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23 Best Legal Podcasts for Lawyers to Grow Their Practice

Take your law practice to new heights with Sasha Berson and Robert Ingalls, the CEO of LawPod! They will provide the list of the best lawyer podcasts and insights on how to create one yourself

15 min


Apr 29, 2024
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More and more people, especially younger generations, now prefer to consume information through videos and audio files. In fact, popular streaming platforms allow lawyers to make YouTube, Spotify, and Apple podcasts to share their invaluable knowledge and experiences with those beyond their local network. Simply talking about interesting cases, legal landscape changes, or professional development tips can provide listeners with immense value.

How to Create a Legal Podcast with Robert Ingalls, CEO and Founder at Law Pods

In this episode, Robert Ingalls, the CEO of LawPod, shared his insights on creating a successful law firm podcast. Whether you work at a small boutique firm or large corporate practice, there are legal podcasts tailored to your needs. Popular categories include:

  • Legal podcasts for small firms
  • Legal podcasts for big firms
  • Legal podcasts on news and current events
  • Legal podcasts on professional development
  • Legal podcasts on legal stories
  • Legal podcasts on technology
Always striving to both educate and learn, Grow Law Firm has started a podcast! Our very own Sasha Berson is teaming up with experts in the field and discussing how lawyers can enhance their professional development, increase revenue, and grow their legal practices. Robert Ingalls, a seasoned lawyer and CEO of LawPod, joined us and shared his insights on creating a successful law firm podcast. 
Check it out: Grow Law Firm Podcast

Best Legal Podcasts to Help Your Small Firm

If you recently started your own law practice or are an experienced boutique small firm partner, these legal podcasts offer valuable insight into smaller firms' challenges. Many are created by hosts who successfully operate their own single-man or small-firm practices. And if you're growing your firm, our picks for legal marketing podcasts offer valuable strategies for growth and law practice management.

1. The Law Entrepreneur

  • Host: Neil Tyra
  • Episode Length: About 40 min 
  • Episode Frequency: Every week
The Law entrepreneur screenshot
Source: The Law Entrepreneur

This legal services industry podcast addresses the business aspects of operating a law firm, something that new lawyers may neglect. The host, Neil Tyra, often interviews industry experts in running a law firm as a business and practicing lawyers, so the advice being shared is based on personal experience and approaches that worked in practice, as well as expert opinions and insight.

2. The Lawyerist

  • Host: The Lawyerist team
  • Episode Length: About 30 min
  • Episode Frequency: Every week
The Lawyerist screenshot
Source: The Lawyerist

This is a fan favorite for both practicing lawyers and law enthusiasts (yes, the legal profession has fans!). It's been recognized as one of the best legal podcasts on several streaming platforms, so it's available anywhere you like to listen. The rotating guest roster includes thought leaders, practicing lawyers, and experts in the legal field addressing current hot topics, legal ethics, and news.

3. Handel on the Law

  • Host: Bill Handel 
  • Episode Length: 30 min
  • Episode Frequency: Every week 
Handel on the Law screenshot
Source: Handel on the Law screenshot

This adaptation of Bill Handel's long-running show is a lighthearted weekly law firm podcast airing every Sunday. Handel answers questions submitted by small firm lawyers or addresses frequently asked questions by clients with witty, experienced-based responses.

The Best Legal Podcast for Law Firm Growth

Whether you're just starting your legal career in a large firm, you want expert insight on how to advance and navigate big-firm politics and challenges, or you've worked for decades in a large law firm, these law podcasts address issues important to big-firm lawyers and staff members.

4. The Maximum Lawyer Podcasts

  • Host: Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux
  • Episode Length: About 30 min
  • Episode Frequency: Twice a week 
The Maximum Lawyer Podcasts screenshot
Source: The Maximum Lawyer Podcasts

This is the best legal, twice-weekly podcast from which even practicing attorneys who have been arguing cases for many years can learn new things. Initially hosted by Tyson Mutrux and Jim Hacking, Maximum Lawyer Podcasts has now grown into a collaboration between attorneys worldwide, a forum for practicing lawyers from different countries to share ideas and resources, address common challenges, and find solutions to legal questions and gray areas of the law. 

