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How to Amplify Your Law Firm's Talent with Deb Knupp, Managing Partner at GrowthPlay

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Deb Knupp, Managing Director at GrowthPlay

1.5 min
Apr 5, 2023
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Sasha and Deb Explore

  • To see growth and success, law firms can center on using methods that work for those who are responsible for both selling and providing services.
  • To help a law firm increase its revenue, there are six building blocks it needs to develop, including mindset, strategy, targeting, and communication with priority relationships to achieve predictable sales growth by understanding the essential ingredients required for business development.
  • It's crucial to be intentional with messaging, focus on specific services and specialties, and ignite fresh conversations with compelling "what's new" messages to activate networks and avoid missing business opportunities.
  • Fostering genuine connections with current clients can accelerate and enhance business growth, compared to prioritizing new prospects and personal gain.
"Relationship building strategies are all about the tactics and the authentic reasons that we stay in front of people."
— Deb Knupp
  • Good consultants are always free, and the ROI usually keeps compounding over the years after you have worked with them, so it's super important to get the right people in the right places without necessarily blowing up your payroll.
  • Investing in business development can result in profitable growth by building a strong sales engine within your firm.
  • Viewing sales as a helpful service rather than a self-centered pursuit fosters long-term loyalty and encourages you to approach interactions with others in a different way.
  • Successful sales require the ability to determine if you can be of assistance and if the customer would like you to help them, which can be achieved by asking better questions, telling engaging stories, and using vocal inflection effectively, all of which can be learned.
"Think of sales as an act of service."
— Sasha Berson

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