On-demand webinar: How to Bring your Law Firm More Clients
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An Accountability Partner to Help Grow Your Firm with Lori Pulvermacher at Atticus Advantage

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Lori Pulvermacher, Certified Practice Advisor at Atticus Advantage

Sasha and Lori explore:

  • Helping lawyers successfully make the switch to business ownership and leadership with a combination of training, education, and accountability. 
  • Companies like Atticus help lawyers take control of their time, focus, and priorities to achieve greater impact and business growth by zeroing in on three crucial elements: knowing their numbers, making the most of their team and time, and effectively promoting their brand to attract new revenue and increase profitability.
  • The majority of lawyers, 67%, work for small law firms, which provide more freedom and flexibility, but also require more responsibility and can result in losing control and flexibility if not managed properly.
  • Lawyers must delegate, build a team, and plan for the future to maximize their practice success, navigate communication and conflict challenges, and see team members as valuable assets, not just costs.
"Your growth and success needs to match your definition."
— Lori Pulvermacher
  • Lawyers must define their vision, plan their path to success, and seek outside support to balance their roles as manager, leader, and technician, so they don't get sidetracked by daily tasks and stay committed to their goals and strategy.
  • Planning for retirement can be tough for attorneys, who may not see enough profit to feel secure, love their job too much to leave, and feel like they'll be working forever, leading to uncertainty about what comes next.
  • To drive growth and boost profits, focus on improving billing and collection processes, maximizing the use of top income-generating team members, and streamlining processes through automation and documentation.
  • Lawyers often shy away from marketing because of ethical concerns, bad past experiences, or a lack of strategy. But a solid and expertly executed marketing plan can bring greater control, flexibility, and stability to their practice through more reliable cash flow.
"Most lawyers I meet at conferences are not satisfied with their business. I ask them about their size, and those with ten or more attorneys tend to be the happiest. They tend to do the least amount of legal work."
— Sasha Berson

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