Topics vary each week and cover anything concerning the operations of a successful, growing practice. The sheer variety of topics and the insight from attorneys practicing in different legal systems make each episode unique.

5. Legally Speaking

  • Host: Robert Hanna
  • Episode Length: From 30–45 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Every week 
Legally Speaking screenshot
Source: Legally Speaking

From tenured lawyers to newly minted lawyers and law students just starting their career in a big firm, anyone practicing law can learn something new from the Legally Speaking podcast. The hosted interview format covers legal tech, mental health and balance for lawyers, cannabis and drug legalization, and more. It offers perspectives from respected legal professionals around the world.

6. Matters, Season 2

  • Host: Ian Connett 
  • Episode Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Every two weeks 
Matters, Season 2 screenshot
Source: Matters, Season 2

Matters, Season 2 is a client-focused legal podcast addressing a key (but often neglected) part of running a successful legal practice — client service. Lawyers may not have realized that the technological shift in recent years has also shifted client expectations. They can learn a lot about that impact from this law podcast.

Matters, Season 2 goes back to the basics of client service and evaluates different and alternative legal services provider, tools, and technology and their respective benefits to help law firms shift perspective from lawyer-centered to client-centered.

The Best Legal Podcast Covering News and Current Events

The legal world is ever-evolving, and recent technological advances have prompted significant rulings to keep up with social media and internet crimes. Keeping up with these landmark rulings and current legal debates is critical for practicing lawyers, legal professionals, law firms, and laypersons. If you are looking for the best legal podcast covering the latest legal news from the country's courtrooms, law schools, and legal newspapers, check the list below.

7. Law360s Pro Say

  • Host: Amber Mckinney, Bill Donahue, and Alex Lawson
  • Episode Length: From 30 min to 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Every week 
Law360s Pro Say screenshot
Source: Law360s Pro Say

Each week, the Pro Say hosts recap recent legal news — a Cliffs Notes version of developments in current cases or decisions made by superior or supreme courts. This weekly legal industry podcast mixes hot legal topics and cases that didn't make the news cycle.

The show features expert guests who help break down the legal jargon and present each case in a clear, approachable format. Both hosts have a legal journalism background and can present each case briefly. 

8. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

  • Host: J. Craig Williams
  • Episode Length: About 30 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Every two weeks 
Lawyer 2 Lawyer screenshot
Source: Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Lawyer 2 Lawyer is closing on 20 years of broadcasting and is one of the longest-running legal news shows. It is a trusted source for current events and discussions of recent legal rulings hosted by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. J. Craig Williams and his industry expert guests present insight into the hottest topics on the U.S. legal front, exploring legal news and cases from the local to the national level.

9. Bloomberg Law

  • Host: June Grasso
  • Episode Length: About 30 min
  • Episode Frequency: No set schedule  
Bloomberg Law screenshot
Source: Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law's host, June Grasso, received an Emmy award, and with one listen to her podcast, it's clear to see why. This legal podcast has no set schedule but typically releases several 30-minute episodes each month, covering legal issues in the news and high-profile cases. The format includes well-rounded insight from Grasso and both practicing attorneys and legal scholars.

10. Legal Angle Podcast

  • Host: Emmanuel Olawale
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Every two weeks 
Legal Angle Podcast screenshot
Source: Legal Angle Podcast

Host Emmanuel Olawale received several legal accolades and academic awards, including National Black Lawyers Top 100, Super Lawyers' Rising Star, and National Trial Lawyers Top 100. He is the owner of Olawale Law Firm. 

Olawale's attorney podcast has a broad range of topics, with insight into various topics, from social and legal issues to culture, art, and music. The variety of topics makes each episode fresh and interesting.

