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SEO for Employment Lawyers: 5 Tips for Practice Growth

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Jul 1, 2024
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Everyone looks for answers online, and this holds true for the legal field, as well. Those facing wrongful termination, discrimination, or other workplace issues often turn to search engines first when seeking representation. Landing at the top of the first page of search results gives you the best chance of standing out from competitors and getting these valuable new cases. That’s why employment lawyers SEO (search engine optimization) is so important. People rarely look beyond the first page of Google results.

Top searches like “employment lawyer,” “wrongful termination lawyer,” and “employment discrimination attorney” within your area receive thousands of searches per month. Yet the top one or two organic results still capture over 50% of clicks. Imagine how your case intake would grow if you consistently occupied those coveted positions!

At Grow Law Firm, our team of SEO experts has helped many employment law practices achieve and maintain page-one rankings for relevant keywords.

5 Ways to Improve Employment Law Firm SEO Rankings

Taking proactive steps to boost your search rankings increases the chances of a prospect choosing your firm when browsing the Internet for an attorney. Research, and our own experience as marketing experts, suggests that the top ways employment law firms can enhance their rankings is through the following SEO strategies:

  • Local SEO
  • Link Building
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • On-page SEO Work
  • Technical SEO: Fine-tuning the website's technical aspects and assessing and optimizing key areas related to technical SEO.

— You Can Get Better Rankings with Local SEO

You Can Get Better Rankings with Local SEO
Local SEO assists in optimizing a company's online visibility to reach potential customers who are actively searching for goods or services in a particular geographical location.

Local SEO for employment lawyers involves optimizing your firm's online presence to target customers searching within your geographic area. It leverages tools like Google Business Profile (GBP) to verify your practice's location and ensure vital information is displayed and up-to-date on maps and local search results.

Having a complete and optimized GBP listing is key, as it allows potential clients researching employment attorneys near them to find your firm easily. Elements like hours of operation, practice areas, photos, and customer reviews help you stand out. It's important to claim, set up, and regularly maintain your GBP profile to improve local visibility.

Local SEO also means including your city, state, and area names throughout your website and blog content. Backlinks from relevant local business directories and chambers of commerce also aid your local search authority. Geo-targeting social media with neighborhood hashtags can boost your local presence.

At GLF, we specialize in helping employment law firms like yours improve their local SEO rankings. Our team of experts will consistently optimize all your online local listings and profiles, helping many employment law firms appear prominently to anyone seeking legal counsel close by. We make sure to regularly track your results and refine your SEO accordingly to seize local search opportunities in your region.

— Link Building is Key for Building Authority

You've probably heard this term before, but what is it exactly? Link building is gaining inbound links or backlinks from other high-quality websites to your law firm's content. Backlinks are important because search engines like Google see them as a vote and measure of your online authority and popularity on a given topic.

Link building aims to acquire relevant and natural-looking links that point back to your most important pages, like your about and practice area pages. This tells Google that your content must be useful and important if other sites link to you.

Some effective link-building strategies for law firms include:

  • Guest blogging on industry blogs and publications.
  • Getting included in legal directories.
  • Partnering with local influencers for backlinks.
  • Pitching client success stories to media outlets and blogs.
  • Contributing to legal resources and getting linked from there.
  • Speaking at events and conferences for do-follow links.
  • Hosting webinars, seminars, or content for links.

Regular audits are needed as algorithms change. Our dedicated SEO specialists identify new opportunities through technical, content, and link-building recommendations. Our services streamline your presentation and search performance from initial site builds to long-term management. You can trust us to manage your link building with precision and care.

Link Building is Key for Building Authority

— Optimized Website is the Face of Your Business

Your law firm website is often the first impression for potential clients, so it needs to represent your practice professionally while also being optimized for search engines. A properly optimized site will improve your chances of ranking higher and driving more qualified traffic.

Technical SEO involves assessing and optimizing key areas of your website to ensure it performs well in search engine rankings.

