On-demand Webinar: How to Bring Your Law Firm More Clients
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How to Work Smart, Scale Fast, and Enjoy Life with Sam Mollaei, Founder of My Legal Academy

Join Sasha Berson as he speaks with Sam Mollaei, Founder of My Legal Academy.

Sasha and Sam explore:

  • A virtual law firm offers lawyers control over their work, role selection, and location, addressing common complaints of overwork, stress, and lack of control in the legal industry.
  • Getting advice from an advisor, coach, or trainer is vital for success, particularly for experts who may find it challenging to accept not knowing everything. Collaborating with someone can help clarify goals and save time and money in the long run.
  • Learning through books and even YouTube, filtering through information and being strategic in implementing what's learned can give you a competitive edge in standing out and achieving success.
  • Most people who attend conferences and hire high-end consultants only implement 2% of the advice they receive, so it's crucial to have a sense of urgency, take actionable notes specific to your firm, and delegate tasks quickly to increase implementation rates.
"When you don't have a vision, then you're not essentially not going anywhere."
— Sam Mollaei
  • A successful virtual law firm needs experienced directors and virtual assistants managing daily tasks, with clear goals and performance managers for accountability, and should consider hiring overseas for expanded talent.
  • My Legal Academy is a revamped program that offers lawyers comprehensive training on law firm mastery, covering traffic, automation, team building, and financial management, along with virtual classes and resources on various topics like health and fitness, mental health, and taxes.
  • Through programs like Sam's, enhancing your business skills can lead to compounding growth, enabling you to transition from case management to CEO, resulting in a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Developing business skills and assembling a competent team are crucial for building a reliable marketing and sales system, and even though it's challenging to devote several hours daily to learning, there's value in self-improvement without comparing yourself to others.
"If you do not have a business advisor or a coach or a trainer, you're actually costing yourself a whole lot of money every year."
— Sasha Berson

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