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Lawyer Blogs: Top List You Need to See

17 min


Feb 20, 2023

Falling behind on news and updates in the legal field can be a huge detriment to your firm. After all, how can you be the best if you're not up to date on current events and recent discussions regarding your practice area? That's where law blogs come into play.

When making our selections, we look for well-written and well-researched articles from legal professionals and others with a deep understanding of legal matters. We have sorted our top law blogs into categories: 

  • Top must-read law firm blogs
  • Best law firm blogs concerning news and current events
  • Top law blogs about legal management
  • Attorney blogs (lawyers on ethics)
  • Technology for lawyers law blog list
  • Top list of criminal law blogs
  • Top of business law blogs
  • Corporate attorney blog list 

We also look for blogs about lawyers with a unique perspective or ones that offer insights behind the headlines of major legal cases. And if these top legal blogs inspire you to write your own attorney blog, contact us for blogging tips for law firms to help you get started.

What Is a Law Blog?

The best legal blogs are updated regularly with fresh, relevant content and offer readers insight or a perspective on a critical legal matter they may not have considered before.

A good law blog contains comprehensive and informative articles that are easily digestible in one sitting. A great attorney blog also updates older articles when new information comes out or periodically revisits older articles to refresh them and bring them to the attention of new readers.

You can rely on lawyer blogs for attorneys to offer guidance and insight to the lay reader and legal professionals alike.

Top Must-Read Law Firm Blogs

Do you want to learn more about the legal system but aren’t sure where to start? These top legal blogs provide an array of articles about news impacting legal professionals, legal happenings in the headlines and cases that didn’t make the news, and an overview of different legal matters from corporate law department leaders. If you want to stay in the know, start here.

ABA Journal

ABA Journal screenshot

If you only have time for one blog on this list, make it the ABA Journal. The American Bar Association produces it, and just about everyone in the legal industry is familiar with it. Many prominent attorneys from elite law firms regularly contribute to the over 4,000 legal expert blogs.

Look for features from rising legal stars, too, offering a fresh perspective and incisive commentary. It’s a trustworthy resource read by more than half a million legal professionals monthly. And the site has a legal communities directory.

Above the Law

Above the Law screenshot

Readers who want a “behind the scenes” glimpse at the legal world will enjoy perusing the news and commentary about breaking legal news and prominent legal personalities. Look for insights into the institutions of the legal professions and evergreen articles that provide a deeper dive into legal matters.

Potential law students can find a wealth of information in the career center, with career advice for legal professionals at all stages of their careers and insights for newly minted attorneys.


LexBlog screenshot

With over 25,000 contributors, LexBlog features some of the brightest legal minds in the country. Its focus is on creating an empowering environment that highlights the insight and diligence of the industry’s hardest working, brightest legal minds. It’s one of the main legal blogs, covering various topics and real-time news.

Aspiring legal bloggers can find advice on getting started, and attorneys seeking to elevate their social media presence will find actionable tips on LexBlog. Contributors come from the top 200 firms in the country and can include managing partners and rising stars.

The resource center has plenty to offer freshly graduated lawyers, solo or small firm practitioners, and members of larger, multi-city firms looking to find a way to stand out.

Legal Mosaic

Legal Mosaic screenshot

If you’re looking for something other than breaking legal news or coverage of recent controversial legal topics, turn to Legal Mosaic. Instead of insight into practice areas or hot headlines, it looks at the legal industry from a big-picture perspective, offering philosophical insights like the future of law and changes in the industry.

There’s plenty of insightful content presented in an easily digestible format for legal professionals, students, and people curious about the law in the abstract.

Vanguard Law Magazine

Vanguard Law Magazine screenshot

Vanguard offers content for audiences worldwide, not just in the states. Lawyers from South America, Europe, South Africa, and North America offer insights into the law and the legal system. Topics range from contracts and compliance to intellectual property, data privacy, and legal concerns beyond national borders.

The legal insights are important, especially as technology advances beyond national borders, and more international cooperation may be needed to pursue cyber crimes and fraud. Vanguard also profiles diverse people in the legal industry, spotlighting women and LGBT practicing attorneys.

Law Firm Blogs Concerning News and Current Events 

The following legal blogs present carefully curated content focusing on legal news, current events, and landmark cases. For those who need to be in the know and follow trending cases and stories, start with these blogs.


JDSupra screenshot

This business-focused blog breaks the content down into three categories to best serve readers — personal matters, small business, and corporate. Content is posted daily by leading business experts focusing on how business and the law intersect.