Some key considerations for optimizing your employment law website include:

  • Speed—Google rewards fast load times, so keep page weight low with optimized images and hosting.
  • Content—Publish thorough yet concise pages focusing on practice areas and solutions using target legal keywords.
  • User experience—Ensure intuitive navigation, readable fonts, and effective calls to action for a great UX that keeps visitors on-site.
  • Responsive design—Optimize mobile pages with a responsive layout to improve the experience on all devices.
  • Site architecture—Implement a clean, hierarchical URL structure with keyword-rich page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Internal linking—Cross-link relevant pages with descriptive anchor text to help Google discover/index all content.

Our legal marketing experts will run an employment lawyer SEO website audit. After that, we'll provide you with recommendations to enhance your site's search performance.

— Create Useful Content that Drives Traffic

Producing informative, shareable content is key to attracting new clients and boosting an SEO campaign. Search engines prioritize websites with fresh, quality material- they're seeking relevance and authority. Engaging content will drive traffic from search and keep visitors on your site longer. Also, consistency is important—aim for 1-2 new pieces per week.

Some content types employment lawyers can create:

  • Blog posts on common legal issues with optimized keywords.
  • Educational guides/ebooks covering the hiring/firing process are downloadable as a lead magnet.
  • Video tutorials on employees' rights in the workplace.
  • Infographics summarizing laws and regulations in a visual format.
  • Podcast interviews with specialists discussing current cases.

At Grow Law Firm, we craft strategy, conduct research, write optimized copy, and promote the finished copy. Our team ensures your content showcases your expertise while supporting SEO and your business goals.

— Improve Discoverability with On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the optimization of individual web pages so search engines can easily discover, understand, and index your content. This impacts how easily potential clients can find your site during searches.

Some key on-page techniques include:

  • Optimizing page titles and meta descriptions to include target keywords.
  • Headers, bold text, and internal links give clues about page importance.
  • Keyword research and inclusion naturally throughout copy and code.
  • Image alt text and captions include additional keywords when possible.

Grow Law Firm will perform thorough on-page SEO audits and implement optimizations proven to increase your discoverability. We ensure technical aspects like metadata, internal linking, and LSI keywords support your overall content strategy to generate more leads for your firm. 

Improve Discoverability with On-Page SEO

Why Is SEO Important for Employment Law Firms?

As we mentioned above, SEO allows employment law practices to reach clients when they need help by utilizing organic search results. Since potential clients often turn to search engines first when facing an employment issue like wrongful termination, discrimination, or unpaid wages, these individuals can find a local attorney through organic search results.

While paid advertising may offer temporary benefits, SEO provides a long-term investment, sustainability, and greater value for your website.

Most clients are local. Since employment statutes and labor law standards vary across state lines, clients typically want to hire attorneys familiar with their region’s protections and courts. Local SEO, through tactics like local citations and Geo-targeting, helps practices attract clients within their area.

Also, SEO is often more cost-effective than other forms of legal marketing over the long run. While print ads, billboards, or direct mail have ongoing costs, optimization is mostly a set-it-and-forget-it process after the initial legwork. SEO also reaches clients during their “research mode” before other methods.

Furthermore, more exposure in local searches drives qualified prospects directly to a firm’s site, where targeted landing pages can convert visitors into leads and, ultimately, paying clients. In summary, SEO boosts overall lead generation.

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Get Employment Law Practice with Grow Law Firm

A strategic SEO approach is essential for any employment law practice hoping to attract quality clients through targeted optimization tactics outlined here. Firms can boost their authority and visibility online over time. Our approach is to ensure a mutual fit and understand your unique needs.

We begin with an initial call where we establish a strong foundation for our partnership. We delve deep into your website's current state, identifying any issues, assessing your assets, and analyzing your competitors. This enables us to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your specific goals, setting clear benchmarks and ROI targets.

Following our consultation, we will provide you with a customized proposal. This proposal transparently outlines our fees and provides a detailed roadmap of the next steps we will take together to optimize your employment law firm's online presence.

In the execution phase, our dedicated team works tirelessly, month after month, to earn your trust and deliver measurable returns. We prioritize clear communication, keeping you informed about our progress and the impact our SEO efforts are having on your practice growth.

Contact us today to learn more about how our SEO services can help generate new leads and fuel your practice's growth this year.

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