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Law Firm Name Ideas That Make You Stand Out

12 min
Oct 26, 2022

Coming up with your law firm's name takes time, thought, and consideration. A law firm name not only has to sound good, but it also serves a purpose.

A law firm name is a client's first impression of the business. Branding and marketing are also highly impacted by the name of law firms. Therefore, before choosing a name, you should consider your niche, goals, and the future of your business.

If you're feeling stuck or uninspired when choosing catchy law firm names, continue reading for helpful tips and information. Whether you're just starting your firm or wish to rename and rebrand an existing business, the following can help you choose a strong name you'll enjoy for years to come.

Best Law Firm Names Ideas to Be Inspired by

Best law firm names

When thinking about a law firm name, you should consider the big picture. A name is more than just a title for your business – it can also impact marketing, SEO, and your future clients' ability to find your firm.

If you're looking for a place to start, we can provide a stepping stone. The following are some good law firm names examples:

  • Capital Tax Lawyers
  • Davis Family Law
  • International Law Resources
  • Immigration Path
  • Bitcoin Law
  • Digital Currency Attorneys
  • Aggressive DUI Lawyer
  • New Horizons Family Law
  • Economics Law Practice
  • Arts Law Company
  • Tax Experts
  • Watergate Divorce Law
  • Immigration Abroad
  • Kids Authority Law Firm

What these firm names have in common is they indicate the type of law the firm practices. This can significantly help your firm and its future success, as it communicates to clients the types of cases your firm handles. 

Did You Know a Good Law Firm Name Can Improve Your SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a big factor when you're considering law firm names.

Nowadays, when someone requires the assistance of a lawyer, they usually rely on an internet search. Your law firm's name can significantly improve your law firm SEO, making it easier for clients to find your firm. 

For strong SEO, it's usually beneficial for your name to reflect your practice area, allowing potential clients to find you when searching the web.

For example, if your family legal practice is named "Smith Family Law" and a potential client were to use specific keywords in their search like "family law attorney near me," your firm could come out at the top of their search results. This is one of the many goals of good law firm names.

Once you have a strong SEO name, you can continue building momentum for your practice by utilizing SEO services for lawyers for even stronger search engine results.

How to Name a Law Firm: Tips and Best Practices

Tips and best practices

One of the reasons choosing a law firm name requires so much consideration is because it will be everywhere – your law firm logo, email addresses, law firm social media accounts, and so on.

Because your law office name is so impactful, it should be unique and memorable while remaining professional.

Sometimes, it's challenging to come up with a name and stick with it – it's a big commitment! The following are some of the tips and best practices to help you come up with a great law firm name.

Check Your State Regulations on Law Firm Names

Did you know there are actually law firm naming rules that set parameters for what lawyers can name their law firms?

A law firm cannot have just any name. If attorneys could name their law firm anything they wanted, this would likely result in many law firms with misleading names.

For this reason, the American Bar Association and state laws for professional conduct provide certain parameters for lawyers to stay within when naming their legal businesses. For example, law firm names cannot indicate the firm is part of a government agency or falsely create a partnership with another firm.

Additionally, states have rules regarding names implying something about the firm. For example, a firm cannot have the name "Best Law Firm," as this indicates this law firm is the best.

States also provide rules for firms named after their attorneys. For instance, if the "Jones" in "Jones Miller Johnson Law" leaves the firm to become a judge, the firm cannot continue with Jones in the name as he is no longer associated with the firm.

One of the first steps in coming up with a firm name is to check your state's regulations regarding law firm names to avoid any potential trouble. Ensuring your law office name does not violate any rules helps prevent you from having to change your firm's name later on.

Specify Your Law Firm Practice Area

Specifying your law firm practice area within your business name is particularly beneficial. When your name includes the area of law you practice, it tells clients whether you can help them with their legal matters. This can bring in prospective clients and avoid any confusion.

Consider whether you'll expand in the future and include other areas of law. If your firm's name is "Ferris Personal Injury Lawyers," and you later decide to add estate planning to your practice, this name won’t lead estate clients to your firm.

Think About Indicating Your Law Firm Location

Consider adding your firm's location to your firm name, letting clients know exactly where your attorneys practice. Nonetheless, be careful when adding your firm's location, as it can be deceptive in some instances.

For example, if you name your firm "Miami Law," this may falsely indicate to potential clients that you're associated with the city or government, which is against regulations.

Additionally, if you decide to include your location in your name, it's best to be truthful and accurate. Avoid including "San Francisco" in your name if you're not actually in San Francisco but rather in a small town 30 miles away.

Your location can be valuable in your law firm name when used correctly as it increases your chances of being found on Google.

Reconsider Adding Your Name or Abbreviations to Your Law Firm Name

When naming a law firm, many attorneys automatically consider naming it after themselves or using a combination of surnames if there are multiple partners. While this practice often represents traditional law firm names, think twice about doing this for your firm.

Adding surnames or abbreviations of names to your law firm may be the easy and obvious option, but it could be a headache down the road. When attorneys leave or join the firm, or there is a deceased lawyer in the name, this requires name changes, and changing your firm's name could hurt business.

Additionally, names aren't helpful for SEO. If your firm's name is "Williams Johnson Hall" and potential clients are searching for family lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys, your business would be less likely to be at the top of search results.

Your modern law firm deserves a fresh, SEO-friendly name.

Be Careful When Using Legal Terms

Legal terms can help or hurt your law firm.

Using a legal term may indicate what your law firm does. For example, if you name your law firm "Wife's Rights Law," this would communicate to prospective clients that your firm helps wives facing family law matters.

On the other hand, legal terms can be confusing and deter potential clients. While it might make sense to you, it may not translate well to the layperson.

Before using a legal term in your firm name, consider how a client may view or understand your firm. Many of the best names for law firms avoid legal jargon.

