presenting only relevant questions and streamlining the intake process.

Pricing: Law Ruler has 3 pricing plans. However, the cost of these plans is not available on the website. Instead, law firms have to contact the Law Ruler to learn more about the pricing.


  • Customizable forms and workflows for different practice areas.
  • Excellent customer service and support during implementation.


  • Initial learning curve due to the numerous features and functionalities.
  • Potential challenges in integrating with existing case management systems.

6. Hubspot

HubSpot is a popular platform that combines CRM capabilities with marketing, sales, and customer service tools. Its CRM feature allows businesses to manage their contacts, deals, and customer interactions in a centralized location, providing a 360-degree view of their clients.

Pricing: HubSpot offers a free CRM plan, as well as paid plans that include additional features, with the highest plan costing around $800 and more.


  • Scalability allows businesses to grow their customer base and revenue seamlessly.
  • Offers a comprehensive view of a client journey.


  • Pricing can become expensive, especially for smaller businesses or those with large contact lists.
  • Inflexible contracts and limited options for early cancellation or refunds.
  • Additional costs for technical support and professional services.

7. Rally

Rally is a project management software system that supports agile development methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban. It offers a range of features to help teams and organizations effectively manage their projects, products, and portfolios. It provides burndown, burnup, velocity, and flow reports to help teams track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Pricing: Pricing for Rally is unavailable, and users need to contact the company for a quote.


  • Portfolio view for clear visibility across all product features and projects.
  • Strong feedback metrics for tracking individual and team progress.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting for continuous improvement.


  • Steep learning curve, making it difficult to use without proper training.
  • Insufficient online documentation and support resources.

8. Captorra

Captorra is a client intake and lead management solution designed for legal firms specializing in personal injury and mass tort, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and immigration. The software offers a range of features to help law firms streamline their intake process, including customizable call scripts, process automation, eSignature capabilities, and referral management.

Pricing: Captorra does not disclose pricing publicly, and interested users must contact the company directly for a quote.


  • The system is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.
  • Customer service is excellent and knowledgeable.
  • The software provides an outstanding and seamless solution for call center customer service teams to provide exceptional service to clients.


  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing and the need to contact for a quote.
  • Users cannot access all the features they need to do their job until they request it.

9. InterAction

InterAction is a client relationship management (CRM) software designed for law firms. It provides a suite of tools to streamline business development, lead tracking, and contact organization. The platform excels in event management, allowing users to manage RSVPs and check-ins and maintain a detailed network database. InterAction integrates with Word templates for document processing and offers a robust sales pipeline and relationship management reporting.

Pricing: InterAction does not publicly disclose its pricing information on its website. Therefore, you will have to contact InterAction directly to obtain a quote tailored to their requirements.


  • Helpful and resourceful support team, including account managers and technical support.
  • Allows users to tailor the system to their specific needs, making it adaptable to various law practice requirements.
  • Effective for scoring and improving customer engagement through testing and personalization.


  • Some features and parts of the system are perceived as outdated or not up-to-date.
  • Limited customization options, with extra costs associated with customization.
  • Limitations in the search function, making it difficult to track updates or find specific items.

10. uLawPractice

uLawPractice is a practice management and legal accounting solution tailored for solo practitioners, paralegals, and small law firms. The software streamlines various tasks, from trust and general accounting to generating invoices, managing court forms, and handling daily clerical work.

Pricing: uLawPractice offers a paid subscription model starting at $44 per month and going up to $64 per month, depending on the plan and features needed.


  • Complimentary CPD workshops, providing added value for the monthly price point. 
  • Friendly and responsive technical support.
  • Helpful for managing day-to-day practice tasks.


  • Inability to correct basic functions like invoices, making it difficult to rectify mistakes.
  • Challenges in rectifying accounting errors for those unfamiliar with accounting principles or the software.
  • Occasional slow loading times and confusing features.

How Legal Intake Software Can Help Your Law Firm

Legal intake software ensures that you're taking on the right cases and providing a better client experience. Here are some ways in which it can help your firm: 