The Top Legal Podcasts for Advancing Your Professional Growth

Whether you're an experienced professional looking for ways to grow in an established career or you're fresh out of law school and deciding which area of the law to specialize in, the best legal podcasts for professional growth offer interesting legal discussions and tips for your legal toolkit. They can help you build up your successful legal career. 

11. Grow Law Firm Podcast

  • Host: Sasha Berson
  • Episode Length: 30-40 min
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly

The Grow Law Firm Podcast is a weekly series that brings together sales trainers, business growth consultants, marketing specialists, practice management software experts, and successful lawyers who have built sizable law firms. This podcast provides attorneys with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their firms and stay ahead in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

A unique aspect of this podcast series is its focus on professional growth. Each episode aims to provide practical strategies to enhance a lawyer's performance and productivity. Whether it's tips on harnessing technology effectively in a legal setting, advice on building a winning team, or guidance on establishing a robust personal brand, the Grow Law Firm Podcast equips lawyers with valuable tools to excel in their careers.

12. Un-Billable Hour

  • Host: Christopher T. Anderson
  • Episode Length: 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Every two weeks 

Hosted by an experienced law firm management professional and practicing attorney, Un-Billable Hour podcast presents advice about the practical side of managing a law practice. Anderson covers hiring and retaining top talent, finding your niche in the legal industry as a new practitioner, and using AI effectively. It's an ideal attorney podcast for CLOs, managing partners, or those who wish to become so. 

13. New Solo

  • Host: Adriana Linares
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Monthly 

Solo practitioners, or those considering striking out independently, can learn more about legal entrepreneurship and growing a thriving solo practice form a New Solo podcast. Every monthly episode of the law firm podcast features a guest addressing law practice management, networking, helpful legal technology, and other points of interest for the single attorney firm. Legal consultant Adriana Linares offers insight into how solo lawyers can identify growth areas and which technology and a legal toolkit can streamline their practice. 

14. Ladies Who Law School

  • Host: Haylie and Samantha 
  • Episode Length: About 40 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly
Ladies Who Law School screenshot
Source: Ladies Who Law School

Hosted by two recent law school graduates, Samantha Lemke and Haylie Davis, Ladies Who Law School is a witty, entertaining legal podcast about the law school experience. A current or prospective law student can learn much about what to expect over their three years in law school, and the hosts tackle important issues with heart and humor.

15. Law School Toolbox

  • Host: Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess
  • Episode Length: About 40 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 
Law School Toolbox screenshot
Source: Law School Toolbox

Every week, two experts on law school and the bar exam, Lee Burgess and Alison Monahan, share practical tips to help law students navigate their academic progress, career search, professional development, and other topics to help law school students and recent grads position themselves for success in the legal world. The weekly episodes combine humor with expert advice. This law podcast is valuable to an aspiring lawyer's legal toolkit.

16. LawNext

  • Host: Bob Ambrogi
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 

Host Bob Ambrogi interviews entrepreneurs and innovators responsible for creating the “next big thing” in the legal industry each week on the LawNext podcast. He examines current legal trends and topics like new law firm business models, enhancing access to justice, and legal tech startups. Law school graduates considering a law career other than active practice may gain insight into other professional legal careers and build their law school toolbox with the knowledge gained from the podcast.

Best Legal Podcasts on Legal Stories 

For true crime enthusiasts, these are the best legal stories podcasts, reviewing the riveting headlining-grabbing cases in depth and detail. You don't have to be a lawyer to love these enthralling tales.

17. Court Junkie

  • Host: Jillian LP
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour 
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 
Court Junkie screenshot
Source: Court Junkie

This weekly legal podcast is perfect for anyone who enjoys digging into the meat of true crime and the criminal justice system. Hosted by Jillian Jalali, the episodes highlight issues within the U.S. justice system and address injustices by interviewing key participants in important cases and reviewing court documents. She also attends trials and offers first-hand professional insight into the criminal trial process.

