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Maximize Your Law Firm Profit with an Effective HR System

Maximize your law firm's profitability by implementing an effective HR system. Discover proven strategies to attract and retain top talent, optimize employee performance, and create a culture of excellence.

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Jan 24, 2024
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Building a successful law firm takes more than just a strong work ethic and good intentions. It requires a strategic approach to recruiting, retaining, and maximizing the performance of top talent, including law firm HR jobs. Let's face it: HR isn't always a priority for solo practitioners or small firms. But whether you're a solo practitioner or a small firm with a few employees, you already have an HR function in place, even if it's not formalized. However, neglecting this crucial aspect of your business can mean missing out on a golden opportunity to take your firm to new heights.

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Laurie Gilbertson, CEO of Tribeca Blue Consulting

In this article, we'll examine the importance of HR and the various types of individuals law firms can hire to drive growth and success. Additionally, you can gain more valuable insights by tuning into recent episodes of our Grow Law Firm podcast:

  • In one episode, host Sasha Berson engages in a discussion with Laurie Gilbertson, CEO of Tribeca Blue Consulting, to delve into employee retention in law firms.
  • In another episode, special guest Joey Coleman, the Founder of Design Symphony, joins in to explore the topic of "Why Investing in Employee Happiness Multiplies Your Law Firm's Value."
  • Also, explore the episode "Hiring the Right People to Grow Your Law Firm" with Brett Trembly, Co-Founder of GetStaffedUp.com, and learn ways of empowering your strategy.

What Is a Law Firm HR?

Law Firm HR, HR managers, or human resources managers encompass the recruitment and attraction of prospective employees and vendors, as well as the team's hiring, training, and performance optimization, whether internal or external. Effective HR services are crucial for lawyers seeking to maximize profitability, peace of mind, and overall value.

What Is a Law Firm HR

What Types of People Can Law Firms Hire?

Building a dream team of attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals, legal clerks, and others at your law firm is no easy feat. It's like assembling a puzzle, except the pieces are people and need to fit together seamlessly. You need the right mix of skills, personalities, and work ethics to create a cohesive unit to tackle legal challenges. But who are the right people for the job?


A-players are the cream of the crop, the top-tier individuals who possess exceptional skills and a drive for excellence.

These individuals are self-starters who know what needs to be done and how to do it, and they take initiative without constant guidance. They consistently deliver outstanding results and strive for excellence in their work.

A-players are valuable assets to any law firm, as their contributions go above and beyond what is expected, generating significant value and impact. They are the catalysts for growth, profitability, and success in the legal industry.


B-players are also valuable law firm members but may not possess the same expertise or drive as A-players.

They are typically solid performers who are good at what they do but may not consistently go above and beyond.

While B-players may not be the ideal candidates for positions that require a high level of creativity or problem-solving, they can still play an important role in supporting the firm's operations and achieving its goals.

What Types of People Can Law Firms Hire

How Can Your Law Firm Attract Great Employees?

The big law firms often seem to have a gravitational pull that draws in the top talent, leaving smaller or emerging firms wondering how they can compete. There are ways to A-players and build a dream team to make your law firm succeed in the competitive legal industry. 

It all starts with you, the leader of your law firm. You must embody the qualities of an A-player yourself. Develop your business acumen, understand how the legal business operates, and continuously strive to improve your leadership skills. 

Then, think about what sets your firm apart. What's your unique selling proposition? Maybe you're a boutique firm with a laser focus on a particular niche or a technology-driven firm disrupting the traditional legal landscape. Whatever it is, own it! Flaunt it! Make it the centerpiece of your recruitment strategy.

"Think more strategically about the experience you're creating for your employees as a way to enhance your client experience as well."
— Joey Coleman

Next, let's look at your culture. Culture may seem like an overused buzzword, but it sets you apart from other firms — big or small. A-players seek environments that foster growth, collaboration, and recognition. Foster a positive and inclusive culture where new employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to excel. Provide opportunities for professional development, offer competitive compensation packages, and implement meaningful employee recognition programs.

Finally, let's talk about recruitment. You need to think outside the box. While job postings and recruitment agencies work fine, you should also leverage your network. Reach out to your colleagues, friends, and former colleagues. Attend industry events and conferences. Use social media to your advantage. And use referral options if you have to. 

How to Create an Effective Law Firm HR System

An effective law firm HR system goes beyond mere administrative tasks. It's about attracting and retaining top talents, nurturing a culture of excellence, and maximizing the potential of your A-players. So, how can you create an effective law firm HR system?

1. Always Recruit

Recruiting should be an ongoing effort for your law firm, regardless of its size. You should actively run recruitment campaigns and keep an eye out for high-performing individuals. The key is to create a culture of continuous recruitment. Encourage your team to be proactive in identifying potential candidates, whether through professional networks, industry events, or referrals. Building a pipeline of talented individuals ensures you have a pool of qualified candidates readily available when needed.