Look for relevant articles on mandatory vaccinations in the healthcare industry, cannabis banking, blockchain regulation, NFTs, and other topics.

JD Journal

JD Journal screenshot

JD Journal is backed by the Employment Research Institute, their parent company. Insight into the study of law and the labor market is sprinkled throughout the posted articles about recent legal news.

The news section for law students is especially notable with advice and guidance, plus actionable tips. There is a focus on employment, from the best energy firms to work for to the career profiles of big-name lawyers.


Jurist screenshot

Most contributors to Jurist are recent law school graduates or law students, which gives the site a fresh appeal. Some authors are law school professors, and the site typically offers commentary on emerging concerns and trends in the law world.

Contributors from 30 top law schools across the country include over 80 law students working under the guidance of professional academic leadership to create this public service project. This is a non-profit blog, and it ensures that readers don’t face financial barriers to the information, including advertisements or subscription fees.

Reuters Legal

Reuters Legal screenshot

Affiliated with one of the top respected news agencies in the world, Reuters, Reuters Law is considered one of the best blogs for fair and unbiased legal news. Readers can find information on current litigation, government lawmaking, legal and business transactions, and more. 

This site doesn’t just cover the legal world — it also addresses legal matters as they pertain to global news, sports, business, and tech.


SCOTUSblog screenshot

With recent controversial decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, the SCOTUSblog may be one of the most important sites for anyone in or interested in the legal profession. Readers can sort cases by name or simply browse the news feed for current updates.

The blog contains reports on every merits case in three items — before the arguments, after the arguments, and after the justices reach their decision. It’s unique in providing a morning-read list of legal commentary, news articles, and other notable pieces from around the web regarding the Supreme Court.


Law.com screenshot

Law.com presents a range of articles from local to global legal news, covering the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. It runs online in 18 countries and draws from award-winning regional and national publications. It’s known for being the first to break important news stories and emerging developments.

Think of this site as your morning law newspaper to find trending legal stories and important editorial commentary. There are also several useful tools, like a legal dictionary and a verdict search feature.

Legal Desire

Legal Desire screenshot

This beautifully-designed website offers a full range of content from around the globe, with contributors from over 350 law firms. Look for profiles of diverse members of the legal community, from rising stars to prominent legal minds to attorneys on the forefront of critical cases.

It’s also great for networking, with a robust calendar of networking events and upcoming conferences across the country and worldwide.

Legal Reader

Legal Reader screenshot

Legal Reader focuses on consumer protection and high ethical standards. It’s a legal news blog focusing on consumer product liability and protecting buyers from corporate malpractice. Practicing lawyers specializing in corporate law and legal news enthusiasts will find this an informative read.

Top Law Blogs About Legal Management

Small law firm owners, managing partners at larger law firms, or those who wish to fill a management or CLO role in the legal world can benefit from the insight, advice, and best practices from these practice management blogs.

Attorney at Work

Attorney at Work screenshot

Attorney at Work publishes contributions from hundreds of industry experts penning articles about firm management, hiring and employee relations, work-life balance and well-being at work, and law firm marketing. 

Look for practical guides for specific subjects like crisis management, legal tech trends, or messaging checklists. The blog aims to provide readers with the inspiration and practical tips they need to create a thriving law practice and balanced life.

The Clio Blog

The Clio Blog screenshot

Clio is a leader in cloud-based technology solutions and the creator and administrator of innovative legal practice management cloud-based software programs. Its award-winning Clio Blog is an excellent source of information on understanding how to run a legal practice and applicable solutions to common legal business problems.

As a leader in cloud-based solutions, Clio offers current updates and information on best practices in law practice management (LPM) and how to make technology work for you.

Uptime Practice

Uptime Practice screenshot

Look for an in-depth analysis of the latest trends in running a practice and actionable tips for both small/solo firms and larger law practices. 

It’s an excellent resource for attorneys trying to get a boutique firm off the ground, with top tips and tricks, including effective use of LMP software, best programs for law firm accounting, using the cloud securely, and more.

Attorney Blogs: Lawyers on Ethics

Attorneys seeking to safeguard their reputation and career against possible legal ethics violations should add reading a legal blog focusing on ethics to their weekly blog roster. With legal rules about technology changing so fast, keeping abreast of new developments and rulings is critical.

This list covers lawyer blogs for attorneys' ethics containing real-life examples of ethical violations and advice to keep new and veteran lawyers on the right path.