18. Heels of Justice

  • Host: Sarita Venkat
  • Episode Length: About 30 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Monthly 
Heels of Justice screenshot
Source: Heels of Justice

This woman-focused podcast is hosted by the head of IP Transactions Worldwide at Apple, Sarita Venkat, and Vice President of Legal and Deputy General Counsel at Coinbase, Katherine Minarik. Though the show stopped producing new episodes in 2021, the interviews with trailblazing female attorneys are still valuable and worth a listen. Guests have made waves in the courtroom, politics, and boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.

19. Legal Wars

  • Host: Hill Harper 
  • Episode Length: About 30 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: No set schedule 
Legal Wars screenshot
Source: Legal Wars

Go behind the headlines of the most famous court cases in the U.S. with actor and author Hill Harper, a Harvard Law School graduate. The podcast episodes aren't released on a set schedule but always consist of a well-researched and entertaining presentation of complex legal matters. Each one includes Harper reviewing the court transcripts of cases in real-time, going beyond what was reported in the news. Listeners get a front-row seat with access to all the testimony and evidence presented to the jurors. 

20. Lawyer Stories

  • Host: Benny Gold
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 

If you follow the Lawyer Stories podcast's Instagram account, you'll enjoy the upbeat motivational podcast featuring different legal guests discussing their professional lawyer stories and personal journeys. Host Benny Gold interviews different legal professionals each week, demonstrating what success in the law field looks like. Guests are practicing attorneys, solo law firms, legal tech developers, professors, and entrepreneurs.

The Best Legal Podcasts to Keep You Up-to-Date on Technology

Whether you want to get into the legal technology and innovation field or learn more about how legal technology can work for you and your firm, you'll find a lot of interesting information with these best legal podcasts for tech and innovation. 

21. Cyberlaw

  • Host: Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Weekly 
Cyberlaw screenshot
Source: Cyberlaw

Steptoe & Johnson LLP partner Stewart Baker hosts this interview-style weekly podcast featuring technology law, legal technology startups, and cyber security. The series discusses the latest trends and events in government, privacy, technology, and security.

22. Technically Legal

  • Host: Chad Main 
  • Episode Length: About 30 minutes
  • Episode Frequency: Bi-weekly 
Technically Legal screenshot
Source: Technically Legal

Host Chad Main from Technically Legal interviews law and tech innovators, presenting an episode every two weeks. Listeners can learn more about how to implement legal innovation in their own practice and how other leading firms are using advances in legal tech. A perfect choice for forward-thinking lawyers!

23. The Business Growth Advantage

  • Host: Joey C. Vitale
  • Episode Length: About 1 hour
  • Episode Frequency: Twice a month 

Host and practicing attorney Joey C. Vitale, of the Business Growth Advance podcast, helps entrepreneurs and firm managers understand more about the business side of legal practice. His weekly episodes feature insight from legal experts, his own experience as a lawyer and business coach, and strategies that business owners can implement while still staying legally protected.

Crafting Your Legal Podcast in Six Simple Steps

If you want to take your legal career to new heights, learning from experienced professionals like Robert Ingalls is invaluable. In the recent GLF podcast episode, Robert emphasized the abilities of podcasts to elevate their professional brands globally. 

Podcasts allow you to demonstrate expertise, personally engage clients and prospects, build your reputation, and position yourself as a thought leader. They humanize your firm and can even lead to an increase in business.

Now that we've covered the basics, we'll explore two key elements that will make your podcast stand out. 

Crafting your legal podcast in six simple steps
Here are the six things you need to start your legal podcast

— Legal Podcast Pre-Production

Just as meticulous planning wins cases, the same applies to a professionally polished podcast launch. Taking the time at the pre-podcast preparation stage to lay solid groundwork will pay off in the long run through higher production quality and an easier listener experience.

Establish Your Goals

Creating clear goals from the outset provides valuable guidance for every aspect of your legal podcast production. Goals such as "educate listeners on legal topics in a fun, engaging way" or "generate new business leads through thought leadership" define your podcast's purpose and keep episodes focused. 

As Robert Ingalls notes, “People will show up to me and they'll say, okay, everybody is telling me I need a podcast for my law firm. But that's about as baked as the idea is; they know they should have one."