2. Create a Thorough Interview Process

When hiring, it's important to have a thorough interview process that identifies the best candidates. It ensures that you hire A-players who will contribute to your law firm's success. To achieve this, it's important to clearly understand what differentiates an A-player from a B-player and, even further, from a C or D-player.

Then, develop a structured interview process that allows you to assess candidates thoroughly. This may include multiple rounds of interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. Each stage should be designed to evaluate the candidate's qualifications, experience, cultural fit, and potential for growth.

Additionally, involve multiple stakeholders in the interview process. This can include partners, senior associates, or key team members who will work closely with the new hire. Their input and perspectives provide valuable insights and help ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Furthermore, don't rush the process. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate each candidate and compare them against your defined criteria for an A-player. It's better to be patient and choose the right fit than to make a hasty decision that could lead to a mismatch.

Create a Thorough Interview Process

3. Set Up Effective Company Training

Once you've brought aboard those exceptional A-players, providing them with effective company training is crucial. While they may possess expertise in their respective roles, they still need to familiarize themselves with your firm's specific processes, culture, and expectations. Training is an opportunity to align their knowledge and skills with your firm's unique way of doing things.

Effective company training serves multiple purposes. It helps new hires understand your firm's values, workflows, and best practices, ensuring consistency and cohesion within the team. To establish effective company training, develop a comprehensive onboarding program that covers both technical and cultural aspects. This can include orientation sessions, shadowing experienced team members, and providing access to relevant resources and training materials.

4. Continue to Develop Your Employees

Once you've brought an employee onto your team and provided them with effective training, it's essential to continue developing them to maximize their value to your firm, clients, and themselves. This means investing in their ongoing education and professional development. 

There are several ways to do this, such as:

  • Providing opportunities for employees to attend conferences, workshops, and other industry events.
  • Offering in-house training programs or workshops led by experts in the field.
  • Encouraging employees to pursue advanced degrees or certifications.
  • Creating a mentorship program that pairs employees with more experienced colleagues.

5. Always Document Your Procedures

One of the fundamental pillars of creating an effective HR system for your law firm is documenting all recruitment, hiring, training, and continuous performance improvement procedures. While it may seem time-consuming, it is a hallmark of valuable businesses prioritizing organization and consistency.

"Get clear on what you're currently doing as it relates to the employee experience, particularly the onboarding of new employees."
— Joey Coleman

These documented procedures serve as a guide, ensuring that everyone, including the employers, HR managers, and new employees, understands the expectations, workflows, and standards associated with each function. Within your documented procedures, include step-by-step instructions, templates, and examples outlining the specific success processes and criteria within your documented procedures. 

Regularly review and update your documented procedures to reflect any changes in laws, regulations, industry standards, or internal processes. This ensures that your HR manager system remains up-to-date and aligned with the evolving needs of your law firm.

6. Give Honest Feedback

Give Honest Feedback

Feedback plays a critical role in individual growth, performance improvement, and fostering a culture of continuous learning within your law firm. Make it a priority to schedule regular performance review meetings for every department and functional area. The frequency of these meetings may vary depending on the role, but at least once a month is recommended. During these meetings, provide candid feedback to employees about their performance, highlighting their strengths, areas for improvement, and areas where they can excel.

Create an environment where feedback is seen as an opportunity for growth and development rather than criticism. Encourage open communication and active listening during feedback sessions to report administrative and personnel issues. Provide specific examples and actionable suggestions for improvement to help employees make meaningful progress.

Retain Key Members in Your Law Firm

It's interesting to note that in today's work environment, providing good pay and benefits is no longer enough to retain top talent. Law firms need to go above and beyond to create a positive work environment, offer flexible work arrangements, and show genuine interest in their employees' well-being. However, many law firms still rely on traditional methods of employee engagement, such as annual reviews and generic benefits packages.

To truly stand out and retain top talent, law firms should consider implementing a structured process for bringing new employees into their organization, investing in their employees' career development, and creating a supportive work environment. By doing so, law firms can demonstrate their commitment to their employees' success and create a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and job satisfaction.

In addition, law firms should consider hiring a Chief People Officer or a similar role to oversee employee experience and culture. This role would ensure that the firm's values and mission are reflected in its treatment of employees and that employees feel valued, supported, and recognized for their contributions. By prioritizing employee experience and culture, law firms can create a workplace where employees feel engaged, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional results for clients.

"To be an employer of choice, you have to do more than what your peers are doing. You have to be better than average, which shouldn't be a surprise to most lawyers because we hold ourselves out to our clients as being above average."
— Joey Coleman
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  • The top website and marketing mistakes holding your law firm back

Hiring the Right People to Grow Your Law Firm with Brett Trembly, Co-Founder of GetStaffedUp.com, in the Podcast

Sasha Berson and Brett Trembly, in their exploration of law firm management, emphasize the significance of strategic staffing decisions, highlighting the value of executive assistants and exploring the benefits of hiring offshore talent. They delve into revenue optimization strategies, advocating for efficient intake systems and the transition to a flat-fee model. Additionally, the importance of a reliable primary phone system is pointed out, cautioning against relying solely on answering services.