The Ethical Investigator

The Ethical Investigator screenshot

This blog is operated by Charles Griffin Intelligence, a business intelligence consulting company. As lawyers themselves, this firm has a first-hand understanding of the protocols that ethics investigators have to follow and the ins and outs of litigation investigation and fact-finding. 

Topics in this blog cover due diligence, asset search, and different private corporate investigation subjects. Readers can learn more about data privacy, online security, and ethics in investigations.


Ethicking.com screenshot

Stacie H. Rosenzweig, a lawyer with Halling & Cayo S.C., administers this blog, which offers engaging coverage about the realities of life as a practicing lawyer.

Topics cover legal ethics and law practice, both the entertaining and not-so-glamorous. She takes a casual approach to the everyday challenges lawyers face with humor and sharp wit. 

Practicing lawyers may find themselves nodding and chuckling along with Stacie’s takes on answering client emails on weekends, trust fund fraud, and lawyer life in general.


Law360 screenshot

More than 1.5 million daily newsletter subscribers trust Law360 for daily legal news. Business leaders, government officers, legal professionals, and people interested in legal developments can trust this site to deliver fast coverage for events, usually reporting within 24 hours. 

Topics can range from securities to employment and intellectual property.

Technology for Lawyers: Law Blog List

Technology changes rapidly, and legal tech is no exception. Cloud ad server-based technology — LegalTech — can help larger law firms and solo practitioners automate routine tasks and optimize client management.

Software can facilitate case updates and process legal billing and payments, with in-house legal technology applications that can integrate with smartphones and tablets for working on the go.

Like all technology, though, LegalTech can change rapidly, too. Stay up to date with valuable, industry-leading information from these legal tech blogs.

Artificial Lawyer

Artificial Lawyer screenshot

Artificial Lawyer helps legal professionals optimize running their practice using specialized technology. The blog’s articles cover product demos, feature-benefit drawback assessments, and legal technology conference reporting.

It’s considered to be the most thorough blog for legal technology and includes courses for participants around the world, offering legal professionals supplemental learning opportunities.

ABA Techshow

ABA Techshow screenshot

ABA Techshow is an annual conference centering around legal technology. The conference itself is only once per year, but the affiliate blog and website are regularly updated with new product launches, software reviews, and tech tips. Legal practitioners can learn more about law firm social media engagement, cybersecurity, and legal marketing strategies.

Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today screenshot

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) publishes this go-to source for legal technology and tips for maximizing the effectiveness of different programs. It includes case studies, legal podcasts, e-books, and instructional videos for different programs.

Legal professionals who wish to update their practice using modern technology can benefit from exploring the options featured on this site.


LawSites screenshot

LawSites features emerging trends in legal technology, looking for leading-edge software that can benefit both solo practices and large firms. It’s a reputable blog for any legal professional who wishes to stay on top of all things LegalTech.

In addition to regular legal blog posts, this site contains a directory of products, categorized to help you find what you’re looking for and where to buy information. And LawSites has an affiliated podcast with interviews from tech industry entrepreneurs and innovators hosted by Robert Ambrogi called LawNext.

Legal IT Insider

Legal IT Insider screenshot

Legal IT Insider is geared toward legal professionals in IT. It’s considered to be the leading news source for LegalTech, from tech news coverage to deep dives into legal intelligence technology.

Readers can get updates on legal tech trends and trusted legal information in the blog. It’s overseen by Former City Solicitor Caroline Hill, the editor-in-chief, and her expertise lends authority to the site’s articles. The reporting is accurate to the lawyer’s experience, and the insight into legal tech challenges is unparalleled.

The Clio Blog

Clio is a leader in cloud-based legal software solutions, helping legal professionals run their firms. The software is scalable, allowing firms to grow without IT interruptions and lags.

Clio’s legal management software can help manage client relationships, including a client collaboration module, as well as programs to help organize cases and easily search for a client or case.

Clio Blog is a trusted resource for managing partners and small firm management and helps firms focus on a client-centered practice. The blog includes marketing best practices and ways to streamline traditional ways of running a law business.


JurisPage screenshot

JurisPage is a carefully curated blog with posts focused on helping attorneys effectively market their law firms. Its focus is on digital marketing, with tips and advice centered around this form of brand-building. It offers advice on effectively using PPC, marketing strategies and tactics, and more.

Top List of Criminal Law Blogs

Reputable blogs about criminal law are in surprisingly short supply. There’s a slew of blogs about true crime and following headline-grabbing cases, but few bloggers can provide the insightful content criminal law specialists wish to read.