  • Attract clients: Legal intake software empowers firms to attract potential clients through seamless integration with marketing and referral channels, ensuring a seamless flow of leads from various sources.
  • Collect contact info: With this software, you can gather basic client information such as name, email, and phone number. This information can be easily stored and accessed, allowing you to quickly contact potential clients and move them through the intake process.
  • Pre-screen: Software automates the pre-screening process, allowing you to quickly identify potential issues and determine whether to proceed with the case.
  • Conflict check: It facilitates thorough conflict checks, safeguarding firms from potential conflicts of interest that could jeopardize their reputation.
  • Consultation: Streamlining the initial consultation process, these solutions enable firms to schedule and conduct virtual or in-person meetings, fostering open communication and building trust with potential clients.
  • Collect information: With intuitive case management capabilities, firms can gather in-depth case details, supporting informed decision-making and facilitating effective case evaluation.
  • Fee agreement: These solutions facilitate the generation and electronic signing of fee agreements, solidifying the terms of legal representation. They ensure transparency and set clear expectations.
  • Onboard: Legal intake software automates the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition from potential clients to formally retained clients, setting the stage for a productive attorney-client relationship.
How Legal Intake Software Can Help Your Law Firm

Legal Intake Software Features to Look Out For

When selecting client intake software for law firms, there are several features you should look out for to ensure that you're getting the best solution for your firm. They include:

  • Automation
  • E-signatures
  • Appointing
  • Zapier integration
  • Forms
  • Law firm payment integration
  • User-friendly Interface

— Automation

Automated workflows are a core capability that streamlines common legal tasks since legal teams can trigger sequences of actions based on customizable rules to save time and effort normally spent on manual processes. 

For example, automated workflows can qualify leads based on their client intake form responses and other criteria. Only qualified prospects will be routed down the sales pipeline, while others will be diverted to more generic communications.

— E-Signatures

E-signature functionality integrates seamlessly with workflows like document delivery. Upon meeting predefined stages laid out in automated processes, clients can be prompted to sign applicable forms digitally within the interface. Electronic consent captured through e-signatures also creates an auditable record that streamlines obligations around document retention.

Parties can execute documents on their own schedules without coordinating mail delivery or in-person meetings. Naturally, e-signatures comply with industry regulations for electronic records and signatures like ESIGN and UETA.

— Appointing

Integrating appointment scheduling directly into the intake process streamlines client meetings from the initial contact stage onwards. Platforms with robust calendar functionality allow practices to book time with clients conveniently.

Once a lead is qualified from information provided during intake, the software can suggest available appointment slots based on attorneys' calendars. Clients can then self-schedule meetings through a synchronized view.

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— Zapier Integration

Strong integration capabilities are key to a well-rounded legal intake platform. While many systems offer robust standalone functionality, seamless data portability expands their usefulness. Zapier is a popular automation tool that bridges disparate web applications through configured workflows. By connecting to Zapier's extensive marketplace of third-party integrations, your software can import and export data bi-directionally with a broad ecosystem of other tools. 

— Forms

Instead of static paperwork, digital forms streamline the intake process, routing clients through relevant questions based on their needs and the matter at hand. Sophisticated legal intake platforms offer customizable form templates that can be tailored to different practice areas, from bankruptcy to personal injury. Fields capture details like names, contact information, case descriptions, and documents needed. Advanced options even give forms a modern, mobile-responsive design for convenient completion on any device.

— Law Firm Payment Integration

Advanced software seamlessly handles financial transactions at multiple points, from intake questionnaires to recurring billing. Allowing clients to enter payment methods directly within intake forms removes unnecessary steps later on. The fields can capture credit card details, EFT information, or stored PayPal accounts to charge consulting fees or installments upfront. 

Once on board, the same linked payment profiles facilitate easy management of retainers and continued representation costs. This convenient auto-pay feature saves firms administrative hassle while providing clients with predictable, hands-free ongoing costs.

Check out our blog post on the best legal billing software to boost your practice!

— User-Friendly Interface

Self-explanatory operations mean less time spent in formal training, which is still often available on-demand through video libraries and searchable help centers. Interactive guided tours and sandbox environments let staff independently practice in a low-stress setting.

An intuitive dashboard organizes key tools and data concisely on a single homepage since streamlined navigation lets users quickly access pertinent modules without cumbersome menus.

Legal Intake Software Features to Look Out For

Grow Law Firm Will Help You Optimize Intake and Maximize Growth

In summary, selecting the right client intake software is crucial for law firms looking to streamline their processes, enhance the client experience, and scale efficiently in today's digital landscape. As we've discussed, law firms using a comprehensive intake platform set themselves up for optimal growth opportunities and better organization as their firm grows. However, maximizing new client acquisition requires an omnichannel marketing strategy. 

Partnering with an agency like Grow Law Firm can help take your marketing to the next level through comprehensive digital strategies. We specialize in law firm SEO, paid ads, and web design customized for each law firm's unique goals and local market. Our personalized approach focuses on understanding your practice's target audience and mission to ultimately convert them into your clients.

Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss optimizing your intake process and accelerating your business growth.

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