Choose Your Format

A good decision on your podcast format sets its foundational structure. Robert provides an insightful perspective, "A lot of my prospects think they're going to make a podcast about XYZ. And it's going to be about normal stuff that somebody's going to want to listen to while they're mowing the grass on Saturday."

However, he cautions this is an ineffective approach. A general interest format risks content not closely tied to legal issues. Listeners may not make the connection between your podcast and your law practice.

Instead, Robert advises focusing the format around uniquely sharing legal knowledge and skills. Interviews or panel discussions can provide varied expert perspectives on a topic. These engage listeners while clearly positioning you as a trusted resource. Furthermore, storytelling formats allow relatably explaining areas of law through real-world examples.

Determine Your Audience

Clearly defining your target listeners upfront allows crafting each episode specifically to serve their needs. He mentioned attorneys often ask, "But who would listen to a lawyer's podcast?" overlooking those audiences do exist - they just need relevant, practical information.

Robert further explains your content should aim to serve listeners who may someday require legal help, stating, "They'll listen when something bad happens to them or someone they love." With a specific listener persona in mind — say, a small business owner concerned about contracts — you can provide real-world value from the start. 

Focusing on a well-defined target audience also aids meaningful connections. As Robert observed at an event, listeners came directly up to thank the podcaster because "they know him through so many hours from his podcast. They feel like they know him." Crafting each show with a certain listener in mind fosters this level of familiarity and rapport that leads to a strong attorney-client relationship.

podcast Audience

— Creating a Lawyer Podcast

Starting a lawyer podcast is easy. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Choose your niche and topic.
  • Prepare a script.
  • Find a perfect place to record.
  • Feel comfortable with your voice and body.
  • Spend money on proper recording equipment (microphones, headphones, camera (if it's a video), and more).
  • Promote your podcast.

You should also: 

Get Interesting Guests

Having insightful guests is important to engage podcast listeners and enhance your credibility as a host. However, contacting high-profile figures can be challenging without an existing rapport. As Roger explains, the odds of a CEO you don't know agreeing to a 30-minute podcast are low.

So, you have to leverage your own network by stating, "We interview exceptional CEOs...here are a few episodes from people that they probably know that have been on the podcast." This endorsement effect gives confidence that your discussion will also add value to the guest. Rather than a lukewarm agreement to a random request, they now see an opportunity to continue important conversations with an audience through your established platform.

Repurpose Your Podcast Content

Maximizing the reach of each podcast episode involves leveraging your audio discussions across other mediums. Sasha Berson expands on this, highlighting, "Every podcast episode...can be converted into optimized for search content [...] My team does it very well for us." This process extracts valuable insights, strategic thoughts, and data points from your own podcast to share more widely. 

Also, make sure to use other formats like blogs, videos, or social media posts to reach a wider audience. Submitting your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts can help increase your visibility and reach. You can also use an RSS feed to distribute your podcast episodes to a wider audience. Google discoverability increases when these platforms provide additional backlinks and keyword-rich pages related to, for instance, personal injury law interview topics.

Empowering Your Legal Marketing Through Legal Industry Podcasts

People listen to podcasts often more than they listen to traditional radio or watch TV. Many people rely on podcasts to get their news, learn more about professional topics, or explore their hobbies and interests.

A good legal podcast establishes the host as a thought leader and broadens their reach. As a practicing attorney, you can grow your legal marketing strategy with a well-produced, intriguing podcast. 

If you aren't sure where to start, a professional law firm SEO agency can help you produce a successful podcast, develop your personal brand, and grow your law firm.


In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing Robert Ingalls, a prominent figure in the legal industry.

Robert Ingalls

Robert Ingalls

Founder at LawPods

Robert Ingalls is an experienced lawyer and the Founder of LawPods, a renowned podcast production company. During the episode, Robert shares his invaluable insights on the strategies and techniques for creating a high-quality podcast for lawyers.

To learn more from Robert Ingalls and LawPods, you can connect with him on social media channels.

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