These blogs address criminal law at the professional and academic levels and address moral debates, evolving criminal procedures, and precedent-setting case verdicts.

Crime & Consequences Blog

Crime & Consequences offers a balanced perspective on criminal cases instead of focusing solely on the defense. It’s considered to be the best non-defense law blog for serious legal issues. Contributors offer high-quality content that examines the procedures of both defense attorneys and prosecutors and how high-profile criminal cases unfold.

The Crime Report

The Crime Report writers are journalists, and the experience of the contributors shows. It addresses all things relating to U.S. criminal justice, including current events and prominent cases.

There’s a wealth of content stretching back years, as well as downloadable resources and an events calendar of criminal justice goings-on. All criminal areas are covered, not just the sensational ones.

The Volokh Conspiracy

This blog is by political science and law professors covering different criminal law topics. Entries may address current events or in-depth historical dives into past supreme court decisions.

Top of Business Law Blogs

Business law can encompass both private and public law. Blogs covering this broad topic include contract negotiations and intellectual property disputes, small business law, changing tax statutes, and more. Each of the blogs below offers insight into a different niche.

Illinois Business Law Blog

This is an independent, peer-reviewed student publication produced by the University of Illinois College of Law. Content is published in clusters every quarter, looking closely at the intersection of law and business. Its aim is to offer authors an analytical and creative outlet to explore different legal areas they’re interested in.

As a student-run publication, it provides a fresh and intriguing perspective on business and law.

Law 4 Small Businesses

Attorneys seeking to focus on small businesses’ legal needs agree that this is one of the best outlets for the topic. It’s a must-read with information from practicing business lawyers. There is legal advice for small business lawyers and field-level case studies from fellow business attorneys.

The IP Law Blog

Anyone specializing in intellectual property (IP) law or those seeking to learn more about it can benefit from expert insight into copyright, trademark, patent, and other IP-related topics. Blog entries offer in-depth looks at each of these topics and more.

Corporate Attorney Blog List

A lot of business legal content focuses on the interests and needs of business attorneys practicing in a law firm, but there are surprisingly few expert blog sites for in-house corporate lawyers. These blogs speak directly to the unique challenges faced by these attorneys, with practical advice and coverage of the latest corporate law news.

ACC Docket 

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has created a comprehensive blog covering a wide range of corporate legal topics, focusing on how in-house lawyers can tackle management, ethics and compliance, diversity, and professional development.

It features interviews with prominent attorneys in the field who share their opinions on the latest trends and anecdotes from their professional lives. Entries may be lighthearted and humorous accountings of the latest corporate legal matters or in-depth dives into important corporate law matters.

Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel

Sterling Miller, the Hilgers Graben PLLC CEO and senior counsel, brings his years of experience as general corporate counsel to this blog, which covers complex topics broken down into a 10-item listicle format. 

It’s appealing to both veteran in-house lawyers and those who are curious about this area of the law and offers actionable insight for practicing lawyers.

In-House Blog

Topics in this blog include industrial development and its impact on in-house legal practitioners. It offers additional legal resources besides well-crafted blog entries, which can help in-house lawyers improve their technical skills and how well they perform legal service for their employer.

In-House Ops

Law Business Media started this blog with a mission to deliver essential information for practicing general counsel lawyers. The company works closely with global legal department leaders to curate insightful and expert content for readers.

Articles cover career development, procurement, law department administration, and technology for in-house legal practitioners.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

This blog shares the latest corporate law news and analyzes how current legal trends impact in-house law practice. Topics range from regulation to litigation, enforcement, governance, and legislation that can affect large companies. The blog also offers a newsletter subscription with highlights from the main site.

Legal Blogs Tips: Avoid an Information Overload

It can be tempting to dive in and read as much as possible, especially if you’re new in your career and want to learn more about what they didn’t teach in law school. But you could end up with information overload, where you have too much new information to process properly.

To get the most out of lawyer blogs for attorneys, skim several that pique your interest, and then choose one or two to start following. The featured blogs contain a wealth of information, so it’s easy to find yourself going down a rabbit hole of past posts.

Once you’re comfortable integrating one blog into your weekly routine, add others, or simply peruse the archives of many to get the specific information you need.

Growing Your Law Firm

If you don’t have time to keep up with reading your legal news and deep dives, consider subscribing to professional podcasts. We have reviewed some of the best legal podcast content available, so you don’t have to, and we have a carefully vetted list of the top legal podcasts in different categories.

And if you’re interested in legal blogging yourself, a high-performance law firm SEO agency can help you get started.

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