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Law Firm Marketing Ideas That Will Give You Results Right Away

Ready to take your law firm to new heights? Don't waste time, start using effective marketing strategies. Explore low-effort tactics for big results, like attracting clients, optimizing online presence, creating captivating content, and more. Get the full scoop now!

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Oct 5, 2023

Are you tired of putting in long hours for little return? It's time to stop chasing ineffective tactics and focus on methods that will start paying off now. In a recent podcast, renowned business consultant Nick Jervis shared some proven legal marketing ideas. As Nick explained, today's attorneys need low-effort strategies that deliver fast, high-impact results. 

Law Firm Marketing Fast Track with Nick Jervis, Owner of Samson Consulting

In the article below, we'll explore some of Nick's most effective lawyer marketing ideas that could get you immediate results. No fluff, no empty promises– just a curated collection of practical law firm marketing ideas you can implement to witness tangible growth in your firm.

1. A Unique Approach: Choosing Clients vs. Chasing Clients

You may need to change your mindset when it comes to client acquisition. As Nick Jervis explained in the podcast, constantly chasing clients through intrusive tactics like cold calls is draining and ineffective. Instead of bombarding people when they aren't ready, focus on positioning your firm where potential clients are actively seeking help.

Take time to understand how you can authentically meet prospects when they need your services. Build your entire marketing strategy around strategically placing valuable, solution-focused content in those search channels. This ensures clients find you, sparing unnecessary disruptions.

Choosing Clients vs. Chasing Clients
Trust the right clients to choose you, cultivating impactful relationships for an enjoyable law practice experience.

With this approach, you'll be comfortable letting unsuitable opportunities pass, trusting the right clients will choose you. Over time, your high-quality business book will only consist of customers fully committed to partnering with a lawyer of your experience and approach.

Explore how attracting qualified clients can transform your practice. Rather than persistently pursuing every lead, cultivate long-term relationships with clients who are glad they selected your firm.

2. Easy Life Client Attraction in Law Firm Marketing: How Do You Get Started?

First, let's set the scene. Imagine you and a partner have purchased a small law firm with a revenue of $500,000. Your goal is to quadruple that revenue within three years. That's a lofty goal but achievable with the right law firm marketing strategies.

Optimizing your law firm's website is the most important thing you can do. Most law firm websites fall short in these areas, with too little content and not enough ways for visitors to get in touch. To improve your website's performance, focus on creating a wealth of content that showcases your expertise and addresses the needs of your target audience. This could include blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more. Ensure your law firm website is easy to navigate and your contact information is prominently displayed.

Client Attraction in Law Firm Marketing
Transform your small law firm into a thriving business with effective website optimization strategies that showcase expertise and address client needs.

Include reviews and testimonials from your Google Business profile, directories, and review sites on your website to build trust and persuade potential clients to reach out to you. Again, you must ensure that it's easy for visitors to contact you. Far too often, law firm websites lack prominent contact information, making it difficult for prospects to get in touch. You eliminate unnecessary obstacles for prospective clients by having your contact information visible on every page and including features like live chat and inquiry forms.

Include reviews and testimonials
Build trust and make it easy for potential clients to reach out with reviews, contact info, and user-friendly features on your website.

In line with this strategy, we must remember that your website serves as your 24/7 lead generation tool. When individuals with specific legal needs search on Google, we want them to find you easily and be convinced that you specialize in their interests. Therefore, optimizing your website for relevant search terms and ensuring it delivers valuable content is important.

relevant search terms
Rank higher on search results and establish expertise by optimizing your website with valuable content for specific legal needs.

Moreover, you can employ additional conversion tools on your website. Implementing an exit pop-up when visitors are about to leave can effectively capture their contact information, such as their name and email address. This allows you to maintain communication and nurture relationships with prospects through email marketing campaigns. Building an extensive email list can help keep your clients and prospects interested, opening up the potential for cross-selling and referrals.

3. Building Trust Through Engaging Content

Content serves as a means to spark debate, provoke thought, and establish your expertise. It's not about providing legal advice, but rather offering valuable insights and information that resonate with your ideal prospects. There's often resistance to long-term communication strategies, but this section challenges that mindset. Learn the importance of maintaining communication with former clients and discover suggestions for creating engaging and relevant content for email newsletters.

There are two simple ways to get your content in front of more people: Google Ads and content marketing. Google Ads can instantly place you at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing your visibility. Content marketing involves regularly adding relevant content to your website that answers your ideal prospects' questions, and is a long term strategy.