Incorporate in Your Law Firm Size

You may consider incorporating your firm's size by using words like "group" or "associates." While this is acceptable, it doesn't do much for your business SEO-wise. It's also not necessary, especially if you foresee your firm changing or growing in the future.

Be careful when using firm size in your law firm name. Using a name like "Perez and Associates" tells clients there are multiple lawyers in the firm. Solo practitioner law firm names should avoid words indicating there is more than one lawyer, as it could be misleading.

Think of Your Promise and Mission

A law firm's reputation is everything. Many lawyers like utilizing certain verbiage in law firm names, such as "five star" or "quality" – this can tell clients about your promise as a firm to provide "five-star" support or "quality" legal services. This is fine to do but not necessary, as your law firm will build and maintain a reputation that does not need to be communicated in its name.

Consider a Law Firm Name Generator

When all else fails, you may turn to the internet for some inspiration. If you do so, it's likely you'll come across several law firm name generators.

Law firm name generators exist to help lawyers come up with good names for a law firm. They are useful tools if you're stuck and cannot think of a good enough name for your legal business.

Nonetheless, it's best just to use a name generator for inspiration and not rely on it entirely when creating unique law firm names. At the end of the day, your own ideas and creativity are best.

Choosing Lawyer Company Names: 5 Main Steps

5 main steps

So you're starting your firm, and you already know what legal services you will provide, have created your business plan, and are eager to open your firm. All that is left is coming up with a name that accurately represents your business.

Aside from thinking about SEO and marketing, you want to consider who your target audience is and your geographic location. Spending extra time thinking about these details can yield excellent results in the future.

The following steps can help you decide on a creative law firm name for your legal business.

Brainstorm All Law Firm Names You’ve Made Up

Before you get down to it, it's helpful to brainstorm and write down possible names for law firms that come to mind. You can start small by thinking about words you'd use to associate with your law firm business. You could use different brainstorming techniques, like brain dumping or brain mapping.

Give yourself 30 minutes to an hour to sit down with your thoughts and brainstorm potential firm names. This helps avoid getting overwhelmed.

After the time is up, narrow down your options. You can do so by employing some of the following:

  • Review Your State Bar Association Rules: Before even considering a name, determine whether the names you've chosen align with your state's regulations.
  • Categorize Your Options: When naming your law firm, you can separate potential names into three categories. Your categories could represent the options you like most, the ones you like least, and those that fall somewhere in the middle.
  • Put Yourself in the Client's Shoes: Consider what a client could surmise about your firm just by looking at your law firm's name. Thinking like a client could help decide which names are best.
  • Consider the Message: Think about the message your prospective law firm names are communicating to the public. Do these names align with your brand and message?

Try to narrow down your choices to just a few to make the choice easier for you.

Make Sure Your Brand Law Firm Name Stands Out

Why blend in when you can stand out? The same goes for attorney law firm names.

Aside from choosing a creative and catchy name, make sure the firm name accurately represents the characteristics that matter most – your practice area, firm size, location, etc.

Potential clients tend to remember names that stand out, so use that to your advantage. Your firm will stick out to prospective clients when you use a distinctive name. They will be more likely to remember your firm’s name, which can mean more business.

Consider Trademarking Your Attorney Law Firm’s Name

Use trademarking to your advantage, as it is a great tool.

When you trademark your name, you protect your firm name, helping to ensure no firm uses it in the future. That way, there is no confusion that your firm name belongs to you alone.

Before committing to a name, you should also consider checking to ensure no one has the name trademarked. If it's available, once you've made your final decision, begin the trademarking process.

Get as Much Feedback on Your Law Firm Names Ideas as Possible

Never underestimate the power of feedback. You want to ensure your name resonates with potential clients, so why not ask others what they think of your prospective name(s)?

Whether it's family, friends, or employees, show your trusted group of individuals your names and ask them specific questions, including:

  • What do these names make you think of?
  • Would you call a firm with this name?
  • Do these names sound serious and professional?
  • After asking for feedback, you should have a better idea of which names work and which names you shouldn't consider for your law firm.

Also, ask for ideas. Others may provide suggestions for names you never even thought of, and you may end up with a name you never considered but love.

Get Down to Domain and Law Firm Name Registration

One of the last things you want to happen when naming your law firm is to finally choose a name you're excited about, only to find out the name or domain is already taken. This is just plain frustrating and may force you to start from scratch.

A domain is simply a website. Millions of websites exist. Therefore, there is always a possibility your prospective firm name is already an existing domain.

It's easy to check domain availability with tools such as GoDaddy. If you search potential names of law firms and the domains are already taken, do not fret; just choose another name or variation of the name you were considering. Creative law firm names aren't easy, but they're worth it in the end.

It may seem tempting to keep your chosen law firm name, especially if you've grown attached to it. However, doing so may cause confusion for clients. For that reason, it's best to think of another, unique name and move along.

While naming your law firm can take some time, once you pick a name with an available domain, don't wait; jump on the opportunity and register your domain!

Have Fun with the Process and Choose Names for Law Firms You Can Be Proud Of

Choosing a law firm name can be stressful and daunting, but it shouldn't be. While there are many details to keep in mind, try not to feel overwhelmed. Most law firms face the same struggles. 

Think of the naming process as getting one step closer to opening your law firm or rebranding your legal business and choosing a strong name you'll enjoy for years to come.

If you need assistance creating a suitable law firm name, a professional and experienced law firm digital marketing company can help. An agency can not only help you decide on the best law firm names but also help create your firm's branding and marketing strategies. They can even help you set up your law firm website.

Whether you're just starting a new law firm or just want to showcase some creativity with a rebranding, in the end, you'll have your pick of catchy law firm names your clients will remember and appreciate.

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