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Leveraging Email Marketing for Your Law Firm with Kelsey Johnson at AWeber

This week, join Sasha Berson as he talks with Kelsey Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber. Kelsey will open your eyes to the powerful tool of email marketing.

On the episode, Sasha and Kelsey explore:

  • How the majority of attorneys are missing a huge opportunity by not implementing email marketing.
"Marketing emails will put you ahead of other legal firms since it is not yet an established practice. It can be a great differentiator for you."
— Kelsey Johnson
  • Kelsey’s 3 tips on how to make (more) money with email marketing.
  • How automating the process of obtaining email addresses from your leads is a game changer.
  • Why an effective email marketing strategy can tip the scales in your favor.
  • Why it’s a good idea to use a lead capture tool and a follow-up sequence to automate the process.
  • How hiring a lawyer is intimidating for most people and how email marketing can make the process easier for your potential leads.
"For most people, hiring lawyers is scary. By sending out content for potential clients via email, you are tipping the scales in your favor."
— Sasha Berson
  • The value of educating your clients.
  • When it makes sense to give away your best information for free by positioning yourself strategically.

Connect with Kelsey Johnson:

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