‍The content you create needs to focus on quality instead of quantity. Rather than churning out generic articles that don't provide much value, take the time to craft well-written, informative pieces that answer your prospects' most pressing questions.

This could include blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media marketing - anything that provides useful information and showcases your expertise.

You might be thinking, "But won't giving away all this information on my website mean that clients won't need to hire me?" The answer is no. Providing valuable content doesn't replace the need for legal advice. In fact, it can increase the likelihood that potential clients will reach out to you for help. When people are faced with a legal issue, they often turn to the internet for information. Think about what your prospects would type into Google when seeking legal guidance – questions like "I've been fired, what do I do?" or "I've had an accident, what do I do?"

Building Trust Through Engaging Content
Valuable content positions you as an authority and attracts clients seeking legal advice online.

You can also use this opportunity to create content optimized for local SEO. These are content made with those in your vicinity in mind. They should include local-specific keywords to boost your local visibility when potential clients search for a topic that includes 'near me' or '[your city].'

So why do lawyers often struggle with content marketing?

  1. They may not be consistent with their efforts. It's easy to get discouraged if you don't see immediate results, but the truth is that content marketing takes time. 
  2. Lawyers often do not tailor their content to their ideal prospects. It's important to take the time to understand your target audience and create content that speaks directly to their needs and concerns. 
Discover blog post on the content marketing for lawyers!

4. Leveraging Ongoing Communication: The Power of an Email List for Law Firms

Regularly communicate with your clients and prospects through email to yield significant results. It's not about bombarding them with legal jargon or complex statutes; it's about building a connection, leveraging topical discussions, and showcasing how you can help.

Your emails should have personality and resonate with your audience. Some people may not want to work with you because of your direct and confident approach, and that's okay. The emails can touch on personal experiences or everyday observations, connecting them to the legal world. Whether discussing the service you received while getting your car's windscreen replaced or current media topics related to the legal field, there's always something topical to discuss.

Email List for Law Firms
Foster connections with engaging emails that showcase expertise and offer help to build trust and rapport with your audience.

Remember, your audience is more interested in topics directly impacting their lives, such as the housing market, employment laws, or accident claims. Keep the focus on what's relevant and engaging for them rather than delving into intricate details of statutes and laws. For example, if you're a business-to-business attorney, you could write about employment law challenges or recent changes in the legal landscape that affect businesses.

Avoid hard selling in your emails. Instead, remind people that you can help with any legal matter. Encourage them to reach out by providing a simple call-to-action, such as suggesting they call you or reply to the email for further discussion. If a topic isn't directly related to your legal services, you can still offer assistance by referring them to a trusted colleague specializing in that area. 

Furthermore, be consistent with your emails. Aim to send regular emails, even if it's just once a month, to keep your name and your firm's name front and center in people's minds.  

Find out the strategies of email marketing for lawyers to succeed!

5. Harnessing the Power of Referrals: Strengthening Your Marketing Efforts Through Relationships

Build strong relationships with past clients and colleagues to boost your marketing efforts significantly. Even if you don't offer certain services, such as property or realty services, you can still engage with potential clients and leverage referrals to expand your network.

law industry events
Build referral networks through proactive relationship-building with professionals in your field.

Being proactive regarding referrals is important, or they could slip through your fingers. Don't wait for referrals to come to you - seek them out by building relationships with other lawyers and professionals in your field. Attend industry events, join networking groups, and connect with others on social media.

Keep track of the referrals you send and receive, and follow up with the people you've referred to ensure they're satisfied with the service they received. Furthermore, don't be afraid to reciprocate referrals. If someone refers a client to you, return the favor and refer a client back to them. This will help strengthen your relationship and encourage them to continue referring clients to you.

Check out our blog post on how to get more law firm referrals!


If you're ready to elevate your law firm's marketing results with the help of a leading law firm SEO agency, turn to Grow Law Firm. We specialize in crafting comprehensive strategies that leverage the attorney marketing tips covered here. Whether you need a complete overhaul or supplemental support, our team of legal consultants can ensure that your efforts translate fully into a greater caseload and revenue growth. It's time to stop wondering, "What works?" and relying on experiments. With Grow Law Firm providing expert guidance, you can gain control over proactively boosting your practice through simple yet highly effective marketing techniques. Contact us today!

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