"When I hired my first person, I doubled my law firm revenue the very next month."
— Brett Trembly
Hiring the Right People to Grow Your Law Firm with Brett Trembly, Co-Founder of GetStaffedUp.com
Brett Trembly

Brett Trembly

Co-founder at GetStaffedUp.com

Brett Trembly is a seasoned attorney and co-founder of GetStaffedUp.com, a virtual staffing company focused on helping small law firms grow their businesses. He brings a wealth of experience as an attorney with an active law firm in Miami, Florida. Combining his expertise in legal practice with his passion for efficient staffing solutions, Brett is committed to improving productivity and revenue growth for law firms through well-structured intake systems.

Create a Culture of Authentic Communication

Effective communication and strong leadership skills are necessary for law firm owners when they're navigating difficult communication with their employees. These skills are often overlooked or disregarded in law school. To assess and improve communication, individuals must first understand how they are perceived and examine their own communication style. Honest assessments and discussions with others can reveal valuable insights.

Remember, communication skills can be honed in various settings, not just in formal client meetings or presentations. Every interaction provides an opportunity for growth. When individuals believe that their concerns, regardless of size, will be taken seriously, they become more engaged and committed advocates for the firm. This sense of value and happiness leads to increased productivity.

"The toughest communications that law firm owners have are not with opposing councils, are not with judges, it's with their employees."
— Laurie Gilbertson

How Prioritizing Employee Happiness Boosts Your Law Firm's Success by Joey Coleman in the Podcast Series

In this podcast episode, Joey Coleman emphasizes the significance of prioritizing employee happiness for law firms seeking growth and profitability. He highlights the substantial financial impact of employee turnover and the importance of investing in team well-being. Coleman suggests various strategies, such as genuinely getting to know employees, fostering a growth mindset, implementing effective onboarding, and creating personal operating manuals. Furthermore, he encourages leaders to leverage technology for feedback and communication, observe and engage with their teams, and utilize social media to understand employees' interests.

"The way we can show them, our employees, that we care about them is by caring about what they care about."
— Joey Coleman
Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Joey Coleman, Founder at Design Symphony
Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman

Founder of Design Symphony

Joey Coleman is a renowned expert in customer experience design and the Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony, a customer experience branding firm. With almost twenty years of experience, Joey has helped numerous organizations retain their best customers and employees, transforming them into enthusiastic advocates. As an award-winning speaker, Joey has delivered captivating keynotes and workshops at national and international conferences, competing against top authors, business leaders, and internet celebrities.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book, "Never Lose a Customer Again," which reached the #2 spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Joey's diverse background includes working in the White House, defending "alleged" criminals and traveling to over 51 countries. He is passionate about assisting businesses in creating remarkable experiences for their customers and employees.

Decreasing Employee Turnover in Your Law Firm by Laurie Gilbertson in the Podcast Series

In this podcast episode, Laurie Gilbertson discusses the importance of effective communication in law firms and how it can be improved. She highlights that the toughest communications for lawyers are often not with opposing counsel or judges, but with their own employees. Gilbertson suggests that firms should assess their communication styles and ask for feedback from employees to improve their communication. She also stresses the importance of creating a culture of authentic communication, where employees feel valued and heard.

"You have to be willing to take the input, and you have to be willing to just ask. And if you don't ask, you will never know, because they're not going to tell you."
— Laurie Gilbertson
Laurie Gilbertson

Laurie Gilbertson

Founder and CEOTribeca Blue Consulting

Laurie Gilbertson is a former New York City sex crimes, organized crime, and homicide prosecutor, television legal analyst, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO & Founder of Tribeca Blue Consulting, a firm that specializes in helping professionals communicate with clarity, confidence, and creativity in public speaking, presentations, sales pitches, trial, and media appearances.

With her diverse background and unique skills, Laurie combines a lawyer's attention to detail, insider tips and tricks from her decade in New York City courtrooms, and expertise in helping top attorneys and judges develop compelling material.

Here's How an HR System Can Affect Your Business

As you invest time and effort into developing these systems, recruiting top-notch talent, and fostering a more organized work environment, remarkable transformations will unfold. While it may take a year or two or even longer to see the full impact, the rewards are worth the journey.

Furthermore, if you want to capitalize on the potential of your law firm, partner with a professional law firm SEO agency like Grow Law Firm. We'll craft tailored strategies to boost your online presence, attract valuable clients, and unlock your firm's growth potential. Contact us today and embark on an exciting journey towards lasting success.

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