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How a Business and Estate Law Firm Got 4X More Leads in 6 Months

  • 346% Increase in Qualified Leads
  • 66% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 40% Increase in Conversions

About the Project

A highly respected law firm that specializes in estate planning, probate, insurance defense, and litigation. The firm has offices in Surprise, Arizona and Missoula, Montana, and is well-known for its successful track record and straightforward approach. Individuals and businesses seeking top-notch legal counsel and representation rely on this Law Group to provide exceptional services.

  • Firm size: 2-10 Lawyers
  • Specialty: Estates and Trusts
  • Location: Missoula, MT
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Poor visibility and niche services revealed the pressing need for our client to modernize and grow their online presence.

Poor visibility and niche services revealed the pressing need for our client to modernize and grow their online presence.
  • Although this law firm is well-regarded in Arizona, it had no recognizable brand in Montana.
  • The field of estate law in Montana is known for its intense competition.
  • The website was not showing up in search results for any relevant keywords.
  • Their website was receiving a limited number of inquiries.



The primary objectives of our collaboration were to establish the law firm’s presence in Montana and enhance the website to boost traffic and conversions.

Following a thorough website analysis, we devised and executed a comprehensive digital marketing plan aimed at elevating online visibility. This encompassed the creation of a well-designed website, the implementation of SEO strategies rooted in research, and local optimization efforts.

HagEstad Law Group strategy

Web Design

The client's expertise and track record were effectively highlighted through a mobile-first website redesign.

The revamped website is user-friendly, visually engaging, and easy to navigate. Noteworthy additions include adding legal successes and client reviews, instilling confidence in potential clients contemplating reaching out to Law Group.

HagEstad Law Group web design


Our SEO experts conducted a comprehensive analysis of the firm's practice and service areas, laying the groundwork for an enhanced content structure.

The new website structure incorporates vital topics and relevant service and practice area pages, facilitating improved navigation for potential clients. Extensive keyword research within the legal field and law firm's specialized practice areas guided content enhancement, significantly boosting the website's visibility to potential clients seeking legal assistance.

Registering for local directories and creating online profiles helped grow the client's notoriety in the new region. Our team worked tirelessly on optimizing law firm's Google Business Profile (GBP) to improve their local search visibility. We also identified niche directories and created NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) profiles relevant to the firm's practice areas.

HagEstad Law Group seo


After six months, our client experienced a noticeable surge in website traffic, lead generation, and conversions.

results HagEstad Law Group

As a result of our efforts, Law Group saw a 66% increase in organic traffic. This increase in website visits also led to a 40% growth in total conversions and a 346% growth in qualified leads.

Finally, the company achieved top 3 search results for terms such as "insurance defense lawyers Montana" and "Montana bad faith lawyers", solidifying their position in the new market.

HagEstad Law Group, PLLC

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