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Improve Your Memory, Get Better Results With the International Man of Memory, Chester Santos

On this episode, host Sasha Berson welcomes Chester Santos, otherwise known as the International Man of Memory. They discuss techniques for improving your memory and Chester runs through a real-life example of memorizing 13 objects with Sasha.

Sasha and Chester talk about:

  • The events that led up to Chester becoming the 2008 U.S. Memory Champion.
  • How anybody can improve their memory at any point in time.
"The use it or lose it principle applies to your memory. The good news? You can improve your memory at any age."
— Chester Santos
  • 3 overarching principles that can help you achieve a better memory, the first of which is turning something you want to remember into a picture in your mind.
  • If you want to remember that somebody is called Mike, you might want to picture a mic, or him singing into a mic to create an effective visual.
"The story method of building mental cue cards has the real-life application of being able to drastically reduce people’s fear of public speaking."
— Sasha Berson
  • The more senses you involve, the more your brain will be activated.
  • Chester’s Memory School, which teaches you the methods he used to become a national memory champion.


Connect with Chester Santos:

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