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Using Technology To Increase Billable Hours, Cut Workload and Increase Profitability with Joshua Lenon at Clio

On this episode, host Sasha Berson welcomes Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence at Clio.

Sasha and Joshua explore:

  • How the practice of law and technology intersect.
  • Joshua’s role at Clio and how he translates tech to lawyers.
  • The dichotomy between being a lawyer and running a business: Running a practice can feel overwhelming and full of distractions.
"Law school doesn't teach you how to do business. So you have to develop business acumen to scale every year, and not 4 or 10%, but rather 100-200%."
— Sasha Berson
  • How Clio can free up 1-2 hours of admin work per day or approximately 380 hours per year.
  • How saved time can be reinvested: At the average rate of $300/hour, this could potentially generate an additional $36,000 in revenue.
  • Clio’s 3 key features: client portals, online client intake forms and online payment systems.
  • The average rate increase for law firms per year is around 4%; not enough to offset inflation.
  • Lawyers implementing Clio are collecting 30% on average more revenue than before.
"Clio has helped lawyers achieve an increase of 30% in revenue on average."
— Joshua Lenon


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