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Better Cash Flow Management for Plaintiff Law Firms with Paul Myers at Advocate Capital, Inc.

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Paul Myers, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Advocate Capital, Inc.

Sasha and Paul explore:

  • Advocate Capital’s mission of giving plaintiff law firms’ clients access to capital they have tied up in case expenses.
  • The main factors that determine the amount of capital that can be secured.
  • The reasons a prospective borrower might be rejected; it’s usually less about a credit score than one might think.
  • How the cost of capital for the cases you win is zero.
"The cost of the capital for the cases that you win is zero. Every state that has opined on case expense funding has said it is ethical and allowed."
— Paul Myers
  • Important things to consider when making a switch from working as a defense lawyer to the plaintiff side.
  • The best way to obtain operating capital.
  • What a properly financed firm looks like.
  • The importance of having financial discussions around borrowing so you can act before the acute need arises.
"Have the conversation before you have an acute need. Once you need additional funding, it may be too late."
— Sasha Berson


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